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Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology (JTIT) - Licence

Conditions concerning to the use of papers published in journals issued by the National Institute of Telecommunications

National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw owns economic copyrights to papers created by its employees published in journals issued by the Institute. Published papers are protected under the Law on copyright and related rights.

No permission is required for transitory or incidental reproduction of works, such reproduction having no independent economic significance but constituting an integral and fundamental part of a manufacturing process the sole purpose of which is to enable:

  1. transmission of work through the data transmission system between third parties by an intermediary, or
  2. the use of work in compliance with law.

Research and educational institutions may, for the purposes of teaching or conducting their own research, use of published works in original and in translation, and prepare for this purpose copies of fragments of  disseminated work.

Libraries, archives and schools may:

  1. provide free access to copies of disseminated works within the scope of their tasks as stated under their statute;
  2. make or mandate making copies of disseminated works in order to supplement them, maintain or protect one's own collections;
  3. make the collection available for research or learning purposes through information technology system terminals (endings) located on the premises of those entities.

It is allowed to distribute the works exhibited in commonly accessible public collections, though only in catalogues and printed publications for promotion of such works and within the limits justified by information purposes.

According to the Law, disseminated work means a piece of work which has been made available to the public in any way by its author's permission.

To the extent not covered by the above statutory fair use of works, the placing by the National Institute of Telecommunications in the Internet of the papers to which the Institute owns economic copyrights (created by the employees of the Institute) and published in journals issued by the National Institute of Telecommunications is to be construed as an offer to conclude a license agreement for conditions set out below. By downloading or reproduction of the paper the user (the Licensee) is deemed to implicitly conclude a license agreement on the following terms:

  1. license granted is non-exclusive and free of charge;
  2. The license does not include the provision or distribution of papers in a manner that may expose National Institute of Telecommunications to damage or endanger the reputation of the Institute;
  3. The license is granted for the following fields of exploitation:
    1. production of copies of a piece of work with the use of digital technology;
    2. introduction to trade, letting for use or rental of the original or copies;
    3. making the work publicly available in such a manner that anyone could access it at a place and time selected thereby.
  4. The papers published in journals issued by the National Institute of Telecommunications are available without any warranty, expressed or implied, and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, excluding the liability under the warranty for physical or legal defects. The entire risk of the use of the papers rests with the Licensee;
  5. The license does not cover any use including changing the form or content of the paper. The Licensee may not make changes to the form or content of the paper, in particular, he/she may not remove information concerning: the original place of publication of the paper, the National Institute of Telecommunications as a publisher, the author, the copyright, or in any way alter the form or content of the file in PDF format in which the paper was made available by the National Institute of Telecommunications.
  6. In case of re-publication, citation or reference to the paper published in a journal issued by the National Institute of Telecommunications the Licensee should indicate the name of the author of the paper and the journal in which the paper was originally published.
  7. The terms of license has been prepared in Polish and English languages. In case of conflict between the language versions, the Polish language version shall form basis for interpretation.

Improvement of the linguistic quality of the journal; Assignment of DOI numbers; Access to the anti-plagiarism system; Editing and printing of the journal - tasks financed under 706/P-DUN/2019 agreement from budget of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the science dissemination fund.