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Dear Readers,

Nowadays we have been observing immense changes in communication networks landscape. These are deeply influenced by network virtualization processes for both wired and wireless systems as well as developments of telecommunication markets. In such circumstances previous legal and business solutions no longer render applicable and new approaches are necessary. Moreover, changes in global communications panorama establish new and prominent activity areas for companies developing their services. Hereby unfolding market transition is indirectly supported by advancing standardization activities in 5G domain that has been currently entering its final phase. New market verticals are being identified by mobile network operators who urge to deliver new, cutting-edge services to growing markets and compete with newly established SMEs.

In order to face growing challenges paramount solutions in the field of communications technology are necessary. One of the crucial factors in technology development has been an unrestricted access to up-to-date scientific research – preferably by means of valuable publications in respective science domains.

To address such needs, we offer Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology (JTIT) open access which provides free-of-charge publications as well as availability of all archives. It provides considerable opportunity for both researchers and technology specialist with quick access to the latest scientific publications. Therefore, I do hope that you consider JTIT for your future publications.

It is my great pleasure to introduce a new JTIT issue (which is fourth in a row in 2019) consisting of ten papers that deal with various aspects of communication networks technologies. I profoundly believe that you find them informative and compelling.

Finally let me take this opportunity to wish all our readers Merry Christmas and a challenging New Year!

Adrian Kliks



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