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15th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


Cartagena, Spain, June 23-27, 2013


Co-located with:

  • 12th European Symposium on Photonic Crystals (ESPC)
  • 12th Workshop on All-Optical Routing (WAOR)
  • 10th Anniversary Global Optical & Wireless Networking Seminar (GOWN)
  • 9th Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks Workshop (RONEXT)
  • 9th Photonic Integrated Components & Applications Workshop (PICAW)
  • 8th Nanophotonics for All-Optical Networking Workshop (NAON)
  • 8th Special Session on Photonic Atoms & Molecules (PAM – former MPM)
  • 8th Special Industrial Session
  • 7th Special Session on Novel Glasses for photonic devices
  • 6th Special Session on Market in Telecommunications (MARS)
  • 5th COCONUT Workshop on Broadband Access (former ACCORDANCE)
  • 5th Sub-Wavelength Photonics Conference (SWP) with:
          EU FP7 - REGPOT Project PhoQuS@UW Special Session on “Plasmon Enhanced Diffractive Elements”
         Special Session on "Nanophotonics and Smart Optical Nanostructures" (NSON)
  • 4th Workshop on Communication in Transportation Systems (CTS)
  • 3rd Workshop on Green Optical Communications (GOC)
  • 3rd Special Session on Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design (ISOND)
  • 3rd Special Session on Microwave Photonics (MP)
  • 2nd Optical Wireless Workshop (OWW)
  • EU FP7 Projects SOFI/NAVOLCHI Special Session on “CMOS Fabrication-Based Photonic Technologies for Communications"
  • EU FP7 Projects ASTRON/FOX-C Special Session on “Physical Layer Technologies for Flexible/Elastic Optical Networks"
  • Workshop on “How to Create a Photonic SME"
  • Workshop on Network Optimization (NeO)


Plenary Chair: Roger Green

Mo.A.1 Green in-building networks: The future convergence of green, optical and wireless technologies (Invited)
Leonid Kazovsky

Mo.A.2 Enriching our career (Invited)
Milton Chang

Mo.A.3 Managing light in nonlinear disordered media (Invited)
Crina Cojocaru



ICTON I Chair: Helio Waldman

Mo.B1.1 Design trade-offs for anycast service provisioning in optical data center interconnections (Invited)
W. Cerroni, F. Callegati, B. Martini, P. Castoldi

Mo.B1.2 SDN-based cloud computing networking (Invited)
S. Azodolmolky, P. Wieder, R. Yahyapour

Mo.B1.3 Economizing the operational costs of cloud services in an optical transport network (Invited)
B. Kantarci, H.T. Mouftah 

Mo.B1.4 Internet future architectures for network and media independent services and protocols (Invited)
J. Alcober, X. Hesselbach, A. de la Oliva, A. Garcia-Saavedra, D. Roldan, C. Bock


ICTON II Chair: Yaping Zhang

Mo.C1.1 A cognitive heterogeneous reconfigurable optical network testbed (Talk cancelled)
C. Kachris, D. Klonidis, A. Francescon, D. Siracusa, E. Salvadori, I. de Miguel, I. Tafur Monroy, I. Tomkos

Mo.C1.2 Proposed filterless architecture and control plane for emerging flexible coherent networks (Invited)
C. Tremblay, Z. Xu, É. Archambault, G. Mantelet, J. Chen, L. Wosinska, M.P. Bélanger, P. Littlewood

Mo.C1.3 Optical flow switching: An end-to-end “ultra-flow" architecture (Invited)
V.W.S. Chan, L. Zheng, H. Huang, G. Weichenberg, A. Ganguly

Mo.C1.4 Enhancing Open Flow to enable multilayer networking
K. Idoudi, H. Elbiaze


ICTON III Chair: Armando Nolasco Pinto

Mo.D1.1 Adaptive network manager: Coordinating operations in flex-grid networks (Invited)
V. Lopez, O. Gerstel, R. Casellas,  A. Farrel, D. King, S. López-Buedo, A. Cimmino, R. Morro, J. Fernandez-Palacios

Mo.D1.2 Improving high fidelity multimedia distribution in next-generation optical networks (Invited)
M. Ruffini, E. Di Pascale, D.B. Payne

Mo.D1.3 Design of nonlinear regenerative transmission systems with high capacity (Invited)
M.A. Sorokina, S.K. Turitsyn

Mo.D1.4 Dedicated segment protection schemes using digital subcarrier in optical networks: A power consumption comparison (Invited)
M. Razo, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli, R. Hui

Mo.D1.5 All-optical in-band OSNR measurement in intensity-modulated direct-detection optical OFDM systems
J.M. Fabrega, P. Sevillano, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.J. Martínez, A. Villafranca, J. Subías


ICTON IV Chair: Slavisa Aleksić

Tu.A1.1 Prospects and development of large capacity future optical transport node (Invited)
Ken‑ichi Sato

Tu.A1.2 Stochastic-based framework for 3R regenerator placement in DWDM transport networks under dynamic traffic (Invited)
J. Pedro

Tu.A1.3 Spatial multiplexers and demultiplexers for mode group division multiplex (Invited)
B. Franz, H. Buelow

Tu.A1.4 Application specific photonic integrated circuits and the sensing industry (Invited)
J. Pozo, P. Harmsma, D.M.R. Lo Cascio

Tu.A1.5 Modeling and simulation environment for photonic interconnection networks in high performance computing (Invited)
M. Glick, S. Rumley, R. Hendry, K. Bergman, R. Dutt

Tu.A1.6 Interval scheduling to maximize bandwidth provision (Invited)
M. Shalom, P.W.H. Wong, S. Zaks


ICTON V Chair: Michela Svaluto Moreolo

Tu.B1.1 Polarisation demultiplexing in coherent receivers with real-time digital signal processing (Invited)
W. Freude, R. Schmogrow, P.C. Schindler, S. Wolf, B. Nebendahl, C. Koos, J. Leuthold

Tu.B1.2 Equalization of fiber impairments using high-speed digital signal processing (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, S.B. Amado, N.J. Muga, F.P. Guiomar

Tu.B1.3 Performance monitoring techniques supporting cognitive optical networking (Invited)
A. Caballero, R. Borkowski, D. Zibar, I. Tafur Monroy

Tu.B1.4 Novel method for the measurement of the wavelength-resolved high-resolution polarization state of optical signals and application to the monitoring of communication signals (Invited)
A. Villafranca, P. Sevillano, E. Pellejer, J. Pelayo, J. Subías

Tu.B1.5 On the mode-dependent loss compensation for mode-division multiplexed systems (Invited)
A. Lobato, F. Ferreira, J. Rabe, B. Inan, S. Adhikari, M. Kuschnerov, A. Napoli, B. Spinnler, B. Lankl


ICTON VI Chair: Christine Tremblay

Tu.C1.1 Trunk reservation for elastic optical networks (Invited)
F. Lezama Cruzvillasante, F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, L.H. Bonani

Tu.C1.2 An elastic networks OMNET++ -based simulator (Invited)
A. Asensio, A. Castro, L. Velasco, J. Comellas

Tu.C1.3 Optimization algorithms for data center location problem in elastic optical networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski, K. Walkowiak, R. Goścień

Tu.C1.4 Spectrum-sliced elastic optical networking (Invited)
H. Waldman, R.C. Almeida Jr., K.D. Assis, R.C. Bortoletto

Tu.C1.5 Flexible-sense optical transmission (Invited)
V. Rozental, G. Bruno, A. Soso, M. Camera, D.A.A. Mello


ICTON VII Chair: Burak Kantarci

Tu.D1.1 Dynamic deployment of virtual GMPLS-controlled elastic optical networks using a virtual network resource broker on the ADRENALINE testbed (Invited)
R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, R. Casellas, R. Martínez

Tu.D1.2 Dynamic management of bursty traffic over multiple channels (Invited)
A.K. Somani

Tu.D1.3 Spectral and energy efficiency considerations in mixed-line rate WDM networks with signal quality guarantee (Invited)
A. Udalcovs, P. Monti, V. Bobrovs, R. Schatz, L. Wosinska, G. Ivanovs

Tu.D1.4 Energy efficiency analysis of next-generation passive optical network (NG-PON) technologies in a major city network (Invited)
S. Lambert, J. Montalvo, J.A. Torrijos, B. Lannoo, D. Colle, M. Pickavet

Tu.D1.5 Adaptive bit loading in FHT-based OFDM transponders for flexi-grid optical networks
L. Nadal, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fàbrega, G. Junyent


ICTON VIII Chair: João Pedro

We.A1.1 Creating new generation optical network service (Invited)
N. Yamanaka, H. Takeshita, S. Okamoto, T. Sato

We.A1.2 Dynamic grooming and spectrum allocation in optical metro ring networks with flexible grid (Invited)
F. Musumeci, F. Puleio, M. Tornatore

We.A1.3 Flexible next-generation optical access (Invited)
M. Forzati, A. Gavler

We.A1.4 Dispersion constraints in optical burst switched metropolitan networks with WDM/OCDM technology
L.H. Bonani, A.B. dos Santos, L. Galdino

We.A1.5 An efficient add/drop architecture for large-scale subsystem-modular OXC
H. Ishida, H. Hasegawa, K. Sato

We.A1.6 Using transparent WDM metro rings to provide an out-of-band control network for OpenFlow in MAN
R. Sánchez, J.A. Hernández, D. Larrabeiti


ICTON IX Chair: Massimo Tornatore

We.B1.1 Optical transport exceeding 10 Tb/s based on adaptive LDPC-coded multidimensional spatial-spectral scheme and orthogonal prolate spheroidal wave functions (Invited)
I.B. Djordjevic, M. Cvijetic

We.B1.2 Quantum key distribution limits by using multichannel spectral-space scheme and entangled photons in optical fibers (Invited)
M. Cvijetic, I.B. Djordjevic, A. Tanaka

We.B1.3 Distribution of quantum keys in optically transparent networks: Perspectives, limitations and challenges (Invited)
S. Aleksić, D. Winkler, A. Poppe, G. Franzl, B. Schrenk, F. Hipp 

We.B1.4 A new all-optical cryptography technique applied to WDM-compatible DPSK signals (Invited)
M.L.F. Abbade, C.A. Messani, G.M. Taniguti, R.F. Silva, E.A.M. Fagotto, I.E. Fonseca

We.B1.5 Comparison of performance limits by mutual information and practical realizations for optical long-haul coded modulation communication systems (Invited)
T. Fehenberger, N. Hanik


ICTON X Chair: Marco Forzati

We.C1.1 Performance limits of all-optical OFDM systems (Invited)
J. Hoxha, G. Cincotti 

We.C1.2 Impact of reduced complexity inverse Volterra series transfer function-based nonlinear equalizer in coherent OFDM systems for next-generation core networks(Invited)
E. Giacoumidis, N. J. Doran, I. Aldaya, V. Vgenopoulou, Y. Jaouën

We.C1.3 Equalization techniques for high-speed OFDM-based access systems using direct modulation and direct detection (Invited)
N. Sequeira André, K. Habel, H. Louchet, A. Richter

We.C1.4 Bandwidth variable transponders based on OFDM technology for elastic optical networks (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fabrega, L. Nadal, F.J. Vílchez, G. Junyent

We.C1.5 Orthogonal multipulse modulation in optical datacommunications (Invited)
J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty, I.H. White


ICTON XI Chair: Ivan Djordjevic

We.D1.1 Next generation optical network and its optical components (Invited)
Yaping Zhang

We.D1.2 Dual stage carrier phase estimation for 16-QAM systems based on a modified QPSK-partitioning algorithm
S.M. Bilal, G. Bosco

We.D1.3 Synchronization of the time-domain wavelength interleaved networks
I. Popescu, L. Sadeghioon, A. Gravey, P. Gravey, M. Morvan

We.D1.4 Performance enhancement of partial-42.7Gb/s DPSK via an asymmetrical receiver design
N.J. Murray, O.A. Olubodun, P. Harper, N.J. Doran

We.D1.5 Performance evaluation of strongly filtered  asymmetric 42.7 Gb/s coherent 50%RZ-BPSK system
O.A. Olubodun, N.J. Murray, P. Harper, N.J. Doran


ICTON XII Chair: Jarmila Müllerová

Th.A1.1 The time lens concept applied to ultra-high-speed OTDM signal processing (Invited)
A.T. Clausen, E. Palushani, H.C. Hansen Mulvad, H. Hu, J. Laguardia Areal, M. Galili, L.K. Oxenløwe, P. Jeppesen

Th.A1.2 Effect of all-optical phase regeneration on fiber transmission capacity (Invited)
G. Hesketh, P. Horak

Th.A1.3 Digitally processed modulation formats and integrated photonics for flexible optical metro-access networks (Invited)
J.A. Lázaro, B. Schrenk, M. Malligaraj, I. Cano, M. Sridharan, G. Junyent

Th.A1.4 Orbital angular momentum division multiplexing in optical fibre
P. Martelli, P. Boffi, A. Gatto, M. Martinelli

Th.A1.5 EXIT chart analysis of optimal signal constellation sets and symbol mappings for block-interleaved coded-modulation enabling ultra-high-speed optical transport
Tao Liu, I.B. Djordjevic


ICTON XIII Chair: Sergey Sergeyev

Tu.B2.1 Time-to-space conversion of sub-picosecond waveforms at 1.55 μm in bulk and slab waveguide nonlinear media (Invited)
D.M. Marom, D. Shayovitz, H. Herrmann, W. Sohler, R. Ricken, C. Silberhorn

Tu.B2.2 Numerical modeling of spontaneous emission in optical parametric amplifiers (Invited)
S.M.M. Friis, U.L. Andersen, K. Rottwitt 

Tu.B2.3 Passive reshaping of ultrashort pulses in optical fibers (Talk cancelled)
I.A. Sukhoivanov, O.V. Shulika, S.O. Iakushev, J.A. Andrade Lucio, G. Ramos Ortiz 

Tu.B2.4 Optical quantization for 7-bit photonic A/D conversion (Invited)
T. Konishi, T. Satoh, M. Hasegawa, T. Nagashima 

Tu.B2.5 High power continuous wave and pulsed single mode Er:Yb doped double-clad fiber laser (Invited)
M. Salhi, A. Niang, F. Amrani, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

Tu.B2.6 Thermo-optic variable attenuator/waveplate based on waveguides patterned on organic-inorganic hybrids (Invited)
C.M.S. Vicente, C. Freitas, P.V. Marques, S.F.H. Correia,  P.P. Lima, L.D. Carlos, P.S. André, R.A.S. Ferreira


ICTON XIV Chair: Alexandre Pohl

Tu.C2.1 Are few-mode fibres a practical solution to the capacity crunch? (Invited)
A. Ellis, N. Doran

Tu.C2.2 Ultra-large capacity transmission over trans-oceanic distances with multi-core fibers and EDFAs (Invited)
M. Suzuki, H. Takahashi, K. Igarashi, K. Takeshima, T. Tsuritani, I. Morita

Tu.C2.3 On the dependence of differential mode delay of few-mode fibers with the number of modes (Invited)
F. Ferreira, D. Fonseca, H. Silva

Tu.C2.4 Generating versatile waveforms using single dual-drive modulator (Invited)
B. Dai, S. Shimizu, Xu Wang, N. Wada

Tu.C2.5 Robustness to mechanical perturbations of centre-launching technique in multi-mode fibres for transparent optical interconnects
A. Boletti, P. Boffi, A. Gatto, P. Martelli, E. Centeno Nieves, M. Martinelli


ICTON XV Chair: Maciej Dems

We.D2.1 High-speed, low-power optical modulators in silicon (Invited)
J. Leuthold, C. Koos, W. Freude, L. Alloatti, R. Palmer, D. Korn, J. Pfeifle, M. Lauermann, R. Dinu, S. Wehrli, M. Jazbinsek, P. Gunter, M. Waldow, T. Wahlbrink, J. Bolten, M. Fournier, J.M. Fedeli, W. Bogaerts, H. Yu

We.D2.2 High performance travelling wave Mach-Zehnder modulators for emerging generations of high capacity transmitter components (Invited)
R. Kaiser, B. Gomez Saavedra, K.O. Velthaus, M. Gruner, M. Hamacher, D. Hoffmann, M. Schell 

We.D2.3 Application of extended Taylor series based finite difference method in photonics (Invited)
S. Sujecki 

We.D2.4 Modelling the bandwidth behaviour of fibre Bragg gratings excited by low-frequency acoustic waves (Invited)
A. de Almeida Prado Pohl, R.E. da Silva, M.A. Ruggieri Franco, P. de Tarso Neves Jr., H. Bartelt 


ICTON XVI Chair: Elzbieta Bereś-Pawlik

Th.A2.1 WDM-enabled optical RAM architectures for ultra-fast, low-power optical cache memories (Invited)
G.T. Kanellos, T. Alexoudi, D. Fitsios, C. Vagionas, P. Maniotis, S. Papaioannou, A. Miliou, N. Pleros

Th.A2.2 Optimizing silicon-on-oxide 2D-grating couplers L. Carroll, D. Gerace, I. Cristiani, L.C. Andreani

Th.A2.3 Dynamics of SHB and SDP on 9XX EDFAs: Dependence on spectral allocation of input channels
J.M. Ferreira, D. Fonseca, P. Monteiro, A.N. Pinto, L. Rapp


ICTON XVII Chair: Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic

Th.B2.1 Polymer photonic technologies for optical communications (Invited)
N. Vainos, D. Alexandropoulos, C.(T.) Politi, C. Matrakidis, G. Dede, T. Kamalakis, C. Kouloumentas, H. Avramopoulos, S. Couris, T. Rokkas, D. Varoutas, M. Vasilopoulou, D. Davazoglou, G. Pistolis, P. Argitis

Th.B2.2 Optical filtering in plastic optical fibers (Invited)
R. Nogueira, L. Bilro, C. Marques, R. Oliveira, J. Heidarialamdarloo

Th.B2.3 Electrodeposition of novel poly(naphthalenediimide-quaterthiophene) thin films and applications in plastic optoelectronics devices (Invited)
V. Figà, Zhihua Chen, H. Usta, C. Sartorio, C. Chiappara, F. Ferrante, A. Scandurra, A. Facchetti, B. Pignataro

Th.B2.4 Study of sharp bends in anisotropic potassium double tungstate waveguides (Invited)
T. Dubbink, M.A. Sefunc, M. Pollnau, S.M. García-Blanco 


MP Chair: Eszter Udvary

Th.B1.1 UWB doublet generation in an integrated semiconductor optical amplifier Mach-Zehnder interferometer (Invited)
M. Rius, V. Moreno, J. Mora, M.A. Muriel, J. Capmany

Th.B1.2 Progress in high-speed and adaptive microwave photonic signal processing (Invited)
R.A. Minasian, E.H.W. Chan, X. Yi

Th.B1.3 Integrated microwave photonic phase-shifters based on colloidal quantum dots-PMMA nanocomposite waveguides (Invited)
A.L. Ricchiuti, I. Suárez, D.  Barrera,  P. Rodríguez Cantó, R. Abargues, J.P. Martínez Pastor, S. Sales, C.R. Fernández-Pousa


NAON I Chair: Judy Rorison

Mo.B2.1 Polarization-bistable VCSELs and their applications for all-optical signal processing (Invited)
H. Kawaguchi

Mo.B2.2 Three dimensional confinement technology based on buried patterned AlOx layers: Potentials and applications for VCSEL arrays (Invited)
G. Almuneau, F. Chouchane, S. Calvez, H. Makhloufi, C. Fontaine 

Mo.B2.3 Energy-efficient high-speed InP-based 1.3 µm short-cavity VCSELs (Invited)
S. Spiga, M. Müller, M.C. Amann

Mo.B2.4 Energy-efficient and temperature-stable high-speed VCSELs for optical interconnects (Invited)
P. Wolf, P. Moser, G. Larisch, W. Hofmann, Hui Li, J.A. Lott, Chien-Yao Lu, S.L. Chuang, D. Bimberg

Mo.B2.5 A method used to enhance mode selectivity of VCSELs with large oxide apertures (Invited)
W. Nakwaski, R.P. Sarzała


NAON II Chair: Masaya Notomi

Mo.C2.1 Injection locked lasers for flexible optical comb sources (Invited)
P.M. Anandarajah, Rui Zhou, R. Maher, M.D. Gutierrez Pascual, F. Smyth, V. Vujicic, L.P. Barry

Mo.C2.2 Dynamics of semiconductor passively mode-locked lasers: Experiment and theory (Invited)
J. Javaloyes, S. Balle, E.A. Avrutin, G. Tandoi, P. Stolarz, M. Sorel, C.N. Ironside, J. Marsh

Mo.C2.3 Nonlinear pulse shaping and polarization dynamics in mode-locked fibre lasers (Invited)
S.V. Sergeyev, S. Boscolo, C. Mou, C. Finot, S.K. Turitsyn

Mo.C2.4 Monolithic adjustable gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier (AGC-SOA) (Invited)
J. Akbar, O.A. Odedina, C. Michie, I. Andonovic, A.E. Kelly


NAON III Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Mo.D2.1 Towards femtojoule per bit optical communication in a chip (Invited)
M. Notomi

Mo.D2.2 Automated self-consistent approach to modeling of photonic devices (Invited)
M. Dems, P. Beling, M. Gębski, Ł. Piskorski, M. Kuc, M. Wasiak, R.P. Sarzała

Mo.D2.3 Turbo-switches: Modeling and demonstrations (Invited)
Xuelin Yang, Cen Wu, Peng Zhou, Weisheng Hu, Yong Liu, Chenglin Bai

Mo.D2.4 Dilute bismides for near and mid-infrared applications (Invited)
Yuxin Song, Yi Gu, Hong Ye, Peixiong Shi, A. Hallen, Xiren Chen, Jun Shao, Shumin Wang


NAON IV Chair: Włodzimierz Nakwaski

Tu.A2.1 Semiconductor optical amplifier based on a quantum dot-in-a-well (QDWELL) structure (Invited)
Y. Ben Ezra, B.I. Lembrikov

Tu.A2.2 Nonlinear optical phenomena in semiconductor optical amplifier based on a quantum dot-in-a-well (QDWELL) structure (Invited)
B.I. Lembrikov, Y. Ben Ezra

Tu.A2.3 All-optical logic gates with quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
K.E. Zoiros

Tu.A2.4 Fabry-Pérot QDash mode-locked laser for sub-harmonic all-optical clock recovery and demultiplexing of 160 and 320 Gb/s RZ coherent signals (Invited)
J. Parra-Cetina, J. Luo, N. Calabretta, H.J.S. Dorren, P. Landais

Tu.A2.5 Theoretical study of dilute nitride 1.3 µm quantum well semiconductor lasers for short pulse generation: Effect of incorporation of N compositional fluctuations (Invited)
Xiao Sun, N. Vogiatzis, J.M. Rorison


PICAW I Chair: Lech Wosinski

Tu.D2.1 Photonic components for signal routing in optical networks on chip (Invited)
G. Calò, V. Petruzzelli

Tu.D2.2 Silicon CMOS photonics platform for enabling high-speed DQPSK transceivers (Invited)
P. Sanchis, M. Aamer, A. Brimont, A.M. Gutierrez, N. Sotiropoulos, H. de Waardt, D.J. Thomson, F.Y. Gardes, G.T. Reed, K. Ribaud, P. Grosse, J.M. Hartmann, J‑M. Fedeli, D. Marris-Morini, E. Cassan, L. Vivien, D. Vermeulen, G. Roelkens, A. Hakansson

Tu.D2.3 Membrane InP saturable absorbers on silicon as building blocks for transparent optical networks (Invited)
O. Raz, G. Roelkens, H.J.S. Dorren, M. Tassaert

Tu.D2.4 Highly efficient channel waveguide lasers at 2 µm (Invited)
K. van Dalfsen, S. Aravazhi, C. Grivas, S.M. García‑Blanco, M. Pollnau

Tu.D2.5 Microring resonators: Opportunities and challenges for future optical networks (Invited)
A. Bianco, M. Garrich, R. Gaudino, Jinan Xia


PICAW II Chair: Peter Horak

We.A2.1 Optical delay in silicon photonic crystals using ultrafast indirect photonic transitions (Invited)
D.M. Beggs, I.H. Rey, T. Kampfrath, N. Rotenberg, L. Kuipers, T.F. Krauss

We.A2.2 Numerical simulation and design of organic integrated optical circuits: The PHOTOPOLIS approach (Invited)
T. Kamalakis, D. Alexandropoulos, G. Dede, P. Kanakis, T. Politi, N. Vainos

We.A2.3 A polymer waveguide-based 40 Gb/s optical bus backplane for board-level optical interconnects (Invited)
N. Bamiedakis, A. Hashim, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

We.A2.4 Robust multi-objective optimization of 2x2 multimode interference coupler using expected improvement
S. ur Rehman, M. Langelaar, F. van Keulen


PICAW III Chair: Daryl Beggs

We.B2.1 Resonant optical gyro: Monolithic vs. hybrid integration (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell'Olio, M.N. Armenise 

We.B2.2 Robust and simplified cat's-eye external-cavity lasers using cavity resonant integrated grating filters (Invited)
X. Buet, A. Guelmani, A. Monmayrant, S. Calvez, F. Lozes-Dupuy, O. Gauthier-Lafaye

We.B2.3 Reflection characteristics of cavity-resonator-integrated guided-mode resonance devices (Invited)
K. Kintaka, J. Inoue, S. Ura

We.B2.4 Biosensing with microresonators and fiber nanotips (Invited)
S. Berneschi, F. Baldini, A. Barucci, F. Cosi, D. Farnesi, A. Giannetti, G. Nunzi Conti, S. Pelli, S. Soria, S. Tombelli, C. Trono, G.C. Righini


PICAW IV Chair: Nikos Bamiedakis

We.C2.1 Photonic-electronic platform for next generation optical transport network (Invited)
M. Kroh, M. O'Keefe, K. Voigt, S. Fedderwitz, G.B. Preve, S. Lischke, T. Brast, D. Petousi, C. Stamatiadis, E. Kehayas, R. Nogueira, D. Korn, D. Roccato, P.C. Schindler, I. Lazarou, C. Koos, W. Freude, J. Leuthold, H. Avramopoulos, A.G. Steffan, L. Stampoulidis, L. Zimmermann 

We.C2.2 Evolution of fabless generic photonic integration (Invited)
P. Munoz, J.D. Domenech, I. Artundo, J.H. den Bested, J. Capmany 

We.C2.3 Nanoscale Si-based photonics for next generation integrated circuits (Invited)
L. Wosinski, Fei Lou, L. Thylén

We.C2.4 Photonic wire bonding: Nanophotonic interconnects fabricated by direct-write 3D lithography (Invited)
C. Koos, J. Leuthold, W. Freude, N. Lindenmann, S. Koeber, J. Hoffmann, T. Hoose, P. Huebner


CTS I Chair: Kira Kastell

Mo.B3.1 Analysis of planning constraints and application scenarios for communication in transportation systems (Invited)
K. Kastell

Mo.B3.2 Design framework for mm-wave frequency radio-over-fiber broadband wireless communication (Invited)
J. Beas, G. Castañón, I. Aldaya, G. Campuzano, A. Aragón-Zavala

Mo.B3.3 Mitigating the geometrical complexity of intra-vehicle optical wireless communications systems with wide FOV receivers (Invited)
M.D. Higgins, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green 

Mo.B3.4 Innovative augmented reality system for automotive assembling processes and maintenance: An entrepreneurial case at Tec de Monterrey (Invited)
E. González Mendívil, R.E. Naranjo Solís, H. Ríos


CTS II Chair: Vladimir Rastorguev

Mo.C3.1 A stochastic approach for vehicle safety modeling in a platoon of vehicles equipped with vehicular communications (Invited)
C. Garcia-Costa, E. Egea-Lopez, J. Garcia-Haro

Mo.C3.2 Electrical two-wire cables in measure and simulation plus their impact on FlexRay™ timing properties (Invited)
J. Minuth

Mo.C3.3 Optical fiber sensors for structural health monitoring in airplanes (Invited)
J. Zubia, J. Mateo, G. Durana, G. Aldabaldetreku, M.A. Illarramendi, M.A. Losada 

Mo.C3.4 Silicon photomultiplier for laser detection of objects in the near area vehicle environment
M. Cehovski, A. Forkl, O. Strobel


CTS III Chair: Otto Strobel

Mo.D3.1 Methods of information storage on telecommunications network scheme in consideration of route cost (Invited)
S. Madaminov, V. Shevtsov

Mo.D3.2 Management of radiated power: A necessary direction of development of radars of land transport systems (Invited)
A. Ananenkov, V. Nuzhdin, V. Rastorguev, V. Skosyrev

Mo.D3.3 USRP platform for communication systems research
F.B. Serkin, N.A. Vazhenin

Mo.D3.4 GaN pHEMT power amplifier for cellular network base station
E. Dobychina, R. Malachov, M. Snastin


OWW I Chair: Murat Uysal

Tu.A3.1 Performance enhancement techniques for free-space optical transmission systems (Invited)
Wen-De Zhong, Zixiong Wang, Changyuan Yu

Tu.A3.2 On the performance of shot and Johnson noises in the LOS optical wireless channel under sensible selection requirements of an application-specific genetic algorithm (Invited)
A.E. Yakzan, H.A. Alhagagi, R.J. Green

Tu.A3.3 High frequency modulation of a 422 nm GaN laser diode (Invited)
S. Watson, Mingming Tan, S.P. Najda, P. Perlin, M. Leszczynski, G. Targowski, S. Grzanka, A.E. Kelly

Tu.A3.4 FSO and WLAN as backward channel for Internet connections of peripheral regions only covered by DVB‑T (Invited)
P. Mandl, E. Leitgeb, M. Löschnigg, T. Plank, P. Pezzei


OWW II Chair: Roger Green

Tu.B3.1 A novel statistical model for turbulence-induced fading in free-space optical systems (Invited)
M.A. Kashani, M. Kavehrad, M. Uysal

Tu.B3.2 Broadband free space optical urban links for next generation infrastructures and services
G. Parca, A. Shahpari, V. Carrozzo, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, A.L.J. Teixeira

Tu.B3.3 Performance analysis of free-space optics systems adopting multi-pulse PPM techniques in gamma-gamma channels for thermal noise limited systems
H.S. Khallaf, A.E. Morra, H.M.H. Shalaby, Z. Kawasaki

Tu.B3.4 Signal amplitude and phase equalization technique for free space optical communications
Z.V. Rizou, K.E. Zoiros, A. Hatziefremidis

Tu.B3.5 Bit error rate analysis along a slanted path link between UAVs and ground stations
A. Hatziefremidis, K.E. Zarganis, H.C. Leligou, N. Pleros


Access I Chair: Josep Segarra

Tu.C3.1 UltraFlow Access Networks: A dual-mode solution for the access bottleneck (Invited)
L.G. Kazovsky, A.R. Dhaini, M. De Leenheer, T.S. Shen, Shuang Yin, B.A. Detwiler

Tu.C3.2 Towards ultra-dense wavelength-to-the-user: The approach of the COCONUT project (Invited)
J. Prat, M. Angelou, C. Kazmierski, R. Pous, M. Presi, A. Rafel, G. Vall-llosera, I. Tomkos, E. Ciaramella

Tu.C3.3 High-speed coherent WDM PON for next-generation access network (Invited)
Y.C. Chung

Tu.C3.4 Ultra high capacity PON systems (Invited)
A. Teixeira, G. Parca, A. Shahpari, J. Reis, R. Ferreira, A. Abdalla, M. Lima, V. Carrozzo, G. Tosi-Beleffi

Tu.C3.5 COCONUT requirements for residential, business and outdoor scenarios
G. Vall‑llosera, A. Rafel, E. Ciaramella, J. Prat


Access II Chair: Leonid Kazovsky

Tu.D3.1 A study of flexible bandwidth allocation in statistical OFDM-based PON (Invited)
I.N. Cano, X. Escayola, A. Peralta, V. Polo, M.C. Santos, J. Prat

Tu.D3.2 Dynamic bandwidth allocation with optimal wavelength switching in TWDM-PONs (Invited)
A. Dixit, B. Lannoo, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.D3.3 Results from the EU project ACCORDANCE on converged OFDMA-PON networks (Invited)
K. Kanonakis, I. Tomkos, H.‑G. Krimmel, F. Schaich, C. Lange, E. Weis, M. Dreschmann, R. Schmogrow, P. Kourtessis, M. Milosavljevic, I. Cano, J. Prat, J.A. Torrijos Gijón 

Tu.D3.4 Passive optical networks based on OFDM: Perspectives and experimental verifications (Invited)
J. von Hoyningen-Huene, W. Rosenkranz

Tu.D3.5 GPON redundancy eraser algorithm for long-reach extension (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat


Access III Chair: Ioannis Tomkos

We.A3.1 Optical single sideband generation optimized to support multi-services OFDM over hybrid long-reach FTTH networks
P. Almeida, H. Silva

We.A3.2 OFDM-PON performance with limited quantization
X. Escayola, I. Cano, M. Santos, J. Prat

We.A3.3 16×2.5 Gbit/s and 5 Gbit/s WDM PON based on self-seeded RSOA
Sy Dat Le, Q. Deniel, F. Saliou, A. Lebreton, P. Chanclou

We.A3.4 Optimal trade-off for a bidirectional single-fibre single-wavelength TDM-PON rSOA-based ONU
E.T. López, V. Polo, J.A. Lázaro, J. Prat

We.A3.5 Off-set filtering for enhanced transmission in RSOA based WDM-PON
A. Gatto, P. Parolari, L. Marazzi, M. Brunero, S. Barbet, A. Maho, R. Brenot, G. Gavioli, P. Galli, M. Martinelli


Access IV Chair: Ernesto Ciaramella

We.B3.1 DISCUS: End-to-end network design for ubiquitous high speed broadband services (Invited)
M. Ruffini, N. Doran, M. Achouche, N. Parsons, T. Pfeiffer, Xin Yin, H. Rohde, M. Schiano, P. Ossieur, B. O’Sullivan, R. Wessäly, L. Wosinska, J. Montalvo, D.B. Payne

We.B3.2 User migration in time and wavelength division multiplexed PON (TWDM-PON) (Invited)
Hongyang Yang, Weiqiang Sun, Jun Li, Weisheng Hu 

We.B3.3 Capacity prospects of future high density metro-access networks (Invited)
S. Pato, N. Borges, J. Pedro

We.B3.4 Impact and compensation techniques of laser phase noise in ultra-dense coherent access networks
A. Silva, M. Drummond, R. Ribeiro, P. Monteiro

We.B3.5 Experimental validation of allocation algorithm for FDM PON
A. Lebreton, B. Charbonnier, J. Le Masson, R. Dong, E. Boutillon


Access V Chair: Marco Ruffini

We.C3.1 Semiconductor optical amplifiers in data networking and optical access (Invited)
L.H. Spiekman

We.C3.2 Self-seeding of semiconductor lasers for next-generation WDM passive optical networks (Invited)
M. Presi, A. Chiuchiarelli, R. Corsini, E. Ciaramella

We.C3.3 Wavelength protection within coexistence of current and next-generation PON networks (Invited)
D. Korček, J. Müllerová 


ASTRON/FOX-C Chair: Gabriella Cincotti

We.D3.1 All-optical implementation of OFDM/NWDM Tx/Rx (Invited)
J. Hoxha, G. Cincotti, N.P. Diamantopoulos, P. Zakynthinos, I. Tomkos

We.D3.2 Nyquist-WDM-based system performance evaluation (Invited)
R.I. Killey, M. Sezer Erkilinc, R. Maher, M. Paskov, S. Kilmurray, R. Bouziane, B.C. Thomsen, S.J. Savory, P. Bayvel

We.D3.3 High resolution optical spectral filtering technology: Reaching the sub-GHz resolution range (Invited)
D.M. Marom, D. Sinefeld, O. Golani, N. Goldshtein, R. Zektzer, R. Rudnick 

We.D3.4 Almost-optimal design for optical networks with Hadoop cloud computing: Ten ordinary desktops solve 500-node, 1000-link, and 4000-request RWA problem within three hours (Invited)
Gangxiang Shen, Yongcheng Li, Limei Peng 

We.D3.5 Towards 400G/1T flexible optical transport networks (Invited)
E. Pincemin, M. Song, Y. Loussouarn, G. Thouenon, C. Betoule 


GOWN III Chair: Antonio Hurtado

Th.B3.1 Distortion equalization in multi-mode fiber links carrying radio frequency OFDM signals (Invited)
T. Cseh, G. Fekete, E. Udvary, T. Berceli

Th.B3.2 Lightwave modulation for radio-on-fibre systems (Invited)
T. Kawanishi

Th.B3.3 Experimental assessment of the performance of bidirectional OFDM-based wireless-wired services in next-generation LR-PONs (Invited)
T. Alves, A. Cartaxo

Th.B3.4 Delivery of broadband 60 GHz signals over FTTH networks (Invited)
D. Bento, R. Avó, V. Lopes, P. Laurêncio, M.C.R. Medeiros

Th.B3.5 Novel cost-effective PON-to-mm-wave RoF photonic bridge for multigigabit access networks
I. Aldaya, G. Campuzano, C. Gosset, E. Giacoumidis, N.J. Doran, S. Mikroulis, G. Castañón


NeO I Chair: Louis Velasco

Mo.B4.1 Educational and research tools for network optimization (Invited)
J-L. Izquierdo-Zaragoza, P. Pavon-Marino

Mo.B4.2 Optimization models for flexgrid elastic optical networks (Invited)
M. Żotkiewicz, M. Pióro, M. Ruiz, M. Klinkowski, L. Velasco

Mo.B4.3 Algorithms in the deployment of optical transport networks (Invited)
P. Monteiro, A. de Sousa, M. Ribeiro, T. Trota, G. Sahin

Mo.B4.4 On modeling of minimum cost multicast topology with multiple static streams in overlay communication networks (Invited)
M. Kucharzak, K. Walkowiak, M. Klinkowski


NeO II Chair: Mirosław Klinkowski

Mo.C4.1 Global concurrent optimization: Advantages and opportunities in flexgrid-based networks (Invited)
A. Castro, L. Velasco, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Mo.C4.2 Planning and operation of elastic flex-grid optical networks with OFDM variable bandwidth capabilities (Invited)
C. Politi, C. Matrakidis, T. Orphanoudakis, V. Anagnostopoulos, A. Stavdas

Mo.C4.3 Architecture of a specialized back-end high performance computing-based PCE for flexgrid networks
L. Gifre, L. Velasco, N. Navarro

Mo.C4.4 Extending the flexgrid optical core towards the edges (Invited)
L. Velasco, M. Ruiz, A. Castro, J. Comellas

Mo.C4.5 MANTIS: Optical network planning and operation tool (Invited)
Α. Kretsis, P. Kokkinos, E.A. Varvarigos



NeO III Chair: Walter Cerroni

Th.A3.1 Anycast end-to-end resilience for cloud services over virtual optical networks (Invited)
Minh Bui, B. Jaumard, C. Develder

Th.A3.2 Routing and network design for HEAnet (Invited)
D. Mehta, B. O'Sullivan, L. Quesada, M. Ruffini, D. Payne, L. Doyle

Th.A3.3 A column generation approach for large-scale RSA-based network planning (Invited)
M. Ruiz, M. Żotkiewicz, L. Velasco, J. Comellas

Th.A3.4 Survivable virtual topology mapping in IP-over-WDM networks using differential evolution optimization
F. Lezama, G. Castañón, A.M. Sarmiento


GOWN I Chair: Paulo Almeida

Mo.D4.1 Convergent radio and fibre architectures for high-speed access (Invited)
C. Bock, S. Figuerola, M.C. Parker, S.D. Walker, T. Mendes, V. Marques, V. Jungnickel, K. Habel, D. Levi

Mo.D4.2 Towards medium transparent MAC protocols for cloud-RAN mm-wave communications over next-generation optical wireless networks (Invited)
G. Kalfas, D. Tsiokos, N. Pleros, C. Verikoukis, M. Maier

Mo.D4.3 Exploiting state of the art WDM-PON technologies for building efficient FTTC networks (Invited)
T.G. Orphanoudakis, C. Matrakidis, A. Stavdas, H-C. Leligou

Mo.D4.4 OSSB and ODSB configurations for RoF transmission over DWDM link (Invited)
M. Niknamfar, M. Shadaram


GOWN II Chair: Carlos Bock

Tu.A4.1 Analysis and applications of an optically-injected 1310 nm quantum-dot distributed feedback laser (Invited)
A. Hurtado, J. Mee, M. Nami, I.D. Henning, M.J. Adams, L.F. Lester

Tu.A4.2 Characterization of a 60 GHz passively mode locked quantum well laser with applications for radio over fibre (Invited)
K. Carney, R. Maldonado-Basilio, P. Landais

Tu.A4.3 Evaluation on a 60 GHz radio over fiber system employing photonic up conversion and optically beam formed linear array antenna for broadband indoor access (Invited)
S. Mikroulis, I. Petropoulos, I. Aldaya, E. Giacoumidis, I. Tomkos, K. Voudouris

Tu.A4.4 Experimental evaluation of optimum modulation formats for pico-cellular access networks based on resonant tunneling diodes (Invited)
L.M. Pessoa, M.C. Monteiro, M.R. Pereira, H.M. Salgado, B. Romeira, J.M.L. Figueiredo

Tu.A4.5 Driving a DEMZM to generate wired and wireless OFDM services in hybrid long-reach optical access networks
P. Almeida, H. Silva

Tu.A4.6 Fully converged optical, millimetre-wave wireless and cable provision in OFDM-PON FTTH networks (Invited)
R. Llorente, M. Morant, M. Beltrán, E. Pellicer


MARS I Chair: Antonio Teixeira

Tu.B4.1 Optical access networks: Business guidelines and policy recommendations (Invited)
S. Verbrugge

Tu.B4.2 Beyond a gigabit on plastic optical fiber at the FTTH gateway (Invited)
B. Huiszoon, M.M. de Laat, Y. Shi, B. Eman, G.N. van den Hoven

Tu.B4.3 Market drivers and architectural requirements for backplane inter-connect capacities in next generation PON head-end equipment in the access network (Invited)
R.M. Dorward, K. Symington, L. Brusberg, J‑R. Kropp, A. Miller, R. Pitwon, S. Whalley

Tu.B4.4 Synchronization techniques in backhauling networks (Invited)
A. Lometti, G. Cazzaniga, S. Frigerio, L. Ronchetti

Tu.B4.5 Free-space optical data transmission for military and civil applications: A company report on technical solutions and market investigation (Invited)
H. Haan, M. Tausendfreund


MARS II Chair: Giorgia Parca

Tu.C4.1 On the cost efficiency of flexible optical networking compared to conventional SLR/MLR WDM networks (Invited)
I. Stiakogiannakis, E. Palkopoulou, I. Tomkos

Tu.C4.2 Twenty years of open fibre network in Stockholm: A socio-economic study(Invited)
M. Forzati, C. Mattsson

Tu.C4.3 Total cost of ownership comparison between single and mixed line rates networks (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, R.M. Morais, J. Pedro, P. Monteiro

Tu.C4.4 The cost dependence between the grooming scheme, the node architecture and the traffic pattern in optical networks (Invited)
R.M. Morais, J. Pedro, P. Monteiro, A.N. Pinto

Tu.C4.5 Performance comparison of optical channel formats to realize 400G data rates in transport networks under dynamic traffic (Invited)
J. Pedro, A. Eira, J. Pires


ISOND Chair: Milorad Cvijetic

Tu.D4.1 An evolutionary spectrum assignment algorithm for elastic optical networks (Invited)
R.C. Almeida Jr., R.A. Delgado, C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, D.A.R. Chaves, H.A. Pereira, J.F. Martins-Filho

Tu.D4.2 Flow controlled scalable optical packet switch for low latency flat data center network (Invited)
N. Calabretta, S. Di Lucente, Jun Luo, A. Rohit, K. Williams, H. Dorren

Tu.D4.3 Storage, schedule and switching – A new data delivery paradigm in the big data era? (Invited)
Weiqiang Sun, Fengqin Li, Wei Guo, Yaohui Jin, Weisheng Hu

Tu.D4.4 Adaptive coded-modulation for the next-generation intelligent optical transport networks
Yequn Zhang, I.B. Djordjevic

Tu.D4.5 Traffic demand estimation for hybrid switching systems
Pingqing Li, Weiqiang Sun, Shilin Xiao, Weisheng Hu


GOC I Chair: Lena Wosinska

We.A4.1 Energy-efficient space-time optical interconnection  architectures for data centers (Invited)
P. Castoldi, I. Cerutti, P.G. Raponi, N. Andriolli, O. Liboiron-Ladouceur

We.A4.2 Enhancing data centre networking using energy aware optical interconnects (Invited)
I. Glesk, T. Osadola, S. Idris

We.A4.3 Energy-efficient, high-performance optoelectronic packet switching for intra-data center network (Invited)
Ken-ichi Kitayama, S. Debnath, Y. Yoshida, R. Takahashi, A. Hiramatsu

We.A4.4 Energy saving in TWDM(A) PONs: Challenges and opportunities (Invited)
L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi, Y. Yoshida, A. Maruta, Ken-ichi Kitayama

We.A4.5 A blocking analysis for green WDM networks with transponder power management
F. Musumeci, M. Tornatore, M. Riunno, A. Pattavina


GOC II Chair: Paolo Monti

We.B4.1 Energy efficiency aspects of multidimensional elastic optical networking (Invited)
M. Cvijetic, I.B. Djordjevic

We.B4.2 Converging choice and service in future commodity optical networks using traffic grooming (Invited)
R. Dutta, G. Rouskas, I. Baldine

We.B4.3 Energy aware routing and aggregation in multilayer optical networks (Invited)
A. Lasoń, J. Rząsa, A. Szymański, A. Jajszczyk

We.B4.4 Green routing and wavelength assignment in optical networks (Invited)
S. Drakulić, N. Skorin-Kapov

We.B4.5 The impact of content popularity distribution on energy efficient caching
N.I. Osman, Taisir El‑Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani


WAOR I Chair: Josep Solé‑Pareta

We.C4.1 Optical packet and circuit integrated network (Invited)
N. Wada, H. Furukawa, H. Harai

We.C4.2 Alternate architectures for an all-optical core network based on new subwavelength switching paradigms (Invited)
R. Aparicio-Pardo, A. Triki, E. Le Rouzic, B. Arzur, E. Pincemin, F. Guillemin

We.C4.3 Javanco: A software framework for optical network modelling and optimization (Invited)
S. Rumley,  R. Hendry, K. Bergman

We.C4.4 Cloud orchestration with SDN / OpenFlow in carrier transport networks (Invited)
A. Autenrieth, J-P. Elbers, P. Kaczmarek, P. Kostecki


WAOR II Chair: Pablo Pavón Mariño

Th.A4.1 Performance of ring-resonator based optical backplane in high capacity routers (Invited)
G. Rizzelli, D. Siracusa, G. Maier, M. Magarini, A. Melloni

Th.A4.2 Scalable and energy-efficient optical tree-based greedy router (Invited)
S. Sahhaf, A. Dixit, W. Tavernier, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester 

Th.A4.3 An adaptive path restoration algorithm based on power series routing for all-optical networks (Invited)
C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, R.C. Freitas, D.A.R. Chaves, R.C.L. Silva, M.L.P. Freire, H.A. Pereira, J.F. Martins-Filho 

Th.A4.4 Physical impairment constrained routing: Implicit signal regeneration via traffic grooming? (Invited)
T. Cinkler

Th.A4.5 Spectrum-aware shortest path routing in spectrum-elastic optical networks
T. Cinkler, C. Jakab


WAOR III Chair: Tibor Cinkler

Th.B4.1 Survey on path computation element extensions for spectrum switched optical networks (Invited)
J. Sócrates Dantas, D. Careglio, R. Melo Silveira, W.V. Ruggiero, J. Solé‑Pareta 

Th.B4.2 Multiservice, multirate IP transmission over OCDMA network
T.R. Raddo, A.L. Sanches, J.V. dos Reis Jr., B-H.V. Borges 

Th.B4.3 Study of OTN switching resource assignment policies in integrated OTN/WDM nodes
V. Eramo, M. Listanti, F. Testa, R. Sabella

Th.B4.4 Fast reroute-based network resiliency experimental investigations
T. Benhcine, H. Elbiaze, K. Idoudi


RONEXT Chair: Paolo Monti

We.D4.1 Core network physical topology design for energy efficiency and resilience (Invited)
T.E.H. El-Gorashi, Xiaowen Dong, A. Lawey, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.D4.2 Multicast service for UltraFlow access networks (Invited)
D. Larrabeiti, L. Kazovsky, M. Urueña, A.R. Dhaini, Shuang Yin, J.A. Hernández, P. Reviriego, T. Shunrong Shen

We.D4.3 Optimal technicians' allocation problem with respect to failure reparation (Invited)
C. Mas Machuca, B. de la Cruz Miranda 

We.D4.4 Balancing the benefits inherent in reconfigurable coherent optical transceivers (Invited)
B.T. Teipen, M.H. Eiselt 

We.D4.5 Energy saving in access networks: Gain or loss from the cost perspective? (Invited)
P. Wiatr, J. Chen, P. Monti, L. Wosinska 

We.D4.6 Dynamic traffic provisioning in mixed-line-rate networks with launch power determination (Invited)
H. Cukurtepe, A. Yayimli, M. Tornatore, B. Mukherjee 


SWP I Chair: Trevor Benson

Mo.B5.1 Plasmon-assisted energy transfer near coated metal cylinders (Invited)
V.D. Karanikolas, C.A. Marocico, A.L. Bradley

Mo.B5.2 Advanced photonic and plasmonic waveguide nanostructures analyzed with Fourier modal methods (Invited)
I. Richter, P. Kwiecien, J. Čtyroký

Mo.B5.3 Confined modes in a plasmonic waveguide (Invited)
B. Guizal, D. Felbacq, A. Castanié

Mo.B5.4 Tunable flat lenses in the mid-infrared (Invited)
J.R. Pugh, A. Silva, J.L. Stokes, C.D. Stacey, G.R. Nash, J.G. Rarity, I.D. Lindsay, M.J. Cryan

Mo.B5.5 THz intervalence band polaritons and antipolaritons (Invited)
M.F. Pereira, I.A. Faragai


SWP II Chair: Vladimir Kuzmiak

Mo.C5.1 Modal analysis of chains of metallic nanowires partially buried in a half-space substrate with the source-model technique (Invited)
D. Szafranek, Y. Leviatan

Mo.C5.2 Biochemical sensing with surface plasmon-assisted optical fibers (Invited)
C. Caucheteur, V. Voisin, P. Mégret

Mo.C5.3 Highly directional nanoantennas and plasmon-organic photovoltaics from bottom-up (Invited)
A. Dmitriev

Mo.C5.4 Optical poling of azo-compounds for applications in nanophotonics (Invited)
R. Petruskevicius, D. Urbonas, M. Gabalis, A. Balcytis, G. Seniutinas, R. Tomasiunas, V. Getautis


SWP III Chair: Jiri Petráček

Mo.D5.1 Linear sub-diffraction spatial filtering with plasmonic materials (Invited)
M. Stolarek, A. Pastuszczak, P. Wróbel, T. Stefaniuk, R. Kotyński

Mo.D5.2 Nonlinear optical ellipsometry with application to magnetic materials (Invited)
Yu.S. Dadoenkova, I.L. Lyubchanskii, Y.P. Lee, T. Rasing

Mo.D5.3 Effect of magnetic bias on Gaussian pulse scattering by stacked nonlinear semiconductor layers (Invited)
O.V. Shramkova, A. G. Schuchinsky

Mo.D5.4 Effect of the composition of ΑuxAg(1-x) nanoalloys on their nonlinear optical response
I. Papagiannoul, S. Couris, D. Rioux, M. Meunier


SWP IV Chair: Alexander Quandt

Tu.A5.1 Resonators liberated from dispersion: Broad periodic waveguides operating at the Littrow regime (Invited)
H. Benisty, N. Piskunov 

Tu.A5.2 Slow Bloch mode cavity for optical trapping (Invited)
T. Benyattou, E. Gerelli, L. Milord, C. Jamois, A. Harouri, C. Chevalier, C. Seassal, A. Belarouci, X. Letartre, P. Viktorovitch

Tu.A5.3 Analysis of orthogonally polarized modes in curved slot and double-slot waveguides (Invited)
I.A. Goncharenko, M. Marciniak

Tu.A5.4 Active control of radiative and nonradiative processes in coupled quantum systems embedded in a λ/2-microresonator (Invited)
A.M. Kern, F. Schleifenbaum, A.J. Meixner

Tu.A5.5 Electro-optical effect in BaTiO3 for tuning of narrow-band optical reflection filter (Invited)
E. Popov, A-L. Fehrembach, Da Shu

Tu.A5.6 Silicon-on-insulator microring resonators for photonic biosensing applications (Invited)
S. Werquin, A. Goes, P. Dubruel, P. Bienstman


SWP V Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

Tu.B5.1 Recent advances in subwavelength engineering in integrated optics (Invited)
P. Cheben, A. Villafranca Velasco, R. Halir, C. Alonso-Ramos, P.J. Bock, J.H. Schmid, A. Ortega-Moñux, A. Maese, M. Ibrahim, D.-X. Xu, J. Lapointe, S. Janz, A. Delâge, M. Vachon, A. Aleali, W.N. Ye, I. Molina-Fernández, M.L. Calvo, L. Vivien

Tu.B5.2 Glass-based sub-wavelength photonic structures (Invited)
D. Ristic, A. Chiappini, A. Chiasera, I. Vasilchenko, C. Armellini, A. Lukowiak, A. Carpentiero, M. Mazzola, S. Varas, G. Nunzi Conti, S. Pelli, G. Speranza, M. Ivanda,  C. Duverger Arfuso, Khiem Tran Ngoc, B. Boulard, G.C. Righini, M. Ferrari

Tu.B5.3 Engineering disorder for light trapping in thin-film solar cells (Invited)
P. Kowalczewski, M. Liscidini, L.C. Andreani

Tu.B5.4 Dye-sensitized solar cell for binary iodide-PVA based gel electrolyte (Invited)
M.F. Aziz, M.H. Buraidah, A.K. Arof


SWP VI Chair: Rafał Kotyński

Tu.C5.1 3D optical data storage by nonlinear processes in thin films of coumarin-containing copolymers (Invited)
D. Gindre, E. Champigny, K. Iliopoulos, M. Sallé

Tu.C5.2 Self-assembly of nanostructures by a phase separation in holographic layers of dichromated polysaccharide (Invited)
S. Savić‑Šević, D. Pantelić, B. Jokić, B. Jelenković

Tu.C5.3 Fluorescent nanoparticles for biosensing applications (Invited)
S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, B.C. Gibson, T.J. Karle, A. Khalid, K. Chung, D.A. Simpson, P. Tran, P. Domachuk, H. Tao, J.E. Moreau, D.L. Kaplan, F.G. Omenetto, H. Amekura, A.B. Djurisic

Tu.C5.4 Investigations at nanoscale by using fluorescence in apertureless scanning near field microscopy (Invited)
G.A. Stanciu, D.E. Tranca, R. Hristu, C. Stoichita, S.G. Stanciu

Tu.C5.5 Detecting cancerous tissues in human body by means of fiber fluorescent spectroscopy (Invited)
E. Bereś-Pawlik, H. Stawska, Ł. Kłonowski


SWP VII Chair: František Uherek

Tu.D5.1 High resolution Fourier-transform microspectroscopy based on spiral silicon waveguides (Invited)
A.V. Velasco, M.L. Calvo, P. Cheben, M. Florjańczyk, P.J. Bock, A. Delâge, J.H. Schmid, J. Lapointe, S. Janz, Dan-Xia Xu, M. Vachon

Tu.D5.2 Optical Haar transform for 2D processing and compression (Invited)
G. Parca, P. Teixeira, C. Vicente, A. Teixeira

Tu.D5.3 Inverse scattering problems in subsurface diagnostics of inhomogeneous media (Invited)
K.P. Gaikovich

Tu.D5.4 Why optical nonlinear characterisation using imaging technique is a better choice? (Invited)
G. Boudebs, V. Besse, C. Cassagne, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

Tu.D5.5 Plasmonic materials and metamaterials by bottom-up approach: Manufacturing and properties (Invited)
D.A. Pawlak, M. Gajc, P. Osewski, K. Sadecka, A. Stefanski, A. Kłos, A. Belardini, G. Leahu, C. Sibilia


SWP VIII Chair: Brana Jelenković

We.A5.1 Self-pulsing and nonlinear dynamics in micro and nanolasers (Invited)
S. Barbay, F. Selmi, S. Haddadi, R. Braive, I. Sagnes, R. Kuszelewicz, A.M. Yacomotti

We.A5.2 Effect of shell size on single photon emission performances of core/shell dot-in-rods colloidal nanocrystals (Invited)
F. Pisanello, G. Leménager, L. Martiradonna, L. Carbone, A. Bramati, M. De Vittorio

We.A5.3 Super spontaneous four-wave mixing (Invited)
M. Liscidini, T. Onodera, L.G. Helt, J.E. Sipe

We.A5.4 Surface enhanced Raman scattering and photo-luminescence through Bloch surface waves in dielectric multilayers (Invited)
S. Pirotta, X.G. Xu, A. Delfan, S. Mysore, S. Maiti, G. Dacarro, M. Patrini, G. Guizzetti, D. Bajoni, J.E. Sipe, G.C. Walker, M. Liscidini, M. Galli


SWP IX Chair: Dorota Pawlak

We.B5.1 Broadband optical power limiting of graphene oxide colloids in the picosecond regime (Invited)
N. Liaros, S. Couris, A. Bakandritsos, Α. Kolokithas-Ntoukas

We.B5.2 Graphene assisted nanostructures (Invited)
M. Grande, M.A. Vincenti, T. Stomeo, G.V. Bianco, D. de Ceglia, G. Magno, V. Petruzzelli, G. Bruno, M. De Vittorio, M. Scalora, A. D’Orazio

We.B5.3 The investigation of third-order hyperpolarizabilities and susceptibilities of push-pull azobenzene polymers (Invited)
A. Karakas, H. EL Ouazzani, N. Kırkan, O. Krupka, V. Smokal, A. Migalska-Zalas, B. Sahraoui

We.B5.4 NLO investigations of electroactive ligands and of their electroactive metal complexes (Invited)
B. Sahraoui, K. Iliopoulos, A. El‑Ghayoury

We.B5.5 Structural and optical properties of as-grown and annealed Alq3 thin films (Invited)
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, J. Strzelecki, Z. Łukasiak, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Korcala, B. Sahraoui


SWP X Chair: Oksana Shramkova

We.C5.1 Diffractive optics with nanoslits (Invited)
S. Ishii, A.V. Kildishev, E. Narimanov, V.M. Shalaev, V.P. Drachev

We.C5.2 Grating resonances as an alternative to plasmon resonances in nanophotonics applications (Invited)
A.I. Nosich, V.O. Byelobrov, O.V. Shapoval, D.M. Natarov, T.L. Zinenko, M. Marciniak

We.C5.3 Excitation and propagation of electromagnetic pulses along dielectric-air interface (Invited)
A. Popov, I. Prokopovich, S. Zapunidi

We.C5.4 Ab initio determination of basic dielectric properties (Invited)
A. Quandt, R. Warmbier

We.C5.5 Design and simulation of apodized SOI fiber to chip coupler by sub-wavelength structure (Invited)
J. Chovan, A. Kuzma, F. Uherek


SWP XI Chair: Robert Czaplicki

We.D5.1 Metamaterial fishnet structures and small (70 nm) split ring resonators formed by nanoimprint lithography (Invited)
N.P. Johnson, G.J. Sharp, M. Yuce, Xiaolon Hu, M. Sinworapun, A.Z. Khokhar

We.D5.2 Plasmonic dimer metamaterials and metasurfaces for polarization control of terahertz and optical waves (Invited)
S.V. Zhukovsky, M. Zalkovskij, R. Malureanu, A. Andryieuski, A. Novitsky, P.U. Jepsen, A.V. Lavrinenko, P. T. Tang, C. Kremers, D.N. Chigrin

We.D5.3 Low-loss and multi-band metamaterials (Invited)
C. Sabah

We.D5.4 Energy flow canalization of evanescent cylindrical-vector beams (Invited)
C.J. Zapata-Rodríguez, J.J. Miret


SWP XII Chair: Sergei Zhukovsky

Th.A5.1 Radial Bragg laser as a miniaturized rotation sensor (Invited)
E. Ben-Basat, Y. Karni, J. Scheuer

Th.A5.2 Simulation of optical Bloch oscillations and breathing modes in the waveguide arrays
M. Gozman, Y. Polishchuk, I. Polishchuk

Th.A5.3 Giant circular dichroism in chiral metamaterials
F. Dincer, M. Karaaslan, E. Unal, M. Bakir, C. Sabah, U. Erdiven

Th.A5.4 Chiral metamaterials with strong and dynamically optical activity
F. Dincer, M. Karaaslan, E. Unal, M. Bakir, C. Sabah, K. Delihacioglu


REGPOT Chair: Marian Marciniak and Tomasz Szoplik

Th.B5.1 Asymmetric transmission of the surface plasmon polaritons in diffractive plasmonic structures (Invited)
V. Kuzmiak, A.A. Maradudin

Th.B5.2 Controlling the polarization of light with bilayer subwavelength metallic apertures (Invited)
H.B. Chan, Z. Marcet, D.W. Carr, J.E. Bower, R.A. Cirelli, F. Klemens, W.M. Mansfield, J.F. Miner, C.S. Pai, I.I. Kravchenko

Th.B5.3 Plasmonics and directionality (Invited)
Y. Sonnefraud

Th.B5.4 Nonlinear switching in plasmonic directional couplers (Invited)
J. Petráček 

Th.B5.5 Broadband asymmetric transmission of THz radiation through double metallic gratings
M. Stolarek, D. Yavorskiy, R. Kotyński, C.J. Zapata Rodriguez, J. Łusakowski, T. Szoplik

Th.B5.6 Ellipsometric determination of permittivities of silver nanolayers
P. Wróbel, T. Stefaniuk, A. Wronkowska, A. Wronkowski, T. Szoplik


PAM I Chair: Louis Dubé

Mo.B6.1 Observation of resonance-assisted tunneling in a deformed microcavity (Invited)
Kyungwon An

Mo.B6.2 Optical fiber whispering gallery modes resonances: Applications (Invited)
E. Rivera-Pérez, A. Díez, M.V. Andrés, J. L. Cruz, A. Rodríguez-Cobos

Mo.B6.3 Chaos-assisted unidirectional lasing emission from an ultrahigh-Q whispering gallery microcavity (Invited)
Yun-Feng Xiao

Mo.B6.4 Tuning the optical forces on- and off-resonance in microspherical photonics (Invited)
Yangcheng Li, A.V. Maslov, A. Jofre, V.N. Astratov


PAM II Chair: Kevin MacDonald

Mo.C6.1 Dielectric spheres as scatterers and/or antennas with anomalous radiation properties: Scattering and optical forces (Invited)
M. Nieto Vesperinas, J.M. Muñón, F. Moreno, J.J. Saenz

Mo.C6.2 Plasmonic nanoantennas for SERS, directional light, sensing and strong coupling (Invited)
G. Zengin, V. Miljković, P. Johansson, M. Käll, T. Shegai

Mo.C6.3 Integrated emitters of cylindrically structured light beams (Invited)
Xinlun Cai, Jianwei Wang, M. Strain, M. Sorel, J. O’Brien, M. Thompson, Siyuan Yu

Mo.C6.4 Self-assembled optoplasmonic molecules for enhanced light focusing and manipulation on nanometer length scales (Invited)
Y. Hong, S. Boriskina, W. Ahn, B M. Reinhard


PAM III Chair: Vasily Astratov

Mo.D6.1 Coupling control in photonics crystal molecules (Invited)
A.M. Yacomotti, S. Haddadi, A. Levenson

Mo.D6.2 Dielectric photonic metamaterials (Invited)
Jianfa Zhang, K.F. MacDonald, N.I. Zheludev

Mo.D6.3 Design of a polymer photonic crystal membrane cavity for channel drop filtering in coarse wavelength division multiplexing networks
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell’Olio, D. Conteduca, M.N. Armenise

Mo.D6.4 Coherent beam shaping using two-dimensional photonic crystals
D. Gagnon, J. Dumont, L.J. Dubé


PAM IV Chair: Bjoern Reinhard

Tu.A6.1 Optical resonators with whispering gallery modes and J-aggregates (Invited)
D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva, K.I. Rusakov, Y.P. Rakovich 

Tu.A6.2 Modelling sub-wavelength ultra-high Q optical resonators using time domain numerical methods (Invited)
H.G. Dantanarayana, S.C. Greedy, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

Tu.A6.3 EIT-like response in asymmetrically coupled split ring resonators (Invited)
V. Milosević, R. Bojanić, B. Jokanović, B. Jelenković

Tu.A6.4 Efficient modelling of general spheroid optical microresonators (Invited)
M.N. Zervas

Tu.A6.5 Dispersionless impedance-matched low-loss optical bottle resonator slow light delay line (Invited)
M. Sumetsky


PAM V Chair: Trevor Benson

Tu.B6.1 Nanoscale engineering of the waveguide local effective index by metamaterial resonances: Toward transformation optics applications (Invited)
A. Lupu, N. Dubrovina, R. Salas-Montiel, X. Le Roux, S. Blaize, G. Lerondel, A. de Lustrac

Tu.B6.2 Enhancing whispering gallery mode biosensing (Invited)
F. Vollmer

Tu.B6.3 S and Q matrices reloaded: Applications to open, inhomogeneous, and complex cavities (Invited)
G. Painchaud‑April, J. Dumont, D. Gagnon, L.J. Dubé

Tu.B6.4 A hybrid photonic-plasmonic cavity design for optical force enhancement
Yi-Wen Hu, Yun-Feng Xiao


Glasses I Chair: Caroline Vigreux

Tu.C6.1 Chalcogenide-silica fibers: A new base for linear and nonlinear nanophotonic devices (Invited)
M.A. Schmidt

Tu.C6.2 Chalcogenide glass fibers for photonic devices (Invited)
J.L. Adam, L. Brilland, P. Toupin, V. Nazabal, J. Troles

Tu.C6.3 Third-order non-linear optical response in chalcogenide glasses: Measurement and evaluation (Invited)
E. Romanova, K. Chumakov, A. Mouskeftaras, S. Guizard, N. Abdel-Moneim, D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon, T.M. Benson

Tu.C6.4 Nd3+ doped phosphate glass optical fibre lasers (Invited)
N.G. Boetti, J. Lousteau, E. Mura, G.C. Scarpignato, D. Milanese

Tu.C6.5 Design of rare-earth doped microspheres lasers (Invited)
P. Bia, L. Mescia, O. Losito, M. De Sario, D. Ristic, M. Ferrari, G.C. Righini, F. Prudenzano


Glasses II Chair: Sławomir Sujecki

Tu.D6.1 Te-Ge-Se thermally co-evaporated films: Elaboration, characterization and use for the manufacture of IR rib waveguides, basic elements of CO2 microsensors (Invited)
C. Vigreux, M. Vu Thi, G. Maulion, R. Kribich, A. Pradel

Tu.D6.2 Active waveguides for Mid-IR (3‑4 µm) wavelengths fabricated by femtosecond laser inscription in Dy3+ doped tellurite glass (Invited)
T.T. Fernandez, B.D.O. Richards, G. Jose, A. Jha, J. Hoyo, A. Ruiz De la Cruz, J. Solis

Tu.D6.3 Eu-doped polymer fibers (Invited)
R. Caspary, S. Möhl, A. Cichosch, R. Evert, S. Schütz, H-H. Johannes, W. Kowalsky


ESPC I Chair: Crina Cojocaru

We.A6.1 Asymmetric light propagation in photonic devices (Invited)
H. Kurt

We.A6.2 Controlling the emission from single quantum dots with electro-opto-mechanical photonic crystal cavities (Invited)
L. Midolo, F. Pagliano, T. B. Hoang, T. Xia, F.W.M. van Otten, A. Fiore, L.H. Li, E.H. Linfield, M. Lermer, S. Höfling

We.A6.3 Active photonic crystal switches: Modeling, design and experimental characterization (Invited)
M. Heuck, Y. Yu, P.T. Kristensen, N. Kuznetsova, K. Yvind, J. Mørk

We.A6.4 Multiple functionality in III-V on SOI hybrid photonic crystals for systems applications (Invited)
F. Raineri, P. Monnier, R. Raj, A. Bazin


ESPC II Chair: Pablo Postigo

We.B6.1 Recent progress in research on photonic crystal fiber devices (Invited)
H. Yokota, Y. Imai

We.B6.2 Mode division multiplexing exploring hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers (Invited)
Jing Xu, J.K. Lyngsø, L. Leick, J. Carpenter, T.D. Wilkinson, C. Peucheret

We.B6.3 Plasma photonics in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers (Invited)
B. Debord, F. Gérôme, R. Jamier, K. Gadonna, F. Vial, O. Leroy, P. Leprince, C. Boisse-Laporte, L.L. Alves, F. Benabid

We.B6.4 Resonant optical trapping and back-action effects in a hollow photonic crystal cavity (Invited)
N. Descharmes, U.P. Dharanipathy, Zhaolu Diao, M. Tonin, R. Houdré

We.B6.5 Wave-breaking-based spectral control in highly nonlinear fibers (Invited)
D. Castelló-Lurbe, E. Silvestre, P. Andrés

We.B6.6 Electric field induced polarization effects in AgPO3/silica photonic bandgap fiber (Invited)
I. Konidakis, S. Pissadakis


ESPC III Chair: Hamza Kurt

We.C6.1 Focusing by a flat woodpile 3D photonic crystal (Invited)
L. Maigyte, C.M. Cojocaru, V. Purlys, J. Trull, D. Gailevičius, M. Peckus, M. Malinauskas, K. Staliunas

We.C6.2 Direct inscription of photonic band-gap waveguides into bulk optical glass (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, S. Gross, A. Arriola, M. Alberich, M. Withford

We.C6.3 Light scattering from one-dimensional photonic crystals under total internal reflection (Invited)
G.V. Morozov, F. Placido, D.W.L. Sprung

We.C6.4 Hyperspectral near-field imaging of light bending in a graded photonic crystal (Invited)
B. Cluzel, J. Dellinger, K‑V. Do, E. Cassan, F. de Fornel

We.C6.5 Negative diffraction by a periodically modulated loss (Invited)
M. Botey, N. Kumar, R. Herrero, L. Maigyte, R. Pico, K. Staliunas

We.C6.6 Optical absorption enhancement by quasi-photonic crystals in thin films for photovoltaic applications (Invited)
P.A. Postigo, J. M. Llorens


NAVOLCHI/SOFI Chair: Ioannis Tomkos

We.D6.1 Waveguide-coupled nanolasers in III-V membranes on silicon (Invited)
V. Dolores-Calzadilla, D. Heiss, A. Fiore, M. Smit

We.D6.2 Optical properties of SOI waveguides functionalized with close-packed quantum dot films (Invited)
Z. Hens, A. Omari, P. Geiregat, D. Van Thourhout

We.D6.3 Light coupling from active polymer layers to hybrid dielectric-plasmonic waveguides (Invited)
I. Suárez, E.P. Fitrakis, H. Gordillo, P. Rodriguez-Cantó, R. Abargues, I. Tomkos, J. Martinez-Pastor

We.D6.4 Low energy routing platforms for optical interconnects using active plasmonics integrated with silicon photonics (Invited)
K. Vyrsokinos, S. Papaioannou, D. Kalavrouziotis, F. Zacharatos, L. Markey, J‑C. Weeber, A. Dereux, A. Kumar, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, M. Waldow, G. Giannoulis, D. Apostolopoulos, T. Tekin, H. Avramopoulos, N. Pleros


NSON Chair: Marian Marciniak

Th.A6.1 Inverse design of novel nanophotonic structures (Invited)
I. Andonegui, A. Blanco, I. Calvo, A.J. Garcia‑Adeva

Th.A6.2 Nonlinear complex photonic structures (Invited)
M. Boguslawski, P. Rose, F. Diebel, S. Brake, C. Denz

Th.A6.3 Ways to optimize the second-harmonic response from metamaterials (Invited)
R. Czaplicki, H. Husu, M. Zdanowicz, J. Mäkitalo, K. Koskinen, R. Siikanen, J. Laukkanen, J. Lehtolahti, M. Kuittinen, M. Kauranen

Th.A6.4 Deposition of ultrasmooth silver nanolayers at pressures and temperatures above the sublimation point of water ice (Invited)
T. Stefaniuk, P. Wróbel, T. Szoplik

Th.A6.5 Nonlinear optics at nanoscale: The stimulated Raman effect (Invited)
L. Sirleto, M.A. Ferrara, A. D’Arco, I. Rendina, G.C. Righini 

Th.A6.6 Tamm surface plasmon laser (Invited)
C. Symonds, G. Lheureux, J. Laverdant, G. Brucoli, J.C. Plenet, A. Lemaitre, P. Senellart, J. Bellessa


SME Chair: Jose Pozo

Toward establishing a successful technology business
Milton Chang,Former president/CEO of Newport Corporation and New Focus, Inc.

Leveraging Europe’s ecosystem to the benefit of photonic start-ups and SMEs
Carlos Lee
, General director, EPIC

Start-ups success and ambition
Laurent Malier, CEO, CEA Leti

Crystallizing your company strategy and implementing it
Erik Pennings, GM, 7 Pennies Consulting

Financing technologies to markets
Géraldine Andrieux-Gustin, Yole Finance

TNO venturing activities – Accelerating market turnover from innovations
Renato Calzone, Venturing Manager, TNO

The industrial take-up of silicon photonics in particular by SMEs
Amit Khanna, ePIXfab coordinator

The Photonic fabless model
Pascual Muñoz, CEO, VLC Photonics

The Photonic foundry model
Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO, LioniX

Medlumics: From an idea to a business in photonics
Eduardo Magallo, CEO, Medlumics

Playing in the global market as a small company
Asier Villafranca, CEO, Aragon Photonics

Is it possible to transfer world-class university photonic research to a company’s success?
Pablo Artal, LO-UM


POSTER Session

Tu.P.1 Cost-reduction using non-uniform traffic in optical networks
F. Farjady, N.J. Doran

Tu.P.2 Lightpath requests processing in flexible packet switching optical networks using reinforcement learning
I.S. Razo-Zapata, G. Castañón, C. Mex-Perera

Tu.P.3 Effects of symbol time misalignment and frequency offset on performance of realistic all-optical OFDM system
M. Ali, Xu Wang

Tu.P.4 Phase modulated optical OFDM upstream with IM/DD downstream for full-duplex 10 Gb/s bidirectional transmission over a single wavelength with a reflective SOA
J.M. Fabrega, M. Chochol, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. A. Lázaro, G. Junyent

Tu.P.5 Cost-efficient OFDM generation at 60-GHz by heterodyne technique with direct modulation and envelope detector
I. Aldaya, C. Gosset, G. Campuzano, E. Giacoumidis, G. Castañón

Tu.P.6 Spectral efficiency in WDM-OCDMA coherent direct sequence encoder/decoder devices based on fiber Bragg gratings
R. Baños, D. Pastor, V. Garcia-Munoz, W. Amaya

Tu.P.7 Code-tunable direct sequence coherent OCDMA device based on silicon on insulator
R. Baños, D. Pastor, D. Domenech

Tu.P.8 Realization of all-optical OR gate using SOA XGM and DM soliton pulses
K. Bhambri, S. Gupta, N. Gupta

Tu.P.9 Transmission impairments study of 160 Gb/s generated thought a flat comb source
A. Hraghi, M. Menif

Tu.P.10 Code sequence recognition scheme based on differential detection to investigate the security of communication systems using multiple optical codes
Yu Liang, Bo Dai, Xu Wang

Tu.P.11 Analytical nonlinear modelling of the impact of Rayleigh scattering in Raman amplification on EDFA/Raman hybrid performance (Cancelled)
O.A. Olubodun, W. Forysiak, N.J. Doran

Tu.P.12 Analytical modeling of FWM noise power in Raman amplified transmission links
M. Jaworski, M. Klinkowski

Tu.P.13 PPLN-based all-optical QPSK regenerator
D. Mazroa, B.J. Puttnam, Á. Szabó, S. Shinada, N. Wada

Tu.P.14 Efficient scheduling strategies for dynamic WDM networks with set-up delay tolerance
A. Muhammad, R. Forchheimer

Tu.P.15 Joint optical switching and residual dispersion compensation using wavelength selective switch-based reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
Shanhong You, Qi Yang, Ming Luo, Zhixue He, Xu Zhang, Xiaoping Chen, Shaohua Yu

Tu.P.16 Application of AWG-parameters tool in design of colourless 8-channel, 100 GHz AWG
D. Seyringer

Tu.P.17 Optical wireless 2x2 indoor MIMO system based on OOK modulation
Hao Du, R. Green, Y. Chen

Tu.P.18 Diffuse IR-optical wireless system demonstration for mobile patient monitoring in hospitals
A.M. Khalid, G. Cossu, E. Ciaramella

Tu.P.19 Radio on Visible Light (RoVL): Exploring methods and techniques for mobile telephony through visible light channels
A. Vijay, R. Green

Tu.P.20 Erbium doped highly birefringent microstructure fiber
L. Sojka, L. Pajewski, P. Mergo, D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon, T.M. Benson, S. Sujecki, E. Bereś-Pawlik

Tu.P.21 Numerical estimation of ultrafast pulse propagation in double clad hollow core fibers
H. Stawska, E. Bereś-Pawlik

Tu.P.22 Numerical and experimental investigation of near-infrared-visible luminescence in erbium doped sol-gel SiO2
A. Oladeji, P.L. Arnold, M.I. Ali, A. Phillips, I.V. Sazanovich, J.A. Weinstein, S. Sujecki

Tu.P.23 Plasmon-exciton strong coupling in a hybrid system of gold nanostars and J-aggregates
D. Savateeva, D. Melnikau, A. Susha, A.L. Rogach, Y.P. Rakovich

Tu.P.24 Plasmon-assisted scattering of light by a circular silver nanowire with concentric dielectric coating
E.A. Velichko, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.25 Numerical simulation of microring resonator biosensor with FDTD algorithm based on GPU and CPU architectures
D. Urbonas, M. Gabalis, R. Petruškevičius

Tu.P.26 Fabrication of smooth Al nanolayers at different temperatures
T. Stefaniuk, P. Wróbel, A. Ciesielski, T. Szoplik

Tu.P.27 Self-action effects for the laser radiation scattered by metal nanoparticles
A.I. Smirnov, N.V. Ilin, D.A. Smirnova

Tu.P.28 Optical properties of MgO thin films on quartz substrate  prepared by sol-gel method
K. Bartkiewicz, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala

Tu.P.29 Designed surface modes propagating along hyperbolic metamaterials
C.J. Zapata‑Rodríguez, J.J. Miret, S. Vuković, J.A. Sorni, Z. Jakšić

Tu.P.30 Chemical decomposition of CdTe and CdBr2 dopants in KBr
A. Bensouici, M. Ayadi, M. Iosin, G. Damian, J. L. Plaza, S. Astilean, M. Sebais

Tu.P.31 Zig-zag diffusion of pentamer on (110) surface
K. Sbiaai, Y. Boughaleb, L. Bounouas, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.32 Second-order hyperpolarizability and susceptibility calculations of a series of ruthenium complexes
A. Karakas, T. Dag, M. Taser, J­.L. Fillaut, A. Migalska-Zalas, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.33 Determination of dipole polarizabilities and second hyperpolarizabilities in alkynyl-ruthenium complexes using quantum-chemical calculations
A. Karakas, T. Dag, A. Migalska-Zalas, J­.L. Fillaut, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.34 Light-induced carriers in metal/porous silicon/p-Si structures
A. Korcala, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, W. Bała, K. Bartkiewicz

Tu.P.35 Photoluminescence spectra of porous silicon modified by copper phthalocyanine coating
Z. Łukasiak, P. Płóciennik, A. Zawadzka, A. Korcala, K. Bartkiewicz

Tu.P.36 Pulsed laser deposition of  hafnium oxide on quartz substrate
P. Płóciennik, A. Zawadzka, Z. Łukasiak, K. Brodzińska, A. Korcala, K. Bartkiewicz

Tu.P.37 PVA-based gel polymer electrolytes doped with (CH3)4NI/KI for application in dye-sensitized solar cells
M.F. Aziz , I.M. Noor, M.H. Buraidah, M.A. Careem, A.K. Arof

Tu.P.38 Super-resolution microscopy by dielectric microcylinders
A. Darafsheh, Yangcheng Li, V.N. Astratov

Tu.P.39 Photonic jets produced by microspheres integrated with hollow-core fibers for ultraprecise laser surgery
K.W. Allen, A.F. Kosolapov, A.N. Kolyadin, A.D. Pryamikov, N. Mojaverian, N.I. Limberopoulos, V.N. Astratov

Tu.P.40 Comparison between microsphere-assisted and confocal microscopies
A. Darafsheh, N.I. Limberopoulos, J.S. Derov, D.E. Walker Jr., V.N. Astratov