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14th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


July 2 – 5, 2012, Coventry, England


Co-located with:

  • 11th European Symposium on Photonic Crystals (ESPC)
  • 11th Workshop on All-Optical Routing (WAOR)
  • 9th Global Optical & Wireless Networking Seminar (GOWN)
  • 8th Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks Workshop (RONEXT)
  • 8th Photonic Integrated Components & Applications Workshop (PICAW)
  • 7th Nanophotonics for All-Optical Networking Workshop (NAON)
  • 7th Special Session on Photonic Atoms & Molecules (PAM – former MPM)
  • 7th Special Industrial Session
  • 6th Special Session on Novel Glasses for photonic devices
  • 5th Special Session on Market in Telecommunications (MARS)
  • 4th ACCORDANCE Workshop on Broadband Access
  • 3rd Workshop on Communication in Transportation Systems (CTS)
  • 2nd Workshop on Green Optical Communications (GOC)
  • 2nd Special Session on Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design (ISOND)
  • 2nd Special Session on Microwave Photonics (MP)
  • Sub-Wavelength Photonics Workshop (SWP)
  • EU FP7 Project SOFI Special Session on Silicon Photonics Based Components
  • EU FP7 Project NAVOLCHI Special Section on Plasmonics Based Components
  • Optical Wireless Workshop (OWW)
  • Tutorial on "Optical Interconnects for Future Data Center Networks"
  • Tutorial on "Optical OFDM"


Plenary Chair: Polina Bayvel

Mo.A.1 Clear sighted transparency (Invited)
P. Cochrane

Mo.A.2 Nonlinear and magnetooptic light control in photonic metamaterial waveguides and superfocusing (Invited)
A.D. Boardman, R. Mitchell-Thomas, Y. Rapoport

Mo.A.3 Impact of intersubband dispersive gain in semiconductor quantum optics (Invited)
M.F. Pereira

Chair: Emmanouel Varvarigos

Mo.B1.1 Capacity of dispersion-non-compensated nonlinear fibre channels (Invited)
S.K. Turitsyn, M. Sorokina, S. Derevyanko

Mo.B1.2 Requirements on transmission fibre infrastructure suitable for high power amplifiers (Invited)
A. Ehrhardt, L. Schürer, T. Rösler, W. Krönert, D. Schnupp

Mo.B1.3 Optimization of extreme optical links for network upgrades (Invited)
N.B. Pavlović, R. Nogueira

Mo.B1.4 Beyond wavelength-selective channel switches: Trends in support of flexible/elastic optical networks (Invited)
D.M. Marom, D. Sinefeld

Mo.B1.5 Quality metrics for optical signals: Eye diagram, Q factor, OSNR, EVM and BER (Invited)
W. Freude, R. Schmogrow, B. Nebendahl, M. Winter, A. Josten, D. Hillerkuss, S. Koenig, J. Meyer, M. Dreschmann, M. Huebner, C. Koos, J. Becker, J. Leuthold

Chair: Paul Ghobril

Mo.C1.1 A survey of recent developments on flexible/elastic optical networking (Invited)
I. Tomkos, E. Palkopoulou, M. Angelou

Mo.C1.2 Role of electronics and optics in creating future transport networks (Invited)
Ken-ichi Sato

Mo.C1.3 Spectral-spatial concept of hierarchical and elastic optical networking (Invited)
M. Cvijetic, I.B. Djordjevic, N. Cvijetic

Mo.C1.4 Digital Subcarrier Optical Networks (DSONs) (Invited)
W. Huang, M. Razo, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli, R. Hui

Mo.C1.5 Dual-time-scale simulation of dynamics and reconfiguration of fiber optical networks (Invited)
N. Karelin, S. Mingaleev, K.G. Kuzmin, A. Richter, I. Koltchanov, H. Louchet

Mo.C1.6 Nonlinear transmission performance of digital Nyquist WDM and optical OFDM (Invited)
P. Bayvel, S. Kilmurray, R.I. Killey

Mo.C1.7 The optical fibre Internet:  Where next? (Invited)
D.N. Payne

Chair: Ioannis Tomkos

Tu.A1.1 Optical node architectures for elastic networks: From static to architecture on demand (Invited)
N. Amaya, G.S. Zervas, D. Simeonidou

Tu.A1.2 Rearrangement: From wavelength routed to sliced-spectrum optical networks (Invited)
P. Ghobril, C. Zaiter, E. Le Rouzic

Tu.A1.3 Dynamic flexible grid optical networks: A traffic perspective (Invited)
C. Raffaelli, M. Savi

Tu.A1.4 Benefits of sub-band virtual concatenation (VCAT) in CO-OFDM optical networks (Invited)
Gangxiang Shen, Anliang Cai, Limei Peng

Tu.A1.5 Research trends on ICT convergence from the CaON cluster (Invited)
S. Figuerola, D. Simeonidou, J.F. Palacios, A. Di Giglio, N. Ciulli, J.A. Garcia, R. Nejabati, X. Masip, R. Muñoz, G. Landi, M. Yannuzzi, R. Casellas

Chair: Milorad Cvijetic

Tu.B1.1 Static and dynamic spectrum allocation in flexi-grid optical networks (Invited)
K. Christodoulopoulos, E. Varvarigos

Tu.B1.2 Software-defined optical OFDM transmission systems: Enabling elasticity in the data plane (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fàbrega, L. Nadal, F.J. Vílchez

Tu.B1.3 Implementation and validation aspects of network resource provisioning module for the future Internet IIP initiative (Invited)
J. Gozdecki, M. Kantor, K. Wajda, W. Molisz, J. Rak

Tu.B1.4 Virtual network embedding in optical infrastructures (Invited)
A. Pagès, J. Perelló, S. Spadaro

Tu.B1.5 Dynamic setup of multi-granular services over next-generation OTN/DWDM networks: Blocking versus add/drop port usage (Invited)
J. Pedro, J. Santos, R.M. Morais

Chair: Milorad Cvijetic

Tu.C1.1 Optical quantization for 6bit photonic A/D conversion (Invited)
T. Konishi, K. Takahashi, H. Matsui, T. Satoh

Tu.C1.2 Sub-banding DSP for flexible optical transceivers (Invited)
M. Nazarathy, A. Tolmachev, S. Ben-Ezra

Tu.C1.3 Flexible optical receivers (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, F.P. Guiomar

Tu.C1.4 Phase noise performance of the multilevel interferometric direct detection receivers (Invited)
K.G. Kuzmin, N. Karelin, A. Richter, I. Koltchanov, H. Louchet

Tu.C1.5 Digital subcarrier cross-connects (DSXCs) (Invited)
Rongqing Hui, Yuanyuan Zhang, M. Hameed, Wanjun Huang, M. Razo, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli

Chair: Michela Svaluto Moreolo

Tu.D1.1 Optimized PLI-aware virtual optical network composition (Invited)
S. Peng, R. Nejabati, E. Escalona, D. Simeonidou, A. Tzanakaki, M. Anastasopoulos, K. Georgakilas

Tu.D1.2 Multi-core, multi-band and multi-dimensional cognitive optical network: An architecture on demand approach (Invited)
G. Zervas, K. Banias, B. Rahimzadeh Rofoee, N. Amaya, D. Simeonidou

Tu.D1.3 A control plane framework for future cognitive heterogeneous optical networks (Invited)
D. Siracusa, E. Salvadori, A. Francescon, A. Zanardi, M. Angelou, D. Klonidis, I. Tomkos, R.J. Durán, I. de Miguel

Tu.D1.4 Optical code-based filtering architecture for providing access control to all-optical networks (Invited)
N. Boudriga, M. Sliti, W. Abdallah

Tu.D1.5 Contribution to the theory of A1 numbers (Invited)
M. Nikolova Georgieva-Grosse, G. Nikolov Georgiev

Chair: Elias Giacoumidis

We.A1.1 Coherent optical OFDM systems based on the fractional Fourier transform (Invited)
G. Cincotti

We.A1.2 Stabilization of self-coherent OFDM with injection locked laser (Invited)
S. Adhikari, W. Rosenkranz, S. Sygletos, A.D. Ellis, B. Inan, S.L. Jansen

We.A1.3 Comparison of OFDM and frequency domain equalization for dispersive optical channels with direct detection (Invited)
M. Wolf, M. Haardt

We.A1.4 Applications of optical code based technology for access and secure optical communication (Invited)
Xu Wang

We.A1.5 Computational photonics from the bottom up (Invited)
A. Quandt

We.A1.6 Experimental evaluation of a polarization tracking algorithm for single-polarization M-(D)PSK signals using coherent detection
P.S. Costa, M.V. Drummond, R.S. Ribeiro, C. Oliveira, N. Ribeiro, R. Nogueira, P.P. Monteiro

Chair: Gabriella Cincotti

We.B1.1 Optimum signal constellation design for ultra-high-speed optical transport networks (Invited)
I.B. Djordjevic, Tao Liu, M. Cvijetic

We.B1.2 100Gb/s coherent optical polarization multiplexed MultiBand-OFDM (MB-OFDM) transmission for long-haul applications (Invited)
E. Giacoumidis, C. Gosset, E. Awwad, Y. Jaouën, J. Karaki, E. Pincemin, R. Le Bidan

We.B1.3 All-optical OFDM and distributed Raman amplification: Challenges to enable high capacities and extended reach (Invited)
F.C. Garcia Gunning, P. Frascella, C. Antony, S.J. Fabbri, D. Rafique, S. Sygletos, P. Gunning, D. Reidy, W. McAuliffe, D. Cassidy, A.D. Ellis

We.B1.4 Multi-wavelength regeneration of phase encoded signals based on phase sensitive amplifiers (Invited)
S. Sygletos, P. Frascella, F.C. Garcia Gunning, A.D. Ellis

We.B1.5 Clipping and quantization noise mitigation in intensity-modulated direct detection O-OFDM systems based on the FHT
L. Nadal, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fàbrega, G. Junyent

Chair: Rogério Nogueira

We.C1.1 Passive mode-locking of a 10 W double-clad fiber laser (Invited)
F. Amrani, A. Niang, M. Salhi, A. Komarov, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

We.C1.2 Optical fibers doped by semiconductor quantum dots: Avenue for new fiber laser sources (Invited)
A. Bhardwaj, A. Hreibi, W.W. Yu, C. Liu, J. Heo, J.-L. Auguste, J M. Blondy, F. Gérôme

We.C1.3 Channelling of a microwave discharge by a plasma filament created in atmospheric air by an intense femtosecond laser pulse (Invited)
A.I. Smirnov, A.N. Stepanov

We.C1.4 Higher-order modulation instability in fiber optics (Invited)
M. Erkintalo, K. Hammani, B. Kibler, C. Finot, N. Akhmediev, J.M. Dudley, G. Genty

We.C1.5 Tunable polarization maintaining fibre lasers (Invited)
E. Beres-Pawlik

We.C1.6 New fiber laser architecture with transform-limited nonlinear spectral compression
S. Boscolo, S.K. Turitsyn. C. Finot

Chair: Tsuyoshi Konishi

We.D1.1 Nonlinearly generated advanced pulse waveforms for optical signal processing (Invited)
S. Boscolo, C. Finot

We.D1.2 Nonlinear sculpturing of optical spectra (Invited)
P. Petropoulos, Xin Yang

We.D1.3 Cognitive power management in 100G optical transponders (Invited)
V.N. Rozental, G. Bruno, G. Lombardi, R. Grosso, D.A.A. Mello

We.D1.4 Dynamic effects of EDFA spectral hole burning in optical burst switching systems (Invited)
E. Bravi, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, R. Giller, R. Oberland, M. Todd, D. McDonald

We.D1.5 Designing reliable photonic systems with renewable energy source (Invited)
R. Chandy

We.D1.6 All-optical multi-wavelength auto-controlled synchronizer: Design and performances analysis
S. Batti, N. Boudriga, M. Zghal

Chair: Armin Ehrhardt

Th.A1.1 Advanced schemes for optical datacommunications (Invited)
J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

Th.A1.2 Comparison of several pulse position modulation schemes when operating over plastic optical fibre (Invited)
M. Sibley

Th.A1.3 Mode group multiplexing over graded-index multimode fiber (Invited)
B. Franz, H. Bülow

Th.A1.4 Equalizer complexity of mode-division multiplexed coherent receivers (Invited)
B. Inan, N. Hanik, B. Spinnler, S.L. Jansen, D. van den Borne, F. Ferreira, A. Lobato, S. Adhikari, V.A.J.M. Sleiffer

Th.A1.5 Semi-analytical model for linear modal coupling in few-mode fiber transmission
F. Ferreira, P. Monteiro, H. Silva

Th.A1.6 Polarization-dependent gain in Raman amplification based all-optical polarization control schemes
N.J. Muga, M.F. Ferreira, A.N. Pinto

Th.A1.7 Influence of group-velocity dispersion on multilevel phase-preserving amplitude regeneration in a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror
T. Roethlingshoefer, D. Toth, G. Onishchukov, B. Schmauss, G. Leuchs

Chair: Mirosław Klinkowski

Mo.B2.1 Experimental assessment of low latency and large port count OPS for data center network interconnect (Invited)
N. Calabretta, Jun Luo, S. Di Lucente, H. Dorren

Mo.B2.2 Optical packet switching and buffering using low polarization dependent optical switches (Invited)
S. Shinada, H. Furukawa, N. Wada

Mo.B2.3 Packet compression of complex modulation formats based on coherent optical superposition (Invited)
F. Parmigiani, J. Kakande, L. Jones, P. Petráčekopoulos, D.J. Richardson

Mo.B2.4 EDFA transient suppression in optical burst switching systems (Invited)
A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, R. Oberland, E. Bravi, R. Giller, E. Connolly, E.K. MacHale, M. Todd, G. Talli, D. McDonald, A. Surpin, O. Aharoni, U. Ghera

Mo.B2.5 Performance evaluation for 2R burst mode optical regenerator cascades in presence of co-channel phase uncorrelated crosstalk
P.N. Desai, A.J. Phillips, S. Sujecki

Mo.B2.6 Impact of the DPSK-OCDM modulation system on optical packet switching performance (talk cancelled)
V. Eramo, M. Listanti, A. Cianfrani

Chair: Xavier Hesselbach

Mo.C2.1 PCE QoS tools and related scalability in WDM networks (Invited)
J. Sócrates Dantas, R. Melo Silveira, W.V. Ruggiero, D. Careglio, J. Solé-Pareta

Mo.C2.2 From GMPLS to PCE/GMPLS to OpenFlow: How much benefit can we get from the technical evolution of control plane in optical networks? (Invited)
Lei Liu, T. Tsuritani, I. Morita

Mo.C2.3 On the performance of flexgrid-based optical networks (Invited)
L. Velasco, M. Ruiz, A. Castro, O. Pedrola, D. Careglio, J. Comellas, M. Klinkowski

Mo.C2.4 Performance comparison of methods to solve the routing and spectrum allocation problem (Invited)
R.J. Durán, I. Rodríguez, N. Fernández, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, P. Fernández, J.C. Aguado, T. Jiménez, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abril

Mo.C2.5 On the effect of regenerator placement on spectrum usage in translucent elastic optical networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski

Chair: Moshe Zukerman

Tu.A2.1 Evaluation of IP-over-DWDM core network architectures with CD-ROADMs using IP protection in combination with optical restoration (Invited)
A. Autenrieth, M. Neugirg, J P. Elbers, M. Gunkel

Tu.A2.2 Path-based recovery in flexgrid optical networks (Invited)
A. Castro, M. Ruiz, L. Velasco, G. Junyent, J. Comellas

Tu.A2.3 Design and analysis of a framework to enhance optical network utilization resources by means of virtualization (Invited)
X. Hesselbach, N. Naumenko

Tu.A2.4 Collapsing protocol layers for transport networks (Invited)
A. Gumaste

Tu.A2.5 Experimental demonstration of OpenFlow/GMPLS interworking control plane for IP/DWDM multi-layer optical networks
Lei Liu, T. Tsuritani, I. Morita

Chair: Nicola Calabretta

Tu.B2.1 Efficiency of OBS networks (Invited)
Jianan Zhang, Meiqian Wang, Shuo Li, E.W.M. Wong, M. Zukerman

Tu.B2.2 Implementation of an OBS access node supporting multiple services (Invited)
V. Lopez, S. Lopez-Buedo, J. Aracil, G. Zervas, Yixuan Qin, D. Simeonidou, J. Fernandez-Palacios

Tu.B2.3 Towards a resource-aware scheduling framework for cost optimization in future media infrastructures deployed over optical networks (Invited)
O-D. Ntofon, D.K. Hunter, D. Simeonidou

Tu.B2.4 On the design of novel multicasting processes: Carrier Ethernet and WDM (Invited)
D. Siracusa, G. Maier, A. Valenti, F. Matera

Tu.B2.5 Dynamic optical burst grooming in OBS networks
W. Abdallah, N. Boudriga

Chair: Paolo Monti

Tu.C2.1 Flexible bandwidth and bit-rate programmability in future optical networks (Invited)
B. Teipen, H. Griesser, M.H. Eiselt

Tu.C2.2 Selecting the best locations for data centers in resilient optical grid/cloud dimensioning (Invited)
B. Jaumard, A. Shaikh, C. Develder

Tu.C2.3 A path protection algorithm based on OSNR for all-optical networks with wavelength sharing limitation (Invited)
R.C. Freitas, E.C.O. Santos, D.A.R. Chaves, H.A. Pereira, C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, J.F. Martins-Filho

Tu.C2.4 Coexistence of advance and immediate reservation in WDM networks: Some RWA strategies (Invited)
A. Muhammad, R. Forchheimer

Tu.C2.5 Availability analysis of optical cross-connect implemented by architecture on demand
M. Džanko, B. Mikac, N. Amaya-Gonzalez, G.S. Zervas, D. Simeonidou

Tu.C2.6 On the exponential assumption for the time-to-repair in optical network availability analysis
R.B.R. Lourenço, D.A.A. Mello

Chair: Antonio Teixeira

Tu.D2.1 National broadband networks: Enlightening the future of nations (Invited)
F. Jaffer, B.H.L. Lee

Tu.D2.2 Network architectures for CPRI backhauling (Invited)
A. Lometti, C. Colombo, S. Frigerio, V. Sestito

Tu.D2.3 On the cost-effective deployment of future data services over transport networks with a flexible DWDM grid (Invited)
A. Eira, J. Pedro, R.M. Morais, J. Pires

Tu.D2.4 Cost evaluation in optical networks: Node architecture and energy consumption (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, R.M. Morais, J. Pedro, P. Monteiro

Chair: Sofie Verbrugge

We.A2.1 Power optimization of optical wide area networks (Invited)
K.X. Lin, V.W.S. Chan

We.A2.2 Mobile backhaul in heterogeneous network deployments: Technology options and power consumption (Invited)
P. Monti, S. Tombaz, L. Wosinska, J. Zander

We.A2.3 Energy-aware virtual topology reconfiguration under dynamic traffic (Invited)
A. Yayimli, C. Cavdar

We.A2.4 Low-power colourless reflective components for energy-efficient optical networks (Invited)
C.P. Lai, A. Naughton, P. Ossieur, D.W. Smith, A. Borghesani, D.G. Moodie, G. Maxwell, P. Healey, N. Parsons, R. Jensen, P.D. Townsend

We.A2.5 Impact of end-user devices on power consumption of next generation broadband access network (Invited)
K. Borzycki

We.A2.6 Energy-aware routing optimization in dynamic GMPLS controlled optical networks
Jiayuan Wang, S. Ricciardi, A. Manolova Fagertun, S. Ruepp, D. Careglio, L. Dittmann

Chair: Caroline Lai

We.B2.1 Energy efficiency of hybrid optical switching (Invited)
S. Aleksić, M. Fiorani, M. Casoni

We.B2.2 Impact of unicast and multicast traffic on ONU energy savings (Invited)
L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi

We.B2.3 Impact of peers behavior on the energy efficiency of BitTorrent over optical networks (Invited)
A.Q. Lawey, T. El-Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.B2.4 Optically interconnected data center architecture for bandwidth intensive energy efficient networking (Invited)
H. Wang, K. Bergman

We.B2.5 Energy-efficient lightpaths for computational grids
D. Tafani, B. Kantarci, H.T. Mouftah, C. McArdle, L.P. Barry

We.B2.6 Energy-efficient realistic design and planning of optical backbone with multi-granular switching
N. Naas, B. Kantarci, H. Mouftah

Tutorial I

We.C2 The rise of optical interconnects in data centre networks (Invited)
C. Kachris, I. Tomkos

Tutorial II

We.D2 Optical OFDM (Invited)
J. Armstrong

Chair: Armando Nolasco Pinto

Th.A2.1 On the benefits of open access FTTH networks (Invited)
I. Tomkos

Th.A2.2 Application specific photonic integrated circuits for FlexPON: Progress of the EuroPIC project (Invited)
B. Huiszoon, M.M. de Laat, R.L. Duijn, G.N. van den Hoven, K. Lawniczuk, X.J.M. Leijtens, R.G. Broeke

Th.A2.3 Economic considerations for the electronic control of next generation multi-channel optical transceivers for the access network (Invited)
R.M. Dorward, P.A. Callan

Th.A2.4 Business models and their costs for next generation access optical networks (Invited)
S. Verbrugge, K. Casier, C. Mas Machuca

Th.A2.5 Socio-economic effects of FTTH/FTTx in Sweden (Invited)
M. Forzati, C. Mattsson

Th.A2.6 TCP performance in an optical link applying lightpath bundling and anycast switching techniques (Invited)
P. Pavon-Marino, J L. Izquierdo Zaragoza

Chair: Marco Forzati

Mo.B3.1 How much of the bandwidth do we actually use? An investigation of residential access traffic load (Invited)
A. Aurelius, Å. Arvidsson, P. Heegard, B. Villa, M. Kihl, Yichi Zhang

Mo.B3.2 Multi-layer network optimization: Benefits of elastic optical networks (Invited)
A. Klekamp

Mo.B3.3 Drop-link monitoring in passive optical networks (Invited)
P.J. Urban

Mo.B3.4 Extending impairment-aware control plane solutions toward cognitive optical networks (Invited)
Y. Ye, A. Francescon, E. Salvadori, M. Angelou, I. Tomkos, I. de Miguel, R.J. Duran, J.C. Aguado

Mo.B3.5 ESSenTIAL: EPIXfab Services specifically targeting (SME) Industrial Takeup of Advanced silicon photonics (Invited)
J. Pozo, P. Kumar, D.M.R. Lo Cascio, A. Khanna, P. Dumon, D. Delbeke, R. Baets, M. Fournier, J M. Fedeli, L. Fulbert, L. Zimmermann, B. Tillack, H. Tian, T. Aalto, P. O’Brien, D. Deptuck, J. Xu, X. Zhang, D. Gale

Mo.B3.6 Brillouin fiber ring laser based in-band OSNR monitoring method for transparent optical networks (Invited)
D. Dahan, U. Mahlab, Y. Shachaf, Y. Ben Ezra

Chair: Carmo Medeiros

Mo.C3.1 Cost and energy efficient multi-standard OFDM integrated optical access and in-building network architecture (Invited)
R. Llorente, M. Beltran, M. Morant, E. Pellicer

Mo.C3.2 A new 60 GHz photonic radio-over-fiber scheme for multiband OFDM wireless systems (Invited)
Wen-Piao Lin, Yu-Fang Hsu

Mo.C3.3 Performance analysis of an OFDM transmission system with directly modulated lasers for wireless backhauling (Invited)
A.K. Mishra, Z. Wang, H. Klein, R. Bonk, S. Koenig, D. Karnick, R. Schmogrow, D. Hillerkuss, M. Moehrle, T. Pfeiffer, C. Koos, J. Leuthold, W. Freude

Mo.C3.4 Experimental performance analysis of MB-OFDM ultra-wideband radio-over-fiber signals in the 60-GHz band using a commercially-available DFB laser
O. Omomukuyo, M. P. Thakur, J.E. Mitchell

Mo.C3.5 Performance comparison of hybrid 1-D WDM/OCDMA and 2-D OCDMA towards future access network migration scenario
L. Galdino, T.R. Raddo, A.L. Sanches,  L.H. Bonani, E. Moschim

Access I
Chair: Josep Prat

Tu.A3.1 What is left in fiber access bandwidth? (Invited)
A.L.J. Teixeira

Tu.A3.2 Analysis on FTTx deployment and technology in Asia-Pacific and perspective through lessons learned (Invited)
S. Hanatani

Tu.A3.3 Technologies for next generation optical access (Invited)
E. Weis, D. Breuer

Tu.A3.4 Planning and designing FTTH networks: Elements, tools and practical issues (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

Tu.A3.5 Security issues due to reflection in PON physical medium
C. Mendonça, M. Lima, A. Teixeira

Access II
Chair: Josep Segarra

Tu.B3.1 Green, elastic coherent IFDMA-PON for next-generation access network (Invited)
Ken-ichi Kitayama, Y. Yopshida, A. Maruta

Tu.B3.2 OFDMA based PONs with reduced hardware requirements through advanced signal processing (Invited)
C. Ruprecht, W. Rosenkranz

Tu.B3.3 An OFDMA-PON with non-preselected independent ONU sources and centralized feedback wavelength control: Dimensioning and experimental results (Invited)
I. Cano, M.C. Santos, X. Escayola, V. Polo, J. Prat, E. Giacoumidis, C. Kachris, I. Tomkos

Tu.B3.4 Linearization techniques of electro-optical converters for multi-format OFDM-based PONs (Invited)
A. Cartaxo, T. Alves, F. Carvalho, J. Morgado

Tu.B3.5 Upstream performance improvement of low cost 10Gb/s ONUs with centralized OLT equalizer and FEC
I. Cano, S. Porto, A. Naughton, P. Ossieur, P.D. Townsend, J.A. Lázaro, J. Prat

Tu.B3.6 Symmetric 10Gb/s transmission with IM-IM remodulation in extended WDM PONs
N.B. Pavlović, A. Teixeira

Access III
Chair: Ken-ichi Kitayama

Tu.C3.1 MAC protocol requirements for OFDMA-PONs (Invited)
Wansu Lim, M. Milosavljevic, A. Gliwan, P. Kourtessis, J.M. Senior

Tu.C3.2 QoS mapping for LTE backhauling over OFDMA-PONs (Invited)
Wansu Lim, M. Milosavljevic, P. Kourtessis, J.M. Senior

Tu.C3.3 Wavelength switched hybrid TDMA/WDM (TWDM) PON: A flexible next-generation optical access solution (Invited)
A. Dixit, B. Lannoo, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.C3.4 Efficient resource management via dynamic bandwidth sharing in a WDM-PON ring-based architecture (Invited)
K. Ramantas, K. Vlachos, G. Ellinas, A. Hadjiantonis

Tu.C3.5 On wavelength blocking for XG-PON coexistence with GPON and WDM-PON networks (Invited)
J. Müllerová, D. Korček, M. Dado

Chair: Otto Strobel

Tu.D3.1 Networks in automotive systems: The potential for optical wireless integration (Invited)
R.J. Green, Z. Rihawi, Z.A. Mutalip, M.S. Leeson, M.D. Higgins

Tu.D3.2 FlexRay™ electrical physical layer: Theory, components and examples (Invited)
J. Minuth

Tu.D3.3 Mobile radio network development problems (Invited)
A. Bogdanov, V. Shevtsov

Tu.D3.4 Physical phenomena affecting VANETs: Open issues in network simulations (Invited)
R.M. Scopigno

Tu.D3.5 Design and prototyping of electric vehicles in Tunisia (Invited)
R. Rejeb

Chair: Kira Kastell

We.A3.1 Novel mobility models and localization techniques to enhance location-based services in transportation systems (Invited)
K.A. Kastell

We.A3.2 On the role of wireless sensor networks in intelligent transportation systems (Invited)
F. Losilla, A-J. Garcia-Sanchez, F. Garcia-Sanchez, J. Garcia-Haro

We.A3.3 Challenges in the integration of plastic optical fibre technology in aircrafts (Invited)
M.A. Losada, J. Mateo, A. Lopez, N. Antoniades, D. Richards

We.A3.4 A fast and robust super-resolved binarization algorithm for license plate recognition (Invited)
F. Bouchara, T. Lelore

We.A3.5 Availability improvement of ship’s optical communication network
I. Jurdana, B. Mikac, V. Tomas

Chair: Nicola Calabretta

We.B3.1 Artificial bee colony model for survivable DWDM optical networks design (Invited)
A. Rashedi, Y.S. Kavian, A. Mahani

We.B3.2 Generating near-optimal survivable topologies (Invited)
R.M. Morais, P. Monteiro, A. N. Pinto

We.B3.3 Intelligent optical network traffic monitor design (Invited)
Y-K.T. Mo, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

We.B3.4 FPGA based controller for large port count optical packet switches (Invited)
N. Calabretta, A. Osers, Jun Luo, H. Dorren

We.B3.5 A multi-objective approach to design all-optical and translucent optical networks considering CapEx and QoT (Invited)
D.A.R. Chaves, E.A. Barboza, C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, J.F. Martins-Filho

We.B3.6 A regional optical transport network testbed in Eastern China: Design and performance study (Invited)
Weiqiang Sun, Xiaosheng Zuo, Yaohui Jin, Wei Guo, Weisheng Hu, Xiaoyuan Lu

Chair: Henrique Salgado

We.C3.1 Convergent radio and fibre access architectures using low-energy systems (Invited)
C. Bock, S. Figuerola, M. Parker, T. Quinlan, S. Walker

We.C3.2 The Über-FiWi Network: QoS guarantees for triple-play and future smart grid applications (Invited)
M. Lévesque, M. Maier

We.C3.3 Comparative study of the performance of CATV channels over DWDM network using direct and external modulator (Invited)
M. Niknamfar, R. Barnes, M. Shadaram

We.C3.4 Neural network based adaptive predistortion for radio over fiber links
A. Awoye, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

We.C3.5 Energy-efficient DBA and QoS assurance in “long-reach” FiWi networks (Invited)
B. Kantarci, N. Naas, H.T. Mouftah

Access IV
Chair: Jarmila Müllerová

We.D3.1 Demonstration and analyses of a hybrid multiplexing scheme for scaling-up the "last mile" (Invited)
I. Glesk, T.B. Osadola, S.K. Idris, K. Sasaki, G.C. Gupta

We.D3.2 Multi-carrier transmitter for future access networks (Invited)
Tam Huynh, Rui Zhou, S. Latkowski, F. Smyth, Li. Barry, P. Anandarajah

We.D3.3 WDM overlay of distributed base stations in deployed passive optical networks using coherent optical OFDM transceivers
J.M. Fàbrega, M. Svaluto Moreolo, M. Chochol, G. Junyent

We.D3.4 Quantitative comparison of low-cost OFDMA-PON transceiver implementations
E. Giacoumidis, A. Kavatzikidis, N. P. Diamantopoulos, S. Mikroulis, I. Tomkos

We.D3.5 Network dimensioning for a TDM-PON deployment single-fibre single-wavelength-reuse based on reflective ONUs
E.T. López, V. Polo, J.A. Lázaro, J. Prat

We.D3.6 D8PSK/OOK bidirectional transmission over a TDM-PON
N. Sotiropoulos, T. Koonen, H. de Waardt

Chair: Arvind Mishra

Th.A3.1 High-speed frequency control for optical data transmission and radio-on-fiber systems (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, A. Kanno, K. Inagaki

Th.A3.2 Radio-over-fiber (ROF) links based on reflective electro-absorption modulator (REAM) (Invited)
Y. Ben-Ezra, D. Brodeski, B.I. Lembrikov

Th.A3.3 Transmission limitations of WiMax over fiber transmission employing optical up-conversion schemes (Invited)
M.C.R. Medeiros, M.P. Thakur, P. Laurêncio, J.E. Mitchell

Th.A3.4 Experimental and theoretical performance assessment of WiFi-over-Fiber using low cost directly modulated VCSELs (Invited)
D. Coelho, J.M.B. Oliveira, L.M. Pessoa, J.C.S. Castro, H.M. Salgado

Chair: Liam Barry

Mo.B4.1 Recent progress in polarization bistable VCSELs (Invited)
H. Kawaguchi

Mo.B4.2 InP-based 1.3 μm and 1.55 μm short-cavity VCSELs suitable for telecom- and datacom-applications (Invited)
M. Müller, C. Grasse, M.C. Amann

Mo.B4.3 Progress on the analysis of polarised optical injection in 1550nm-VCSELs (Invited)
A. Hurtado, K. Schires, R. Al Seyab, N. Khan, I.D. Henning, M.J. Adams

Mo.B4.4 AlOx/GaAs high contrast grating mirrors for mid-infrared VCSELs (Invited)
Y. Laaroussi, O. Gauthier-Lafaye, L. Bouscayrol, C. Fontaine, G. Almuneau, L. Cerutti, T. Taliercio, C. Chevallier, F. Genty, N. Fressengeas

Mo.B4.5 Short pulse transmission characteristics in multi-contact SOA (Invited)
K. Carney, R. Watts, S. Philippe, P. Landais, R. Lennox, L. Bradley

Chair: Ramon Herrero

Mo.C4.1 Low-energy-consumption hybrid lasers for silicon photonics (Invited)
Il-Sug Chung, Qijiang Ran, J. Mørk

Mo.C4.2 Low linewidth lasers for enabling high capacity optical communication systems (Invited)
T.N. Huynh, J. O'Carroll, F. Smyth, K. Shi, L Nguyen, P. Anandarajah, R. Phelan, B. Kelly, L.P. Barry

Mo.C4.3 Dynamics of semiconductor lasers under fast intracavity frequency sweeping (Invited)
E.A. Avrutin, L.Z. Zhang

Mo.C4.4 Characteristic switching-on and passive mode-locking times in a quantum-dash Fabry-Pérot laser diode (Invited)
R. Maldonado-Basilio, J. Parra-Cetina, P. Landais, S. Latkowski, N. Calabretta

Mo.C4.5 High reflectivity small aperture resonant grating filters for laser diode spectral stabilisation (Invited)
X. Buet, A. Monmayrant, E. Daran, D. Belharet, F. Lozes-Dupuy, O. Gauthier-Lafaye

Mo.C4.6 Re-growth free single mode lasers based on slots suitable for photonic integration (Invited)
Qiaoyin Lu, Weihua Guo, A. Abdullaev, M. Nawrocka, J. O'Callaghan, M. Lynch, V. Weldon, J.F. Donegan

Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Tu.A4.1 Optical injection influence on quantum dot-in-a-well (QDWELL) laser dynamics (Invited)
B.I. Lembrikov, Y. Ben-Ezra

Tu.A4.2 Quantum-dot based distributed feedback lasers and electro-absorption modulators for datacom applications (Invited)
D. Bimberg, M. Stubenrauch, G. Stracke, H. Schmeckebier, D. Arsenijević

Tu.A4.3 Graphene-enabled hybrid architectures for multiprocessors: Bridging nanophotonics and nanoscale wireless communication (Invited)
S. Abadal, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, J.A. Lázaro, E. Alarcón, J. Solé-Pareta

Tu.A4.4 Ultra-high-speed optical signal processing of serial data signals (Invited)
A.T. Clausen, H.C. Hansen Mulvad, E. Palushani, M. Galili, H. Hu, H. Ji, J. Xu, J. Laguardia Areal, P. Jeppesen, L.K. Oxenløwe

Tu.A4.5 Spatial noise reduction in broad area semiconductors (Invited)
R. Herrero, M. Botey, N.P. Kumar, K. Staliunas

Glasses I
Chair: Reinhard Caspary

Tu.B4.1 Investigation of the Faraday effect in tellurite glass optical fibre (Invited)
Y. Shiyu, J. Lousteau, M. Olivero, M. Merlo, N.G. Boetti, D. Milanese, Q. Chen, F. Pirri, M. Ferraris, S. Abrate

Tu.B4.2 Dispersion tailoring in chalcogenide slot waveguides, slot arrays and bandgap structures (Invited)
E.A. Romanova, A. Konyukhov, Y. Kuzutkina, A. Melnikov

Tu.B4.3 Modelling of chalcogenide glass fibre lasers for MIR generation (Invited)
S. Sujecki, L. Sojka, Z. Tang, T.M. Benson, A.B. Seddon, E. Barney, D. Furniss, E. Beres-Pawlik

Tu.B4.4 Optical properties of metallophthalocyanine compounds thin films (Invited)
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, J. Strzelecki, Z. Łukasiak, A. Korcala, K. Bartkiewicz, M. Pranaitis, B. Sahraoui

Tu.B4.5 Azochromophore isomerization dynamics: From monomers to polymers (Invited)
G. Seniutinas, T. Malinauskas, R. Tomašiūnas, R. Petruškevičius, I. Petrikytė, V. Getautis

Glasses II
Chair: Sławomir Sujecki

Tu.C4.1 Raman gain in a niobiosilicate glasses (Invited)
L. Sirleto, P. Pernice, A. Vergara, A. Aronne, E. Fanelli, G.C. Righini

Tu.C4.2 Polymer optical fiber amplifiers (Invited)
R. Caspary, S. Schütz, S. Möhl, A. Cichosch, H H. Johannes, W. Kowalsky

Tu.C4.3 Biomimetically reinforced transparent nanostructures fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (Invited)
T.T. Fernandez, Zhanxiang Zhao, G. Jose, M. Pasha, M. Irannejad, P. Steenson, A. Jha

Tu.C4.4 Femtosecond laser direct-written microstructured waveguides in passive as well as in novel active glasses (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, S. Gross, M. Alberich, D. Lancaster, H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, T. Monro, M. Withford

Tu.C4.5 Thermal regimes in optical glass modification by the ultra-short laser pulses
A. Konyukhov, A. Melnikov, E. Romanova, A. Mouskeftaras, S. Guizard

Chair: Eszter Udvary

Tu.D4.1 Recent implementations of fiber and integrated tunable microwave photonics filters (Invited)
J. Sancho, J. Lloret, S. Sales, J. Capmany, N. Primerov, L. Thévenaz

Tu.D4.2 Analog filtered links: An unifying approach for microwave photonic systems (Invited)
I. Gasulla, J. Capmany

Tu.D4.3 Optical transmission of OFDM m-QAM RF signals: Comparison of direct and external modulations (Invited)
T. Cseh, T. Berceli, E. Udvary, G. Fekete

Tu.D4.4 Numerical analysis of operation of metallic electrodes in Fabry-Perot electro-optical modulator of microwave-photonic receiver
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.K. Aharonyan, M.  Marciniak

Tu.D4.5 Microwave characterisation of optically illuminated silicon
C.D. Gamlath, D. Benton, M.J. Cryan

Chair: Roger Green

We.A4.1 High data rate optical wireless communications: Where next? (Invited)
D. O'Brien

We.A4.2 Effects of aperture averaging and beam width on Gaussian free space optical links in the presence of atmospheric turbulence and pointing error (Invited)
It Ee Lee, Z. Ghassemlooy, Wai Pang Ng

We.A4.3 Analysis of the influence of the particle surface area (PSA) for optical wireless links under fog conditions (Invited)
E. Leitgeb, M. S. Khan, M. Löschnigg

We.A4.4 The effect of defocus blur on a spatial OFDM optical wireless communication system
M. Rubaiyat, H. Mondal, J. Armstrong

We.A4.5 DPPM FSO communication systems impaired by turbulence, pointing error and ASE noise
A.O. Aladeloba, A.J. Phillips, M.S. Woolfson

Chair: Jean Armstrong

We.B4.1 Single-channel wireless transmission at 806 Mbit/s using a white-light LED and a PIN-based receiver(Invited)
C. Kottke, K. Habel, L. Grobe, J. Hilt, L. Fernandez del Rosal, A. Paraskevopoulos, K D. Langer

We.B4.2 High-speed GaN micro-led arrays for data communications (Invited)
A.E. Kelly, J.J.D. McKendry, S. Zhang, D. Massoubre, B.R. Rae, R.P. Green, R.K. Henderson, M.D. Dawson

We.B4.3 Pulsed mode red VCSEL for high speed VLC communication (Invited)
G. Fehér, E. Udvary, C. Fűzy, T. Cseh, T. Berceli

We.B4.4 Mobile optical wireless system using fast beam angle, delay and power adaptation with angle diversity receivers
M.A. Alhartomi,  F.E. Alsaadi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.B4.5 High-speed wireless infrared links with an adaptive multibeam clustering method and angle diversity detection
M.T. Alresheedi,  J.M.H Elmirghani


OWW III Chair: Erich Leitgeb

We.C4.1 Load analysis with gain enhancement for the photoparametric amplifier (Invited)
H.A. Alhagagi, R.J. Green

We.C4.2 Performance analysis of noise cancellation in a diversity combined ACO-OFDM system (Invited)
S.D. Dissanayake, J. Armstrong, S. Hranilovic

We.C4.3 Visible light technology: A plethora for mobile communications (Invited)
A. Vijay, R.J. Green

We.C4.4 An analysis of intra-vehicle optical wireless communications from a passenger perspective
M. D. Higgins, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

We.C4.5 Energy conscious adaptive security scheme for optical wireless
C. Taramonli, R.J. Green, M.S. Leeson

Chair: Krzysztof Borzycki

We.D4.1 Scaling photonic packet switches (Invited)
H.J.S. Dorren, S. Di Lucente, J. Luo, N. Calabretta

We.D4.2 Wavefront and polarization effects in actively tunable thin-film resonators for beam alignment in optical interconnects (Invited)
P. Metz, M. C. Krantz, S. Suhr, M. Gerken

We.D4.3 Optical I/O couplers for WDM optical-interconnect system in package (Invited)
S. Ura, J. Inoue, Y. Awatsuji, K. Kintaka

We.D4.4 Photonic interconnects for chip multiprocessing architectures (Invited)
G. Calò, V. Petruzzelli

We.D4.5 Coupled waveguides with MEMS actuation for continuously tunable optical buffering (Invited)
P. Horak, W. Stewart, Wei H. Loh

We.D4.6 Polymer waveguide-based backplanes for board-level optical interconnects (Invited)
N. Bamiedakis, A. Hashim, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

Chair: Peter Horak

Th.A4.1 Integrated optical pulse shaping devices for mode-locked lasers in the 1.5 μm region (Invited)
E.A.J.M. Bente, M.S. Tahvili, X.J.M. Leijtens, M.J. Wale, M.K. Smit

Th.A4.2 Medium and large scale Mach-Zehnder modulator ICs on InP for fabrication of advanced transmitters (Invited)
R. Kaiser, K.O. Velthaus, T. Brast, M. Gruner, M. Hamacher, D. Hoffmann, M. Schell

Th.A4.3 Silicon carrier-depletion-based Mach-Zehnder and ring modulators with different doping patterns for telecommunication and optical interconnect (Invited)
Hui Yu, M. Pantouvaki, J. Van Campenhout, K. Komorowska, P. Dumon, P. Verheyen, G. Lepage, P. Absil, D. Korn, D. Hillerkuss, J. Leuthold, R. Baets, W. Bogaerts

Th.A4.4 Wafer bonding techniques for hybrid silicon photonic devices based on surface modifications (Invited)
V. Artel, T. Ilovitsh, I. Bakish, M. Shubely, E. Shekel, Y. Ben-Ezra, C.N. Sukenik, A. Zadok

Th.A4.5 Numerical and experimental investigation of an optical high-Q spiral resonator gyroscope
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell'Olio, C.E. Campanella, M.N. Armenise

Th.A4.6 Building block based design of photonic integrated circuits for generic photonic foundries
D. Melati, F. Morichetti, F.M. Soares, A. Melloni

Th.A4.7 3D interferometric integrated passive scheme for all optical transform
G. Parca, P. Teixeira, A. Teixeira

SWP I Plasmonics
Chair: Rafał Kotyński

Mo.B5.1 Exciton-plasmon coupling: Good or bad? (Invited)
A.M. Kern, Dai Zhang, A.J. Meixner

Mo.B5.2 Improving plasmonic waveguides coupling efficiency using nanoantennas (Invited)
A. Andryieuski, R. Malureanu, J S. Bouillard, A.V. Zayats, A.V. Lavrinenko

Mo.B5.3 Large energy transfer distance to a plane of gold nanoparticles (Invited)
Xia Zhang, V.A. Gerard, Y.K. Gun'ko, A.L. Bradley, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A.S. Susha, A.L. Rogach

Mo.B5.4 Tailored and tapered metallic gratings for enhanced absorption or transmission (Invited)
Honghui Shen, A. Abass, M. Burgelman, B. Maes

Mo.B5.5 Photonic tunability in VO2 based nano-structures (Invited)
M. Maaza, D. Hamidi, T. Kerdja, J.B. Kana Kana

Mo.B5.6 Decay rates near layers of Au nanospheres
C.A. Marocico, A.L. Bradley

SWP II Plasmonics
Chair: Sonia García-Blanco

Mo.C5.1 Subwavelength plasmonic lasers (Invited)
Hong-Gyu Park, Soon-Hong Kwon, Ju-Hyung Kang

Mo.C5.2 Nanophotonics inside hybrid optical fibers (Invited)
M.A. Schmidt, H. Lee, N. Granzow, P. Uebel, P.St.J. Russell

Mo.C5.3 Plasmonic lenses with long focal lengths (Invited)
T. Stefaniuk, P. Wróbel, T.J. Antosiewicz, T. Szoplik

Mo.C5.4 Optical properties of ordered plasmonic nanostructures in linear and nonlinear regimes (Invited)
M. Grande, F. Dioguardi, R. Marani, A. D’Orazio, T. Stomeo, M. De Vittorio, G. V. Bianco, G. Bruno, M.A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, M. Scalora

Mo.C5.5 Nonlinear effects in hybrid plasmonic waveguides (Invited)
A. Pitilakis, O. Tsilipakos, E.E. Kriezis

SWP III Plasmonics
Chair: Bjorn Maes

Tu.A5.1 Surface waves in plasmonic anisotropic media (Invited)
C.J. Zapata-Rodríguez, J.J. Miret, Z. Jakšić, S. Vuković

Tu.A5.2 Loss compensation in metal-loaded hybrid plasmonic waveguides using Yb3+ potassium double tungstate gain materials (Invited)
S.M. García-Blanco, M.A. Sefunç, M.H. van Voorden, M. Pollnau

Tu.A5.3 Strong photon-plasmon coupling in a quantum metamaterial (Invited)
A. Castanié, B. Guizal, D. Felbacq

Tu.A5.4 Imaging and characterization of femtosecond surface plasmon wave packets on a silver film (Invited)
A. Kubo

Tu.A5.5 Surface plasmon interaction with amplifying MQWs in multilayer Kretschmann structure: Wavelength scale analysis by the method of single expression (Invited)
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, T.T. Hovhannisyan, M. Marciniak

Tu.A5.6 Plasmon resonances of an infinite grating of silver wires coated with dielectric envelopes
V.O. Byelobrov, T.M. Benson, A. I. Nosich

Chair: Nigel Johnson

Tu.B5.1 Thermo-optical attenuator fabricated through direct UV laser writing in organic-inorganic hybrids (Invited)
P.G. Marques, A.R. Bastos, C.M.S. Vicente, E. Pecoraro, P.P. Lima, P. S. André, L.D. Carlos, R.A.S. Ferreira

Tu.B5.2 Laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) on polymer surfaces (Invited)
J. Heitz, B. Reisinger, M. Fahrner, C. Romanin, J. Siegel, V. Svorcik

Tu.B5.3 Femtosecond laser assisted multi-ion implantation in dielectrics (Invited)
G. Jose, T.T. Fernandez, P. Steenson, A. Jha

Tu.B5.4 Optimization of pulsed fiber laser scribing for CdTe and CIGS solar cells (Invited)
S. Selleri, A. Bosio, A. Cucinotta, M. Sozzi, D. Menossi, Y. Hernandez, A. Bertrand, C. Duterte

Tu.B5.5 Enhanced broadband optical absorption from nanostructured nickel thin-films for solar energy applications
N. Ahmad, J. Stokes, N.A. Fox, M. Teng, M.J. Cryan

Chair: Emmanouil Kriezis

Tu.C5.1 Time domain models of thin dielectric layers (Invited)
P. Sewell, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson, Xuesong Meng

Tu.C5.2 Modal methods for 3D modelling of advanced photonic structures (Invited)
J. Čtyroký, P. Kwiecien, I. Richter, J. Petráček, J. Luksch

Tu.C5.3 Nonlinear acousto-optical diffraction by surface and bulk standing acoustic waves (Invited)
I.L. Lyubchanskii, N.A. Shevchenko, N.N. Dadoenkova, F.F.L. Bentivegna, Y.P. Lee, T. Rasing

Tu.C5.4 Reflection of a spatial-temporal Airy pulse from a layer (Invited)
A. Nerukh, D. Zolotariov, D. Nerukh, T.M. Benson

Tu.C5.5 Adaptive meshing for optical resonators (Invited)
S. Cole, P. Sewell, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson

Chair: Trevor Benson

Tu.D5.1 Recent advances for high-efficiency sources of single photons based on photonic nanowires (Invited)
J.M. Gérard, J. Claudon, M. Munsch, J. Bleuse, N. Gregersen

Tu.D5.2 Spectrum of the cavity-QED microlaser: Quantum frequency pulling (Invited)
Kyungwon An

Tu.D5.3 Localized states, self-pulsing and excitability in VCSELs and microlasers with saturable absorber (Invited)
F. Selmi, S. Haddadi, R. Braive, I. Sagnes, R. Kuszelewicz, A. Yacomotti, S. Barbay

Tu.D5.4 Colloidal quantum light sources based on asymmetric semiconductor nanocrystals (Invited)
F. Pisanello, M. Luigi, M. De Vittorio, G. Leménager, A. Bramati, L. Carbone

Tu.D5.5 Formation of metal nanoparticles studied by high resolution time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (Invited)
S. Civiš, V.E. Chernov, M. Ferus

Chair: František Uherek

We.A5.1 Image formation and applications to third order nonlinear optical measurement techniques (Invited)
G. Boudebs

We.A5.2 Characterization of laser-induced air plasmas and thin films using third harmonic generation microscopy (Invited)
C. Rodriguez, R.A. Weber, D.N. Nguyen, L.A. Emmert, W. Rudolph

We.A5.3 Comparison between quantum mechanical computations of NLO properties and experimental data in selected functionalized azo-dyes (Invited)
B. Sahraoui, A. Karakas, A. Hajjaji, Y. El kouari, A. Migalska-Zalas

We.A5.4 Gaussian pulse mixing and scattering by finite nonlinear layered structures (Invited)
O.V. Shramkova, A.G. Schuchinsky

We.A5.5 From classical to quantum nonlinear optics in integrated photonic structures (Invited)
M. Liscidini, L.G. Helt, J.E. Sipe

Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

We.B5.1 Photonic sensors at the nanoscale (Invited)
N.P. Johnson, B. Lahiri, G. Sharp, G.A. Rahman, P. Velha, A. Khokhar, R.M. De La Rue, S. McMeekin

We.B5.2 Optical temperature sensor on the base of slot waveguide with LC filling (Invited)
I. Goncharenko, M. Marciniak

We.B5.3 Optical information processing: Advances in nanophotonic reservoir computing (Invited)
M. Fiers, K. Vandoorne, T. Van Vaerenbergh, J. Dambre, B. Schrauwen, P. Bienstman

We.B5.4 Multifrequency subsurface sounding and tomography (Invited)
K.P. Gaikovich

We.B5.5 Controlling flow of light in the one-way EM waveguide (Invited)
V. Kuzmiak, S. Eyderman

Chair: Vladimir Kuzmiak

We.C5.1 Diffractive and subwavelength grating couplers for microphotonic waveguides (Invited)
P. Cheben, J. H. Schmid, J. Lapointe, P. Bock, D.-X. Xu, S. Janz, R. Ma, M. Vachon, A. Delâge, C.A. Ramos, R. Halir, L. Zavargo-Peche, A. Ortega-Moñux, Í. Molina-Fernández, J.-M. Fédéli

We.C5.2 Investigation of the fibre to chip coupler designed on SOI platform with subwavelength grating (Invited)
J. Chovan, A. Kuzma, F. Uherek

We.C5.3 Enhanced nanocavity Q-factor via slow light propagation and nonlinear effects (Invited)
P. Grinberg, K. Bencheikh, M. Brunstein, A. M. Yacomotti, Y. Dumeige, J. A. Levenson

We.C5.4 Littrow resonators and their triply resonant nonlinear response (Invited)
H. Benisty, N. Piskunov, L.A. Golovan

We.C5.5 From rogue waves to random walks: Nonlinear instabilities in supercontinuum generation (Invited)
J.M. Dudley, B. Wetzel, S. Turitsyn, K.J. Blow, F. Dias

We.C5.6 Study of the evolution of different dissipative solitons and phase measurement by Mach-Zehnder interferometry
V. Besse, C. Cassagne, G. Boudebs, H. Leblond

Chair: Oksana Shramkova

We.D5.1 Graphene nano-, micro- and macro-photonics (Invited)
R.M. De La Rue, H. Ahmad, S. Wadi Harun, W. Chong, Y.K. Yap, C.H Pua, M.Z. Zulkifli, N.M. Huang, S. Abbasirazgaleh, M. Sorel, M. Strain

We.D5.2 Ultrafast nonlinearities of minibands in metallodielectric Bragg resonators (Invited)
P. Farah, N. Gibbons, F.M. Huang, J.J. Baumberg

We.D5.3 Enhancing the performance of mid infrared lasers using structured facets (Invited)
M.J. Cryan, J.L. Stokes, J.R. Pugh, S.J.B. Przeslak, P.J. Heard, J.G. Rarity, G.R. Nash

We.D5.4 Sub-diffraction linear spatial filtering with layered metamaterials (Invited)
A. Pastuszczak, M. Stolarek, R. Kasztelanic, R. Kotyński

We.D5.5 Metallic samples investigated by using a scattering near field optical microscope (Invited)
G.A. Stanciu, C. Stoichita, R. Hristu, S.G. Stanciu, D.E. Tranca

We.D5.6 Recent progress in diamond photonics (Invited)
T.J. Karle, S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, B.C. Gibson, A.D. Greentree, D. Lau, D. Simpson, A. Stacey, K. Ganesan, A. Hoffman, V. Acosta, Z. Huang, C. Santori, R.G. Beausoleil, S. Prawer

Chair: Emmanouil-Panagiotis Fitrakis

Th.A5.1 Chip-to-chip plasmonic interconnects and the activities of EU project NAVOLCHI (Invited)
A. Melikyan, M. Sommer, A. Muslija, M. Kohl, S. Muehlbrandt, A. Mishra, V. Calzadilla, Y. Justo, J.P. Martínez-Pastor, I. Tomkos, A. Scandurra, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens, M. Smit, W. Freude, C. Koos, J. Leuthold

Th.A5.2 Surface plasmon-polariton amplifiers (Invited)
I. Suárez, P. Rodriguez-Cantó, R. Abargues, J. Martinez-Pastor, E.P. Fitrakis, I. Tomkos

Th.A5.3 Low energy routing platforms for optical interconnects using active plasmonics integrated with silicon photonics (Invited)
K. Vyrsokinos, S. Papaioannou, N. Pleros, D. Kalavrouziotis, G. Giannoulis, D. Apostolopoulos, H. Avramopoulos, J-C. Weeber, K. Hassan, L. Markey, A. Dereux, A. Kumar, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, M. Baus

Th.A5.4 Broadband and picosecond intraband absorption in lead based colloidal quantum dots (Invited)
B. De Geyter, P. Geiregat, D. Van Thourhout, Yunan Gao, S.T. Cate, A.J. Houtepen, J.M. Schins, L.D.A. Siebbeles, Z. Hens

Th.A5.5 Silicon-organic hybrid fabrication platform for integrated circuits (Invited)
D. Korn, L. Alloatti, M. Lauermann, J. Pfeifle, R. Palmer, P.C. Schindler, W. Freude, C. Koos, J. Leuthold, Hui Yu, W. Bogaerts, K. Komorowska, R. Baets, J. Van Campenhout, P. Verheyen, J. Wouters, M. Moelants, P. Absil, A. Secchi, M. Dispenza, S. Wehrli, M. Bossard, P. Zakynthinos, I. Tomkos

Th.A5.6 Exploiting photosensitive As2S3 chalcogenide glass in photonic integrated circuits
S. Grillanda, A. Canciamilla, F. Morichetti, Juejun Hu, V. Raghunathan, V. Singh, A. Agarwal, L.C. Kimerling, A. Melloni

Th.A5.7 Towards plasmonic lasers for optical interconnects
V. Dolores-Calzadilla, A. Fiore, M.K. Smit

Chair: Romuald Houdré

Mo.B6.1 Light trapping in thin film solar cells with sub-wavelength photonic crystal patterns (Invited)
A. Bozzola, M. Liscidini, L.C. Andreani

Mo.B6.2 Optical absorption enhancement in a hybrid system photonic crystal – thin substrate for photovoltaic applications (Invited)
J. Buencuerpo, L.E. Munioz-Camuniez, J.M. Llorens, M.L. Dotor, P.A. Postigo

Mo.B6.3 Polarization insensitive photonic devices: Waveguides, splitter, and sharp bends (Invited)
M. Turduev, I.H. Giden, H. Kurt

Mo.B6.4 Surface addressable photonic crystal resonators: General design rules and applications (Invited)
X. Letartre, P. Viktorovitch, C. Sciancalepore, T. Benyattou, B. Ben Bakir

Mo.B6.5 Enhanced Raman amplification by photonic crystal based waveguide structure (Invited)
A. Seidfaraji, V. Ahmadi

Chair: Vasily Astratov

Mo.C6.1 Surface plasmon polaritons: Excitation and effect of loss in the quantum regime (Invited)
Y. Sonnefraud, S.A. Maier

Mo.C6.2 On-chip integrated optoplasmonic molecues and superlenses (Invited)
Wonmi Ahn, S.V. Boriskina, Yan Hong, B.M. Reinhard

Mo.C6.3 Slow and stopped-light lasing in active plasmonic metamaterials (Invited)
K.L. Tsakmakidis, O. Hess

Mo.C6.4 Up close and optical: Light at the nanoscale (Invited)
L. Kuipers

Mo.C6.5 Enhancement effects in plasmonic nanocavities with quantum emitters (Invited)
D. Melnikau, A. Chuvilin, R. Hillenbrand, D. Savateeva, Y.P. Rakovich, N. Weiss, N. Gaponik

Chair: Misha Sumetsky

Tu.A6.1 Deterministic quantum photonics with ordered systems of quantum wires and quantum dots (Invited)
E. Kapon

Tu.A6.2 Resonant optical propelling of microspheres: A path to selection of almost identical photonic atoms (Invited)
Yangcheng Li, O.V. Svitelskiy, A.V. Maslov, D. Carnegie, E. Rafailov, V.N. Astratov

Tu.A6.3 Optical forces in tight spaces: How confinement of light affects its mechanical action (Invited)
L.I. Deych, J.T. Rubin

Tu.A6.4 cancelled

Tu.A6.5 Super-resolution imaging by high-index microspheres immersed in a liquid
A. Darafsheh, M.A. Fiddy, V.N. Astratov

Chair: Jiří Petráček

Tu.B6.1 Strong multimode photonic microresonator and nanoparticle interactions (Invited)
M. Ostrowski, P. Pignalosa, Y. Yi

Tu.B6.2 Optical bottle microresonators: Cleaning-up the spectral mess (Invited)
M.N. Zervas

Tu.B6.3 Axially symmetric modeling of dielectric pillbox resonators (Invited)
A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, V. Bulygin, A. Nosich

Tu.B6.4 Progress in the surface nanoscale axial photonics (SNAP) (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Tu.B6.5 Localized near-field and scattered far-field for surface photonics (Invited)
M. Terakawa, M. Obara

Tu.B6.6 Light scattering from silicon nitride microdisks
D. McCloskey, John F. Donegan

Chair: Yury Rakovich

Tu.C6.1 Multiple ring resonators in optical gyroscopes (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, C.E. Campanella, F. Dell'Olio, C.M. Campanella, M.N. Armenise

Tu.C6.2 A photonic nano-structuring approach to increase energy harvesting for organic photovoltaic cells (Invited)
J. Martorell

Tu.C6.3 Partially coherent light interaction with nano objects (Invited)
M. Premaratne

Tu.C6.4 Simulation of high-Q nanocavities with 1D photonic gap (Invited)
J. Petráček, B. Maes, S. Burger, J. Luksch, P. Kwiecien, I. Richter

Tu.C6.5 A new photonic atom: Submicron silicon nanocavities with strong magnetic resonances in the optical region
Lei Shi, U. Tuzer, E. Xifré-Pérez, R. Fenollosa, F.J. García de Abajo, F. Meseguer

Chair: Toshihiko Baba

Tu.D6.1 Recent progress in nonlinear optomechanics in micro/nano-structured optical fibers (Invited)
Myeong Soo Kang, A. Butsch, P.St.J. Russell

Tu.D6.2 Nonlinear semiconductor photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)
I. Cestier, A. Willinger, V. Eckhouse, G. Eisenstein, S. Combrié, A. De Rossi

Tu.D6.3 Enhanced gain in photonic crystal amplifiers (Invited)
S. Ek, E. Semenova, P. Lunnemann, K. Yvind, J. Mørk

Tu.D6.4 Modeling of gain saturation effects in active semiconductor photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)
Y. Chen, J. Mørk

Tu.D6.5 Ultrafast tilting of the dispersion of a photonic crystal and on-the-fly adiabatic frequency compression of light pulses (Invited)
D.M. Beggs, L. Kuipers, T. Kampfrath, T.F. Krauss

Tu.D6.6 Efficient free space coupling in 2D semi-conductor photonic crystal nanocavities (Invited)
A.M. Yacomotti, S. Haddadi, M. Brunstein, F. Raineri, J.A. Levenson

Chair: Sara Ek

We.A6.1 Tailoring the optical properties by colloidal systems (Invited)
A. Chiappini, C. Armellini, D. Ristic, M. Ferrari, G.C. Righini

We.A6.2 Single particle detection and self-trapping in hollow photonic crystal cavities integrated in a microfluidic environment (Invited)
N. Descharmes, U.P. Dharanipathy, Z. Diao, M. Tonin, R. Houdré

We.A6.3 Photonic-crystal-based polaritonic metamaterials functional at THz (Invited)
S. Foteinopoulou

We.A6.4 Photonic crystal nanoslot nanolaser for super-sensitivity bio-sensing (Invited)
T. Baba, S. Kita, S. Hachuda, S. Otsuka

We.A6.5 Localization of light in photonic crystals of biological origin (Invited)
S. Savić-Šević, D. Pantelić, D. Grujić, B. Jelenković, S. Ćurčić, B. Ćurčić, D. Stojanović

Chair: Kestutis Staliunas

We.B6.1 Design of rare earth doped multicore fiber lasers and amplifiers (Invited)
M. Surico, A. Di Tommaso, P. Bia, L. Mescia, M. De Sario, F. Prudenzano

We.B6.2 Silica-air structures for optical fibres (Invited)
W.J. Wadsworth, M. Rollings, S.A. Bateman, P.J. Mosley

We.B6.3 Development of low loss, wide bandwidth hollow core photonic bandgap fibres for telecom applications (Invited)
M.N. Petrovich, N.V. Wheeler, N.K. Baddela, F. Poletti, E. Numkam Fokoua, J.R. Hayes, D.R. Gray, D.J. Richardson

We.B6.4 Characterization of flexural and longitudinal acoustic waves in standard and photonic crystal fibres (Invited)
R. E. da Silva, A. de Almeida Prado Pohl

We.B6.5 Thermal effects in Yb-doped double-cladding distributed modal filtering rod-type fibers
E. Coscelli, F. Poli, M.M. Joergensen, M. Laurila, J. Laegsgaard, T.T. Alkeskjold, L. Leick, J. Broeng, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri

Chair: Brana Jelenković

We.C6.1 Photonic-crystal waveguides with disorder: Measurement of a band-edge tail in the density of states (Invited)
P.W.H. Pinkse, S.R. Huisman, G. Ctistis, S. Stobbe, A.P. Mosk, J.L. Herek, A. Lagendijk, P. Lodahl, W.L. Vos

We.C6.2 Collimation and imaging behind a woodpile photonic crystal (Invited)
L. Maigyte, C. Cojocaru, J. Trull, K. Staliunas, M. Peckus, V. Mizeikis, M. Malinauskas, M. Rutkauskas, S. Juodkazis

We.C6.3 Beam reflections from one-dimensionally modulated photonic structures (Invited)
K. Staliunas, Yu-Chieh Cheng, J. Trull, C. Cojocaru, R. Vilaseca, S. Kicas, M. Peckus, R. Drazdys

We.C6.4 Focalization of evanescent beams (Invited)
M.M. Botey, Y.C. Cheng, R. Herrero, K. Staliunas, V. Romero-García, R. Pico, V.J. Sánchez-Morcillo

We.C6.5 Delay bandwidth product enhanced slow light in photonic crystal waveguides
K. Üstün, H. Kurt


Tu.P.1 Design equations of flat top super structured fibre Bragg gratings for WDM-coherent direct sequence OCDMA
V. Garcia-Munoz, J. Domenech, R. Baños, W. Amaya, D. Pastor

Tu.P.2 Chromatic dispersion tolerant coherent DS-OCDMA encoding based on SSFBG devices
R. Baños, D. Pastor, W. Amaya, V. Garcia-Munoz

Tu.P.3 Optical filter cascading effects in a phase modulated coherent optical OFDM transmission system based on Hartley transform
M. Chochol, J.M. Fabrega, M. Svaluto Moreolo, G. Junyent

Tu.P.4 Embedded modulable self-tuning cavity for WDM-PON transmitter
P. Parolari, L. Marazzi, M. Brunero, P. Galli, G. Gavioli, M. Martinelli

Tu.P.5 Accurate calculation of FWM noise power for ultra-dense phase modulated optical systems
M. Jaworski, M. Klinkowski

Tu.P.6 Impact of FWM process on the statistics of a co-propagating quantum signal in a WDM lightwave system
A.J. Almeida, N.A. Silva, P.S. André,  A.N. Pinto

Tu.P.7 Supercontinuum based optical thresholder assisted all-optical modulation format conversion from RZ-DQPSK to RZ-OOK
Bo Dai, S. Shimizu, Xu Wang, N. Wada

Tu.P.8 Use of optical receiver circuit design techniques in a transimpedance preamplifier for high performance mass spectrometry
Tzu-Yung Lin, R.J. Green, P.B. O’Connor

Tu.P.9 Novel asymmetrical filtered 40 Gb/s NRZ-DPSK receiver design in a 50GHz grid
O.A. Olubodun, N.J. Doran

Tu.P.10 Performance impact of asymmetric filtered 40Gb/s RZ DPSK system – Tight optical filtering considerations
O.A. Olubodun, N.J Doran

Tu.P.11 Design and simulation of 128-channel 10 GHz AWG for ultra-dense wavelength division multiplexing
D. Seyringer

Tu.P.12 Photonic services
J. Vojtěch, V. Smotlacha, S. Šíma, P. Škoda

Tu.P.13 Optical filtering optimization for NRZ coding format in RSOA-based DWDM PON
Z. Vujicic, N.B. Pavlović, A. Teixeira

Tu.P.14 Study of the optimum pulse-width of clock signal in optical AND gates for application in ultra-fast OTDM networks
A. Yazdani, S. Sallent, D. Rincón, M. Noshad

Tu.P.15 An all-optical OCDMA encoder with simultaneous signal regeneration based on cross-gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers
M.L.F. Abbade, L. Galdino, N.S. Ribeiro, J.D. Marconi, L.H. Bonani, E. Moschim

Tu.P.16 Performance evaluation of optical burst switched mesh networks with localized functional resources
L.H. Bonani

Tu.P.17 Comparisons between Gigabit NRZ, CAP and optical OFDM systems over FEC enhanced POF links using LEDs
J.L. Wei, L. Geng, D.G. Cunningham, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

Tu.P.18 Generation of OFDM signals in the 60 GHz band using the sideband injection locking technique for radio over fiber
I. Aldaya, G. Campuzano, G. Castañón

Tu.P.19 Performance comparison between single and dual-arm MZM in 60 GHz OFDM-RoF system with OSSB modulation
D. Bento, M.C.R. Medeiros, P. Laurêncio

Tu.P.20 A genetic algorithm-based selection of a transmission wavelength in the LOS optical wireless channel
A. Elberjaoui Yakzan, R.J. Green, E.L. Hines

Tu.P.21 Optical properties of Al2O3 thin films on quartz glass substrate, prepared by sol-gel method
K. Bartkiewicz, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala

Tu.P.22 Evaluation of the temperature increase on the fiber fuse effect end point
F. Domingues, A. Rocha, A.R. Frias, P. André

Tu.P.23 Design of a lithium niobate 2D E-field photonic probe
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell'Olio, M.N. Armenise

Tu.P.24 Highly birefringent microstructured neodymium doped fiber
L. Sojka, L. Pajewski, M. Pilszak, P. Mergo, D. Furniss, A. Seddon, T. M. Benson, S. Sujecki, E. Beres-Pawlik

Tu.P.25 Unperturbed-basis mode interactions via resonance chains in a deformed microcavity
Hojeong Kwak, Younghoon Shin, Songky Moon, Kyungwon An

Tu.P.26 Observation of whispering gallery modes and directional emission from spherical microcavities integrated with TTBC dye J-aggregates
D. Savateeva, D. Melnikau, Y.P. Rakovich

Tu.P.27 Radial polarization of periodically focused modes in chains of dielectric spheres
A. Darafsheh, V.N. Astratov

Tu.P.28 Single-material submicron microstructured fibres for broadband applications in exact slope compensation or zero-dispersion propagation
M. Lucki, D. Jiruse, S. Kraus

Tu.P.29 Asymmetric transmission through diffraction-free optically linear metamaterials
M. Stolarek, A. Pastuszczak, R. Kotyński

Tu.P.30 Mechanical effect on the performance of electrostrictive polymers for energy harvesting
A. Eddiai, M. Meddad, A. Hajjaji,  D. Guyomar, Y. Boughaleb, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.31 Diffusion of Ag dimer on Cu (110) by dissociation-reassociation and concerted jump processes
K. Sbiaai, Y. Boughaleb, J¬Y. Raty, A. Hajjaji, A. Arabaoui, A. Kara, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.32 Dispersion of linear and nonlinear refractive index in chalcogenide glass
Y. Kuzutkina, A. Melnikov, E. Romanova, V. Kochubey,  N.S. Abdel-Moneim, D. Furniss, A. Seddon

Tu.P.33 Investigation on the nonlinear optical properties and luminescence for thin films based on Sn-doped In2O3 prepared by the reactive chemical pulverization
Z. Sofiani, M. Addou, K. Bahedi, M. El Jouad, M. Makha, S. Bayoud, N. Fellahi, B. Sahraoui, J. Ebothe

Tu.P.34 A gallium nitride distributed Bragg reflector cavity for integrated photonics applications
N.A. Hueting, J. R. Pugh, E. Engin, A. Md Zain, A. Sarua, P.J. Heard, T. Wang, M.J. Cryan

Tu.P.35 All optical implementation of a stochastic logic gate using a VCSEL with external optical injection
S. Perrone, C. Masoller, R. Vilaseca

Tu.P.36 Evolutionary algorithms for solving routing and wavelength assignment problem in optical networks: A comparative study
A. Rashedi, Y.S. Kavian, A. Mahani, O. Strobel

Tu.P.37 Expressions of the chirp parameter components for intensity modulation with a dual-electrode Mach-Zehnder modulator
P. Almeida, H. Silva

Tu.P.38 Safety of helicopter transport by means of remote sensing
A. Ananenkov, V. Nuzhdin, V. Rastorguev, P. Sokolov, V. Schneider