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12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


2nd Annual Conference of COST Action MP0702:
Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures


June 27 - July 1, 2010, Munich, Germany



Plenary Chair: Hans-Georg Unger

Mo.A.1 European and American research toward next-generation optical access networks (Invited)
L.G. Kazovsky, C. Popp Larsen, D. Breuer, A. Gavler, M. Popov, K. Wang, G. Jacobsen, E. Weis, C. Lange, S.W. Wong, S‑H. Yen, V. Gudla, P. Afshar

Mo.A.2 Optical technologies that enable Green networks (Invited)
K‑I. Sato

Mo.A.3 Micro-/nano-photonic device structures: Analysis and applications in communications and sensing (Invited)
R.M. De La Rue


ICTON I (General I) Chair: Naoya Wada

Mo.B1.1 Advanced modulation formats and digital signal processing for fiber optic communication (Invited)
A. Gorshtein, D. Sadot

Mo.B1.2 Performance of adaptive low-density parity check codes in a low cost spectrum-sliced WDM network (Invited)
S. Sun, M.S. Leeson

Mo.B1.3 Light-by-light polarization control for telecommunication applications (Invited)
J. Fatome, S. Pitois, P. Morin, C. Finot, G. Millot

Mo.B1.4 All-optical RZ-to-NRZ format converters based on nonlinearity and walk-off in optical fibers
P. Honzatko, M. Karasek

Mo.B1.5 All-optical variable delay buffer for next generation optical networks
I. Ashry, H.M.H. Shalaby

Mo.B1.6 Phase-preserving multilevel amplitude regeneration using a modified nonlinear amplifying loop mirror
M. Hierold, T. Roethlingshoefer, K. Sponsel, G. Onishchukov, , B. Schmauss, G. Leuchs

Mo.B1.7 Red and orange tunable fiber laser
R. Al‑Mahrous, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky


ICTON II (Devices) Chair: Roger Green

Mo.C1.1 Application of trapped pulse amplification in birefringent fibers (Invited)
N. Nishizawa, E. Shiraki, K. Itoh

Mo.C1.2 Analysis of soliton complexes in high power fiber lasers (Invited)
M. Salhi, F. Amrani, A. Haboucha, A. Komarov, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

Mo.C1.3 Phase locking and carrier extraction schemes for phase sensitive amplification (Invited)
S. Sygletos, R. Weerasuriya, S.K. Ibrahim, F. Gunning, R. Phelan, J. O’Gorman, J. O’Carroll, B. Kelly, A. Bogris, D. Syvridis, C. Lundström, P. Andrekson, F. Parmigiani, D.J. Richardson, A.D. Ellis

Mo.C1.4 Novel applications of the acousto-optic effect in the control of fibre Bragg grating parameters (Invited)
A. de Almeida Prado Pohl, R.A. de Oliveira, C.A.F. Marques, K. Cook, R. Nogueira, J. Canning

Mo.C1.5 Physical path analysis in photonic switches with shared wavelength converters (Invited)
C. Raffaelli, M. Savi, G. Tartarini, D. Visani


ICTON III (Systems I) Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Mo.D1.1 Analysis of the optimum dispersion maps for DQPSK systems (Invited)
A. Cartaxo, N. Costa, D. Fonseca

Mo.D1.2 Performance of stereo multiplexing in systems using direct detection with optimum dispersion maps (Invited)
O. Gaete, L. Coelho, B. Spinnler, N. Hanik

Mo.D1.3 Stabilization of wavelength conversion using high-stable optical limiting based on self-phase modulation (Invited)
T. Konishi, K. Kawanishi

Mo.D1.4 Terabit/s FFT processing – Optics can do it on-the-fly (Invited)
J. Leuthold, D. Hillerkuss, M. Winter, J. Li, K. Worms, C. Koos, W. Freude, S. Ben‑Ezra, N. Narkiss

Mo.D1.5 Power efficient and cost-effective solutions for optical OFDM systems using direct detection (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo

Mo.D1.6 Long-haul transmission of polarization multiplexed signals with coherent detection (Invited)
M.S. Alfiad, D. van den Borne, T. Wuth, M. Kuschnerov, H. de Waardt


SWP I (WG1) Chair: Alex Nosich

Mo.B2.1 Homogenization of metamaterials: Parameters retrieval methods and intrinsic problems (Invited)
A. Andryieuski, R. Malureanu, A.V. Lavrinenko

Mo.B2.2 Design, synthesis and photophysical study of fluorophore modified noble metal nanoparticles (Invited)
P. Angelova, N. Kuchukova, G. Dobrikov, I. Petkova, I. Timtcheva, K. Kostova, E. Vauthey, E. Giorgetti

Mo.B2.3 Thin metamaterials as antireflection coating (Invited)
E. Popov, S. Enoch

Mo.B2.4 Designing metamaterials for the optical regime (Invited)
M. Kafesaki, R. Penciu, T. Koschny, N.H. Shen, E.N. Economou, C.M. Soukoulis

Mo.B2.5 Diffractive effects in 1D and 2D gain/loss periodic spatial modulated materials (Invited)
R. Herrero, M. Botey, K. Staliunas

Mo.B2.6 Metal nanoisland films for the enhancement of the chemico-physical properties of  molecular adsorbates (Invited)
E. Giorgetti, G. Margheri, T. Del Rosso, S. Sottini, M. Muniz‑Miranda, S. Cicchi


SWP II (WG1) Chair: Andrea Chiappini

Mo.C2.1 From plasmonics to supercontinuum generation: Subwavelength scale devices based on hybrid photonic crystal fibers (Invited)
M. Schmidt, H. Tyagi, H. Lee, N. Granzow, N. Da, M. Peng, L. Wondraczek, P.St.J. Russell

Mo.C2.2 Influence of localised surface plasmons on energy transfer between quantum dots (Invited)
M. Lunz, A.L. Bradley, W‑Y. Chen, V.A. Gerard, S.J. Byrne, Y.K. Gun’ko, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A.S. Susha, A.L. Rogach

Mo.C2.3 Plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced light concentration devoted to photovoltaic applications (Invited)
V. Marrocco, M. Grande, R. Marani, G. Calò, V. Petruzzelli, A. D’Orazio, T. Stomeo, M. De Vittorio, A. Passaseo

Mo.C2.4 Wavelength-scale analysis of optical field localisation at plasmonic resonance in non-linear Kretschmann structure by the method of single expression (Invited)
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, T.T. Hovhannisyan, M. Marciniak

Mo.C2.5 On the nature of red and blue shifts of light emission relative to the absorption spectrum (Invited)
R. Brazis

Mo.C2.6 Transport properties of one‑way EM waveguide formed at the interface between  metal and two‑dimensional photonic crystal
S. Eyderman, V. Kuzmiak, M. Vanwolleghem


SWP III (WG2) Chair: Bjorn Maes

Mo.D2.1 Photonic functional devices for future communication systems (Invited)
H. Tsuda

Mo.D2.2 Processing of telecommunication signals using periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides (Invited)
P. Petropoulos, S. Liu, K.J. Lee, F. Parmigiani, K. Gallo, D.J. Richardson

Mo.D2.3 Polarization entangled photon-pair source based on a type-II PPLN waveguide emitting at a telecom wavelength (Invited)
A. Martin, A. Issautier, L. Labonté, A. Thomas, H. Herrmann, W. Sohler, D.B. Ostrowsky, O. Alibart, S. Tanzilli

Mo.D2.4 Subwavelength nanophotonics: From a new waveguide principle to practical components at telecom wavelengths (Invited)
P. Cheben, P.J. Bock, J. H. Schmid, J. Lapointe, S. Janz, D‑X. Xu, A. Densmore, A. Delâge, B. Lamontagne, T.J. Hall, I. Molina‑Fernandez, W. Sinclair

Mo.D2.5 Development of spiral shape photonic devices (Invited)
A. Delâge, D‑X. Xu, A. Densmore, P. Cheben, M. Florjanczyk, S. Janz


WAOR I Chair: Carmen Mas-Machuca

Mo.B3.1 Analysis of traffic engineering information dissemination strategies in PCE-based multi-domain optical networks (Invited)
S. Spadaro, J. Perelló, G. Hernández‑Sola, A. Moreno, F. Agraz, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Mo.B3.2 Scalable and agnostic optical packet switch sub-system for optical packets with multiple modulation formats and data rates (Invited)
N. Calabretta, W. Wang, T. Ditewig, O. Raz, F. Gomez‑Agis, S. Zhang, H. de Waardt, H.J.S. Dorren

Mo.B3.3 A collisions-free WDMA strategy for ring MANs with efficient traffic management: A performance optimization study
P. Baziana, I. Pountourakis

Mo.B3.4 Hopfield neural networks for routing in all-optical networks
C.J.A. Bastos‑Filho, R.A. Santana, D.R.C. Silva, J.F. Martins‑Filho, D.A.R. Chaves

Mo.B3.5 A receiver collisions WDMA protocol study with propagation delay latency analysis
P. Baziana, I. Pountourakis

Mo.B3.6 Analysis of unbalanced WDM/OCDM transparent optical networks with physical constraints
L.H. Bonani, L. Galdino, F.R. Duran, E. Moschim

Mo.B3.7 Application of Internet traffic characterization to all-optical networks (Invited)
P.M. Santiago del Río, J. Ramos, A. Salvador, J.E. López de Vergara, J. Aracil, A. Cuadra, M. Cutanda


WAOR II Chair: Nicola Calabretta

Mo.C3.1 On the physical impairments constraint in OBS networks (Invited)
O. Pedrola, D. Careglio, M. Klinkowski, J. Solé‑Pareta

Mo.C3.2 Virtual topology design in OBS networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski, P. Pedroso, M. Pióro, D. Careglio, J. Solé‑Pareta

Mo.C3.3 Performance evaluation of a hybrid OBS/OCS network with QoS differentiation based on packet loss/delay requirements (Invited)
J. Perelló, N. de Guinea, S. Spadaro, G. Junyent, J. Comellas

Mo.C3.4 Constraining queuing delay in WDM rings based on multi-token access protocol under asymmetrical traffic (Invited)
P.G. Raponi, N. Andriolli, P. Castoldi, M. Puleri

Mo.C3.5 Node architecture design and network engineering impact on optical multicasting based on physical layer constraints (Invited)
T. Panayiotou, G. Ellinas, N. Antoniades, A. Hadjiantonis

Mo.C3.6 Renewable energy in IP over WDM networks (Invited)
X. Dong, T. El-Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani


WAOR III Chair: Mirek Klinkowski

Mo.D3.1 Experimental study and assessment of the link distance impact in an OSNR-based IRWA algorithm in GMPLS-enabled translucent WSON networks (Invited)
R. Martínez, R. Casellas, R. Muñoz, T. Tsuritani

Mo.D3.2 Lightpath establishment in distributed GMPLS-controlled dynamic transparent optical networks using quality of transmission estimation
N. Sambo, Y. Pointurier, P. Castoldi, I. Tomkos

Mo.D3.3 Resource allocation for contention-resolution strategies in OPS
C. Mex‑Perera, J. Mozo‑Olea, G. Castañón, I. Razo‑Zapata

Mo.D3.4 Efficiency issues of multi-domain routing
Z. Csernátony, A. Vasileva Manolova, T. Cinkler

Mo.D3.5 Performance evaluation of an optical packet switch using wavelength and code domain to solve output contentions
V. Eramo, L. Piazzo, M. Listanti, A. Germoni, A. Cianfrani


PICAW Chair: Stefano Taccheo

Mo.B4.1 Interfacing of silicon-on-insulator nanophotonic circuits to the real world (Invited)
L. Wosinski, Z. Wang, Y. Tang

Mo.B4.2 Modelling and optimising planar waveguide devices (Invited)
L. Cahill, T. Clapp

Mo.B4.3 Low-cost optical components based on organic-inorganic hybrids produced using direct UV writing technique (Invited)
R.A.S. Ferreira, C. Vicente, L.R. Xavier, V. Fernandes, L.D. Carlos, P.S. André, E. Pecoraro, V. De Zea Bermudez, P. Monteiro, P.V.S. Marques

Mo.B4.4 Analysis and integration of plasmonic wires and rings for VLSI photonics (Invited)
E‑H. Lee

Mo.B4.5 Designing wavelength-division-multiplexed optical access networks using reflective photonic components (Invited)
E. Kehayas

Mo.B4.6 Research progress on free-space-wave add/drop multiplexing for WDM optical-interconnect system in packaging (Invited)
S. Ura, K. Kintaka


MARS I Chair: Giorgio M. Tosi Beleffi

Mo.C4.1 A techno-economic case-study for an FTTH network deployment (Invited)
I. Tomkos

Mo.C4.2 General framework for techno-economic analysis of next generation access networks (Invited)
M. Kantor, K. Wajda, B. Lannoo, K. Casier, S. Verbrugge, M. Pickavet, L. Wosinska, J. Chen, A. Mitcsenkov

Mo.C4.3 Techno-economic feasibility study of different WDM/TDM PON architectures (Invited)
B. Lannoo, G. Das, M. De Groote, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.C4.4 Network applications and economic considerations for fully flexible multi-way ROADM / optical cross-connect architectures (Invited)
R. Dorward

Mo.C4.5 Dimensioning optical networks: A practical approach (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, C. Pavan, R.M. Morais


MARS II Chair: Mirosław Kantor

Mo.D4.1 Optimization framework for supporting 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s services over optical transport networks (Invited)
J. Pedro, J. Santos, P. Monteiro, J. Pires

Mo.D4.2 Dimensioning of optical networks under unconstrained blocking probabilities (Invited)
H. Waldman, R. Bortoletto, G.S. Pavani

Mo.D4.3 Utilization of fiber to the home as a Blue Ocean Strategy to gain competitive advantage (Invited)
M. Zuhdi, E.T. Pereira, A. Teixeira

Mo.D4.4 Benefits of fine QoT-estimator to dimension spare resources in automatic restorable networks (Invited)
A. Morea, J‑C. Antona


Poster Session I  (MPM, ESPC, NAON)

Mo.P.1 Numerical analysis of adjustable gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier (AGC-SOA) performance
L. Liu, C. Michie, A.E. Kelly, I. Andonovic

Mo.P.2 Generalized analysis of the polarization evolution in high-birefringence fibers
N.J. Muga, N.A. Silva, M.F.S. Ferreira, A.N. Pinto

Mo.P.3 Photon pair generation 1310 – 1550 nm based on active photonic crystal: Heralded single photon source model
M. Attia, R. Chatta

Mo.P.4 Reduction of the overall coupling loss using nonuniform tapered microstructured optical fiber
F. Bahloul, R. Attia, D. Pagnoux

Mo.P.5 On the reflectivity of one-dimensional photonic crystal realized in dichromated pullulan
V. Damljanović, S. Savić‑Šević, D. Pantelić, B. Jelenković

Mo.P.6 Engineered chromatic dispersion in photonic crystal fibers selectively doped with water
M. Lucki

Mo.P.7 Ring-shaped two-dimensional photonic crystal structures showing large higher-order stop-bands
S. Zarei, M. Shahabadi, A. Zarei

Mo.P.8 The narrowing of the transmittance band gaps in a multilayered microsphere with quasiperiodic left-handed stack
G. Burlak, A. Díaz‑de‑Anda

Mo.P.9 Phase space engineering in optical microcavities: II. Controlling the far-field
J. Poirier, G. Painchaud‑April, D. Gagnon, L.J. Dubé

Mo.P.10 Resonator modes in a two-dimensional quasi-stadium laser diode with concave end mirrors
T. Fukushima, K. Nishiyama, K. Sakaguchi, Y. Tokuda

Mo.P.11 Thickness dependent Q-spoiling in a thin dielectric coated cylindrical microcavity laser
H‑J. Moon

Mo.P.12 Resonance mode calculations in an acoustic cavity using the boundary element method
H. Kwak, Y. Shin, S‑B. Lee, J. Yang, S. Moon, S‑Y. Lee, S.W. Kim, J‑H. Lee, K. An

Mo.P.13 Temperature and strain-tunable microresonators in liquid crystal droplets
M. Humar, I. Muševič

Mo.P.14 Resonant pump transmission in a strongly deformed microcavity
J. Yang, S‑B. Lee, S. Moon, S‑Y. Lee, S. W. Kim, J‑H. Lee, K. An

Mo.P.15 Single mode lasing in MMI coupled square semiconductor ring resonators
K‑S. Hyun

Mo.P.16 Three dimensional finite-difference frequency-domain method in modeling of photonic nanocavities
A.M. Ivinskaya, D.M. Shyroki, A.V. Lavrinenko

Mo.P.17 Near and far fields of perturbed whispering-gallery modes in a 2-D spiral-shaped active microcavity
E.I. Smotrova, TM. Benson, P. Sewell, R. Sauleau, AI. Nosich

Mo.P.18 Measurement of potential dependent DNA orientation on indium tin oxide surfaces by fluorescent-self interference microscopy
P.S. Spuhler, L. Sola, M. R. Monroe, M. Chiari, M.S. Ünlü

Mo.P.19 Simulation of self-pulsing and chaos in coupled microring resonators
A. Sterkhova, J. Luksch, J. Petráček

Mo.P.20 Nonlinear phase-shifts in self-assembled quantum dot samples under cw driving
T. Ackemann, A. Tierno, S. Barbay, R. Kuszelewicz, M. Brambilla

Mo.P.21 A comparative study of temperature sensitivity of 1.3-μm In(Ga)AsP/InGaAsP multiple quantum-well vertical-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers
Ł. Piskorski

Mo.P.22 Inherent fabrication yields and asymmetries impacts on MZI-SOA static modelling
G. Parca, R. Dionísio, C. Reis, S. Betti, G. Tosi Beleffi, A. Teixeira


SARDANA-BONE I Chair: John Mitchell

Tu.A1.1 Extension of optical access networks (Invited)
L. Spiekman

Tu.A1.2 CCORDANCE: A novel OFDMA-PON paradigm for ultra-high capacity converged wireline-wireless access networks  (Invited)
K. Kanonakis, I. Tomkos, T. Pfeiffer, J. Prat, P. Kourtessis

Tu.A1.3 Recent progresses in coherent WDM PON technologies (Invited)
S.P. Jung, K.Y. Cho, Y. Takushima, Y.C. Chung

Tu.A1.4 GPON scheduling disciplines under multi-service bursty traffic and long-reach approach (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

Tu.A1.5 Remote optical monitoring in remotely power assisted passive optical networks (Invited)
G.M. Tosi Beleffi, D.M. Forin, S. Di Bartolo, G. Incerti, V. Carrozzo, A. Andò, A. Busacca, A.L.J. Teixeira, L. Costa, A. Valenti, S. Pompei


SARDANA-BONE II Chair: Josep Prat

Tu.B1.1 Towards greener optical access networks (Invited)
K. Ennser, B. Devlin, S. Mangeni

Tu.B1.2 Energy efficient optical access and metro networks (Invited)
L. Valcarenghi, I. Cerutti, P. Castoldi

Tu.B1.3 On SLA constraints in dynamic bandwidth allocation for long-reach passive optical networks (Invited)
B. Kantarci, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.B1.4 Reduction of the influence of optical interferometric crosstalk noise in a WDM-PON system with a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier: An overview (Invited)
P.J. Urban, H. De Waardt, E. Ciaramella, A.M.J. Koonen

Tu.B1.5 Enhancement of power budget in RSOA based loop-back type WDM-PON by using the cascaded RSOAs
J.H. Lee, S‑H. Cho, Y.S. Jang, S‑S. Lee

Tu.B1.6 1.25 Gb/s operation of ASE injected RSOA with 50 GHz channel spacing by using injection current adjustment, dispersion management and receiver with decision threshold level control
S‑H. Cho, J‑H. Lee, J‑H. Lee, E‑G. Lee, H. Hyub Lee, E‑S. Jung, S.S. Lee


SARDANA-BONE III Chair: Michela Svaluto Moreolo

Tu.C1.1 Next generation access networks: CDMA- vs. WDMA-based PONs (Invited)
G. Cincotti, N. Wada, N. Kataoka, K‑I. Kitayama

Tu.C1.2 Full-duplex, 10 Gbps, asynchronous OCDMA system (Invited)
N. Kataoka

Tu.C1.3 Optical CDMA enhanced by nonlinear optics (Invited)
C. Ware, S. Cordette, C. Lepers, I. Fsaifes, A. Tonello, V. Couderc, M. Douay, B. Kibler, C. Finot, G. Millot

Tu.C1.4 Performance enhancement of 2-D OCDMA systems using multi-code modulation and heterodyne detection
N.T. Dang, A.T. Pham

Tu.C1.5 Fixed mobile convergence in an all-optical metro network
C. Roger, P. Niger

Tu.C1.6 Generation and transmission of millimeter wave signals employing optical frequency quadrupling
P. Laurêncio, H. Vargues, R. Avó, M.C.R. Medeiros


ICTON IV – Systems II Chair: Slavisa Aleksić

Tu.D1.1 ICT BONE views on the network of the future: The role of optical networking (Invited)
C. Politi, A. Tzanakaki, M. O’Mahony, K. Katrinis, P. Van Daele, M. Pickavet, D. Simeonidou, A. Stavdas, G. Franzl, J. Mitchell, P. Castoldi, S. Spadaro, F. Callegatti, P. Petropoulos, K. Vlachos, A. Pattavina

Tu.D1.2 Advances on optical transport technologies in the BONE project (Invited)
F. Callegati, W. Cerroni

Tu.D1.3 Design considerations and performance comparison of high-order modulation formats using OFDM (Invited)
W. Rosenkranz, A. Ali, J. Leibrich

Tu.D1.4 Single- and multi-carrier techniques to build up Tb/s per channel transmission systems (Invited)
R. Freund, M. Nölle, C. Schmidt-Langhorst, R. Ludwig, C. Schubert, G. Bosco, A. Carena, P. Poggiolini, L. Oxenløwe, M. Galili, H.  Christian, H. Mulvad M. Winter, D. Hillerkuss, R. Schmogrow, W. Freude, J. Leuthold, A.D. Ellis, F.C.G. Gunning, J. Zhao, P. Frascella, S.K. Ibrahim, N. Mac Suibhne

Tu.D1.5 Gigabit home networking with 1 mm PMMA fibers (Invited)
S. Abrate, A. Nespola, S. Straullu, P. Savio, R. Gaudino, A. Antonino, C. Zerna, B. Offenbeck, N. Weber

Tu.D1.6 Performance analysis of an OCDMA system by means of the quasi analytical and the Gaussian approaches
L. Piazzo, V. Eramo, A. Aceto


SWP IV (WG2) Chair: Pavel Cheben

Tu.A2.1 Light trapping efficiency in thin-film silicon photovoltaic cells with a photonic pattern (Invited)
L.C. Andreani, S. Zanotto, M. Liscdini

Tu.A2.2 Refractive index gas sensing in a hollow photonic crystal cavity (Invited)
J. Jágerská, N. le Thomas, H. Zhang, Z. Diao, R. Houdré

Tu.A2.3 Attenuation of electromagnetic waves in semiconductor periodic and quasi-periodic layered waveguides in a magnetic field  (Invited)
O.V. Shramkova

Tu.A2.4 Continuous and pulsed room temperature lasing behaviour at 1.55 µm on high quality factor photonic crystal microcavities  (Invited)
L.J. Martínez, B. Alén, I. Prieto, D. Fuster, Y. González, L. González, M.L. Dotor, P.A. Postigo

Tu.A2.5 Design and fabrication techniques for a mid-infrared photonic crystal defect cavity in indium antimonide (Invited)
J.R. Pugh, Y.L.D. Ho, P.J. Heard, G.R. Nash, T. Ashley, J.G. Rarity,  M.J. Cryan

Tu.A2.6 Discrete photonics: shaping inhomogeneous waveguide arrays to control guided light on chip – “Guidonics”
N. Belabas Plougonven, C. Minot, S. Bouchoule, I. Sagnes, A.Levenson, J‑M. Moison


SWP V (WG3) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

Tu.B2.1 All-fiber lasers actively modelocked by acousto-optic modulation (Invited)
C. Cuadrado‑Laborde, A. Díez, J.L. Cruz, M.V. Andrés

Tu.B2.2 Analysis of symmetric and asymmetric broadened-mode laser structures for short and ultrashort optical pulse generation (Invited)
E.A. Avrutin, B.S. Ryvkin, J. Kostamovaara, E.L. Portnoi

Tu.B2.3 Analysis of modal interference in photonic bandgap fibres (Invited)
M.N. Petrovich, F.Poletti, D.J. Richardson

Tu.B2.4 Mid-IR laser emission from a C2H2 gas filled hollow core fiber (Invited)
W. Rudolph, A.V. Nampoothiri, A. Ratanavis, A. Jones, R. Kadel, B.R. Washburn, K.L. Corwin, N. Wheeler, F. Couny, F. Benabid

Tu.B2.5 Optical characterization of the VCSEL diodes based on GaSb (Invited)
S. Civiš, I. Matulková, J. Cihelka

Tu.B2.6 Photoinduced absorption saturation dynamics of InGaAs quantum dot structure dedicated for wavelength 1070 nm
E. Jelmakas, R. Tomasiunas, E. Rafailov, I. Krestnikov


SWP VI (WG3) Chair: Romuald Brazis

Tu.D2.1 Optical induced current technique used to investigate the photonic quantum ring laser (Invited)
G.A. Stanciu, R. Hristu, S.G. Stanciu

Tu.D2.2 Spectral tuning of microstructured optical fibre Bragg gratings utilizing ferrofluids (Invited)
A. Candiani, M. Konstantaki, W. Margulis, S. Pissadakis

Tu.D2.3 Applications of highly nonlinear dispersion tailored lead silicate fibres for high speed optical communications (Invited)
F. Parmigiani, A. Camerlingo, X. Feng, F. Poletti, G.M. Ponzo, R. Slavík, P. Horak, M.N. Petrovich, W.H. Loh, P. Petropoulos, D.J. Richardson

Tu.D2.4 Towards all-diamond optical devices (Invited)
S. Tomljenovic‑Hanic, I. Aharonovich, S. Castelleto, B.A. Fairchild, K. Ganesan, B.C. Gibson, A.D. Greentree, J. Orwa, S. Rubanov, D.A. Simpson, A. Stacey, S. Prawer

Tu.D2.5 Predictive microscopic approach to transport and optics in THz quantum cascade lasers (Invited)
M.F. Pereira


RONEXT/WAOR Chair: Anna Tzanakaki

Tu.A3.1 Impact of network reliability on network costs in next generation access networks (Invited)
R. Hülsermann, D. Breuer, C. Lange

Tu.A3.2 Routing and wavelength assignment computed jointly for a given set of multicast trees reduces the total wavelength conversion (Invited)
W. Huang, L. Tang, M. Razo, A. Sivasankaran, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli

Tu.A3.3 SRLG failure localization in transparent optical mesh networks with monitoring trees and trails
P. Babarczi, J. Tapolcai, P‑H. Ho, B. Wu

Tu.A3.4 Wavelength assignment in optical networks considering physical impairments
J. Maranhao, A. Soares, H. Waldman

Tu.A3.5 Performance evaluation of OTDM/WDM networks in dynamic traffic scenario
V. Eramo, A. Cianfrani, M. Listanti, A. Germoni, P. Cipollone, F. Matera

Tu.A3.6 A novel optical firewall architecture for burst switched networks
M. Sliti, M. Hamdi, N. Boudriga

Tu.A3.7 Testing the impairments of dynamic optical switching on TCP traffic through the European FEDERICA testbed infrastructure
M. Ruffini, D. O’Mahony, L. Doyle


RONEXT I Chair: Lena Wosinska

Tu.B3.1 Impact of dual-link failures on impairment-aware WDM routed networks (Invited)
K.N. Georgakilas, K. Katrinis, A. Tzanakaki, O.B. Madsen

Tu.B3.2 Accuracy improvement of double fault identification on transparent optical networks (Invited)
C. Mas Machuca, D. Wenquan, P. Thiran

Tu.B3.3 Robustness analysis to multiple failures in GMPLS networks (Invited)
J. Segovia, J.L. Marzo, E. Calle, P. Vilà

Tu.B3.4 Impact of WDM network topology characteristics on the extent of failure losses (Invited)
W. Molisz, J. Rak

Tu.B3.5 Reliability and power density analysis of fibre Bragg gratings and thin film filter based multiplexer (Invited)
R. Chandy


RONEXT II Chair: Rebecca Chandy / Richard Dorward

Tu.C3.1 A novel service-oriented resource allocation model for future optical internet (Invited)
C.E. Abosi, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou

Tu.C3.2 Cross-layer communications for high-bandwidth optical networks (Invited)
C.P. Lai, K. Bergman

Tu.C3.3 Design and analysis of protocols for QoS and autonomous recovery in GMPLS controlled IP over WDM networks (Invited)
R. Ghimire, S. Mohan

Tu.C3.4 Investigation on fast MPLS restoration technique for a GbE wide area transport network: A disaster recovery case
M. Lucci, A. Valenti, F. Matera, D. Del Buono

Tu.C3.5 Quality-based survivability in dual-failure network
J.S. Li, C.F. Yang

Tu.C3.6 Reliable and fast restoration for a survivable wireless-optical broadband access network
B. Kantarci, H.T. Mouftah


RONEXT III Chair: Andrea Fumagalli

Tu.D3.1 Trading power savings for blocking probability in dynamically provisioned WDM networks (Invited)
P. Monti, P. Wiatr, A. Jirattigalachote, L. Wosinska

Tu.D3.2 Energy efficient approach for survivable WDM optical networks (Invited)
L. Wosinska, A. Jirattigalachote, P. Monti, A. Tzanakaki, K. Katrinis

Tu.D3.3 Beyond dual homing: Benefits from multi-layer networking (Invited)
D.A. Schupke, E. Palkopoulou, T. Bauschert

Tu.D3.4 Deciphering omnipresent Ethernet: An all Ethernet communication system – The control plane (Invited)
A. Gumaste

Tu.D3.5 Increasing the cost-constrained availability of WDM networks with degree-3 structured topologies
J.M. Gutierrez, K. Katrinis, K. Georgakilas, A. Tzanakaki, O.B. Madsen


MPM I Chair: Vasily Astratov

Tu.A4.1 Optical microbubble resonator (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Tu.A4.2 Resonant lenses as building blocks for advanced narrow-band integrated receivers (Invited)
A.V. Boriskin, A. Rolland, R.Sauleau

Tu.A4.3 Littrow resonators and the critical coupling concept (Invited)
H. Benisty, O. Khayam

Tu.A4.4 The challenges for numerical time domain simulations of optical resonators (Invited)
P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, A. Al Jarro

Tu.A4.5 Linear chain of coupled resonators with time discontinuity in permittivity
N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh

Tu.A4.6 Two photon absorption effect on semiconductor-based side-coupled integrated sequence of optical resonator delay lines
A. Ghadi, S. Mirzanezhad


MPM II Chair: Artem Boriskin

Tu.B4.1 Symmetry-induced dispersion and performance penalty in coupled resonator optical waveguides (Invited)
J. Scheuer

Tu.B4.2 Optimisation of coupled- resonator optical waveguide couplers (Invited)
A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

Tu.B4.3 Ultra-low threshold glass thin film random lasers (Invited)
G. Jose, P. Steenson, Z. Ikonic, C.A. Evans, M. Irannejad, P. Harrison, A. Jha

Tu.B4.4 Light splitting function of branched chains of transparent microspheres
T. Mitsui, Y. Wakayama, T. Onodera, T. Hayashi, N. Ikeda, Y. Sugimoto, T. Takamasu, H. Oikawa

Tu.B4.5 Coupled micro-ring resonator based optical en/decoder for 2-D coherent OCDMA application
X. Wang, Z. Gao


MPM III Chair: Koby Scheuer

Tu.C4.1 Photonic atoms and molecules: Sensing, trapping and all-optical manipulation (Invited)
F. Vollmer

Tu.C4.2 Optical interference: Nanoscale biological imaging, label-free protein microarrays, and single pathogen detection (Invited)
M.S. Ünlü, M. Chiari, U. Rant

Tu.C4.3 Light focusing microprobes for biomedical and photonics applications based on integrated microsphere arrays (Invited)
A. Darafsheh, O.V. Svitelskiy, V.N. Astratov

Tu.C4.4 Controlling the properties of photonic jets
D. McCloskey, Y.P. Rakovich, J.F. Donegan

Tu.C4.5 Effect of the slot position on the response of slot microresonators: Numerical investigation
K.R. Hiremath

Tu.C4.6 Phase space engineering in optical microcavities: I. Preserving near-field uniformity while inducing far-field directionality
G. Painchaud‑April, J. Poirier, D. Gagnon, L.J. Dubé


ESPC I Chair: Ady Arie

Tu.D4.1 Evaluation of 3D photonic crystal cavities on a volumetric basis (Invited)
K. Aoki

Tu.D4.2 Hollow-core photonic crystal fibers: Advances and prospects (Invited)
F. Gérôme, G. Humbert, J‑L. Auguste, R. Jamier, J‑M. Blondy, W. Wadsworth, J. Knight

Tu.D4.3 Hybrid active photonic crystal structures: III-V based slow light waveguides or nanocavities coupled to SOI wires (Invited)
F. Raineri, Y. Halioua, T. Karle, A. Bazin, F. Bordas, P. Monnier, I. Sagnes, G. Roelkens, D. Van Thourhout, R. Raj

Tu.D4.4 3D light harnessing based on coupling engineering between 1D-2D photonic crystal membranes and 0D photonic structures (Invited)
A. Belarouci, T. Benyattou, X. Letartre, P. Rojo‑Romeo, T. Zhang, P. Viktorovitch

Tu.D4.5 1-D nanobeam resonators and lasers (Invited)
B‑H. Ahn, J‑H. Kang, M‑K. Kim, B. Min, Y‑H. Lee

Tu.D4.6 Experimental evidences of light beam filtering by three-dimensional photonic crystal (Invited)
T. Gertus, L. Maigyte , M. Peckus, V. Sirutkaitis, K. Staliunas


Poster Session II (SWP)

Tu.P.1 Photoluminescence of ZnO thin films on Si substrate
K. Bartkiewicz, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala

Tu.P.2 Effective third-order optical nonlinearity of nano-porous silicon
T. Bazaru, V.I. Vlad, A. Petris, M. Miu

Tu.P.3 Plasmon and structure resonances in the scattering of light by a periodic chain of silver nanocylinders
V.O. Byelobrov, T.M. Benson, J. Ctyroky, R. Sauleau, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.4 Optical limiting in polystyrene embedded nanocrystals
I. Dancus, V.I. Vlad, A. Petris, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A. Eychmüller

Tu.P.5 Reflectometry sounding of inhomogeneities in periodic multilayer structures
M.M. Barisheva, K.P. Gaikovich, P.K. Gaikovich, M.N. Polushkin, Yu.A. Vainer, S.Yu. Zuev

Tu.P.6 Photonic nanostructures for potential applications in cell biology
J. Heitz, N. Voelcker, A. Chaloupka, S. Yakunin, A.L. Hook, E. Anglin

Tu.P.7 Light propagation characteristics in subwavelength metal-dielectric optical coaxial nano-waveguides
O.N. Kozina, L.A. Melnikov, I.S. Nefedov

Tu.P.8 Plasmon and grid resonances in the electromagnetic scattering by finite grids of silver nanowires
D.M. Natarov, T.M. Benson, A. Altintas, R. Sauleau, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.9 Tuning of resonator by control of nematic liquid crystal properties
M. Kukhtin, Y. Machekhin, E. Chernyakov, А. Nerukh, L. Lisetski, А. Cocherzhin

Tu.P.10 Stimulated emission of radiation at 2.5 μm wavelength at room temperature from optically excited CdxHg1-xTe structures
A.A. Andronov, Yu.N. Nozdrin, A.V. Okomel’kov

Tu.P.11 Photoinduced molecular polar alignment in E-O polymers by all-optical poling holographic methods
R. Petruskevicius, L. Kucinskaite, G. Navickaite, G. Seniutinas, R. Tomasiunas

Tu.P.12 Soliton waveguide arrays in LiNbO3 generated with blue-violet lasers for ultrafast parallel coupling
S.T. Popescu, A. Petris, V.I. Vlad, E. Fazio

Tu.P.13 Broadband terahertz modulation using subwavelength metallic slit arrays
S. Zarei, M. Jarrahi

Tu.P.14 H-wave scattering by a flat magneto-dielectric strip analyzed with the Nystrom-type numerical algorithm
O.V. Shapoval, R. Sauleau, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.15 Investigations of temperature dependent photoluminescence process in MgO thin films
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, K. Brodzińska, Z. Łukasiak, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Korcala

Tu.P.16 Simulation and fabrication of a new photonic biosensor
C. Ciminelli, C.M. Campanella, M.N. Armenise


ICTON V (Networks I) Chair: Paulo André

We.A1.1 Optimizing multi-layered networks towards a transparently optical Internet (Invited)
R.G. Addie, D. Fatseas, M. Zukerman

We.A1.2 Requirements and limitations of optical interconnects for high-capacity network elements (Invited)
S. Aleksić, N. Fehratović

We.A1.3 Converged optical networking for packetized bandwidth delivery (Invited)
M. Cvijetic

We.A1.4 GMPLS energy efficiency scheme for Green photonic networks (Invited)
M. Nazri, M. Warip, I. Glesk, I. Andonovic

We.A1.5 Optical transparency and network energy efficiency (Invited)
D.C. Kilper, G. Atkinson, S. Korotky

We.A1.6 hysical layer cryptography in optical networks: A lattice-based approach (Invited)

N. Boudriga, W. Abdallah, M. Hamdi


ICTON VI (General II) Chair: Moshe Zukerman

We.B1.1 Squat-based resource management strategy for enabling shared infrastructures over optical networks (Invited)
J.A. Garcia‑Espin, X. Hesselbach

We.B1.2 Algorithms for virtual topology reconfiguration under multi-hour traffic using Lagrangian relaxation and tabu search approaches (Invited)
R. Aparicio‑Pardo, P. Pavon‑Marino, N. Skorin‑Kapov, B. Garcia‑Manrubia, J. Garcia‑Haro

We.B1.3 Multiobjective sparse regeneration placement algorithm in optical networks considering network performance and CAPEX (Invited)
D.A.R. Chaves, C.F.C.L.C. Ayres, R.V.B. Carvalho, H.A. Pereira, C.J.A. Bastos‑Filho, J.F. Martins‑Filho

We.B1.4 Investigation of duobinary modulation implementations for use in wavelength switched networks (Invited)
J.A. O’Dowd, S.K. Ibrahim, V. Bessler, A.D. Ellis

We.B1.5 De-multiplexing of 107 Gb/s OTDM signal based on pulsed pump optical parametric amplifier
M. Karasek, P. Honzatko

We.B1.6 Power consumption in photonic switches with shared wavelength converters
C. Raffaelli, M. Savi


ICTON VII (Networks II) Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan

We.C1.1 New challenges in next generation dynamic optical network planning (Invited)
I. Tomkos

We.C1.2 Adaptive optical transmission for dynamic optical networks (Invited)
B. Teipen, K. Grobe, M. Eiselt, J‑P. Elbers

We.C1.3 Cognitive optical networks: Need, requirements and architecture (Invited)
G.S. Zervas, D. Simeonidou

We.C1.4 Driving the optical network innovation by extensively using transparent domains (Invited)
H.R. van As

We.C1.5 Modulation format free optical packet switching technology (Invited)
N. Wada S, Shinada, H. Furukawa

We.C1.6 Optimized methods for inserting and deleting records and data retrieving in quantum database
A. Gueddana, R. Chatta, N. Boudriga


ICTON VIII (Systems III) Chair: Xavier Hesselbach

We.D1.1 Vector modulation technologies for high-speed optical transmission (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, T. Sakamoto, A.Chiba, A. Kanno

We.D1.2 DSP-based compensation of non-linear impairments in 100 Gb/s PolMux QPSK (Invited)
M. Mussolin, M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson, A. Carena, G. Bosco

We.D1.3 Iterative demapping and decoding for bit-interleaved coded modulation in optical communication systems (Invited)
T. Lotz, W. Sauer‑Greff, R. Urbansky

We.D1.4 Impact of optical channel distortions to digital timing recovery in digital coherent transmission systems
F.N. Hauske, N. Stojanovic, C. Xie, M. Chen

We.D1.5 Rate-adaptive nonbinary-LDPC-coded modulation with backpropagation for long-haul optical transport networks
M. Arabaci, I.B. Djordjevic, T. Schmidt, R. Saunders, R.M. Marcoccia

We.D1.6 Impact of nonlinear fibre impairments in 112 Gb/s PM-QPSK transmission with 43 Gb/s and 10.7 Gb/s neighbours
D. Rafique, M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson

We.D1.7 Stable 112-Gb/s POLMUX-DQPSK transmission with  automatic polarization tracker
J. Zhang, X. Yuan, M. Lin, J. Tao, Y. Zhang, M. Zhang, X. Zhang


SWP VII (WG2) Chair: Katia Gallo

We.A2.1 Nonlinear optics at the nanoscale (Invited)
C. Sibilia, M. Centini, A. Benedetti

We.A2.2 Enhanced Raman amplification by hybrid photonic crystals (Invited)
A. Seyedfaraji, V. Ahmadi

We.A2.3 Exact transparent boundary condition for beam propagation in rectangular domain (Invited)
R.M. Feshchenko, A.V. Popov

We.A2.4 Silica aerogel in optical fibre devices (Invited)
T.A. Birks, M.D.W. Grogan, L.M. Xiao, M.D. Rollings, R. England, W.J. Wadsworth

We.A2.5 Plasmonic absorption enhancement in organic photovoltaics (Invited)
B. Maes, A. Abass, H. Shen, P. Bienstman

We.A2.6 Holographic photonic structures generated in dichromated pullulan (Invited)
S. Savić‑Šević, D. Pantelić, B. Jelenković


SWP VIII (WG3) Chair: George Stanciu

We.B2.1 Second and third harmonic generation in disordered quadratic nonlinear media: Application to short-pulse characterization (Invited)

V. Roppo, W. Wang, K. Kalinowski, R. Vilaseca, J. Trull, C. Cojocaru, K. Staliunas, W. Krolikowski, Yu. Kivshar

We.B2.2 Second-harmonic generation in disordered quadratic media: Role of a ferroelectric domain structure (Invited)
V. Roppo, K. Kalinowski, W. Wang, C. Cojocaru, J. Trull, R. Vilaseca, M. Scalora, W. Krolikowski, Yu. Kivshar

We.B2.3 Nonlinear optical properties of azo-azulenes derivatives (Invited)
J. Niziol, Z. Essaidi, H. El Ouazzani, M. Bakasse, B. Sahraoui

We.B2.4 Photopolymer recording materials: Characterisation, modelling and applications (Invited)
J.T. Sheridan

We.B2.5 Influence of intra-ensemble energy transfer on the properties of nanocrystal quantum dot structures and devices
M. Lunz, A.L. Bradley, W‑Y. Chen, V.A. Gerard, S.J. Byrne, Y.K. Gun’ko, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik

We.B2.6 Investigation of selected polymers with different azobenzene moieties for NLO application (Invited)
O. Krupka, O. Nadtoka, V. Smokal, H. El Ouzzani, B. Sahraoui


SWP IX Chair: Valentin Vlad

We.C2.1 Glass-ceramic waveguides: Fabrication and properties (Invited)
S. Guddala, G. Alombert‑Goget, C. Armellini, A. Chiappini, A. Chiasera, M. Ferrari, M. Mazzola, S. Berneschi, G.C. Righini, E. Moser, B. Boulard, C. Duverger Arfuso, S.N.B. Bhaktha, S. Turrell, D. Narayana Rao, G. Speranza

We.C2.2 Parametric frequency downconversion devices in periodically poled Mg-doped stoichiometric lithium tantalate (Invited)
K. Gallo, M. Levenius, B. Vermersch, V. Pasiskievicius, F. Laurell

We.C2.3 Inverse scattering problem in Hilbert space (Invited)
K.P. Gaikovich

We.C2.4 Multipolar contributions to the second-order nonlinearity of gold (Invited)
M. Kauranen, F. Xiang Wang, F. Rodriguez, J.E. Sipe, W.M. Albers, R. Ahorinta

We.C2.5 Optical rogue waves and soliton collisions (Invited)
M. Erkintalo, G. Genty, J.Dudley

We.C2.6 Material nanoprocessing with nondiffracting femtosecond Bessel beams (Invited)
F. Courvoisier, M.K. Bhuyan, P‑A. Lacourt, M. Jacquot, L. Furfaro, J.M. Dudley

We.C2.7 Static and dynamic structural monitoring based on optical fiber sensors
P. Antunes, H. Lima, H. Varum, P. André


ESPC II Chair: Kanna Aoki

We.D2.1 All-optical effects in nonlinear photonic crystals (Invited)
A.G. Padowicz, I. Dolev, T. Ellenbogen, Y. Sheng, K. Koynov, A. Arie

We.D2.2 Dynamic nonlinear optics in 2D photonic crystals (Invited)
A.M. Yacomotti, M. Brunstein, A. Levenson

We.D2.3 High-power supercontinuum generation with picosecond pulses (Invited)
P. Horak, K.K. Chen, S. Alam, S. Dasgupta, D.J. Richardson

We.D2.4 3D modelling of 2D guided-wave photonic crystals
C. Ciminelli, R. Marani, M.N. Armenise

We.D2.5 One-dimensional photonic crystal with superconducting defect layer: Oblique incidence of the light
N. Dadoenkova, A. Zabolotin, I. Lyubchanskii, Y.P. Lee, T. Rasing


GOWN I Chair: Prince Anandarajah

We.A3.1 The impact of receiver sensitivity in the convergence of diverse services over future integrated optical access networks (Invited)
C.P. Tsekrekos, T. Papachristos, I. Tomkos

We.A3.2 Signal processing techniques for transmission impairments compensation in optical systems (Invited)
J.M.B. Oliveira, L.M. Pessoa, H.M. Salgado, I. Darwazeh

We.A3.3 Optical technologies for multi-Gbit/s ultra-wideband radio: From the access to the picocell (Invited)
R. Llorente, M. Morant, M. Beltran

We.A3.4 60 GHz radio-over-fiber transmission impairments for broadband wireless signals (Invited)
R. Avó, P. Laurêncio, M.C.R. Medeiros

We.A3.5 On supporting multiple radio channels over a SCM-based distributed antenna system: A feasibility assessment (Invited)
S. Pato, F. Ferreira, P. Monteiro, H. Silva

We.A3.6 Transparent transportation of digitized microwave environments over 10 Gbps optical networks: Transportation of multi-channel digital broadcast signals
Y. Shoji, Y. Takayama, M. Toyoshima, H. Ohta


GOWN II Chair: Carmo Medeiros

We.B3.1 Gain switching for the optical generation of modulated millimetre waves (Invited)
P.M. Anandarajah, H. Shams, P. Perry, L.P. Barry

We.B3.2 Figures of merit for microwave photonic phase shifters based on coherent population oscillation slow and fast light effects (Invited)
I. Gasulla, J. Sancho, J. Lloret, S. Sales, J. Capmany

We.B3.3 Microwave signal processing based on ultrafast dynamics in quantum dot waveguides (Invited)
Y. Chen, J. Mørk

We.B3.4 Theoretical and experimental study of the linearity of semiconductor optical amplifier based optical modulator in subcarrier multiplexed systems (Invited)
E. Udvary, T. Berceli

We.B3.5 Photonic and microwave signal processing by means of slow and fast light (Invited)
M. Santagiustina, C.G. Someda

We.B3.6 Peer-to-peer architectures for converged wired/wireless access networks
G. Puerto, J. Mora, B. Ortega, J. Capmany


CAS I Chair: Vladimir Rastorguev

We.C3.1 Communication in automotive systems: Principles, limits and new trends for vehicles, airplanes and vessels (Invited)
O. Strobel, R. Rejeb, J. Lubkoll

We.C3.2 Optical wireless with application in automotives (Invited)
R.J. Green

We.C3.3 Matrix model of optical power propagation in plastic optical fibres (Invited)
A. Losada, J. Mateo, A. López

We.C3.4 Application of advanced communication techniques within KDPOF physical layer, to achieve a robust and low-cost MOST100 (Invited)
C. Pardo

We.C3.5 Gigabit Ethernet transmission over polymer optical fiber (Invited)
S. Randel

We.C3.6 150 Mbit/s MOST, the next generation automotive infotainment system (Invited)
S. Poferl, M. Becht, P. De Pauw


CAS II Chair: Otto Strobel

We.D3.1 Radiometric sensor of movement speed of vehicles (Invited)
V.V. Rastorguev, V.B. Shnajder

We.D3.2 Double conversion heterodyne photoparametric amplifier (Invited)
R.J. Green, H. Alhaghagi, E.L. Hines

We.D3.3 Fuzzy linear programming for capacity planning in optical networks (Invited)
Y.S. Kavian, R. Rejeb, O. Strobel

We.D3.4 Using 4G wireless technology in the car
J. Mosyagin


Industrial Chair: Karin Ennser

We.A4.1 A novel all-optical system of the chaotic encryption for optical networks (Invited)
Y. Ben‑Ezra, B.I. Lembrikov, Yu. Yurchenko

We.A4.2 Monitoring of the transparent fibre infrastructure for FTTx networks: An operator’s view (Invited)
A. Ehrhardt, H‑M. Foisel, F. Escher, A. Templin, M. Adamy

We.A4.3 Optical OFDM for the data center (Invited)
Y. Benlachtar, R. Bouziane, R.I. Killey, C.R. Berger, P. Milder, R. Koutsoyannis, J.C. Hoe, M. Püschel, M. Glick

We.A4.4 Impact of topology on layer 2 switched QoS sensitive services (Invited)
B. Puype, G. Verbanck, J. Michielsen, M. Moeskops, W. Tavernier, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

We.A4.5 Open access networks, the Swedish experience (Invited)
M. Forzati, C. Popp Larsen, C. Mattsson

We.A4.6 An energy-efficient node interface for optical core networks
C. Dorize, A. Morea, O. Rival, B. Berde

We.A4.7 Standardization in optical access networks: Status and possible directions (Invited)
A. Teixeira


Novel Glasses I Chair: Reinhard Caspary

We.B4.1 The optical properties of chalcogenide glasses: From measurement to electromagnetic simulation tools (Invited)
H.G. Dantanarayana, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, Z.G. Lian, D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon, E.A. Romanova, A. Konyukhov, B. Derkowska, J. Orava, T. Wagner, T.M. Benson

We.B4.2 Thermal diffusion in chalcogenide glass irradiated by a train of femtosecond laser pulses (Invited)
E. Romanova, A. Konyukhov, S. Muraviov, A.Andrianov

We.B4.3 First-time microwave-synthesis of As40Se60 chalcogenide glass: With potential for mid-infrared photonics (Invited)
N. Prasad, A.B. Seddon

We.B4.4 Elaboration of photonic crystal fibers for telecom and mid infrared wavelengths (Invited)
J. Troles, J.L. Adam, L. Brilland, Q. Coulombier, T. Chartier

We.B4.5 Study of nonlinear optical properties of Er3+- and Yb3+-doped oxyfluoride glasses (Invited)
B. Derkowska, Y.L. Wong, D. Furniss, T.M. Benson, A.B. Seddon


Novel Glasses II Chair: Angela Seddon

We.C4.1 Fabrication of tellurite fiber devices using laser irradiation techniques for all-optical switching applications (Invited)
H. Yokota, Y. Imai, Y. Sasaki, A. Mori

We.C4.2 Tellurite glasses rare-earth doped optical fiber devices: Recent progress and prospects (Invited)
J. Lousteau, D. Milanese, S. Abrate, N. Boetti, M. Pittarelli, S. Barbero, M. Ferrari

We.C4.3 Large core fluoride fibers (Invited)
M. Waldmann, S. Schütz, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky

We.C4.4 Pulsed laser deposition of phospho-tellurite glass thin film waveguides
M. Irannejad, G. Jose, A. Jha, P. Steenson

We.C4.5 Erbium-doped fluoride glass waveguides for laser applications
S. Schütz, M. Waldmann, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky


NAON I Chair: Wlodek Nakwaski

We.D4.1 Linear and nonlinear semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
W. Freude, R. Bonk, T. Vallaitis, A. Marculescu, A. Kapoor, E.K. Sharma, C. Meuer, D. Bimberg, R. Brenot, F. Lelarge, G‑H. Duan, C. Koos, J. Leuthold

We.D4.2 Four-wave mixing in 1.3 µm quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
D. Bimberg, C. Meuer, G. Fiol, H. Schmeckebier, D. Arsenijevic

We.D4.3 Modelocked and tunable InAs/InP (100) quantum dot lasers in the 1.5 μm to 1.8 μm region (Invited)
E. Bente, S. Tahvili, B. Tilma, J. Kotani, M. Smit, R. Nötzel

We.D4.4 Two-state passive mode-locking of quantum dot semiconductor lasers: Classical state scenario and novel reverse state dynamics (Invited)
S. Breuer, M. Rossetti, W. Elsässer, L. Drzewietzki, P. Bardella, I. Montrosset, M. Krakowski, M. Hopkinson

We.D4.5 Integrated tunable laser with ns-switching speed using filtered feedback (Invited)
J. Pozo, B. Docter, O. Raz, N. Calabretta, S. Beri, I.V. Ermakov, J. Danckaert, M.K. Smit

We.D4.6 Timing jitter and all-optical clock recovery based on a quantum-dash Fabry-Perot semiconductor laser (Invited)
J. Parra‑Cetina, S. Latkowski, R. Maldonado‑Basilio, P. Landais

We.D4.7 Characterization of a multi-electrode bulk-SOA for low NF in-line amplification in passive optical networks
K. Carney, S. Latkowski, R. Maldonado‑Basilio, P. Landais, R. Lennox, A.L. Bradley


Poster Session III (ICTON, WAOR, RONEXT)

We.P.1 Dual-link failure covering in DWDM optical networks using genetic algorithms
Y.S. Kavian, R. Rejeb, O. Strobel

We.P.2 Statically pre-provisioned priority-aware algorithm for shared-mesh optical networks
A. Nafarieh, W. Phillips, B. Robertson, S. Sivakumar

We.P.3 Data replication schemes for a distributed storage scenario
T.E.H. El‑Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.P.4 Virtual topology optimization for optical traffic grooming in OBS networks
W. Abdallah, M. Hamdi, N. Boudriga

We.P.5 Blocking performance for all optical wavelength routed WDM networks under wavelength conversions
F.E. El‑Khamy, M. Nasr, H.M.H. Shalaby, H.T. Mouftah

We.P.6 Integration of optical telecommunications and radio access networks to assure quality of service
M. Giuntini, J. Morabito, A. Valenti, F. Matera, V. Carrozzo, S. Di Bartolo

We.P.7 All-optical generation of quaternary amplitude-shift keying signals through parametric amplification
M.L.F. Abbade, J.D. Marconi, A.L.A. Costa, F.R. Barbosa, E. Moschim, H.L. Fragnito

We.P.8 Impact of fibre four-wave mixing wavelength converters on the packet error rate of IP applications
M.L.F. Abbade, J.D. Marconi, V. Ishizuca, R.L. Cassiolato, I.E. Fonseca, H.L. Fragnito

We.P.9 Coherent direct sequence optical en/decoding employing low cost DFB lasers with narrow optical band consumption:  Towards realizable photonic label switching
D. Pastor, W. Amaya, R.García‑Olcina

We.P.10 Investigation of multiple passes through a double-cell self-phase modulation based regenerator
D. Bolt, K. Ennser

We.P.11 Pump depletion measurement under modulation instability conditions
E. Duca, M. Giaconi, G. Parca

We.P.12 All-optical fiber-based amplitude jitter magnifier
J. Fatome, C. Finot

We.P.13 Extreme statistics in Raman fiber amplifiers: From experiments to analytical description
K. Hammani, C. Finot, J. Fatome, A. Picozzi, G. Millot

We.P.14 Adaptive PMD compensation based on DSP and CPLD platform in 80Gb/s DQPSK optical transmission system
J. Tao, Y. Zhang, J. Zhang, X. Yuan, M. Zhang, X. Zhang

We.P.15 Transmission of 20x10 GE channels over 298 km of NZ DSF with EDFA assisted bi-directional Raman amplification
M. Karasek, J. Vojtech, J. Radil

We.P.16 Multiple-bit all-optical logic based on cross-gain modulation in a semiconductor optical amplifier
A. Villafranca, I. Garcés, M. Cabezón, J.J.  Martínez, D. Izquierdo, J. Pozo

We.P.17 40Gb/s Pol-Mux RZ-DQPSK transmission with electric dispersion compensation
M. Lin, J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, M. Zhang, Y. Huang

We.P.18 C+L band gain equalization for extended reach WDM-ring PON using hybrid Raman/in-line EDFA amplification
B. Neto, A.M. Rocha, J.P. Girão, R.P. Dionisio, C. Reis, S. Chatzi, F. Bonada, J. Lazaro, A. Teixeira, P.S. André

We.P.19 Analysis of non-linear impairments in 40 Gbaud PM DQPSK and D8PSK transmission
M. Niaz Chughtai, M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson, E. Tipsuwannakul, M. Karlsson

We.P.20 Configuration for detecting the fiber fuse propagation using a FBG sensor
A.M. Rocha, P. Antunes, F. Domingues, M. Facão, P.S. André

We.P.21 The implementation of a novel electronical compensation scheme for adaptive PMD compensator
G. Wang, Y. Zhang, J. Zhang, M. Zhang, X. Yuan, L. Zhou, X. Weng, F. Tian, X. Zhang

We.P.22 Modeling of the multi-carrier modulation benefits for data transmission
M. Lucki, P. Jares, E. Kozlowska

We.P.23 An ameliorated parallel prefix network algorithm based DQPSK precoder for optical communication
L. Zhou, Y. Zhang, G. Wang, M. Zhang, J. Zhang, Y. Huang, L. Li

We.P.24 Which of the shortest paths should we choose? A proposal of routing in the all-optical WDM networks design
G.M. Durães, K.D.R. Assis, A.F. Santos, A.C.B. Soares, W.F. Giozza

We.P.25 Channel assignment in dense wavelength division multiplexing radio-over-fiber networks
M. Klinkowski, M. Jaworski, D. Careglio

We.P.26 Optical transmission impairments in 60 GHz radio-over-fiber system
M. Jaworski, M. Klinkowski

We.P.27 Enhanced fibre length reach in low-BW RSOA 10 Gb/s colourless WDM PON using CS-MLSE
I. Cano, M. Omella, J. Prat, P. Poggiolini


ICTON IX (Systems IV) Chair: Oscar Gaete

Th.A1.1 Power consumption comparison between point-to-point WDM and OTDM systems (Invited)
J. Xu, C. Peucheret, P. Jeppesen

Th.A1.2 Practical and deployment issues to be considered in regenerator placement and operation of translucent optical networks (Invited)
C.V. Saradhi, S. Zaks, R. Fedrizzi, A. Zanardi, E. Salvadori

Th.A1.3 DPSK optical code hopping scheme using single phase modulator for secure optical communication (Invited)
X. Wang, Z. Gao, N. Kataoka, N. Wada

Th.A1.4 Quadrature imbalance compensation techniques for DP‑QPSK coherent systems
L.A. Pivato, D.A.A. Mello

Th.A1.5 Fiber nonlinear impact on hybrid ultra-dense WDM based optical networks
J.D. Reis, P.M.A. Monteiro, A.L. Teixeira

Th.A1.6 Experimental comparison of all-optical phase-preserving amplitude regeneration techniques
D. Endres, C. Stephan, K. Sponsel, G. Onishchukov, B. Schmauss, G. Leuchs

Th.A1.7 Determination of channel capacity and optimum source distribution of fiber-optic channel
J. Zhang, I.B. Djordjevic, H.G. Batshon, S.S. Jian


ICTON X (Modelling) Chair: Adolfo Cartaxo

Th.B1.1 Self pulsing solitons: A base for optically controllable pulse trains in photonic networks? (Invited)
T. Ackemann, N. Radwell, C. McIntyre, G.L. Oppo, W.J. Firth

Th.B1.2 Optimization of W-type fiber in order to use it in bright soliton transmission (Invited)
T. Kaczmarek

Th.B1.3 Methods for evaluation of the Euler gamma function in the complex field and their application in the computational electromagnetics (Invited)
G.N. Georgiev, M.N. Georgieva‑Grosse

Th.B1.4 On the roots of certain transcendental equations, involving complex confluent hypergeometric functions and their application in the theory of waveguides (Invited)
M.N. Georgieva‑Grosse, G.N. Georgiev

Th.B1.5 Fast parallel simulation of fiber optical communication systems accelerated by a graphics processing unit
S. Pachnicke, A. Chachaj, M. Helf, P.M. Krummrich


SARDANA-BONE IV Chair: Gabriella Cincotti

Th.A2.1 Optical code division multiple access coder/decoder pairs based on temporal optical pulse shaping with fiber Bragg gratings and electrooptic modulators (Invited)
S. Tainta, M.J. Erro, R. Garcia, W. Amaya, M.J. Garde, S. Sales, M.A. Muriel

Th.A2.2 Original monitoring technique for passive optical networks combining fiber Bragg gratings and wavelength swept light source (Invited)
K. Yuksel, M. Wuilpart, V. Moeyaert, P. Mégret

Th.A2.3 Modelling optical burst equalisation in next generation access network
B. Cao, J.E. Mitchell

Th.A2.4 Bidirectional incoherent 16QAM transmission over hybrid WDM/TDM passive optical network
N. Sotiropoulos,  T. Koonen, H. de Waardt

Th.A2.5 OFDM-UWB signal distribution over long-reach PON using directly modulated lasers
J.A.P. Morgado, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Th.A2.6 Baseband OFDM and ultrawide band OFDM signals coexistence requirements for extended reach PONs
F. Carvalho, A. Cartaxo


MPM IV Chair: Nataliya Sakhnenko

Th.B2.1 High efficient optical pumping based on dynamical tunneling in a deformed microcavity laser (Invited)
K. An

Th.B2.2 Controlling the interaction of photons and single molecules in a λ/2‑microresonator (Invited)
R. Gutbrod, S. Bär, A. Chizhik, F. Schleifenbaum, A. Chizhik, A.J. Meixner

Th.B2.3 Light manipulation in resonant photonic devices (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, C.E. Campanella, F. Dell’Olio, M.N. Armenise

Th.B2.4 A scanning fiber-based microcavity for controlling single molecule emission
C. Toninelli, Y. Delley, T. Stöferle, A. Renn, S. Götzinger, V. Sandoghdar

Tunable homo- and hetero-atomic photonic molecules
F. Intonti, F. Riboli, S. Vignolini, D.S. Wiersma, L. Balet, L.H. Li, M. Francardi, A. Gerardino, A. Fiore, M. Gurioli


OMEGA Tutorial Chair: Klaus-Dieter Langer

Th.A3.1 Indoor gigabit optical wireless communications: Challenges and possibilities (Invited)
H. Le Minh, Z. Ghassemlooy, D. O’Brien, G. Faulkner

Th.A3.2 Video broadcast via a lamp (Invited)
J. Vučić, C. Kottke, L. Fernández, S. Nerreter, J. Walewski, K. Habel, K‑D. Langer

Th.A3.3 Light-emitting diodes: The unknown entities (Invited)
T. Kamalakis, J.W. Walewski, G. Ntogari, G. Mileounis

Th.A3.4 Block transmission with linear frequency domain equalization for dispersive optical channels with direct detection (Invited)
M. Wolf, L. Grobe, M.R. Rieche, A. Koher, J. Vučić


ICTON-FSO Chair: Jelena Vučić

Th.B3.1 Analysis and evaluation of optimum wavelengths for free-space optical transceivers (Invited)
E. Leitgeb, T. Plank, M.S. Awan, P. Brandl, W. Popoola, F. Ghassemlooy, F. Ozek, M. Wittig

Th.B3.2 Multi-wavelength wireless-PON (Invited)
M. Milosavljevic, A. Gliwan, P. Kourtessis, J.M. Senior

Th.B3.3 Genetic algorithm optimisation of the SNR for indoor optical wireless communication systems (Invited)
M.D. Higgins, R.J. Green, M.S. Leeson, E.L. Hines

Th.B3.4 Generalized hybrid subcarrier/amplitude/phase/polarization LDPC-coded modulation based FSO networking
I.B. Djordjevic, H.G. Batshon

Th.B3.5 Fuzzy logic control based modulation optimisation for the indoor optical wireless channel
Y. Zeng, R. Green, M. Leeson


NAON II Chair: Phillip Sewell

Th.A4.1 Wafer-fused 1310 nm and 1550 nm mode-locked semiconductor disk lasers (Invited)
A. Sirbu, E. Saarinen, J. Rautiainen, J. Puustinen, A. Mereuta, J. Lyytikäinen, L. Toikkanen, J. Nikkinen, A. Caliman, V. Iakovlev, O. Okhotnikov, E. Kapon

Th.A4.2 Direct writing of photonic devices using femtosecond laser pulses (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, S. Gross, C. Miese, G. Marshall, M. Ams, P. Dekker, M. Withford

Th.A4.3 Photonic reservoir computing: A new approach to optical information processing (Invited)
K. Vandoorne, M. Fiers, D. Verstraeten, B. Schrauwen, J. Dambre, P. Bienstman

Th.A4.4 Ultrafast all-optical memory operation using a polarization bistable VCSEL (Invited)
H. Kawaguchi

Th.A4.5 Electron transfer between quasi-zero-dimensional nanostructures (Invited)
K. Král, M. Menšík

Th.A4.6 Photonic crystal based structures for ultra-thin film solar cells (Invited)
E. Drouard, G. Gomard, X. Meng, O. El Daif, A. Kaminski‑Cachopo, A. Fave, M. Lemiti, C. Seassal


NAON III Chair: Eugene Avrutin

Th.B4.1 InP-based high-speed-VCSELs with novel short-cavity design for application in access networks (Invited)
M.C. Amann, M. Müller

Th.B4.2 Methods to improve performance of  the 1.3-μm oxide-confined GaInNAs/GaAs QW VCSELs (Invited)
R.P. Sarzała, W. Nakwaski

Th.B4.3 Ultra fast detection based on SiGe thin layers (Invited)
B.I. Lembrikov, Y. Ben‑Ezra

Th.B4.4 The nonlinear absorption and phase recovery of quantum dot based reverse-biased waveguide electro-absorbers (Invited)
T. Piwonski, J. Pulka, G. Madden, J. Houlihan, G. Huyet, E.A. Viktorov, T. Erneux, P. Mandel

Th.B4.5 FRET in self-assembled CdTe quantum dot nanoclusters
C. Higgins, M. Lunz, A.L. Bradley, V.A. Gerard, S. Byrne, Y.K. Gun’ko

Th.B4.6 Ultrafast direct written waveguide Bragg gratings utilizing a high pulse energy femtosecond oscillator
C. Miese, M.J. Withford, A. Fuerbach