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9th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


July 1-5, 2007 - Rome, Italy



Plenary Session Chair: Hans-Georg Unger

Mo.A.1 Photon funneling from ultrasmall photonic crystal lasers near communications wavelength (Invited)

Y-H. Lee, I-K. Hwang, S-H. Kim

Mo.A.2 Research in optical transport networks: the e-Photon/ONe+ experience (Invited)

F. Callegati, L. Wosinska, M. Tornatore, F. Cugini

Mo.A.3 Challenges in stable, high-capacity optical communication networks (Invited)

A.E. Willner


ICTON I (Systems I) Chair: Krzysztof Abramski

Mo.B1.1 Recent progress and fundamental limitations of optical MLSE receivers (Invited)

P. Poggiolini, G. Bosco, M. Visintin, P. Bayvel, R. Killey, S. Savory, Y. Benlachtar, J. Prat, M. Omella

Mo.B1.2 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and other advanced options to achieve 100Gb/s  Ethernet transmission (Invited)

W. Rosenkranz, J. Leibrich, M. Serbay, A. Ali

Mo.B1.3 Modulation formats for upgrading MANs to 40 Gb/s per channel (Invited)

A. Cartaxo, D. Fonseca, P. Monteiro

Mo.B1.4 Optical channel impairments mitigation on 40 Gb/s systems resorting to post-detection adjustable electrical compensation (Invited)

P.M.P. Monteiro, M.A.M. Madureira, D. Fonseca, R.L. Aguiar, A.V.T. Cartaxo, R. Sousa, M. Violas

Mo.B1.5 Phase modulation techniques for on-off keying transmission (Invited)

M. Forzati

Mo.B1.6 Quantum communication in optical networks: an overview and selected recent results (Invited)

S. Sauge, M. Swillo, S. Albert-Seifried, G.B. Xavier, J. Waldebäck, M. Tengner, D. Ljunggren, Q. Wang, A. Karlsson


ICTON II (Systems II) Chair: Norbert Hanik

Mo.C1.1 Field trial to upgrade an existing 10 Gbit/s DWDM link with 40 Gbit/s RZ-DQPSK channels (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt, D. Breuer, D. Fritzsche, S. Vorbeck, M. Schneiders, W. Weiershausen, R. Leppla, C. Fürst, J.P. Elbers, M. Camera, H. Wernz, H. Griesser, S. Herbst, F. Cavaliere, J. Wendler, M. Schrödel, T. Wuth, C. Fludger, T. Duthel, B. Milivojevic, C. Schulien

Mo.C1.2 40G and higher what is waiting for us ahead? (Invited)

A. Girard, D. Kallgren, M. Söderberg

Mo.C1.3 High speed technologies for MMF systems (Invited)

I.H. White, J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty

Mo.C1.4 Optical network for high-quality broadband services (Invited)

M. Suzuki, Y. Horiuchi, M. Hayashi, T. Otani

Mo.C1.5 Utilizing an active fiber optic communication network for accurate time distribution (Invited)

P.O. Hedekvist, R. Emardson, S-Ch. Ebenhag, K. Jaldehag

Mo.C1.6 Recent developments in polymer optical fiber (POF) transceivers (Invited)

R. Gindera, I. Möllers, M. Bülters, D. Kalinowski, D. Jäger


GRAAL Chair: Wojciech Kabaciński

Mo.D1.1 Optimal on-line colorings for minimizing the number of ADMs in optical networks (Invited)

M. Shalom, P.W.H. Wong, S. Zaks

Mo.D1.2 Valid inequalities for a shortest-path routing optimization problem (Invited)

A. Tomaszewski, M. Pióro, M. Dzida, M. Mycek, M. Zagożdżon

Mo.D1.3 Fairness issues of AMLTE: adaptive multi-layer traffic engineering with grooming (Invited)

T. Cinkler, P. Hegyi, G. Geleji, J. Szigeti

Mo.D1.4 Control algorithm for multi-plane photonic banyan-type switching fabric with and without first order crosstalk (Invited)

G. Danilewicz, W. Kabaciński, M. Michalski,  M. Żal

Mo.D1.5 Operational cost reduction in WDM networks using lighttours (Invited)

J.L. Marzo, L. Caro, F. Solano, J.C. de Oliveira, R. Fabregat

Mo.D1.6 A randomized cost smoothing approach for optical network design (Invited)

A. Jüttner, T. Cinkler, B. Dezso


ESPC I Chair: Ramon Vilaseca

Mo.B2.1 Photonic crystal devices (LEOS Distinguished Lecture)

J. O’Brien

Mo.B2.2 High-Q cavities in photonic crystal slab heterostructures formed by variation in the refractive index (Invited)

S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, C.C Martijn, C.M. de Sterke, M.J. Steel

Mo.B2.3 Pulsed and continuous-wave operation of photonic band-edge lasers near 1.55 μm on silicon wafer (Invited)

F. Raineri, G. Vecchi, T. Karle, A. Giacomotti, A. Levenson, R. Raj

Mo.B2.4 Enhanced light emission in active silicon-on-insulator photonic crystal slabs and slot waveguides (Invited)

D. Gerace, L.C. Andreani, M. Belotti, M. Galli, M. Patrini, A. Politi, M. Liscidini, A. Canino, A. Irrera,R. Lo Savio, M. Miritello, F. Priolo, Y. Chen

Mo.B2.5 High numerical aperture real and Fourier space investigation of planar photonic devices operating below the light cone (Invited)

N. Le Thomas, R. Houdré, M.V. Kotlyar, L. O’Faolain, T.F  Krauss, L.H. Frandsen, J. Fage-Pedersen, A.V. Lavrinenko, P.I. Borel

Mo.B2.6 Recent progress in research on photonic crystal fiber couplers (Invited)

Y. Sasaki, H. Yokota


NAON I (Bistability) Chair: Judy Rorison

Mo.C2.1 Optical buffer memory with a shift register function using polarization bistable VCSELs (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

Mo.C2.2 Bistability and all-optical switching in semiconductor ring lasers (Invited)

A. Scirè, A. Pérez, T. Pérez, G. Van der Sande, P. Colet, C.R. Mirasso, S. Balle

Mo.C2.3 Optical signal processing promoted by optical data form conversion (Invited)

T. Konishi

Mo.C2.4 Optically addressable bistable memory based on semiconductor ring lasers: experimental results (Invited)

G. Giuliani, F. Bragheri, M. Sorel, S. Furst, A. Scirè, J. Danckaert, S. Yu

Mo.C2.5 Optical bistability and nonlinear switching in 1550 nm VCSOAs (Invited)

A. Hurtado, M.J. Adams, I.D. Henning

Mo.C2.6 PC-SMZ-based all-optical flip-flop switch: PC-FF (Invited)

K. Asakawa


NAON II (Lasers I) Chair: Emilia Giorgetti

Mo.D2.1 Theoretical vs. experimental results of 1.55 MEMS-VCSELs (Invited)

P. Debernardi, B. Kögel, P. Meissner, G. Böhm, M-C. Amann

Mo.D2.2 Polarization synchronization properties of unidirectionally coupled VCSELs (Invited)

M. Sciamanna, I. Gatare, A. Locquet, K. Panajotov

Mo.D2.3 Optimal designs of telecommunication oriented photonic-crystal VCSELs (Invited)

T. Czyszanowski, R.P. Sarzala, M. Dems, H. Thienpont, K. Panajotov

Mo.D2.4 Semiconductor optical amplifiers for FTTx (Invited)

L. Spiekman, D. Piehler, P. Iannone, K. Reichmann, H-H. Lee

Mo.D2.5 Single-photonics at telecom wavelengths using superconducting nanostructured detectors (Invited)

A. Fiore, F. Marsili, D. Bitauld, C. Zinoni, A. Gaggero, R. Leoni, F. Mattioli

Mo.D2.6 QDot and GaInNAs/GaAs broadband semiconductor optical amplifiers for simultaneous multiwavelength amplification (Invited)

J.M. Rorison, J. Pozo, N. Vogiatzis, Y.N. Qiu, P. Tuomisto, J. Konttinen, M. Saarinen, C. Peng, J. Viheriälä, T. Leinonen, M. Pessa


WAOR I Chair: Ioannis Tomkos

Mo.B3.1 Integrating GMPLS in the OBS networks control plane (Invited)

P. Pedroso, J. Solé-Pareta, D. Careglio, M. Klinkowski

Mo.B3.2 Cost-effective heuristics for planning GMPLS transport networks with conversion and regeneration capabilities (Invited)

N. Naas, H.T. Mouftah

Mo.B3.3 A framework of label preference in GMPLS controlled optical networks (Invited)

P. Castoldi, N. Andriolli, I. Cerutti, N. Sambo, L. Valcarenghi, A. Giorgetti, F. Cugini, S. Ruepp, J. Buron

Mo.B3.4 The CARISMA ASON/GMPLS network: overview and open issues (Invited)

S. Spadaro, J. Perelló, E. Escalona, L. Velasco, F. Agraz, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Mo.B3.5 Optimization of wavelength allocation in GMPLS-based optical packet-switched networks (Invited)

F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, D. Vigo


WAOR II Chair: Mirek Klinkowski

Mo.C3.1 EU Integrated Project PHOSPHORUS: Grid-GMPLS control plane for the support of grid network services (Invited)

G. Markidis, A. Tzanakaki, N. Ciulli, G. Carozzo, D. Simeonidou, R. Nejabati, G. Zervas

Mo.C3.2 Applying prediction concepts to routing on semi-transparent optical transport networks (Invited)

E. Marín, S. Sanchez, X. Masip, J. Solé, G. Maier, W. Erangoli, S. Santoni, M. Quagliotti

Mo.C3.3 Resource blocking and usage in optical networks (Invited)

H. Waldman, D.R. Campelo

Mo.C3.4 Ultra-high speed optical packet switching system and related technologies (Invited)

N. Wada, H. Furukawa, T. Miyazaki


Special Session: MPM I Chair: Svetlana Boriskina

Mo.D3.1 Theory and applications of 2D microcavity lasers (Invited)

T. Harayama, T. Fukushima

Mo.D3.2 Theory of the spatial structure of non-linear modes in novel and complex laser cavities (Invited)

A.D. Stone, H.E. Türeci , L. Ge, S. Rotter

Mo.D3.3 Fabrication, characterization, and applications of crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators (Invited)

A.B. Matsko, A.A. Savchenkov, D. Strekalov, V.S. Ilchenko, N. Yu, L. Maleki

Mo.D3.4 Nonlinear effects due to thermo-optical instability in microsphere resonators

C. Schmidt, O. Egorov, A. Chipouline, T. Pertsch, F. Lederer, A. Tünnermann, L. Deych

Mo.D3.5 In situ tuning of optical modes in single semiconductor microcavities by laser heating

A. Rastelli, S. Kiravittaya, M Benyoucef, Y. Mei, O.G. Schmidt

Mo.D3.6 Tunable high-Q directional random laser from a planar random microcavity

Q. Song, S. Xiao, X. Zhou, L. Liu, L. Xu, Y. Wu, Z. Wang

Mo.D3.7 Lasing in open microcavities with active regions as a linear electromagnetic eigenproblem

A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson


Poster Session I

Mo.P.1 DWDM transparent FSO system for in/outdoor applications at high bit rates

V. Sacchieri, V. De Sanctis, N. Corsi, F. Curti, M. Guglielmucci, G. Tosi Beleffi, D. Forin, G. Cincotti

Mo.P.2 General purpose combined optical-wireless ZigBee sensor networks

R. Klinda, V. Bartoss, M. Csörnyei, T. Bánky, T. Berceli

Mo.P.3 WDM passive optical network with simultaneous wireline/wireless downlink transmission and wavelength reuse for uplink connection

H-C. Kwon, Y-Y. Won, D-W. Lee, S-K. Han

Mo.P.4 Generation of ultrawideband pulses using a distributed fiber-link system

W-P. Lin, H.H. Chien

Mo.P.5 Fast Ethernet restoration based on alternative wavelength paths

F. Matera, L. Rea, M. Venezia, L. Capanna, G. Pierri, G. Del Prete

Mo.P.6 Demonstration of an application-aware resilience mechanism for dynamic heterogeneous networks

C. Okonkwo, R. Martin, M.P. Ferrera, K. Guild, M. O’Mahony, J. Everett

Mo.P.7 Availability of connections in Ethernet over DWDM core networks

D. Laidevant, F. Rambach, M. Hoffmann

Mo.P.8 Interleaved polling algorithm with service level agreement (SLA) to improve QoS in Ethernet PONs

N. Merayo, R.J. Durán, P. Fernández, I. de Miguel, J.C. Aguado, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abri

Mo.P.9 Quality of service investigation on high definition IPTV services in a multivendor optical network with ADSL access

S. Pompei, L. Rea, C. Zema, F. Matera, G. Pierri, E. Binnella, R. Iacchetti

Mo.P.10 Methods of building Ethernet-type passive optical networks

G. Budzyń, G. Lis, E. Bereś-Pawlik

Mo.P.11 Comparison of bandwidth and bit error rate of passive multimode networks

G. Lis, G. Budzyń, T. Duchiewicz, E. Bereś-Pawlik

Mo.P.12 Optical interconnect for next-generation supercomputers based on wavelength division multiplexed clockwork routing

E. Bravi, D. Cotter

Mo.P.13 Split-step-Fourier-method in modeling wavelength-division-multiplexed links

M. Jaworski, M. Chochół

Mo.P.14 Accurate PMD measurements using OSA and polarization scrambling

M. Jaworski, M. Marciniak

Mo.P.15 Noise penalties modeling for the performance evaluation of all-optical networks

H.A. Pereira, D.A.R. Chaves, C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, J.F. Martins-Filho

Mo.P.16 Study of the electronic dispersion compensation for 2.5 and 10 Gb/s transient and adiabatic chirped directly modulated lasers

I. Papagiannakis, C. Xia, D. Klonidis, W. Rosenkranz, A.N. Birbas, I. Tomkos

Mo.P.17 Analytical modeling of the cross-phase modulation-induced degradation in mixed DPSK and ASK transmission systems

R. Luís, B. Clouet, A. Teixeira, P. Monteiro

Mo.P.18 Impact of mode-partition noise in the performance of 10 Gbit/s Ethernet passive optical networks

S. Pato, P. Monteiro, H. Silva

Mo.P.19 Comparison of an unconventional all-optical chromatic dispersion compensation techniques in nothing in line scenarios with emphasis to tunability

J. Vojtech, M. Karasek, J. Radil

Mo.P.20 Evaluation of the budget extension of a GPON by EDFA amplification

N. Genay, T. Soret, P. Chanclou, B. Landousies, L. Guillo, F. Saliou

Mo.P.21 Bandwidth re-distribution techniques for extended EPON based multi-wavelength networks

R. Roy, G. Manhoudt, W. van Etten

Mo.P.22 Effect of the multiplexer position in Rayleigh-limited WDM-PONs with amplified-reflective ONU

C. Arellano, V. Polo, J. Prat

Mo.P.23 Data mirroring for metro WDM storage area networks

B. Pranggono, R. Mehmood, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Mo.P.24 Analytical model for performance evaluation of a novel optical packet/burst switch

K. Aziz, S. Sarwar, S. Aleksić

Mo.P.25 Multiobjective genetic algorithm to design cost-efficient wavelength-routed optical networks

R.J. Durán, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, P. Fernández, J.C. Aguado, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abril

Mo.P.27 A comparative study of single-layer and multi-layer traffic engineering approaches on transparent optical networks

N. Sengezer, B. Puype, E. Karasan, M. Pickavet

Mo.P.28 Calculating blocking probabilities in single-hop WDM traffic groomed optical networks

J.S. Vardakas, V.G. Vassilakis, M.D. Logothetis

Mo.P.29 Considerations on in-band and out-of-band signalling constraints in OBS networks

A. Pantaleo, M. Tornatore, A. Pattavina, C. Raffaelli, F. Callegati

Mo.P.30 Method to ensure a feasible wavelength assignment within the routing-only problem for transparent WDM networks

C. Meusburger, D.A. Schupke


ICTON III (Systems III) Chair: Carmen Mas Machuca

Tu.A1.1 Dependence of XPM degradation on the dispersion map for 10 Gbit/s WDM links over standard-fibre employing duobinary format

T. Alves, N. Costa, A. Cartaxo

Tu.A1.2 40 Gb/s optical single sideband DWDM transmission system using polar return-to-zero signalling format

A. Ferreira, T. Silveira, P. Monteiro, R. Ribeiro

Tu.A1.3 Channel crosstalk in ultra-dense WDM PON using time-switched phase diversity optical homodyne reception

J.M. Fàbrega, J. Prat

Tu.A1.4 Advanced modulation formats in optical code division multiple access networks

G. Manzacca, F. Benedetto, V. Sacchieri, G. Giunta, G. Cincotti

Tu.A1.5 Reduction of multiple access interference in OCDMA systems using a semiconductor based TPA device

K.J. Dexter, P.J. Maguire, L.P. Barry

Tu.A1.6 Integrated packet-level all-optical clock recovery scheme based on a resonator and a quantum dot optical amplifier

X Song, I. Koukoumidis, E.A. Avrutin

Tu.A1.7 Investigation of multi-wavelength regeneration employing quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers beyond 40Gb/s

M. Spyropoulou, S. Sygletos, I. Tomkos

Tu.A1.8 Cross-gain modulation-based 2R regenerator using quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers at 160 Gbit/s

J.F. Pina, H.J.A. da Silva, P.N. Monteiro, J. Wang, W. Freude, J. Leuthold


ICTON IV (Access) Chair: Yutaka Sasaki

Tu.B1.1 OCDMA over WDM transmission (Invited)

X. Wang, N. Wada, T. Hamanaka, T. Miyazaki, G. Cincotti, K. Kitayama

Tu.B1.2 Interferometric noise characterisation of a 2-D time spreading wavelength hopping OCDMA networks using FBG encoding/decoding (Invited)

C. Michie, R. Atkinson, I. Andonovic, P. Barry, I. Glesk, P. Prucnal, K. Sasaki, G. Gupta

Tu.B1.3 2-D wavelength-time optical CDMA system – experiment and simulation (Invited)

F. Uherek, J. Chovan

Tu.B1.4 Advanced technologies for service-integrated optical in-building networks (Invited)

A.M.J. Koonen, M. Garcia Larrode, J. Yang, P.J. Urban, H. Yang, A. Ng’oma, G.J. Rijckenberg, H.P.A. van den Boom

Tu.B1.5 System and circuit design for time-wavelength optical CDMA networks (Invited)

M.N. Pimenta, I. Darwazeh

Tu.B1.6 Performance comparison of high speed LAN optical CDMA systems at different data rates (Invited)

N. Gupta, D.M. Saxena


ICTON V (Nonlinear Phenomena) Chair: Ivan Kityk

Tu.C1.1 Performance studies of multi-wavelength all-optical 2R regeneration subsystems based on highly non-linear fibers (Invited)

I. Tomkos, C. Kouloumentas, S. Tsolakidis

Tu.C1.2 Raman amplification using incoherent pump sources (Invited)

P.S. André, A.N. Pinto, A.L.J. Teixeira, B. Neto, S. Junior, D. Spertti, F. da Rocha, M. Bernardo, M. Fujiwara, A. Rocha, M. Facão

Tu.C1.3 Performance evaluation of an all-optical wavelength converter TDM demux based on induced modulation on an auxiliary carrier by means of super-continuum generation (Invited)

D.M. Forin, F. Curti, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, S. Taccheo, K. Ennser, M. Karasek, A.L.J. Teixeira

Tu.C1.4 Power transients in a cascade of three distributed Raman fibre amplifiers transmitting 10x10GE channels over 383 km (Invited)

M. Karasek, J. Vojtech, J. Radil

Tu.C1.5 All optical multichannel regeneration systems based on non linear effects (Invited)

G. Incerti, A. Teixeira, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, F. Curti, M. Guglielmucci

Tu.C1.6 Influence of dispersion compensation granularity on the XPM-induced degradation in NRZ-IM-DD WDM links at 10 Gbit/s per channel with 50 GHz of channel spacing

N.M.S. Costa, T.M.F. Alves, A.V.T. Cartaxo


ICTON VI (General) Chair: Jochen Leibrich

Tu.D1.1 On the effect of polarisation-mode dispersion on the channel capacity of coherent fibre-optic communication systems (Invited)

B. Goebel, M. Kuschnerov, N. Hanik

Tu.D1.2 Unusual polarization properties of single-mode randomly birefringent spun fibers (Invited)

A. Galtarossa, M. Guglielmucci, L. Palmieri, L. Schenato

Tu.D1.3 Local birefringence in optical fibers for low-PMD performances (Invited)

M. Ferrario, S.M. Pietralunga

Tu.D1.4 Photonics in switching in NoE e-Photon/One+ (Invited)

C. Raffaelli, L. Wosinska, N. Andriolli, F. Callegati, P. Castoldi, W. Kabaciński, G. Maier, A. Pattavina, L. Valcarenghi

Tu.D1.5 Ultra high-speed optical transmission based on LDPC-coded modulation and coherent detection for employment in all-optical network scenario

I.B. Djordjevic, M. Cvijetic, L. Xu, T. Wang

Tu.D1.6 Centralised optical monitoring of tree-structured passive optical networks using a Raman-assisted OTDR

K. Yukse, S. Letheux, A. Grillet, M. Wuilpart, D. Giannone, J. Hancq, G. Ravet, P. Mégret


ESPC II Chair: Katia Gallo

Tu.A2.1 Recent advances in photonic crystals and metamaterials (Invited)

N.P. Johnson, A.Z. Khokhar, B. Lahiri, S. McMeekin, R.M. De La Rue, C. Debus, P. Haring Bolivar

Tu.A2.2 Metamaterials for microwave photonics (Invited)

R. Brazis, V. Kazakevičius, R. Narkowicz

Tu.A2.3 Left-handed materials in microwave and infrared frequencies (Invited)

M. Kafesaki, E.N. Economou, N. Katsarakis, I. Tsiapa, T. Gundogdu, C.M. Soukoulis, T. Koschny

Tu.A2.4 Band structure and coupled surface plasmons in one dimensional, frequency dependent photonic crystals (Invited)

M. Bergmair, K. Hingerl

Tu.A2.5 Nanostructured metal-dielectric interfaces for photonic applications (Invited)

E. Giorgetti

Tu.A2.6 Zener tunnelling in periodic two-dimensional photonic lattices with three-fold symmetry

A.S. Desyatnikov, Yu.S. Kivshar, V.S. Shchesnovich, S.B. Cavalcanti, J.M. Hickmann


ESPC III (Modelling I) Chair: Crina Cojocaru

Tu.B2.1 Analysis of complex photonic structures (Invited)

R. Pregla

Tu.B2.2 Integrated liquid crystal waveguide in polarization maintaining regime (Invited)

A. Muravsky, A. Murauski, V. Chigrinov, I. Goncharenko

Tu.B2.3 Introducing oblique coordinates in numerical methods, applied to the computation of band structures (Invited)

S.F. Helfert

Tu.B2.4 Analytical approach to Bragg fiber design: scalar approximation (Invited)

A. Popov, D. Prokopovich, A. Vinogradov

Tu.B2.5 Photonic band-gap structures with periodicity interruptions: theory and applications (Invited)

L. Pajewski, G. Schettini


NAON III Chair: Marc Sciamanna

Tu.C2.1 Silicon photonic arrayed waveguide devices and sub-wavelength structures (Invited)

P. Cheben, A. Delâge, A. Densmore, M. Florjanczyk, S. Janz, B. Lamontagne, J. Lapointe, E. Post, I. Powell, J. Schmid, P. Waldron, D.X. Xu

Tu.C2.2 Nonlinear NanoOptics (Invited)

J. Martorell, X. Vidal, M. Maymó, S. Di Finizio, J.L. Domínguez-Juárez, M. Botey, G. Kozyreff, P. Kappe

Tu.C2.3 Spatial resonator solitons based on different semiconductor nonlinearities (Invited)

Ye. Larionova, C.O. Weiss

Tu.C2.4 Ultrafast all-optical differentiators based on fiber gratings (Invited)

J. Azaña, R. Slavík, Y. Park, M. Kulishov

Tu.C2.5 Fast self-focusing of light in a photorefractive semiconductor for reconfigurable optical communications (Invited)

D. Wolfersberger, C. Dan, N. Khelfaoui, N. Fressengeas, H. Leblond

Tu.C2.6 Low-cost micro-optical modules for datacommunication to optical interconnections from the LAN- to the PCB-level (Invited)

J. Van Erps, C. Debaes, M. Vervaeke, H. Ottevaere, P. Vynck, V. Gomez, L. Desmet, S. Van Overmeire, A. Hermanne, H. Thienpont


NAON IV (Lasers II) Chair: Delphine Wolfersberger

Tu.D2.1 Micro-lasers for future generation of optical systems (Invited)

H.T. Hattori, I. Mc Kerracher, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish

Tu.D2.2 InP-based monolithic mode-locked 40 GHz lasers for high-speed transmission systems utilizing phase modulation formats (Invited)

R. Kaiser, B. Hüttl

Tu.D2.3 Timing jitter in compact passively mode-locked quantum-dot lasers (Invited)

F. Kéfélian, J.P. Tourrenc, M.T. Todaro, S. O’Donoghue, S.P. Hegarty, G. Huyet, J.G. McInerney

Tu.D2.4 A novel two-section tunable slotted Fabry-Pérot laser exhibiting ns wavelength switching (Invited)

R. Phelan, W.H. Guo, Q.Y. Lu, D. Byrne, B. Roycroft, P. Lambkin, B. Corbett, J.F. Donegan

Tu.D2.5 Dispersion compensation with chirped mirrors for compression of ultrashort laser pulses (Invited)

I.A. Sukhoivanov, S.O. Yakushev, O.V. Shulika, V.V. Lysak

Tu.D2.6 Simulation of intra-cavity contacted oxide-confined vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for 10Gb/s ultrashort optical interconnections (Invited)

V. Lysak, Y-T. Lee


Special Session: MPM II Chair: Alexander Nosich

Tu.A3.1 Optical transport phenomena in coupled spherical cavities (Invited)

V.N. Astratov, S.P. Ashili, S. Yang

Tu.A3.2 Bound whispering gallery modes in circular arrays of dielectric spherical particles (Invited)

A.L. Burin, G.S. Blaustein, O.M. Samoylova

Tu.A3.3 Enhanced frequency shift in optical slow-wave structures (Invited)

F. Morichetti, C. Ferrari, A. Melloni

Tu.A3.4 Coupling of the fundamental whispering gallery mode in bi-spheres

L.I. Deych, C. Schmidt, A. Chipouline, T. Pertsch, A. Tünnermann

Tu.A3.5 Mode splitting induced by radiation pressure in a spherical microcavity

M. Gerlach, Y.P. Rakovich, J.F. Donegan

Tu.A3.6 Investigation of vertical radiation loss for whispering-gallery modes in 3-D microresonators by FDTD simulation

Y-D. Yang, Y-Z. Huang, Q. Chen

Tu.A3.7 What determines the direction of far-field emission in chaotic microcavities?

S.W. Kim, J-B. Shim, S-B. Lee, J. Yang, S. Moon, J-H. Lee, K. An, H-W. Lee


WAOR III Chair: Davide Careglio

Tu.B3.1 Multi-layer analysis to quantify the impact of optical burst reordering on TCP performance

S. Gunreben

Tu.B3.2 Adaptive burst assembly mechanism for OBS networks using control channel availability

J.N.T. Sanghapi, H. Elbiaze, M.F. Zhani

Tu.B3.3 Assessment of TCP performance in OBS networks with load dependent contention

J.P. Gelpke, M. Schlosser, E. Patzak, H. Buchta

Tu.B3.4 Evaluation and comparison of signaling reservation protocols for grid over OBS networks employing active routers

M. Guerreiro, N.S. Correia, M.C.R. Medeiros

Tu.B3.5 Modelling of control plane in OBS networks

M. Klinkowski, D. Careglio, J. Solé-Pareta

Tu.B3.6 On fully exploiting the space domain for contention resolution/avoidance in optical burst-switched networks

J. Pedro, J. Castro, P. Monteiro, J. Pires

Tu.B3.7 Performance evaluation of a bufferless packet-switched node

I. Szcześniak, T. Czachórski


RONEXT I Chair: Andrea Fumagalli

Tu.C3.1 Reliability performance of passive optical networks (Invited)

L. Wosinska, J.J. Chen

Tu.C3.2 Impact of protection on the cost of Ethernet services on different optical network platforms (Invited)

C. Mas Machuca, O. Moe

Tu.C3.3 Design of reliable Metro core networks (Invited)

P. Castoldi, F. Cugini, P. Ghelfi, L. Valcarenghi, G. Franzl, P. Gravey, M. Morvan, L. Rea, F. Matera, K. Wajda

Tu.C3.4 Physical-layer considerations for the realistic deployment of impairment-aware connection provisioning (Invited)

C. Pinart, E. Le Rouzic, I. Martínez

Tu.C3.5 Multi-domain resilience: can I share protection resources with my competitors? (Invited)

T. Cinkler, J. Szigeti, L. Gyarmati

Tu.C3.6 Which resilience for the optical internet? An e-Photon/ONe+ outlook (Invited)

L. Valcarenghi, R. Inkret, B. Mikac, A. Pattavina, M. Tornatore, M. Pickavet, K. Wajda, L. Wosinska


RONETX II Chairs: Erich Leitgeb & Fary Ghassemlooy

Tu.D3.1 Recent developments in optical wireless communications using infrared and visible light (Invited)

K.-D. Langer, J. Grubor

Tu.D3.2 Investigation in free space optical communication links between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (Invited)

E. Leitgeb, K. Zettl, S.S. Muhammad, N. Schmitt, W. Rehm

Tu.D3.3 Free-space optical communication using subcarrier modulation in gamma-gamma atmospheric turbulence (Invited)

Z. Ghassemlooy, W.O. Popoola, E. Leitgeb

Tu.D3.4 The performance of PPM using neural network and symbol decoding for diffused indoor optical wireless links

S. Rajbhandari, Z. Ghassemlooy, M. Angelova

Tu.D3.5 BER characteristic of ground-to-train communication system using free-space optics technology

H. Kotake, S. Haruyama, M. Nakagawa, K. Seki

Tu.D3.6 Over-stratospheric-altitude optical free space links: system performance evaluation

S. Betti, V. Carrozzo, E. Duca

Tu.D3.7 VHDL based FPGA implementation of 256-ary PPM for free space optical links

S.S. Muhammad, P. Brandl, E. Leitgeb, O. Koudelka, I. Jelovcan


Special Session: Industrial I Chair: Uri Mahlab

Tu.A4.1 University-industry synergies in photonics and optoelectronics: the case of Brescia (Invited)

F. Docchio, G. Sansoni

Tu.A4.2 Electronic signal processing to improve system performance of optical interconnects (Invited)

M. Glick, P. Watts, R. Waegemans, P. Bayvel, R.I. Killey

Tu.A4.3 Dispersion compensation in non-linear self phase modulation (SPM) and cross phase modulation (XPM) induced optical channel using vectorial MLSE equalizer (Invited)

O. Rozen, T. Cohen, G. Kats, D. Sadot, A. Levy, U. Mahlab

Tu.A4.4 Optoelectronic components for WDM-PON (Invited)

A. Borghesani

Tu.A4.5 Analysis and identification of fast transients in optical networks (Invited)

Y. Ben-Ezra, U. Mahlab, B.I. Lembrikov, V. Vulfin

Tu.A4.6 Next generation optical fibers: challenges and opportunities (Invited)

C. Mazzali

Tu.A4.7 Solutions for budget increase for the next generation optical access network (Invited)

N. Genay, P. Chanclou, F. Saliou, Q. Liu, T. Soret, L. Guillo


Special Session: Industrial II Chair: Karin Ennser

Tu.B4.1 Multimedia as a driving force for new optical infrastructure (Invited)

Z. Kądzielski

Tu.B4.2 Next generation optical networks and new services: an operator’s point of view (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt

Tu.B4.3 Dynamically reconfigurable transparent optical networking based on cross-layer optimization (Invited)

I. Tomkos

Tu.B4.4 Applications of all-optical signal processing in modern optical communications (Invited)

Y. Ben-Ezra, U. Mahlab, M. Haridim, B.I. Lembrikov

Tu.B4.5 Coherent detection: a key enabler for next-generation optical transmission systems? (Invited)

S. Bigo

Tu.B4.6 Paving the optical future with affordable lightning-fast links (Invited)

S. Abrate, R. Gaudino

Tu.B4.7 Evolving optical networks to reduce total cost of ownership (Invited)

D. Payne, R. Davey, A. Lord


Poster Session II

Tu.P.1 Matrix analysis of coupled microring resonator polygons

I. Chremmos, N. Uzunoglu

Tu.P.2 Mode coupling between coupled first and second order whispering-gallery modes in coupled two microdisks

J-J. Li, J-X. Wang, Y-Z. Huang

Tu.P.3 Continuous-wave electrically injected InP/GaInAsP equilateral-triangle-resonator lasers

Y-Z. Huang, Y-H. Hu, Q. Chen, S-J. Wang, Y. Du, Z-C. Fan

Tu.P.4 Symmetric interacting whispering gallery modes in coupled dielectric microdisks

J-W. Ryu, S.W. Kim

Tu.P.5 Optical modes in linear arrays of dielectric spherical particles: a numerical investigation

G.S. Blaustein, M.I. Gozman, I.Y. Polishchuk, A.L. Burin

Tu.P.6 Strong mode selection scheme in a layered cylindrical microcavity laser with a thin dielectric inner coating

H-J. Moon, D-Y. Kang

Tu.P.7 High quality direct photo-patterned microdisk lasers with organic/inorganic hybrid materials

X. Wu, Q. Song, H. Li, Z. He, Y. Zhang, L. Liu, L. Xu

Tu.P.8 Effect of openness on resonance patterns in chaotic microcavities

S-Y. Lee

Tu.P.9 Early time fields in stratified microdisk resonators with time discontinuity in permittivity

N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh

Tu.P.10 Optical control of ring modes using tandem quasi-stadium laser diodes

T.K. Sasaki, Y. Nakae, M. Choi, T. Fukushima, T. Harayama

Tu.P.11 Efficient nonresonant optical pumping of a deformed microcavity based on ray and wave chaos

J. Yang, S-B. Lee, J-B. Shim, S. Moon, S.W. Kim, J-H. Lee, K. An

Tu.P.12 Generalized Sagnac effect in rotating optical cavities

S. Sunada, T. Harayama, T. Miyasaka

Tu.P.13 Beam mode observation in quasi-stadium laser diodes

Y. Nakae, H. Takehana, T. Sasaki, T. Fukushima, T. Harayama

Tu.P.14 Two mode interactions in quasi-stadium laser diodes

M. Choi, T. Fukushima, T. Harayama

Tu.P.15 High-quality-factor WG modes in semiconductor microcavity pillars with circular and elliptical cross section

V.N. Astratov, S. Yang, S. Lam, B.D. Jones, D. Sanvitto, D.M. Whittaker, A.M. Fox, M.S. Skolnick, A. Tahraoui, P.W. Fry, M. Hopkinson

Tu.P.16 Far-field emission patterns and the emission positions of individual cavity modes in a highly deformed microcavity

S-B. Lee, J-B. Shim, J. Yang, S. Moon, S-W. Kim, J-H. Lee, K. An

Tu.P.17 Pre- and post-fabrication tuning of bends in microdisk CROW sections: a numerical study

S.V. Pishko, S.V. Boriskina

Tu.P.18 Single-mode whispering-gallery terahertz quantum-cascade lasers with controlled degeneracy

G. Fasching, V. Tamošiūnas, A. Benz, A.M. Andrews, Ch. Deutsch, R. Zobl, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer

Tu.P.19 Microring-based resonant cavity waveguide photodetectors for WDM optical systems

G. Abaeiani, V. Ahmadi, K. Saghafi

Tu.P.20 Ray-wave correspondence in stadium-shaped optical cavities

S. Shinohara, T. Harayama

Tu.P.21 Oscillatory lasing modes in a coupled circular microcavity

J. Cho, J. Lee, T-Y. Kwon, S. Rim, C-M. Kim

Tu.P.22 Directional light output from a circular microdisk laser

T-Y. Kwon, J. Wiersig, M.  Hentschel

Tu.P.23 Far-field emission pattern of a dielectric circular microresonator with a point scatterer

C.P. Dettmann, G.V. Morozov, M. Sieber, H. Waalkens

Tu.P.24 Linear optical analysis of microdisk lasers concentrically coupled with microrings

E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

Tu.P.25 Thresholds of lasing as solutions of characteristic equation for a VCSEL-type layered structure

V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.26 FDTD modelling of mid infrared disk lasers

J.R. Pugh, I.J. Buss, G.R. Nash, T. Ashley, A. Krier, M.J. Cryan, J.G. Rarity

Tu.P.27 Varying the overlap of direct-coupling between spiral and semicircle semiconductor microdisk lasers

G.E. Fernandes, G.D. Chern, Q. Song, L. Xu, M. Kneissl, N.M. Johnson, R.K. Chang


ICTON VII (Devices I) Chair: Massimo De Vittorio

We.A1.1 An optical board approach based on SOI (silicon-on-insulator) (Invited)

J. Bruns, T. Mitze, L. Zimmermann, K. Voigt, M. Schnarrenberger, K. Petermann

We.A1.2 Technology challenges for silicon nanophotonics and beyond (Invited)

L. Wosinski, L. Liu, M. Dainese, E. Berglind

We.A1.3 Coherent optical frequency domain reflectometry as characterisation tool for S-Band TDFAs (Invited)

R. Caspary, A. Behrends, H. Shalibeik, M.M. Kozak, W. Kowalsky

We.A1.4 Bidirectional erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers and applications to optical networks (Invited)

S. Taccheo, G. Della Valle, K. Ennser

We.A1.5 Brillouin scattering in fiber optical parametric amplifiers (Invited)

D. Noordegraaf, M. Lorenzen, C. Vandel Nielsen, K. Rottwitt

We.A1.6 Densely integrated photonic devices based on microring resonators for use in access networks (Invited)

E.J. Klein, A. Driessen


ICTON VIII (Devices II) Chair: Klaus-Dieter Langer

We.B1.1 MMI devices for photonic signal processing (Invited)

L.W. Cahill, T.T. Le

We.B1.2 Cost-efficient pulse source for broadband photonic communication systems (Invited)

P.M. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

We.B1.3 Novel infrared emitter for low cost optical devices (Invited)

S. Penna, A. Reale, R. Pizzoferrato, D. Musella, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, W.P. Gillin

We.B1.4 Transient phenomena and time-dependent resonance self-action in phase-modulated laser beams (Invited)

V.L. Derbov, V.V. Serov, I.L. Plastun, A.V. Trofimov

We.B1.5 Spectral management of solitons interaction and generation regimes of fiber laser (Invited)

A. Komarov, K. Komarov, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

We.B1.6 Photopolymerized optical fiber technology (Invited)

K. Ozga, A. Ślęzak


PICAW Chair: Stefano Taccheo

We.C1.1 Progress in large integration scale circuits in SiON technology (Invited)

A. Melloni, F. Morichetti, G. Cusmai, R. Costa, A. Breda, C. Canavesi, M. Martinelli

We.C1.2 Optical printed circuit board (O-PCB) as a platform for VLSI micro/nano-photonic circuits and networks (Invited)

E-H. Lee

We.C1.3 Ultrafast all-optical signal processing using chalcogenide glass based photonic chips (Invited)

V.G. Ta’eed, B. Eggleton

We.C1.4 High-speed switching in fibres with electrodes (Invited)

L-E. Nilsson, Z. Yu, O. Tarasenko, H. Knape, P-Y. Fonjallaz, W. Margulis

We.C1.5 Hybrid organic-inorganic for low-cost photonics integration (Invited)

M. Fallahi

We.C1.6 Silicon on insulator based integrated tunable add & drop module for metro DWDM networks (Invited)

A. Cabas, M. Di Muri, S. Doneda, P. Galli, S. Ghidini, F. Giacometti, S. Lorenzotti, G. Mutinati, A. Nottola, M. Romagnoli, S. Sardo, L. Socci, T. Tomasi, G. Zuliani, M. Gentili, G. Grasso, M. Romagnoli


ESPC VI (Technology) Chair: Romuald Brazis

We.D1.1 Holey fibers filled with liquids and sol-gel materials (Invited)

P. Casara, F. Carollo, P. Facchin, M. Santagiustina, C.G. Someda, G. Brusatin, A. Martucci, K. Oh

We.D1.2 Artificial opals as nanophotonic materials for optics communications (Invited)

A.V. Lavrinenko, R.J. Leyrer, W. Wohlleben, N. Dissaux, K. Heggarty, M. Boyle, R. Kiyan, A. Neumeister

We.D1.3 Focused-ion-beam processing for photonics (Invited)

R.M. de Ridder, W.C.L. Hopman, F. Ay

We.D1.4 Arrayed 3D photonic crystals for optical communication wavelengths (Invited)

K. Aoki, D. Guimard, M. Nishioka, T. Katsuyama, S. Iwamoto, Y. Arakawa

We.D1.5 Improved efficiency Bragg grating inscription in a commercial solid core microstructured optical fiber (Invited)

G. Violakis, S. Pissadakis

We.D1.6 Langmuir-Blodgett approach versus self-organization in realization of colloidal photonic crystals and hetero-crystals – pros and cons (Invited)

S.G. Romanov, M. Szachowicz, M. Bardosova, I. Povey, M. Pemble, C.M.  Sotomayor-Torres


ESPC IV (Modelling II) Chair: Alexei Popov

We.A2.1 Modelling and measurement of electronically tunable photonic crystals (Invited)

M.J. Cryan, P. Ivanov, D. Snoswell, C. Bower, B. Vincent, J.G. Rarity

We.A2.2 Eigenstates of photonic crystal structures visualized in real space and in k-space (Invited)

R.J.P. Engelen, Y. Sugimoto, H. Gersen, N. Ikeda, K. Asakawa, L. Kuipers

We.A2.3 Limits of geometrical scaling of split rings and double-bar resonators in the visible (Invited)

S. Tretyakov

We.A2.4 Field-teleportation technique for simulation of an optical scattering from defects in 2D-periodic structures (Invited)

I. Scherbatko

We.A2.5 Coupling phenomena in 2D photonic crystal structures (Invited)

M. Svaluto-Moreolo, G. Manzacca, G. Cincotti

We.A2.6 Fabrication of polarizing photonic crystal fibres and photonic crystal fibre tapers: Applications (Invited)

M. Delgado-Pinar, J. Cascante-Vindas, S. Torres-Peiró, T. Pinheiro-Ortega, E. Silvestre, A. Diez, J.L. Cruz, M.V. Andrés


ESPC V (Nonlinear Phenomena) Chair: Kanna Aoki

We.B2.1 Broadband mode converters in photonic crystal fibres (Invited)

T. Birks, A Witkowska, S Leon-Saval, K. Lai, W. Wadsworth

We.B2.2 Photonic crystal assisted polymeric optical field concentrator (Invited)

D. de Ceglia, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, V. Petruzzelli, M.A. Vincenti, F. Prudenzano, M.J. Bloemer, M. Scalora

We.B2.3 Spatial solitons in quadratic 2D nonlinear photonic crystals (Invited)

K. Gallo, A. Pasquazi, S. Stivala, G. Assanto

We.B2.4 Optical parametric amplification of narrow beams under subdiffractive propagation in photonic crystals (Invited)

K. Staliunas, Yu. Loiko, R. Herrero, J. Trull, C. Cojocaru

We.B2.5 Advances in fibre based pulse shaping technology and its applications in optical communications (Invited)

D.J. Richardson, P. Petropoulos, F. Parmigiani, P.J. Almeida, C. Tian, T.T. Ng, Z. Zhang, M. Ibsen

We.B2.6 Microstructured optical fiber sensors (Invited)

G. Calò, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano


NAON V (Modelling & Technology) Chair: Severine Philippe

We.C2.1 Minimizing roughness loss for ultra-compactly bent high-index contrast waveguides (Invited)

W. Freude, C. Koos, C.G. Poulton, M. Fujii, J. Leuthold

We.C2.2 Modeling Q-factors of micro pillars (Invited)

T.R. Nielsen, N. Gregersen, B. Tromborg, J. Mørk

We.C2.3 Nanoscale heat transport in synthetic opals (Invited)

R. Li Voti

We.C2.4 Nanoimprint lithography for optical components (Invited)

G. Scarpa, F. Brunetti, S. Harrer, P. Lugli

We.C2.5 Optical fibre nanowires and related structures (Invited)

G. Brambilla, F. Xu

We.C2.6 Optically induced electrogyrators based on nanomaterials (Invited)

I.V. Kityk


NAON VI (Signal Regeneration) Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

We.D2.1 New approaches to perform all-optical signal regeneration (Invited)

J. Leuthold, J. Wang, T. Vallaitis, Ch. Koos, R. Bonk, A. Marculescu, P. Vorreau, S. Sygletos, W. Freude

We.D2.2 All-optical generation and control of spin currents (Invited)

H.M. van Driel, J.E. Sipe, A.L. Smirl

We.D2.3 Application of semiconductor optical amplifiers in high-speed all-optical NRZ to RZ format conversion (Invited)

X. Yang, R.J. Manning, A.K. Mishra, R.P. Webb, A.D. Ellis, D. Cotter

We.D2.4 Clock synchronization and sub-clock extraction of optical signals at high rates using an opto-electronic PLL based on three-wave mixing in PPLN (Invited)

F. Gómez Agis, C. Ware, D. Erasme

We.D2.5 Multi-wavelength regenerative amplification based on quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

S. Sygletos, M. Spyropoulou, P. Vorreau, R. Bonk, I. Tomkos, W. Freude, J. Leuthold

We.D2.6 Bright solitons in lithium niobate generate volume waveguides, basic elements for 3-D integrated circuits (Invited)

E. Fazio


RONEXT III Chair: Lena Wosinska

We.A3.1 How a network can “think globally and act locally” and avoid the hazards of incoherence in distributed state information (Invited)

W.D. Grover

We.A3.2 Service requirements in optical network design (Invited)

M. Jaeger

We.A3.3 An evaluation for PCE Selection schemes for inter-domain path computation (Invited)

T. Saad, J. Israr, S. Sivabalan, H.T. Mouftah

We.A3.4 Optical corridor routing protocols (Invited)

S. Das, P. Monti, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli

We.A3.5 Reliable control and management plane design in multi-domain optical networks

P. Szegedi, J. Szigeti, T. Cinkler

We.A3.6 Experimental evaluation of OMS protection in GMPLS-based optical networks

L. Velasco, S. Spadaro, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

We.A3.7 A new absolute QoS differentiation scheme supporting best-effort class in OBS networks

H. Lui, H.T. Mouftah


WAOR IV Chair: Jose Marzo

We.B3.1 Analytical evaluation and implementation of a novel slotted optical switching scheme with two way reservations (Invited)

J.D. Angelopoulos, K. Kanonakis, H.C. Leligou, T. Orphanoudakis, T. Politi

We.B3.2 Cost comparison of optical packet switches with shared wavelength converters (Invited)

C. Raffaelli, M. Savi

We.B3.3 Design and performance of FDL buffers in optical switches (Invited)

Z. Rosberg, H. Le Vu

We.B3.4 Scalable designs for all-optical packet-switching nodes (Invited)

R. Van Caenegem, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

We.B3.5 A hybrid optical switch architecture with shared electronic buffers (Invited)

T.G. Orphanoudakis, A. Drakos, C. Matrakidis, C. Politi, A. Stavdas

We.B3.6 An optical interconnection architecture for large packet switches (Invited)

A. Bianco, E. Carta, D. Cuda, J.M. Finochietto, F. Neri


GOWN I Chair: Aleksandra Kaszubowska-Anandarajah

We.C3.1 Radio over fiber technologies and systems: new opportunities (Invited)

M. Fabbri, P. Faccin

We.C3.2 Radio-over-fiber (RoF) techniques for broadband wireless LAN (Invited)

S. Betti, V. Carrozzo, E. Duca, G. Parca

We.C3.3 Multi-channel super high frequency TV signal transmission system (Invited)

K. Kikushima, T. Fujiwara, S. Ikeda

We.C3.4 MAC design in pulse-based communication systems (Invited)

M.G. Di Benedetto, L. De Nardis

We.C3.5 Efficient evaluation of far-field asymptotic series (Invited)

R. Borghi, M. Alonso

We.C3.6 Electronic equalization of photodetection by means of an SQRT module (Invited)

J. Prat, M. Omella, P. Poggiolini, G. Bosco, R. Killey, A. Teixeira, R. Sousa


GOWN II Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan

We.D3.1 RF or THz signals generated from DC biased multimode lasers (Invited)

S. Latkowski, F. Surre, P. Landais

We.D3.2 Effects of semiconductor optical amplifier phase distortion in radio over fiber signals (Invited)

S. Di Bartolo, A. Teixeira, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, F. Curti

We.D3.3 Discrete mode lasers for applications in access networks (Invited)

A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, L. Barry, P. Anandarajah, C. Guignard, B. Kelly, J. O’Gorman

We.D3.4 Applications of the slow and fast light effects in SOA-EA structures in the radio over fiber links (Invited)

S. Sales, F. Öhman, J. Capmany, J. Mørk

We.D3.5 Millimeter-wave optical subcarrier generation by using an external modulator and optical carrier suppression (Invited)

J. Ma, X. Xin, Ch. Yu, Q. Zhang, J. Yu, X. Sang, J. Zeng

We.D3.6 Indoor communications applying an optical backbone (Invited)

T. Berceli, E. Udvary


Special Session: Novel Glasses I Chair: Joris Lousteau

We.A4.1 Review: fine embossing of novel glasses for photonic integrated circuits (Invited)

A.B. Seddon, D. Furniss, W.J. Pan, P. Sewell, A. Loni, Y. Zhang. T.M. Benson

We.A4.2 Novel glass hosts for integrated planar amplifiers in the optical communication window (1200-1700 nm) (Invited)

G. Jose, P. Nandi, S. Shen, J. Zhang, A. Jha

We.A4.3 Nanocomposite photonic glasses, waveguiding glass ceramics, and confined structures tailoring Er3+ spectroscopic properties (Invited)

C. Armellini, A. Chiappini, A. Chiasera, M. Ferrari, Y. Jestin, P.H. Huy, M. Mattarelli, L. Minati, M. Montagna, E. Moser, G. Nunzi Conti, S. Pelli, G.C. Righini, G. Speranza,  C. Tosello, K. Tran Ngoc

We.A4.4 Waveguide lasers in Er:Yb-doped phosphate glass fabricated by femtosecond laser writing (Invited)

G. Della Valle, R. Osellame, S. Taccheo, N. Chiodo, G. Galzerano, G. Cerullo, P. Laporta, R. Ramponi, U. Morgner, A.C. Ferrari

We.A4.5 Antimony glasses with large nonlinear refractive indices, low two-photon absorption coefficients and ultrafast response at telecom wavelengths (Invited)

C.B. de Araújo, L.A. Gómez, E.L. Falcão Filho, D.N. Messias, L. Misoguti, S.C. Zílio, M. Nalin, Y. Messaddeq


Special Session: Novel Glasses II Chair: Trevor Benson

We.B4.1 Chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers for near and middle infrared applications (Invited)

J. Troles, L. Brilland, F. Smektala, N. Traynor, P. Houizot, F. Desevedavy

We.B4.2 Novel telluride glasses and nanocluster doped silica for photonics (Invited)

D. Milanese, Q. Chen, G. Liao, J. Xing, D. Chiaretta, M. Fokine, M. Ferraris

We.B4.3 Fabrication of multicore tellurite glass optical fibres (Invited)

J. Lousteau, H. Bookey, X. Jiang, C. Hill, A. Jha

We.B4.4 Efficient slow light generation using highly nonlinear non-silica-based fibers (Invited)

K.S. Abedin

We.B4.5 Alternative dopants for silica fibre amplifiers (Invited)

B. Dussardier, W. Blanc


Poster Session III

We.P.1 Optical FM demodulation by fibre Bragg grating

J.Z. Sotor, A.J. Antończak, K.M. Abramski

We.P.2 Noise figure characterization in erbium doped fibers for remotely amplified PONs

F. Bonada, J.A. Lázaro, J. Prat

We.P.3 Detection of scattered light in fiber-free space-object configurations

A. Waz, P.R. Kaczmarek, K.M. Abramski

We.P.4 Diode pumped compact Nd:YAG/BiBO blue laser at 473 nm

A.J. Antończak, M. Matysiak, J.Z. Sotor, K.M. Abramski

We.P.5 Influence of external optical feedback on mode-locked laser diode dynamics

E.A. Avrutin, B.M. Russell

We.P.6 Passively mode-locked EDF ring laser

M. Nikodem, G. Tomczyk, A. Budnicki, K.M. Abramski

We.P.7 Characterization of external cavity laser with thin film narrow bandpass filter

S-H. Seong, S-W. Ryu, H-J. Ko, J-S. Kim

We.P.8 Side pumped polarization maintaining double-clad fiber laser

A. Bocheński, J. Palmowski, M. Napierała, E. Bereś-Pawlik, K. Jędrzejewski

We.P.9 Supercontinuum generation in the standard telecommunication fibers pumped by ns-pulses from Q-switched FSF fiber laser

N. Trela, P.R. Kaczmarek, K.M. Abramski

We.P.10 Actively mode-locked multiwavelength fibre ring laser incorporating a Lyot filter, hybrid gain medium and birefringence compensated LiNbO3 modulator

C. O’Riordan, M.J. Connelly, I. Evans, P.M. Anandarajah, R. Maher, L.P. Barry

We.P.11 Performance study of a time slot interchanger based on a MZI-SOA in the switch configuration

R. Meleiro, J. Castro, P. André, P. Monteiro

We.P.12 Ternary amplitude optical packets generated by parametric amplification

M.L.F. Abbade, F.A. Callegari, E. Moschim, F.R. Durand, F.R. Barbosa

We.P.13 Ultra fast switching by controlling Rabi splitting

G. Manzacca, K. Hingler, G. Cincotti

We.P.14 Experimental analysis of four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier using frequency resolved optical gating

B.F. Kennedy, K. Bondarczuk, L.P. Barry

We.P.15 Distributed coupling coefficient DFB SOA-based optical switch

M.S. Tahvili, M.H. Sheikhi

We.P.16 Evaluation and optimization of SOA-based UNI Q-factor

K.E. Zoiros, C. Botsiaris, R. Chasioti, C.S. Koukourlis

We.P.17 Focusing characteristics of chirped hologram gratings written in polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC)

T. Baghdasaryan, A. Galstyan, R. Hakobyan

We.P.18 Theoretical and experimental study of temperature-dependent spectral properties of multi-layer metal-dielectric nano-film structures

V.N. Boriskin, M.I. Ayzatsky, S.V. Boriskina, Y.P. Machehin, A. Semenov

We.P.19 Propagation of optical field in nonlinear photonic crystals

S. Dontu, V. Babin, C. Grigorescu, D. Savastru, M. Miclos, M.I. Rusu, D. Tenciu

We.P.20 New phase-change materials to achieve cognitive computing – overview and future trends

M.I. Rusu, S. Miclos, D. Savastru, M. Popescu

We.P.21 Finite difference beam propagation method applied to photonic crystal fibres

M. Zdanowicz, M. Marciniak, M. Jaworski, E. Bekker, T.M. Benson

We.P.22 Control of the spontaneous emission of single InAs quantum dots at 1.3µm in point-defect photonic crystal nanocavities

M. Francardi, L. Balet, A. Gerardino, N. Chauvin, B. Alloing, C. Zinoni, C. Monat, L.H. Li, N. Le Thomas, R. Houdré, A. Fiore

We.P.23 Differential group index dispersion of a holey fiber measured by white-light spectral interferometry

P. Hlubina, D. Ciprian, R. Chlebus

We.P.24 Electrical reorientation of liquid crystal within silicon macropore for photonic devices

A.A. Dyomin, G.V. Tkachenko, V. Tkachenko, G. Abbate, L. De Stefano, I.A. Sukhoivanov

We.P.25 Modeling of transparent in visible range metal-dielectric multilayer structure by the MSE

G.G. Eyramjyan, H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan

We.P.26 High orbital angular momentum of singular and Gaussian beams arrays

Y. Izdebskaya, V. Shvedov, A. Volyar

We.P.27 Analyses of all-optical ultra-fast gate switches using cascaded second-order nonlinear effect in periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides: Methods of performance enhancement and effects of device fabrication errors

Y. Fukuchi, T. Tanaka, K. Watanabe, M. Akaike

We.P.28 Computer modelling and optimisation of mode-locked lasers

N. Dogru, M.J. Adams, I.D. Henning

We.P.29 Ray tracing method applied  for DC fibers

J.S. Witkowski, A. Grobelny

We.P.30 Hybrid time-frequency domain eigenmode propagation analysis of optical waveguides based on the method of lines

J. Gerdes


ICTON IX (Modelling) Chair: Vladimir Derbov

Th.A1.1 The continuing role of beam propagation methods in photonics design(Invited)

T.M. Benson, E. Bekker, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell

Th.A1.2 Adaptive simulation of optical ASICs (Invited)

P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, C. Styan

Th.A1.3 Wide-angle alternating-direction implicit finite-difference BPM (Invited)

E.V. Bekker, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic

Th.A1.4 Waveguiding and resonant cylindrical structures with time varying permittivity (Invited)

N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh

Th.A1.5 Extension and application of the method of single expression (MSE) for analysis of plane electromagnetic wave oblique incidence on a dielectric slab (Invited)

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, T.H. Baghdasaryan, G.G. Eyramjyan

Th.A1.6 Fundamental limits and recent advances in slow and fast light systems based on optical parametric processes in fibers (Invited)

E. Shumakher, A. Willinger, G. Eisenstein


Special Session: Broadband Access Chair: Josep Prat

Th.B1.1 CROWN – converged optical and wireless networks: network architecture and routing algorithms (Invited)

L.G. Kazovsky, N. Cheng, W-T. Shaw, S.-W. Wong

Th.B1.2 Optical next-generation access networks featuring combined WDM and TDM (Invited)

C. Bock, J. Prat, S.D. Walker

Th.B1.3 10G EPON development process (Invited)

M. Hajduczenia, H.J.A. da Silva, P. Monteiro

Th.B1.4 Is a 10/2.5Gbit/s extra-large PON far from reality? (Invited)

M. Rasztovits-Wiech, A. Stadler, S. Gianordoli, K. Kloppe

Th.B1.5 Traffic performance of an access hybrid WDM/TDM PON with colorless reflective-ONUs under different distances OLT-ONUs (Invited)

J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

Th.B1.6 1.25 – 10 Gbit/s reconfigurable access network architecture

P.J. Urban, E.J. Klein, L. Xu, E.G.C. Pluk, A.M.J. Koonen, G.D. Khoe, H. de Waardt


NAON VII Chair: Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic

Th.A2.1 SOAs for all-optical switching - techniques for improvements in speed (Invited)

R.J. Manning, R. Giller, Xu. Yang, R.P. Webb, D. Cotter

Th.A2.2 Dynamics of nonlinear polarisation rotation in semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

S. Philippe, A.L. Bradley, F. Surre, B. Kennedy, P. Landais

Th.A2.3 Polarization dependent intra-band gain dynamics in semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

S. Philippe, F. Surre, A.L. Bradley, R. Maldonado-Basilio, B. Kennedy, P. Landais, H. Soto-Ortiz

Th.A2.4 New asymmetric quantum well travelling-wave electroabsorption modulator with very low insertion loss and high extinction ratio (Invited)

V. Ahmadi, K. Abedi, E. Darabi

Th.A2.5 Nonlinear gain and related effects in quantum-well heterostructures (Invited)

V.K. Kononenko

Th.A2.6 Electromodulation-absorption type spectroscopy of semiconductor structures applied in telecommunication lasers (Invited)

J. Misiewicz, G. Sęk, R. Kudrawiec, M. Motyka


NAON VIII (Quantum Dots) Chair: Guido Giuliani

Th.B2.1 Quantum dot materials and devices (Invited)

G. Huyet

Th.B2.2 High gain and high speed 1.3 µm InAs/InGaAs quantum dot lasers (Invited)

M.T. Todaro, A. Salhi, L. Fortunato, R. Cingolani, A. Passaseo, M. De Vittorio

Th.B2.3 Multi wavelength ultrahigh frequency amplification by quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

C. Meuer, M. Laemmlin, J. Kim, G. Eisenstein, D. Bimberg

Th.B2.4 Design of non-linear guiding structures for processing of the ultra-short laser pulses (Invited)

E. Romanova, V. Janyani, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, T. Benson

Th.B2.5 Optical properties and electronic transport in quantum dot structures (Invited)

K. Král


WAOR V Chair: Josep Segarra

Th.A3.1 Service management in advanced optical internet (Invited)

E. Kozlovski

Th.A3.2 Network processors: a practical approach for achieving wire-speed packet processing in the emerging optical backbone networks (Invited)

J. Veiga-Gontán, P. Pavón-Mariño, J. García-Haro, M. Rodelgo, C. López-Bravo, F.J. González-Castaño

Th.A3.3 Transmission performance of optically transparent metro edge nodes (Invited)

S. Aleksić

Th.A3.4 OBS vs. OpMiGua – a comparative performance evaluation (Invited)

J. Scharf, A. Kimsas, M. Köhn, G. Hu

Th.A3.5 Adaptive multi-path routing for OBS networks (Invited)

C.G. Argos, O.G. de Dios, J. Aracil

Th.A3.6 Grooming strategies for GMPLS controlled WDM networks (Invited)

J. Comellas, J. Perelló, F. Agraz, S. Spadaro, G. Junyent


WAOR VI Chair: Zvi Rosberg

Th.B3.1 All-optical signal processing using gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

T. Silveira, A. Teixeira, A. Ferreira, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, D. Forin, S. Stevan Jr, P. Monteiro

Th.B3.2 Investigation of optical-burst-transmission induced impairment in gain-clamped amplifiers (Invited)

K. Ennser, G. Della Valle, S. Taccheo, J. Aracil

Th.B3.3 Tuneable optical dispersion compensators for dynamic optical networks (Invited)

R. Nogueira, A. Teixeira, M. Violas, R. Sousa, P. André, T. Silveira, R. Olcina, S. Sales

Th.B3.4 Hybrid buffer structured optical packet switch with the optimum numbers of tunable wavelength converters and internal wavelengths

H. Lim, J. Kim, C. Oh