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8th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


June 18-22, 2006 - Nottingham, United Kingdom



Opening Session Chair: Hans-Georg Unger

Mo.A.1 Plasmonics, coherent light matter interactions and photonic crystals: Shaping the future of photonics? (Invited)

L. Thylén, E. Berglind

Mo.A.2 Semiconductor nanolasers and photonic molecules (Invited)

T. Baba, K. Nozaki, S. Ishii

Mo.A.3 Leading Photonics in the 21st Century (Invited)

T. Pearsall


ICTON I (Networks) Chair: Armin Ehrhardt

Mo.B1.1 Broadband in Central Europe and beyond (Invited)

R.C. Goodfellow, G.R. Hill

Mo.B1.2 Recent developments in WDM-PON technology (Invited)

K.D. Langer, J. Vathke, K. Habel, C. Arellano

Mo.B1.3 Recent FTTH systems and services of NTT in Japan (Invited)

K. Kikushima, H. Yoshinaga, S. Aoyagi

Mo.B1.4 Expenditures study for network operators (Invited)

C. Mas Machuca

Mo.B1.5 Transparent ring interconnection using multi-wavelength processing switches (Invited)

I. Tomkos, A. Tzanakaki, J. Leuthold, A.D. Ellis, D. Bimberg, P. Petropoulos, D. Simeonidou, S. Tsadka, P. Monteiro

Mo.B1.6 All-optical signal regeneration and optical buffering using polarization bistable VCSELs (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi


ICTON II (Systems I) Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Mo.C1.1 All-optical regeneration (Invited)

J. Leuthold, W. Freude, G. Boettger, J. Wang, A. Marculescu, P. Vorreau, R. Bon

Mo.C1.2 Supercontinuum-based devices for telecom applications (Invited)

S. Taccheo, K. Ennser, D. Forin, G.M.Tosi Beleffi, F. Curti

Mo.C1.3 PMD – myths and reality (Invited)

A. Girard

Mo.C1.4 Recent developments on optical single sideband transmission systems (Invited)

D. Fonseca, A. Cartaxo, P. Monteiro

Mo.C1.5 The nonlinear diffusion bandwidth for characterizing optical fibre transmission systems (Invited)

Ch.A. Bunge, J.K. Fischer, H. Louchet, K. Petermann


Microresonators and Photonic Molecules I Chair: Svetlana Boriskina

Mo.D1.1 The quest for uni-directionality with WGMs in μlasers: coupled oscillators and amplifiers (Invited)

R.K. Chang, G.E. Fernandes, M. Kneissl

Mo.D1.2 Chaos-assisted tunnelling and dynamical localization in optical microresonators (Invited)

E. Narimanov, V. Podolskiy

Mo.D1.3 Chaos-free mathematical framework for linear optical modelling of microcavities and microlasers (Invited)

A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, S.V. Boriskina, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

Mo.D1.4 Signatures of nonintegrability in strongly directional tunnel escape

S. Creagh

Mo.D1.5 Spiral micropillar resonator-based unidirectional channel drop filters

J.Y. Lee, A.W. Poon

Mo.D1.6 Highly collimated laser emission from a peanut-shaped microcavity

L. Xu, T. Ling, L. Shang, Q. Song, W. Wang, L. Liu, S.-Y. Lee, S. Rim, C.-M. Kim

Mo.D1.7 Experiments versus modelling in quantum dot pillar microcavities

J.G. Rarity, Y.-L.D. Ho, R. Gibson, C.Y. Hu, M.J. Cryan, I.J. Craddock, C.J. Railton, D. Sanvitto, A. Darei, M. Hopkinson, J.A. Timpson, A.M. Fox, M.S. Skolnick


ESPC I (Theory & Modelling) Chair: Concita Sibilia

Mo.B2.1 Disorder-induced losses in photonic crystal slabs (Invited)

L.C. Andreani, D. Gerace

Mo.B2.2 Theory and applications of wire media (Invited)

I.S. Nefedov, A.J. Viitanen, S.A. Tretyakov

Mo.B2.3 Geometric freedom for constructing curvilinear and variable size photonic bandgap structures (Invited)

J. Zarbakash, V. Rinnerbauer, K. Hingerl

Mo.B2.4 Extension of the method of single expression for analysis of materials with complex permittivity and permeability (Invited)

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan

Mo.B2.5 Electromagnetic modelling of a monolithic pulse reshaper based on a photonic crystal waveguide integrated with a SOA (Invited)

M.J. Cryan, T. Cao, P.S. Ivanov, I.J. Craddock, S. Yu, J. Rorison, C.J. Railton, J.Z. Zhang, I. Galbraith, T.J. Karle

Mo.B2.6 Mode birefringence in multi-core microstructure fibres

I.A. Goncharenko


ESPC II (Quantum Effects) Chair: Wacław Urbańczyk

Mo.C2.1 Pair photon sources from micro-structured fibres (Invited)

J. Fulconis, O. Alibart, J.G. Rarity, W.J. Wadsworth

Mo.C2.2 The effect of coherence in propagation through periodic structures (Invited)

M. Bertolotti, B. Hoenders, A. Mandatori, C. Sibilia

Mo.C2.3 Nonlinear photonic-band-gap structures made of GaN/AlN as a source of entangled two-photon states (Invited)

J. Perina Jr., M. Centini, C. Sibilia, M. Bertolotti, M. Scalora

Mo.C2.4 Spontaneous emission properties of single emitters in planar photonic crystals (Invited)

M. Gerken, J.G. Müller, R. Bornemann, G. Bastian, U. Lemmer, D. Schelle, M. Augustin, E.B. Kley, A. Tünnermann

Mo.C2.5 Three-dimensional photonic band-gap structures for single-photon on demand sources

M. Florescu, S. Scheel, H. Lee, P.L. Knight, J.P. Dowling


ESPC III (Applications) Chair: Ari Viitanen

Mo.D2.1 Photonic crystal sensors (Invited)

D. Biallo, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, V. Marrocco, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Mo.D2.2 Second-harmonic generation with zero group-velocity mismatch in nonlinear photonic crystal fibers (Invited)

M. Bache, J. Lægsgaard, O. Bang, A. Bjarklev

Mo.D2.3 Supercontinuum generation in fibers infiltrated with liquid crystals (Invited)

P.D. Rasmussen, O. Bang, J. Lægsgaard, K. Rottwitt

Mo.D2.4 Polarizing properties of photonic crystal fibers (Invited)

W. Urbanczyk, M. Szpulak, G. Statkiewicz, T. Martynkien, J. Olszewski, J. Wojcik, P. Mergo, M. Makara, T. Nasilowski, F. Berghmans, H. Thienpont

Mo.D2.5 Fabrication of colloidal quantum dot microcavities by imprint lithography (Invited)

L. Martiradonna, M. De Giorgi, L. Troisi, L. Carbone, G. Gigli, R. Cingolani, M. De Vittorio

Mo.D2.6 2D photonic defect layers in 3D inverted opals on Si platforms (Invited)

G. Kocher, W. Khunsin, S.G. Romanov, K. Vynck, S. Arpiainen, B. Lange, J. Ye, F. Jonsson, D. Cassagne, R. Zentel, J. Ahopelto, C.M. Sotomayor Torres


GRAAL I Chair: Xavier Munoz

Mo.B3.1 Optimizing reliable multidomain routing (Invited)

M. Pickavet, P. Audenaert, J. Vanhaverbeke, D. Staessens, D. Colle, P. Demeester

Mo.B3.2 Towards optimal routing in heterogeneous optical networks (Invited)

T. Cinkler, J. Szigeti, D. Larrabeiti

Mo.B3.3 Optimization of the shortest-path routing with equal-cost multi-path load balancing (Invited)

M. Dzida, M. Zagożdżon, M. Pióro, A. Tomaszewski

Mo.B3.4 Optimal traffic grooming in WDM using lighttours (Invited)

J.L. Marzo, F. Solano, J.C. de Oliveira, L.F. Caro, R. Fabregat

Mo.B3.5 Bounding the number of light paths for robust LSP routing (Invited)

P. Mahey, J. Truffot

Mo.B3.6 Traffic grooming in bidirectional WDM ring networks

J.C. Bermond, D. Coudert, X. Muñoz, I. Sau


WAOR I Chair: Josep Solé-Pareta

Mo.C3.1 Quality of service in OBS networks: issues, challenges and solutions (Invited)

H. Elbiaze

Mo.C3.2 A QoS-based restoration mechanism for OBS networks (Invited)

S. Said, H. Mouftah, H. Elbiaze

Mo.C3.3 Control and management plane considerations for service oriented optical research networks (Invited)

R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou

Mo.C3.4 Study of the impact of burst assembly algorithms in optical burst switched networks with self-similar input traffic (Invited)

S. Azodolmolky, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Mo.C3.5 The PBR approach: analysis, performance and perspectives (Invited)

A. Challita, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Mo.C3.6 Comparison of conventional and offset time-emulated optical burst switching architectures

M. Klinkowski, D. Careglio, J. Solé-Pareta


WAOR II Chair: Karin Ennser

Mo.D3.1 Recent advances on optical label swapping techniques. An approach to the final results of IST-LABELS project (Invited)

A. Martínez, M. Manzanedo, G. Puerto, D. Pastor, B. Ortega, J. Capmany, T. Banky, G. Kovacs, T. Berceli, M.K. Popov, P-Y. Fonjallaz

Mo.D3.2 Optical core networks research in the e-Photon/ONe (Invited)

F. Callegati

Mo.D3.3 Impairment-aware routing for OBS and OPS networks (Invited)

K. Guild

Mo.D3.4 Contention resolution using preventive reservation in optical burst switching networks (Invited)

J. Comellas, D. Cerdan, J. Conesa, S. Spadaro, G. Junyent

Mo.D3.5 Evaluation of packet delay in OBS edge nodes (Invited)

G. Hu, M. Köhn

Mo.D3.6 Optimum planning of GMPLS transport networks

N. Naas, H.T. Mouftah


Poster Session I

Mo.P.1 SCWS technique for QoS support in connection-oriented optical packet switching network

E. Bonada, F. Callegati, D. Careglio, W. Cerroni, M. Klinkowski, G. Muretto, C. Raffaelli, J. Solé-Pareta

Mo.P.2 Buffer-optimized traffic smoothing for optical packet switching access network

X. Che, D.K. Hunter, I.D. Henning

Mo.P.3 A segmentation-based dropping scheme in OBS networks

H. Lui, H.T  Mouftah

Mo.P.4 CoS assignment based on physical performance parameters in OBS networks

G. Markidis, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Mo.P.5 Benefits of future GMPLS controlled Ethernet switches with tunable laser modules

P. Szegedi

Mo.P.6 Numerical model of wavelength-hopping time-spreading optical CDMA system with bipolar codewords

J. Chovan, F. Uherek

Mo.P.7 Multipurpose genetic algorithm based in Pareto optimality to design logical topologies in reconfigurable WDM networks

R.J. Durán, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, P. Fernández, F.A. Lago, J.C. Aguado, J. Blas, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abril

Mo.P.8 Providing differentiated services for multi-class traffic

B. Chen, W-D. Zhong, S.K. Bose

Mo.P.9 Recovery time analysis of WDM protection schemes

N.S.C. Correia, M.C.R. Medeiros

Mo.P.10 Reliable optical wireless links within UAV swarms

Ch. Chlestil, E. Leitgeb, N.P. Schmitt, S. Sheikh Muhammad, K. Zettl, W. Rehm

Mo.P.11 Availability of translucent networks based on WSS nodes, comparison with opaque networks

A. Morea, I. Boyer Heard

Mo.P.12 Fibre-ribbon switching for application in core-edge storage area networks

F. Zhang, N. Collings, B. Crossland

Mo.P.13 Cross channel interference due to wavelength drift of tuneable lasers in DWDM networks

E. Connolly, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

Mo.P.14 RZ-DPSK transmission at 80 Gbit/s channel rate using in-line semiconductor optical amplifiers

S. Boscolo, R. Bhamber, V.K. Mezentsev, S.K. Turitsyn, V.S. Grigoryan

Mo.P.15 Bidirectional repeaterless transmission of 8x10 GE over 210 km of standard single mode fibre

M. Karasek, J. Vojtech, J. Radil

Mo.P.16 Ultrafast all-optical self clock extraction based on two inline symmetric Mach-Zehnder switches

H.L. Minh, Z. Ghassemlooy, W.P. Ng

Mo.P.17 Intermodulation distortion in OSSB/SCM system with partially suppressed optical carrier 

P. Laurêncio, M.C.R. Medeiros

Mo.P.18 Passive multimode fibre optic structures

E.M. Bereś-Pawlik, G. Budzyń, G. Lis, M. Napierala

Mo.P.19 Study of hybrid cascaded AWG-based access network topology

I. Tsalamanis, M. Toycan, S.D. Walker

Mo.P.20 Cascadability performance of continuous spectrum WB/WSS at 10/40/160 Gb/s

S. Sygletos, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Mo.P.21 Experimental demonstration of a macroscopic cryptography technique

T. Ajmal, J.J. Lepley, S.D. Walker

Mo.P.22 Linear optical amplifier gain transients in bidirectional WDM ring network

P.R. Kaczmarek, T. Rogowski, K.M. Abramski, K. Ennser


Microresonators and Photonic Molecules II Chair: Alexander Nosich

Tu.A1.1 Whispering gallery mode emission from photonic microtubes (Invited)

J.F. Donegan, Y. Rakovich, S. Balakrishnan, Y. Gun’ko, T. Perova, A. Moor

Tu.A1.2 Photonic crystal microcavities for classical and quantum information processing (Invited)

J. Vuckovic, H. Altug, D. Englund, A. Faraon, I. Fushman, E. Waks

Tu.A1.3 Integrated circuits of coupled mircospheres for optoelectronics applications (Invited)

V.N. Astratov, S.P. Ashili, A.M. Kapitonov, A.V. Kanaev

Tu.A1.4 Linear threshold analysis of a photonic molecule laser formed by a cyclic array of submicron semiconductor disks with non-whispering-gallery modes

E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

Tu.A1.5 Optical spectra and output coupling engineering in hybrid WG-mode micro- and mesoscale cavity structures

S.V. Boriskina, S.V. Pishko, A.V. Boriskin

Tu.A1.6 In-plane coupling into circular-grating resonators for all-optical switching

A. Jebali, D. Erni, S. Gulde, R.F. Mahrt, W. Bächtold

Tu.A1.7 Sagnac effect in resonant microcavities

S. Sunada, T. Harayama


Industrial I Chair: Uri Mahlab

Tu.B1.1 Next generation optical networks: an operator’s point of view (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt

Tu.B1.2 Migration to optical networking (Invited)

E. Zouganeli

Tu.B1.3 Optical transmission links design technique (Invited)

U. Mahlab, E. Dolev

Tu.B1.4 Optical switching technologies and switching in optical future networks (Invited)

S. Ferguson

Tu.B1.5 High capacity optical interconnects for computer networks (Invited)

M. Glick, M. Dales, T. Lin, A. Wonfor, K.A. Williams, R.V. Penty, I.H. White


Industrial II Chair: Evi Zouganeli

Tu.C1.1 Application of wavelet networks for identification of  transients in optical networks (Invited)

Y. Ben-Ezra, U. Mahlab, B.I. Lembrikov, E. Dolev

Tu.C1.2 Optical amplifiers for modern networks (Invited)

D. Menashe, A. Shlifer, U. Ghera

Tu.C1.3 Semiconductor optical amplifiers for advanced optical applications (Invited)

A. Borghesani

Tu.C1.4 Advanced trends in electrical dispersion compensation in optical communications OOK systems (Invited)

D. Sadot, G. Katz, U. Mahlab


ICTON III (Networks and Systems) Chair: Carmen Mas Machuca

Tu.D1.1 Exact numerical evaluation of optical receivers using advanced modulation formats (Invited)

L.D. Coelho, N. Hanik, E.D. Schmidt

Tu.D1.2 Wide band slow light systems based on nonlinear fibers (Invited)

G. Eisenstein, E. Shumakher, D. Dahan, A. Willinger, R. Blit, N. Orbach, A. Nevet

Tu.D1.3 All-optical processing based on HiBi fibre Bragg gratings (Invited)

R.N. Nogueira, A. Teixeira, P. André, I. Abe, J.F. Rocha, J.L. Pint

Tu.D1.4 Multi-wavelength metro WDM sectioned ring for SAN extension under hot node scenario and variable traffic profiles (Invited)

T.E.H. El-Gorashi, B. Pranggono, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Tu.D1.5 Network architectures for future optical networks (Invited)

M. Jaeger

Tu.D1.6 Control and management scheme in a DWDM EPON

R. Roy, G. Manhoudt, Ch. Roeloffzen, W.van Etten

Tu.D1.7 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s multi-wavelength conversion based on nonlinear effects in HNLF

M. Karasek, J. Kanka, P. Honzatko, J. Vojtech, J. Radil


ESPC IV (Metamaterials) Chair: Martina Gerken

Tu.A2.1 Near field imaging with magnetic metamaterials: theory and experiment (Invited)

E. Shamonina

Tu.A2.2 Modeling and theory of nonlinear or gyrotropic negative phase velocity metamaterials (Invited)

A. Boardman, N. King, L. Velasco, Y. Rapoport, T. Shevchenko

Tu.A2.3 Optical properties of layered metamaterial composed of pairs of nanowires (Invited)

T.J. Antosiewicz, W.M. Saj, J. Pniewski, T. Szoplik

Tu.A2.4 Actively induced reflection via a quadratic nonlinear optical interaction in a semiconductor photonic crystal: application to ultra fast all-optical modulation and switching (Invited)

C. Cojocaru, J. Trull, C. Nistor, R. Herrero, K. Staliunas

Tu.A2.5 Ultrafast optical switching of 2-D silicon photonic crystals (Invited)

H.M. van Driel

Tu.A2.6 Scanning near-field microscopy of photonic crystal fibers

M. Foroni, F. Poli, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri


ESPC V (Slow Light) Chair: Crina Cojocaru

Tu.B2.1 Characterization of slow light in a waveguide grating (Invited)

R.M. de Ridder, W.C.L. Hopman, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra

Tu.B2.2 Low loss and slow light photonic crystal waveguides in SOI (Invited)

T.F. Krauss, L. O’Faolain, M. Settle, A. Michaeli, M. Salib

Tu.B2.3 Peculiarities of light propagation in photonic crystal waveguides in the slow light regime (Invited)

A.V. Lavrinenko, P.I. Borel, L.H. Frandsen, J. Fage-Pedersen

Tu.B2.4 Local probing of higher-order dispersion in photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)

R.J.P. Engelen, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Watanabe, J.P. Korterik, N. Ikeda, N.F. van Hulst, K. Asakawa, L. Kuipers


ESPC VII (Technology & Devices) Chair: Marco De Sario

Tu.C2.1 Subdiffractive pulses in photonic crystals (Invited)

K. Staliunas, R. Herrero, C. Cojocaru, J. Trull

Tu.C2.2 Fabrication of rod-connected diamond structures at optical wavelengths by micromanipulation (Invited)

K. Aoki, S. Iwamoto, Y. Arakawa

Tu.C2.3 Design, fabrication and characterization of chalcogenide-based photonic crystal slabs (Invited)

S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, C.M. de Sterke, B.J. Eggleton, D. Freeman, C. Grillet, B. Luther-Davies, S. Madden, E.C. Mägi, R. McPhedran, D.J. Moss, C. Smith, M.J. Steel

Tu.C2.4 Preparation of chalcogenide step-index and micro-structured fiber for telecommunication (Invited)

J. Troles, F. Smektala, L. Brillant, P. Houizot, F. Désévédavy, G. Boudebs, T. Chartier, N. Traynor

Tu.C2.5 Designing flexible integrated optical circuits exploiting multiple scatterers (Invited)

P. Sewell, C. Styan, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson

Tu.C2.6 Properties of coupling a 2D SOI photonic crystal to a Bragg mirror (Invited)

A. Salomon, V. Calvo, E. Picard, E. Hadji, J.M. Fedeli


NAON I Chair: Judy Rorison

Tu.D2.1 High index-contrast silicon-on-insulator nanophotonics (Invited)

P. Bienstman, F. Van Laere, D. Taillaert, P. Dumon, W. Bogaerts, K. De Vos, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets

Tu.D2.2 Application of optical telecom planar technology to silicon-based microphotonics and sensors (Invited)

A. Delâge, P. Cheben, A. Densmore, S. Janz, B. Lamontagne, J. Lapointe, J. Schmid, P. Waldron, D.X. Xu

Tu.D2.3 Solutions for ultra-high speed optical wavelength conversion and clock recovery (Invited)

L.K. Oxenløwe, M. Galili, H.Ch. Hansen Mulvad, A.T. Clausen, D. Zibar, P. Jeppesen

Tu.D2.4 The modeling of MMI devices (Invited)

L. Cahill

Tu.D2.5 Efficient and compact light-intensity modulators for high frequencies and high bitrates (Invited)

U. Westergren, Y. Yu, P. Jänes, P. Holmström, L. Thylén

Tu.D2.6 New design for wide/flat bandwidth in photonic crystal-based SMZ all-optical device (PC-SMZ) (Invited)

K. Asakawa, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Watanabe, N. Ozaki, A. Mizutani, N. Ikeda, O. Sigmund, P.I. Borel, M. Kristensen


WAOR III Chair: Miroslaw Klinkowski

Tu.A3.1 Reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer design to implement flexibility in optical networks (Invited)

K. Ennser, T. Rogowski, P. Ghelfi, F. Cugini, P. Castoldi

Tu.A3.2 Optical IP switching a solution to dynamic lightpath establishment in disaggregated network architectures (Invited)

G. Mulvihill, M. Ruffini, F. Smyth, L. Barry, L. Doyle, D. O’Mahony

Tu.A3.3 Design considerations for a high-speed metro network using all-optical packet processing (Invited)

S. Aleksić

Tu.A3.4 Demonstration of a low-cost inband FEC scheme for STM-64 transparent metro networks (Invited)

A. Tychopoulos, I. Papagiannakis, D. Klonidis, A. Tzanakaki, O. Koufopavlou, I. Tomkos

Tu.A3.5 The effect of PDL in a polarization and time division multiplexed scheme for all-optical class of service segregation (Invited)

V.L. Tuft,D.R. Hjelme

Tu.A3.6 Interferometric noise in optical code division multiple access systems (Invited)

T. Bazan, D. Harle, I. Andonovic


GRAAL II Chair: David Coudert

Tu.B3.1 Cost-efficient transparent optical networks with high connection availabilities (Invited)

A.M.C.A. Koster

Tu.B3.2 Minimizing the number of ADMs with and without traffic grooming: complexity and approximability (Invited)

S. Zaks

Tu.B3.3 Latency constrained aggregation in sensor networks (Invited)

L. Stougie

Tu.B3.4 On the oriented network design problem (Invited)

J. Žerovnik

Tu.B3.5 On the gain of statistical multiplexing over traffic grooming

A. Kern, G. Somogyi, T. Cinkler

Tu.B3.6 How to transform a multilayer network into a colored graph

M.E. Voge


RONEXT I Chair: Erich Leitgeb

Tu.C3.1 Redundancy, restorability and path availability in optical mesh networks (Invited)

M. Held, L. Zhou

Tu.C3.2 Connection availability in WDM mesh networks with multiple failures (Invited)

L. Wosinska

Tu.C3.3 Reliability for future ubiquitous network societies - challenges and opportunities (Invited)

M. Marciniak

Tu.C3.4 QoS-aware fault tolerance in grid computing through topology-aware replica placement (Invited)

L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi

Tu.C3.5 Plug and play networking with optical nodes (Invited)

I. Cerutti, A. Fumagalli, R. Hui, P. Monti, A. Paradisi, M. Tacca


RONEXT II Chair: Lena Wosinska

Tu.D3.1 A robust XML-based approach for network protocols implementation (Invited)

F. Baroncelli, B. Martini, P. Castoldi

Tu.D3.2 Fault management in transparent optical networks (Invited)

R. Rejeb, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

Tu.D3.3 Multilevel digital pulse interval modulation scheme for optical wireless communications (Invited)

Z. Ghassemlooy, N.M. Aldibbiat

Tu.D3.4 The influence of dense fog on optical wireless systems, analysed by measurements in Graz for improving the link-reliability (Invited)

E. Leitgeb, S.S. Muhammad, B. Flecker, C. Chlestil, M. Gebhart, T. Javornik

Tu.D3.5 Techniques for link security in outdoor mobile laser optical wireless

F. Ari, F. Ozek, O. Ozturk, O. Geren


Poster Session II

Tu.P.1 Retrieving dispersion diagrams of waveguide-coupled planar photonic-crystal-embedded microresonators

H. Chen, A.W. Poon

Tu.P.2 Waveguide-coupled square micropillar resonator-based devices: channel filters and electro-optic switches with embedded p-i-n diodes

C. Li, L. Zhou, A.W. Poon

Tu.P.3 Electrically tunable Fano resonance line shapes by using racetrack microresonator-coupled Mach-Zehnder interferometers with embedded p-i-n diodes

L. Zhou, A.W. Poon

Tu.P.4 InGaAsP/InGaAs quantum well lasers using hollow square microcavities

H.J. Moon, Y.Y. Jin, K.S. Hyun, Y.H. Kwon

Tu.P.5 Influence of dispersive coupling coefficient in microring channel drop filters

Q. Chen, Y.D. Yang, Y.Z. Huang

Tu.P.6 Using electromagnetic wave chaos to control the transmission of light through modulated photonic crystals

A. Henning, P.B. Wilkinson, T.M. Fromhold, T.M. Benson, P.D. Sewell

Tu.P.7 Passive resonances and active lasing modes in a chaotic microcavity

T.Y. Kwon, C.M. Kim, Y.J. Park

Tu.P.8 Control of directional emission in two-dimensional quasi-stadium micro-cavity laser diodes with two-electrodes

M. Choi, T. Tanaka, T. Fukushima, T. Harayama

Tu.P.9 Directional emission patterns from the oval-billiard microcavity laser diodes

T. Tanaka, M. Hentschel, T. Fukushima, T. Harayama

Tu.P.10 Coupling conditions for microgear resonators

V.M.N. Passaro, F. De Leonardis, G.Z. Mashanovich

Tu.P.11 Surface sensitivity optimization of a microring resonator for biochemical sensing

F. Dell’Olio, V.M.N. Passaro, F. De Leonardis

Tu.P.12 Ring and axis mode switching in quasi-stadium laser diodes with multi-electrodes

Y. Nakae, T. Fukushima, T. Tanaka, T. Harayama

Tu.P.13 Locking of two modes and unidirectional beam emission in quasi-stadium laser diodes

T. Sasaki, T. Fukushima, T. Tanaka, T. Harayama

Tu.P.14 Highly directional emission in stadium-cavity lasers

S. Shinohara, T. Harayama, H.E. Türeci, A.D. Stone

Tu.P.15 Dispersion monitoring for high-speed WDM networks via two-photon absorption in a semiconductor microcavity

P.J. Maguire, K. Bondarczuk, L.P. Barry, J. O’Dowd, W.H. Guo, M. Lynch, A.L. Bradley, J.F. Donegan, H. Folliot

Tu.P.16 Establishing of whispering gallery modes in 2D circular resonator excited by transient source

E. Semenova, N. Sakhnenko

Tu.P.17 Modelling of femtosecond inscription in fused silica

V.K. Mezentsev, S.K. Turitsyn, M.P. Fedoruk, M. Dubov, A.M. Rubenchik, E.V. Podivilov

Tu.P.18 3D modelling of enhanced surface emission using surface roughening

I. Buss, M. Cryan, G. Nash, M. Haigh, I. Craddock, Ch. Railton, J. Rarity

Tu.P.19 Focusing of point source waves by plane boundary of newly created plasma

A. Nerukh, S. Yeliseyev

Tu.P.20 Single-emitter laser in a photonic band gap micro-chip

L. Florescu, S. John

Tu.P.21 Comparative analysis of various designs of oxide-confined vertical-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers

R.P. Sarzała, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.22 Theoretical analysis of red-shift and optical gain in the step-like GaInNAs/GaNAs quantum well

E. Pruszyńska-Karbownik, M. Wasiak, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.23 Fiber Bragg gratings as references for frequency stabilization of microchip laser

J.Z. Sotor, A.J. Antonczak, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.24 Measurement of the spatial uniformity of a large field microstructured retarder

A. Urbanczyk, M. Schumann, B. Bläsi, A. Gombert

Tu.P.25 Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibre with enhanced sensitivity to hydrostatic pressure

M. Szpulak, T. Martynkien, W. Urbanczyk

Tu.P.26 Single frequency green laser with birefringent filter

A.J. Antończak, J.Z. Sotor, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.27 Passively mode-locked erbium doped laser with combination of NPR and NALM effects

A. Budnicki, L. Szpak, M. Maternia, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.28 The numerical predictions of the parameters of asymmetrical couplers which pumpdouble-clad lasers

A. Grobelny, J. Witkowski, E. Bereś-Pawlik

Tu.P.29 A different construction of pumping double clad fiber laser by side polished couplers

P. Piotrowiak, E. Grabowska, E. Bereś-Pawlik, K. Jędrzejewski

Tu.P.30 Using secondary resonances for amplification of short-wave radiation

V.A. Buts

Tu.P.31 Increasing of energy density and level of coherency at scattering radiation at periodically heterogeneous medium

V.A. Buts

Tu.P.32 Generation and characterisation of 40 GHz picosecond optical pulses generated using an EAM

R. Maher, P.M. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

Tu.P.33 Accurate polarization mode dispersion measurements using fixed analyzer method with averaging

M. Jaworski, K. Borzycki

Tu.P.34 Temperature dependence of PMD in optical fibers and cables-part II

K. Borzycki, M. Jaworski


ICTON IV (Devices I) Chair: Leonardo Coelho

We.A1.1 Recent progress in research on optical fiber devices (Invited)

Y. Sasaki, H. Yokota

We.A1.2 Avalanche pumping of thulium doped S-band fibre amplifiers (Invited)

R. Caspary, M.M. Kozak, W. Kowalsky

We.A1.3 Genetic algorithms in design and characterization of rare earth doped fiber amplifiers (Invited)

G. Calò, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

We.A1.4 Modelling of high power semiconductor lasers (Invited)

S. Sujecki

We.A1.5 Optical wavelength and waveband converters (Invited)

Ch. Politi, Ch. Matrakidis, A. Stavdas


ICTON V (Devices II) Chair: Yutaka Sasaki

We.B1.1 Recording of type IIA gratings in B-Ge codoped optical fibres using 248nm femtosecond and picosecond laser radiation (Invited)

S. Pissadakis, M. Konstantaki, G. Violakis

We.B1.2 Multiple pulsing and hysteresis phenomena in fiber lasers: theory and experiment (Invited)

A. Haboucha, A. Komarov, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

We.B1.3 Phase-to-intensity noise conversion in optical noise filtering (Invited)

M. Csörnyei, T. Berceli

We.B1.4 WDM network for multipoint analysis of scattered laser radiation (Invited)

K.M. Abramski, P.R. Kaczmarek, A. Waz

We.B1.5 Two-channel CWDM OADM based on large bandwidth fibre Bragg gratings (Invited)

P.T. Neves Jr., F. Kuller, H.J. Kalinowski, J.L. Fabris, A.A.P. Pohl


PICAW Chair: Stefano Taccheo

We.C1.1 Single and multi-channel 2R regeneration: an overview (Invited)

F. Curti, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, D.M. Forin, A. Reale, A. Teixeira, G. Cincotti, M. Svaluto-Moreolo

We.C1.2 Nanophotonic devices based on silicon-on-insulator nanowire waveguides (Invited)

L. Wosinski

We.C1.3 Optical network components based on microring resonators (Invited)

A. Driessen, D.H. Geuzebroek, E.J. Klein

We.C1.4 Monolithically integrated optical packet switches for high-speed LANs (Invited)

D.A. Yanson, J.H. Marsh

We.C1.5 Applications of multi-port encoder/decoders in photonic MPLS and CDMA networks (Invited)

G. Cincotti, X. Wang, N. Wada, G. Manzacca, M. Svaluto Moreolo, K.I. Kitayama

We.C1.6 Low cost UV patternable organic-inorganic sol-gel siloxanepoly(oxyethylene) materials for integrated optics (Invited)

P.S. André, R. Nogueira, R.A. Sá Ferreira, A. Gualdino, L.D. Carlos, N.J.O. Silva, L.S. Fu, A.L.J. Teixeira, L. Penedo Pellegrini, P. Monteiro


GOWN Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan

We.D1.1 RF over fibre networks (Invited)

I. White

We.D1.2 Fast tunable lasers in radio-over-fiber access networks (Invited)

A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, E. Connolly, L.P. Barry, D. McDonald

We.D1.3 Modelling of terahertz driven MQW electroabsorption modulators (Invited)

E.V. Bekker, A. Vukovic, N.K. Sakhnenko, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

We.D1.4 Biphase impulse generation by a new optical scheme for ultrawide-band radio-over-fiber systems (Invited)

W.P. Lin, Y.C. Chen

We.D1.5 Next generation optical network for all-IP fixed and wireless broadband services (Invited)

M. Suzuki, K. Tanaka, M. Tsurusawa, T. Otani


NAON II (Amplifiers) Chair: Ivan Kityk

We.A2.1 GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells: advantages for SOAs (Invited)

J.M. Rorison, J. Pozo, H.C. Wong, Y.N. Qiu, N. Vogiatis, D. Alexandopolos, J. Konttinen, M. Saarinen, T. Jouhti, M. Pessa

We.A2.2 Analysis for dynamic characteristics and relative intensity noise of a new polarization-insensitive quantum well structure optoelectronic integrated device (Invited)

V. Ahmadi, E. Darabi

We.A2.3 Polarisation dependent dynamics in bulk semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

S. Philippe, A.L. Bradley, F. Surre, P. Landais, B. Kennedy, M. Martinez-Rosas

We.A2.4 High-speed all-optical signal processing using semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

X. Yang, R.J. Manning, R.P. Webb, R. Giller, F. Gunning, D. Cotter

We.A2.5 Monolithic semiconductor ring lasers: design, experiments and applications (Invited)

G. Giuliani, A. Scirè, M. Sorel

We.A2.6 Polarization resolved four-wave-mixing-based measurement in bulk material semiconductor optical amplifier (Invited)

F. Surre, B. Kennedy, P. Landais, S. Philippe, A.L. Bradley


NAON III (Lasers) Chair: Katia Gallo

We.B2.1 Beam spoiler simulations for high power laser diodes (Invited)

T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, D.W.P. Thomas, Ch. Christopoulos, J.G. Wykes, S.C. Greedy, P. Sewell

We.B2.2 Polarization dynamics in VCSELS induced by optical injection (Invited)

K. Panajotov, I. Gatare, J. Buesa, H. Thienpont, M. Sciamanna

We.B2.3 Spectral and output power characteristics of QW heterostructure sources with modulated DFB cavities (Invited)

A.A. Afanas’ev, V.K. Kononenko, S.Yu. Mikhnevich

We.B2.4 Crucial parameters of photonic-crystal holes within photonic-crystal VCSEL DBR (Invited)

T. Czyszanowski, M. Dems, K. Panajotov, W. Nakwaski

We.B2.5 All-optical wavelength conversion, parametric amplification, multiplexing, and switching in integrated PPLN-devices (Invited)

W. Sohler, W. Grundkötter, H. Herrmann, J.H. Lee, Y.H. Min, V. Quiring, H. Suche, R. Schiek, T. Pertsch, F. Lederer, R. Iwanow, G.I. Stegeman, S.L. Jansen


NAON IV (Devices) Chair: Krassimir Panajotov

We.C2.1 Recent progress in development of GaInNAs -based photonic devices (Invited)

J. Konttinen, P. Tuomisto, M. Guina, M. Pessa

We.C2.2 Continuous band heterostructures: a new concept for development of low-loss distributed Bragg reflectors for optoelectronic devices (Invited)

I.M. Safonov, I.A. Sukhoivanov, O.V. Shulika, A.A. Dyomin, S.O. Yakushev, M.V. Klymenko, S.I. Petrov, V.V. Lysak

We.C2.3 Optical processing with Slow Wave Structures: properties and applications (Invited)

A. Melloni, F. Morichetti, F. Persia, C. Canavesi, R. Siano, M. Martinelli

We.C2.4 Femtosecond switching of electron and phonon streams in gallium nitride crystals (Invited)

R. Brazis, R. Raguotis

We.C2.5 Performance evaluation of Er3+-doped chalcogenide microstructured optical fiber amplifiers

M. De Sario, L. Mescia, F. Prudenzano, F. Smektala, P. Houizot, F. Desevedavy, J. Troles

We.C2.6 Numerical investigation of a 2D-grating for light extraction of a bottom emitting OLED

P. Vandersteegen, C. Van Buggenhout, P. Bienstman, R. Baets


NAON V (Nonlinear Phenomena) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

We.D2.1 All-optical signal processing with nonlinear resonant devices (Invited)

W. Freude, A. Maitra, J. Wang, Ch. Koos, C. Poulton, M. Fujii, J. Leuthold

We.D2.2 Nonlinear generation of light in random structures (Invited)

J. Martorell, X. Vidal, M. Maymó, S. Di Finizio, A. Molinos-Gómez, M. Botey, J.L. Domínguez-Juárez

We.D2.3 Processing ultrafast optical signals in broadband telecom systems by means of cascaded quadratic nonlinearities (Invited)

K. Gallo, J. Prawiharjo, F. Parmigiani, P. Almeida, P Petropoulos, D.J. Richardson

We.D2.4 Methods and means for reading and processing optical information based on waveguide ring microresonators (Invited)

I.A. Goncharenko, A.K. Esman, V.K. Kuleshov

We.D2.5 Comparison of frequency transformation in time-varying dielectric plane waveguide and circular resonator (Invited)

N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh


WAOR IV Chair: Halima Elbiaze

We.A3.1 The research agenda in Optical Burst Switching in e-Photon/ONe (Tutorial)

J. Aracil, S. Bjornstad, M. Casoni, K. Christodoulopoulos, J. Fdez-Palacios, C. Gauger, O. Gonzalez, G. Hu, E. Karasan, M. Klinkowski, D. Morato, R. Nejabati, H. Overby, C. Raffaelli, D. Simeonidou, J. Sole-Pareta, N. Stol, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, K. Vlachos

We.A3.2 Link management protocol automatic control plane configuration extensions for resilient ring-based architectures

J. Perelló, E. Escalona, S. Spadaro, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

We.A3.3 Optimum numbers of tunable wavelength converters and internal wavelengths in the optical packet switch with shared FDL buffer

H. Lim, K-S. Yu, Ch. Oh, Ch-S. Park

We.A3.4 Impairment constraint based routing in ultra long haul optical networks employing 2R regeneration

G. Markidis, S. Sygletos, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

We.A3.5 Dispersion optimised impairment constraint based routing and wavelength assignment algorithms for all-optical networks

N. Zulkifli, Ch. Okonkwo, K. Guild

We.A3.6 GMPLS extensions for a user–centric and grid enabled optical network control plane

L.M. Sadeghioon, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou


RONEXT / WAOR Chair: Andrea Fumagalli

We.B3.1 All-optical label stripping: a network recovery perspective (Invited)

R. Van Caenegem, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

We.B3.2 Routing issues in transparent optical networks (Invited)

R. Martínez, C. Pinart, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

We.B3.3 Failure aware diverse routing: a novel algorithm to improve availability in ASON/GMPLS networks

L. Velasco, S. Spadaro, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

We.B3.4 Efficient OXC monitoring based on time-delay recognition

Z. Qian, G-W. Lu, S-Y.R. Li

We.B3.5 A novel path-protecting p-cycle heuristic algorithm

F. Zhang, W-D. Zhong


WAOR V Chair: Tanya Politi

We.C3.1 Queue management and priority scheduling disciplines for QoS control in Wavelength Routed OBS (WROBS) access networks (Invited)

J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

We.C3.2 GMPLS optical packet switching networks: optical vs. electronic feasibility (Invited)

J. Veiga-Gontán, P. Pavón-Mariño, J. Vales-Alonso, J. García-Haro, M. Rodelgo, C. López-Bravo, F.J. González-Castaño

We.C3.3 The OpMiGua multiservice optical hybrid packet/circuit switched network supporting TV-broadcasting QoS requirements (Invited)

S. Bjørnstad, L.E. Eriksen, D.R. Hjelme

We.C3.4 Performance in a failure situation of an OpMiGua packet switch with internal blocking (Invited)

A. Kimsås, H. Øverby, S. Bjørnstad, N. Stol

We.C3.5 A resilience-based comparative study between optical burst switching and optical circuit  switching technologies (Invited)

J.A. Hernández, J. Aracil, V. López, J. Fernández Palacios, Ó. González de Dios


GRAAL III Chair: Tibor Cinkler

We.D3.1 Shared risk resource groups and survivability in multilayer networks (Invited)

D. Coudert, S. Pérennes, H. Rivano, M.E. Voge

We.D3.2 QoS aware and fair resource allocation scheme in transport networks (Invited)

M. Bárász, Z. Fekete, A. Jüttner, M. Makai, J. Szabó

We.D3.3 Game theoretical issues in optical networks (Invited)

A. Fanelli, M. Flammini, G. Melideo, L. Moscardelli, A. Navarra

We.D3.4 Maximizing lifetime of broadcasting in ad hoc networks by distributed transmission power adjustment (Invited)

I. Siomina, D. Yuan

We.D3.5 Mathematical modelling and comparisons of four heuristic optimization algorithms for WCDMA radio network planning (Invited)

F. Ari, F. Ozek, O. Ozturk, O. Geren

We.D3.6 Analysis of the slotted non-persistent CSMA protocol with poissonian packet size using a semi-Markov graph representation

J. Galtier

We.D3.7 The impact over the packets sequence at the output interface in load balancing strategies

X. Hesselbach, R. Fabregat, Ch. Kolias


Poster Session III

We.P.1 Numerical analysis of thin transparent film influence on reflecting and absorbing properties of metallic mirror

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.A. Mankulov, G.G. Eyramjyan

We.P.2 Dynamics of ultra-short pulse interaction with linear and nonlinear fibre Bragg gratings

V. Janyani, A. Vukovic, T. Benson, J. Paul, P. Sewell

We.P.3 PMD emulator/compensator device combine FBGs written in two different types of optical fibers

N.M.P. Pinto, O. Frazão, R. Romero, A. Costa

We.P.4 Square-lattice photonic crystal fiber cut-off properties

F. Poli, M. Foroni, L. Rosa, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri

We.P.5 Modified honeycomb photonic bandgap fiber effectively single- mode regime: a numerical analysis

L. Vincetti, M. Maini, L. Rosa, F. Poli, M. Foroni, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri

We.P.6 2D photonic crystal cavity-based WDM multiplexer

G. Manzacca, D. Paciotti, A. Marchese, M. Svaluto Moreolo, G. Cincotti

We.P.7 Theoretical investigation of the dynamical and static characteristics of VCSELs incorporating two-dimensional photonic crystals

P. Ivanov, M. Cryan, J. Rorison

We.P.8 Pulse spectral broadening in microstructured optical fiber with periodically modulated core diameter

Y. Mazhirina, A. Konyukhov, L. Melnikov

We.P.9 Modeling of single- and multimode photonic-crystal planar waveguides with plane-wave admittance method: losses and modes coupling

M. Dems, K. Panajotov

We.P.10 Modelling of 2D photonic crystals with liquid crystal infilling

A. Rixon, M. Cryan, J. Pereda, Ch. Railton


COST P11 Training School Posters

We.P.11 Scaling law of second harmonic generation in one-dimensional photonic systems

M. Liscidini, L.C. Andreani

We.P.12 A theoretical approach to optical properties of opal based photonic crystals

A. Balestreri, L.C. Andreani

We.P.13 Polarisation-maintaining and highly-birefringent liquid-crystal photonic crystal fibers

D.C. Zografopoulos, E.E. Kriezis

We.P.14 Simulations of Kerr based non linear optical components with the complex Jacobi iteration

P. Vandersteegen, P. Bienstman, R. Baets, A. Dewandre , M. Haelterman

We.P.15 Improved ASR convergence for the simulation of surface plasmon waveguide modes

P. Debackere, P. Bienstman, R. Baets

We.P.16 Photonic crystal microcavity amplifier

D. Biallo, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, V. Marrocco, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

We.P.17 Device fabrication in high-Index 3D photonic crystals

O.M. Roche, J. Scrimgeour, J.S. King, D.N. Sharp, C.F. Blanford, E. Graugnard, R.G. Denning,C.J. Summers, A.J. Turberfield

We.P.18 Transmission anisotropy in triple-film opal photonic crystals

W. Khunsin, J. Ye, S.G. Romanov, R. Zentel, C.M. Sotomayor Torres

We.P.19 Modelling of polarization rotation in bent waveguides

F. Morichetti, A. Melloni, M. Martinelli

We.P.20 Numerical analysis and design of microstructured components for broadband optical communication networks

M. Zdanowicz, T. Abracham

We.P.21 Spontaneous emission properties in 2D photonic crystals

Y. Nazirizadeh, J.G. Müller, R. Bornemann, G. Bastian, M. Gerken, U. Lemmer

We.P.22 Switching in liquid crystal filled photonic bandgap fiber

H. Hoffrén, J. Tuominen, H. Ludvigsen

We.P.23 Characterization of colloidal crystals by optical methods

M. Giuliani, W. González Viñas

We.P.24 Design of microstructured fibers with fixed chromatic dispersion properties

T. Pinheiro-Ortega, E. Sivestre, P. Andrés, J.J. Miret

We.P.25 Geometric freedom for constructing curvilinear and variable size photonic bandgap structures

J. Zarbakash, V. Rinnerbauer, K. Hingerl

We.P.26 Second harmonic generation in a two-dimensional photonic bandgap grating waveguide

B. Hu, P. Sewell, J.G. Wykes, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson

We.P.27 Plasmon waveguides on silver nanoplates

W.M. Saj, T.J. Antosiewicz, J. Pniewski, T. Szoplik

We.P.28 Numerical approaches for the analysis of optical devices

L. Rosa

We.P.29 New technological approaches for the fabrication of planar photonic crystals on III-V compounds

L.J. Martínez, A.R. Alija, Y. González, L. González, M.L. Dotor, D. Golmayo, L. Balcells, P.A. Postigo

We.P.30 High Purcell factor photonic crystal cavities for single photon sources

V. Singh, D. Ho, L. Sanchis, M. Cryan, J. Rarity

We.P.31 Modelling and optimizing selected PhC-based structures using differential TMM and other methods

A. Haiduk, I. Richter

We.P.32 Design, fabrication and measurement of SOI-based photonic wire devices, including Bragg-grating structures

A.R. Md Zain, R.M.De La Rue

We.P.33 Improving the impedance matching in photonic crystal waveguides

J. Zarbakhsh, A. Mohtashami, K. Hingerl, L. Tkeshelashvili, K. Busch


ICTON VI (Modelling & Devices) Chair: Krzysztof Abramski

Th.A1.1 Complexity and "quasi-intermittency" of electromagnetic waves in regular time-varying medium (Invited)

A. Nerukh, N. Ruzhytska, D. Nerukh

Th.A1.2 Modelling  electromagnetic wave propagation through time-varying media: comparison of analytical and numerical methods (Invited)

A. Vukovic, E.V. Bekker, B. Hu, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

Th.A1.3 Near-field scanning tomography (Invited)

K.P. Gaikovich

Th.A1.4 S+C+L double pass EDF amplifier, amplified spontaneous emission source and multiwavelength ring laser

M. Foroni, L. Ruggeri, F. Poli, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri

Th.A1.5 Semi-analytical description of parabolic pulse generation in the normal-dispersion fibre amplifiers

A. Latkin, S. Turitsyn

Th.A1.6 Structure and orbital angular momentum of singular arrays

Y. Izdebskaya, V. Shvedov, A.V. Volyar


ICTON VII (Systems II) Chair: Alexander Nerukh

Th.B1.1 Optical regeneration of WDM signals using quasi-continuous filtering (Invited)

B. Cuenot, A. Ellis, N. Healy, D.F. Murphy, C.D. Hussey

Th.B1.2 Methods for evaluation of certain special functions of mathematical physics in the real field and their application in the theory of waveguides (Invited)

G.N. Georgiev, M.N. Georgieva-Grosse

Th.B1.3 Experimental demonstration of distortion-less slow and fast light generation by use of soliton collision in optical fiber

A. Maruta, T. Kunihiro, A. Maeda

Th.B1.4 All-optical wavelength converter-regenerator by means of out of band auxiliary carrier modulation induced by super-continuum generation

F. Curti, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, D.M. Forin, A. Reale, S. Taccheo, K. Ennser, M. Karasek , A. Teixeira

Th.B1.5 Comparison of performance of SSB-AMI-RZ formats in long-haul 40 Gbit/s/channel UDWDM transmission systems

T.M.R. Dias, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Th.B1.6 Performance analysis of a 2-D time-wavelength OCDMA wavelength-aware receiver with beat noise

T. Bazan, D. Harle, I. Andonovic

Th.B1.7 Impact of noise level on the optimization of parameters of 2R all‑optical regenerator

M.R.G. Leiria, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Th.B1.8 All-optical clock recovery at 160 Gbit/s and beyond, based on a Fabry-Pérot filter and self-phase modulation effect

Ch. Kouloumentas, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos


NAON VI (Quantum Dots) Chair: Wlodzimierz Nakwaski

Th.A2.1 Telecom-wavelength single-photon sources from quantum dots in microcavities (Invited)

A. Fiore, C. Zinoni, B. Alloing, C. Monat, L.H. Li, N. Le Thomas, R. Houdré, L. Lunghi,M. Francardi, A. Gerardino

Th.A2.2 Quantum dot amplifiers for 100 Gbit Ethernet (Invited)

D. Bimberg, M. Laemmlin, C. Meuer, G. Fiol, M. Kuntz, A. Schliwa, N.N. Ledentsov, A.R. Kovsh

Th.A2.3 Quantum dots and nanowires for optoelectronic device applications (Invited)

Q. Gao,Y. Kim, H.J. Joyce, P. Lever, S. Mokkapati, M. Buda, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish

Th.A2.4 Narrow asymmetric waveguide design for high-power semiconductor lasers (Invited)

E. Avrutin, B Ryvkin

Th.A2.5 Light propagation in heterogeneous opal-based photonic crystals (Invited)

S.G. Romanov, J. Ye, R. Zentel, C.M. Sotomayor Torres

Th.A2.6 Quantum dot samples under low level of electronic excitation

K. Král


NAON VII (Materials) Chair: Sergei Romanov

Th.B2.1 Guiding microstructures in highly non-linear glasses: functionality, design and photo-fabrication (Invited)

E.A. Romanova, A.I. Konyukhov

Th.B2.2 Band-alignment of ZnSe/ZnSSe based layer structures for light emitting devices, determination by photocurrent measurements (Invited)

R. Adhiri, E.H. Atmani, M. Moussetad, A. Fahli, A. Jaouad, A. Souifi, G. Guillot, P. Uusimaa,A. Rinta-Môykky, M. Pessa

Th.B2.3 Nanopatterned nonlinear ferroelectric crystals for parametric generation (Invited)

A. Busacca, M. Cherchi, C. Santini, S. Riva-Sanseverino, A. Parisi, A. Cino, S. Stivala, A. Pasquazi, L. Colace, G. Assanto

Th.B2.4 Rotaxane functionalized acid-terminated self-assembled siloxane monolayers on non-conducting surfaces - XPS, AFM and TRF (Invited)

M. Lubomska, O. Karban, A. Pugžlys, E.R. Kay, J.K.Y. Wong, D.A. Leigh, P. Rudolf

Th.B2.5 Large-sized nanoparticles as novel promising optoelectronic materials (Invited)

I.V. Kityk

Th.B2.6 Functionalized azo-carbazole compounds for nonlinear optical application (Invited)

R. Czaplicki, S. Dabos Seignon, F. Kajzar, M. Bakasse, J. Nizioł, M. Bednarz, B. Sahraoui