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6th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


July 4-8, 2004 - Wroclaw, Poland



Opening Session Chair: Krzysztof Abramski (LEOS Poland Chairman)

Mo.A.3 Dissipative spatial solitons in active semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

G.I. Stegeman, E. Ultanir, D. Michaelis, C.H. Lange, F. Lederer

Mo.A.4 Design and fabrication of nanophotonic devices (Invited)

W. Freude, C. Poulton, C. Koos, J. Brosi, F. Glöckler, J. Wang, G.-A. Chakam, M. Fujii


WAOR I (Packet Networks) Chair: Josep Solé-Pareta 

Mo.B1.1 Access and metro scalable WDM architectures with medium access control protocol featuring optical burst switching (Invited)

J. Segarra, J. Prat, C. Bock

Mo.B1.2 Comparison of contention resolution strategies in OBS network scenarios (Invited)

C.M. Gauger, M. Köhn, J. Scharf

Mo.B1.3 Performance modelling of synchronous bufferless OPS networks (Invited)

H. Øverby

Mo.B1.4 Packet switched hybrid optical networks (Invited)

S. Bjornstad

Mo.B1.5 A simulation study of combined routing and contention resolution algorithms in connection-oriented OPS network scenario

M. Klinkowski, D. Careglio, X. Masip-Bruin, S. Spadaro, S. Sanchez-López, J. Solé-Pareta


WAOR II (General) Chair: Carmen Mas Machuca

Mo.C1.1 Achievements of COST 266 Action and further prospects in research of advanced infrastructure for photonic networks (Invited)

A. Kuchar

Mo.C1.2 Using nodes with shared wavelength converters in optical networks (Invited)

J. Comellas, C. Linares, J. Ramón, J. Conesa, G. Junyent

Mo.C1.3 Availability modelling of multi-service photonic network (Invited)

B. Mikac, R. Inkret, M. Ljolje, M. Lackovic

Mo.C1.4 Optimization of optical networks: price and value of reliability (Invited)

L. Wosinska, M. Held

Mo.C1.5 Photonic infrastructure for grid enabling networks (Invited)

D. Simeonidou, R. Nejabati

Mo.C1.6 Impact of the reach of WDM systems and traffic volume on the network resources and cost of translucent optical transport networks

A. Morea, H. Nakajima, L. Chacon, E. Le Rouzic, B. Decocq,J.-P. Sebille


IST PHOTONICS Chair: Harald Øverby

Mo.D1.1 Next generation optical networks for broadband services:the IST NOBEL approach (Invited)

J. Derkacz, A. Jajszczyk, A. Lasoń, J. Rząsa, K. Wajda

Mo.D1.2 Optical cost metrics in multi-layer traffic engineering for IP-over-optical networks (Invited)

B. Puype, Q. Yan, S. De Maesschalck, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.D1.3 Performance optimization using advanced modulation formats in WDM metropolitan area networks (Invited)

A. Tzanakaki, I. Zacharopoulos, D. Parcharidou, I. Tomkos

Mo.D1.4 The ASON Approach to the Control Plane for Optical Networks (Invited)

A. Jajszczyk

Mo.D1.5 Impairment aware routing in metropolitan area optical networks(Invited)

C. Mas, D. Vogiatzis, I. Tomkos

Mo.D1.6 Requirements for a transparent Pan-European network

O. Gurel, C. Mas, I. Tomkos


ESPC I (Theory and Modelling) Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska

Mo.B2.1 Analysis of gratings with symmetrical and unsymmetrical periods (Invited)

R. Pregla

Mo.B2.2 Multiple defects in photonic band gap structures with variable defect parameters (Invited)

S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, A. Ankiewicz

Mo.B2.3 Analysis of losses in 2D photonic crystal membrane waveguides using the 3D FDTD method (Invited)

M.J. Cryan, D.C.L. Wong, I.J. Craddock, S. Yu, J. Rorison, C.J. Railton

Mo.B2.4 Band gap engineering in 2D photonic crystals: the influence of element shape and rotational angle (Invited)

E.V. Bekker, T.K. Tham, T.M. Benson

Mo.B2.5 Modeling of structures with curved boundaries: applied to the determination of band structures in photonic crystals

S.F. Helfert

Mo.B2.6 Numerical analysis of couplers and novel filters with the method of lines

A. Barcz, S.F. Helfert, R. Pregla


ESPC II (Nonlinear I) Chair:Trevor Benson

Mo.C2.1 Second order nonlinear interactions in periodic waveguides (Invited)

A. D’Orazio, D. de Ceglia, M. De Sario, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Mo.C2.2 High power photonic crystal fiber laser systems (Invited)

T. Schreiber, J. Limpert, A. Liem, F. Röser,  S. Nolte, H. Zellmer, A. Tünnermann

Mo.C2.3 Spatio-temporal dynamics of light beams in non-linear dielectric waveguides with sharp discontinuities (Invited)

E.A. Romanova, L.A. Melnikov

Mo.C2.4 Difference-frequency generation in novel double vertical cavity surface-emitting laser(Invited)

Y. Morozov, I. Nefedov, V. Aleshkin

Mo.C2.5 Dispersion properties and spatial solitons in photonic crystal fibers (Invited)

P. Andres

Mo.C2.6 Spatial addressing of picosecond signals at 1549 nm in engineered nonlinear waveguides (Invited)

F. Baronio, G. Nalesso, C. De Angelis, P.H. Pioger, V. Couderc, A. Barthélémy, Y. Min, V. Quiring, W. Sohler


ESPC III (Nonlinear II) Chair: Reinhold Pregla

Mo.D2.1 One-dimensional photonic crystal: low noise light generation (Invited)

C. Sibilia

Mo.D2.2 Bidirectional beam propagation method for the modelling of microstructured waveguides for second harmonic generation (Invited)

A. Locatelli, D. Modotto, C. De Angelis, F.M. Pigozzo, A.D. Capobianco, C.G. Someda

Mo.D2.3 Influence on electromagnetic field of both time-varying medium in waveguide and its boundaries (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

Mo.D2.4 Dynamics of matter solitons in weakly modulated optical lattices (Invited)

V. Kuzmiak, V.A. Brazhnyi, V.V. Konotop

Mo.D2.5 Discrete solitons in nematic liquid crystals (Invited)

M.A. Karpierz, G. Assanto, K.A. Brzdąkiewicz, A. Fratalocchi,E. Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki, M. Sierakowski


ICTON I (Networks & Systems I) Chair: Andrea Melloni 

Tu.A1.1 High spectral efficiency for large-capacity optical communication systems (Invited)

M. Suzuki, I. Morita

Tu.A1.2 High-speed optical signal processing and data transmission (Invited)

H.G. Weber, R. Ludwig, S. Ferber, C. Boerner, C. Schubert, C. Schmidt-Langhorst, E. Hilliger, M. Kroh, V. Marembert

Tu.A1.3 Recent developments in photonics for information networks (Invited)

T. Sugie

Tu.A1.4 Transmission of 10 Gb/s WDM-channels along variable line infrastructures (Invited)

M. Malach, H. Louchet, A. Hodzic, K. Petermann

Tu.A1.5 Influence of polarisation mode dispersion on the effect of cross phase modulation in optical WDM transmission (Invited)

N. Hanik

Tu.A1.6 The influence of polarization mode dispersion on high bit-rate optical transmission systems (Invited)

S. Zentner-Pilinsky, Z. Šipuš, Ĺ. Šumichrast


ICTON II (Networks & Systems II) Chair: Javier Aracil 

Tu.B1.1 Promising evolution paths for passive optical access networks (Invited)

K.-D. Langer, J. Grubor, K. Habel

Tu.B1.2 Multimode optical fibre links for datacommunications (Invited)

I.H. White, J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty

Tu.B1.3 Use of four-wave mixing in optical fibers for applications in transparent optical networks (Invited)

B. Batagelj, M. Vidmar, S. Tomazic

Tu.B1.4 Optimized optical filtering for 40 Gb/s/channel enhanced phase-shaped binary transmission
in ultra dense WDM systems

N.B. Pavlovic, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Tu.B1.5 Performance evaluation of 2-D wavelength/time optical CDMA system with optical hard-limiters by numerical modeling

J. Chovan, F. Uherek


ICTON III (Networks & Systems III) Chair: Yutaka Sasaki 

Tu.C1.1 Extension of storage area networks and integration on different platforms of an optical transport network (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt

Tu.C1.2 Control of optical amplifier transient dynamic in Metro system network (Invited)

K. Ennser

Tu.C1.3 Design for switched optical datapaths in computer systems (Invited)

M. Glick

Tu.C1.4 Approximations for end-to-end delay analysis in OBS networks with light load (Invited)

D. Morat, E. Maga, M. Izal, J. Aracil

Tu.C1.5 Developments of high power fiber lasers (Invited)

F. Sanchez

Tu.C1.6 Management issues in transparent optical networks

R. Rejeb, I. Pavlosoglou, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

Tu.C1.7 VLAN-sensitive optical protection for scalable SLA definition of switched Ethernet services

P. Szegedi


ESPC IV (Devices I) Chair: Richard De La Rue 

Tu.A2.1 Properties and applications of 1D and 2D photonic-crystals (Invited)

B. Jaskorzynska

Tu.A2.2 Alignment issues in photonic crystal device fabrication (Invited)

R.M. de Ridder, C.G. Bostan, F.J. van Soest, V.J. Gadgil

Tu.A2.3 Pulse tracking in complex photonic structures (Invited)

H. Gersen, M.L.M. Balistreri, D.J.W. Klunder, J.P. Korterik, A. Driessen, N.F. van Hulst, L. Kuipers

Tu.A2.4 Design and fabrication of SOI-based photonic crystal components (Invited)

P.I. Borel, L.H. Frandsen, A. Harpøth, M. Kristensen, T. Nemi, P. Xing, J.S. Jensen, O. Sigmund

Tu.A2.5 All-optical devices in PPLN waveguides (Invited)

W. Sohler

Tu.A2.6 Proton-exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides for photonic applications (Invited)

K. Gallo, J. Prawiharjo, N. Broderick, D.J. Richardson


ESPC V (Devices II) Chair: Wacław Urbańczyk 

Tu.B2.1 Photonic crystals and photonic wires for a nanophotonic future? (Invited)

R.M. De La Rue

Tu.B2.2 Fabrication and characterization of photonic crystal based symmetric Mach-Zehnder (PC-SMZ) structures toward ultra-small all-optical switching devices (Invited)

Y. Sugimoto, K. Asakawa

Tu.B2.3 Wavelength division multiplexing using dispersive thin-film stacks (Invited)

M. Gerken, D.A.B. Miller

Tu.B2.4 Photonic band gap wavelength multiplexer-demultiplexer (Invited)

A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario,V. Marrocco, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Tu.B2.5 Comparison of the tapered photonic crystal fiber waveguide couplers and conventional couplers (Invited)

I.A. Sukhoivanov, A.V. Dyogtyev, P.S. Ivanov


ESPC VI (Devices III) Chair: Włodzimierz Nakwaski

Tu.C2.1 High efficiency quantum dot microcavity light emitting device operating at 1.3 mm (Invited)

M. De Vittorio, M.T. Todaro, V. Tasco, M. De Giorgi, L. Martiradonna, R. Cingolani, A. Passaseo

Tu.C2.2 Nonlinear response of quantum-well heterostructure lasers at current modulation and cavity detuning (Invited)

V.K. Kononenko, B.F. Kuntsevich

Tu.C2.3 Photochromism in thin films containing azodyes (Invited)

I. Rau, F. Kajzar, S. Bartkiewicz, A. Miniewicz, B. Sahraoui

Tu.C2.4 UV inscription of sub-micron periodic structures in “hard” optical materials and waveguides (Invited)

S. Pissadakis, M.N. Zervas, L. Reekie, J.S. Wilkinson

Tu.C2.5 Electric field distribution in 1D layered media: qualitative analysis in the method of single expression (Invited)

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.A. Mankulov

Tu.C2.6 Diagnostic and photoinduced nonlinear effects in highly conjugated organic compounds (Invited)

B. Sahraoui, S. Dabos-Seignon, A. Migalska-Zalas, I. Fuks-Janczarek, I.V. Kityk, J. Berdowski

Tu.C2.7 Influence of the application of von Kármán-like flows on the colloidal crystallization of polystyrene particles

M. Yoldi, W. González-Viñas, R. Sirera, M.C. Arcos


Poster Session I

Tu.P.1 Transmission properties of fractal photonic crystal waveguides

J.A. Monsoriu, C.J. Zapata-Rodríguez, E. Silvestre, W.D. Furlan, P. Andrés

Tu.P.2 Absorption of light by plasmons in a nanoporous metal slab

T.V. Teperik, V.V. Popov, F.J. García de Abajo

Tu.P.3 Quasi 1-dimensional photonic crystals as building block for compact integrated optical sensors

W. Hopman, P. Pottier, D. Yudistira, J. van Lith, P. Lambeck, R. De La Rue, A. Driessen, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra, R.M. de Ridder

Tu.P.4 Second harmonic generation in doubly resonant planar microcavities

M. Liscidini, L.C. Andreani

Tu.P.5 Birefringent holey fiber with triple defect

G. Statkiewicz, M. Szpulak, J. Olszewski, T. Martynkien, W. Urbańczyk, J. Wójcik, K. Poturaj, P. Mergo

Tu.P.6 Confinement losses in the birefringent holey fibers

J. Olszewski, M. Szpulak, W. Urbańczyk

Tu.P.7 A study of the defect formation during the preparation of 2D-colloidal crystals by electrophoresis

M.C. Arcos, W. González-Viñas, R. Sirera, M. Yoldi

Tu.P.8 Measurement of radiative and guided modes in silicon-on-insulator photonic crystal slabs

M. Galli, D. Bajoni, M. Belotti, F. Paleari, M. Patrini, G. Guizzetti, D. Gerace, M. Agio, L.C: Andreani, Y. Chen

Tu.P.9 Wavelength scale modelling of absorbing and amplifying reflective microresonator by the method of single expression

H. V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.A. Mankulov

Tu.P.10 Boundary integral equations for the scattering from multiple arbitrary-shaped cylinders

S.V. Boriskina, T.M. Benson, P.Sewell, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.11 Capture area in quantum well structures

A.V. Shulika, I.A. Sukhoivanov, V.V. Lysak

Tu.P.12 Usability comparison of scalar and vectorial optical approaches to simulation of a 1.3 μm InGaAsN VCSEL operation

T. Czyszanowski, M. Dems, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.13 Comparative analysis of possible VCSEL designs for the long-wavelength optical-fibre communication

R.P. Sarzała, S. Macegoniuk, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.14 Optical signal switching in GaAs waveguide with Bragg grating

I.A. Goncharenko, A.K. Esman, V.K. Kuleshov

Tu.P.15 Polarization of radiation of quantum-well heterolasers

A.G. Buikevich, V.K. Kononenko, I.S. Manak

Tu.P.16 Spectra and thresholds of the whispering-gallery modes in microdisk laser with radially non-uniform gain area

E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson


GOWN Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan

We.A1.1 Service drivers for transparent networks (Invited)

P.O. Andersson

We.A1.2 Optical switching architecture to realize “moveable cells” in a radio-over-fiber network (Invited)

B. Lannoo, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

We.A1.3 Microwave photonic signal processing for wireless systems and optical internet: Overview of the current achievements of the IST-LABELS project (Invited)

J. Capmany

We.A1.4 Towards global optical and wireless networking (Invited)

M. Marciniak

We.A1.5 Performance analysis of T-PPM over PPM for infrared wireless links

R. Arora, G. Kaur, N. Gupta

We.A1.6 Performance evaluation of OCDMA system using prime sequence and pseudo-orthogonal codes

G. Kaur, N. Gupta

We.A1.7 Optically transparent 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks for fiber-to-the-desk application

I. Radovanovic, W. van Etten


ICTON IV (Devices I) Chair: José Capmany Francoy

We.B1.1 Ultrafast all-optical switching using four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers for wavelength routing (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

We.B1.2 Semiconductor optical amplifiers for all-optical wavelength conversion (Invited)

G. Kovacs, E. Udvary, T. Berceli

We.B1.3 Design and fabrication of electroabsorption modulators for data rates up to 100 Gb/s (Invited)

U. Eriksson, R. Lewén, S. Irmscher, U. Westergren, L. Thylén

We.B1.4 Recent progress in research on optical fiber devices (Invited)

Y. Sasaki, H. Yokota

We.B1.5 Energy level calculations for rare-earth doped fluoride glasses (Invited)

R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky

We.B1.6 Thulium-doped fiber amplifier for the S-band

M.M. Kozak, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky


ICTON V (Devices II) Chair: Jiří Čtyroký

We.C1.1 3R all optical regeneration (Invited)

G.M. Tosi-Beleffi, D.M. Forin, F. Curti, F. Matera, A. Reale, S. Betti, S. Monterosso, A. Fiorelli, M. Guglielmucci

We.C1.2 The challenges of modelling AWG multiplexers (Invited)

S.C.M. Lidgate, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, R.J. Bozeat

We.C1.3 Optical filter structures based on the self-imaging phenomenon (Invited)

J. Jahns, H. Knuppertz, A.W. Lohmann, G. Mínguez-Vega

We.C1.4 Applications of highly birefringent fibre Bragg gratings (Invited)

A. Teixeira, R. Nogueira, P. André, M. Lima, J. Pinto, .J. da Rocha

We.C1.5 Tunable dispersion devices based on fibre Bragg gratings (Invited)

M.V. Andrés

We.C1.6 Recent developments in integrated spectrometers (Invited)

A. Delâge, S. Bidnyk, P. Cheben, K. Dossou, S. Janz, B. Lamontagne,M. Packirisamy, Dan-Xia Xu


ESPC VII (Fibers) Chair: Tomasz Szoplik

We.A2.1 Hollow-core photonic crystal fiber: new regime for nonlinear optics (Invited)

F. Benabid, P. Russell

We.A2.2 Sensing capabilities of the birefringent holey fibers (Invited)

W. Urbańczyk, M. Szpulak, G. Statkiewicz, T. Martynkien, J. Olszewski

We.A2.3 Interplay of form and material birefringence in photonic crystal fibers: application for sensing (Invited)

R. Kotyński, K. Panajotov, M. Antkowiak, T. Nasiłowski, P. Lesiak, J. Wójcik, H. Thienpont

We.A2.4 Optical parametric amplification in the normal dispersion regime using a PCF (Invited)

J.D. Harvey, R. Leonhardt, K.L.G. Wong, S.G. Murdoch, A.Y.H. Chen, R. Kruhlak

We.A2.5 Delivery of high peak power laser light through photonic bandgap fibres (Invited)

D.P. Hand, J.D. Shephard, J.D.C. Jones, J.C. Knight, P.St.J. Russell, B.J. Mangan

We.A2.6 Propagation constants and radiation loss of the modes in curved multi-core microstructure fibres (Invited)

I.A. Goncharenko

We.A2.7 Experimental investigation of wavelength and temperature dependence of phase and group birefringence in photonic crystal fibers

M. Wegmuller, M. Legré, N. Gisin, T. Ritari, H. Ludvigsen, J.R. Folkenberg, K.P. Hansen

We.A2.8 Propagation effects in photonic liquid crystal fibers

T.R. Woliński, P. Lesiak, K. Szaniawska, K. Bondarczuk, R. Dąbrowski, E. Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki, J. Wójcik


ESPC VIII (General) Chair: René de Ridder

We.B2.1 Depressed core bragg waveguides: experiment and simulation (Invited)

M. Likhachev, S. Semjonov, A. Popov, A. Vinogradov, E. Dianov

We.B2.2 Experiment, modelling and optimisation of out of plane losses in planar photonic crystals (Invited)

R. Houdré

We.B2.3 Photonic crystal waveguides in triangular lattice of nanopillars

D.N. Chigrin, A.V. Lavrinenko

We.B2.4 Electrically tunable filter based on directional coupler with 1D photonic crystal arm infiltrated with smetic liquid crystal

Z.J. Zawistowski, B. Jaskorzynska

We.B2.5 FDTD modelling of chirped pulse propagation through a mini-stopband in a 2D photonic crystal waveguide

M.J. Cryan, T. Cao, I.J. Craddock, S. Yu, J. Rorison, C.J. Railton

We.B2.6 Fabrication of photonic crystal structures by focused ion beam etching

M. Hill, M. Cryan, N. Lim, R. Varrazza, P. Heard, S. Yu, J. Rorison


ESPC IX (Materials) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

We.C2.1 Materials aspects of opals as photonic crystals (Invited)

J.F. Galisteo-López, F. García-Santamaría, B.H. Juárez, C. López, E. Palacios-Lidón

We.C2.2 Nonlinear optical properties of chalcogenide glasses at telecommunication wavelength using nonlinear imaging technique (Invited)

G. Boudebs, W. Berlatier, S. Cherukulappurath, F. Smektala, M. Guignard, J. Troles

We.C2.3 Nanostructured amorphous group III nitrides: potential for refractive index engineering (Invited)

H.J. Trodahl, B.J. Ruck, F. Budde, A. Koo, S. Granville, A. Bittar, G.V.M. Williams, C.E.A. Grigorescu, R. Notonier, A. Tonetto

We.C2.4 Aluminophosphate glasses and quasi-amorphous nitrides - a step in the quest for photonic materials (Invited)

C. Grigorescu, M. Elisa, C. Vasiliu, M. Mitrea, H.J. Trodahl, M. Dalley, F. Budde, B. Ruck, R. Notonier, A. Tonetto, O. Monnereau

We.C2.5 Excitons in organic molecular crystals (Invited)

W. Bała, P. Dalasiński, M. Rębarz, A. Bratkowski

We.C2.6 Solid-state approach to the modelling of the host-guest optical systems (Invited)

M. Makowska-Janusik


Poster Session II

We.P.1 Some aspects of coherent detection

A.J. Antończak, K.M. Abramski

We.P.2 Comparison of prime code, extended prime code and quadratic congruence code using a normalized throughput metric

M. Srinivasan, G. Geetha, M. Meenakshi

We.P.3 Length optimization of fiber optic regeneration section considering dynamic broadening of optical transmitter spectrum

S. Yelanin, V. Katok, O. Ometsinska

We.P.4 Amplification and transformation of optical signals based on integrated-optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer application in optical communication networks

N.M. Ushakov

We.P.5 Sharpening of the signal spectrum with the change of its complexity

N. Ruzhytska, A. Nerukh, D. Nerukh

We.P.6 Passive optical multimode fibre network

A. Piotrowski, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik

We.P.7 Influence of plastic optical fibres deformations on transmission capabilities: Experimental results

M. Półrola

We.P.8 Optical frequency domain reflectometer for diagnostics of short distance networks

P.R. Kaczmarek, J. Werbiński, K.M. Abramski

We.P.9 Modeling of reflectograms of optical line that includes fibres with different level of Rayleigh scattering and values of numerical apertures

V. Katok, E. Koshman, А. Manko

We.P.10 Non-zero dispersion fiber with improved characteristics for wideband optical transmission

V. Katok, M. Kotenko, O. Ometsinska

We.P.11 Measurement of birefringence dispersion in optical fiber using a method of white-light spectral interferometry

P. Hlubina, T. Martynkien, W. Urbańczyk

We.P.12 Blue, green, red fiber lasers based on Pr/Yb fluoride fibers

T.P. Baraniecki, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky

We.P.13 Mode-locking operation of EDF ring laser

A. Budnicki, P. Kaczmarek, T. Suchorowski, K.M. Abramski

We.P.14 Double-clad fibre laser pumping by side coupling method

P. Krupka, A.F. Grobelny, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik, J. Wójcik

We.P.15 Fiber ring laser with linear polarization forced by Brewster plate

S. Urban, M. Rebelski, A. Budnicki, K.M. Abramski

We.P.16 Fibre lasers based on polarization maintaining erbium-doped fibres

P. Góźdź, B. Borowicz, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik

We.P.17 New type of fibre-optic attenuator

T. Gerasimchuk, V. Katok, А. Manko, V. Manko

We.P.18 Analysis of multiparameter optical sensor data with composite filtering algorithms

R. Kasztelanic, R. Kotyński, H. Thienpont, K. Chałasińska-Macukow

We.P.19 Laser method of measuring ultrasound-generated aerosols

T. Gudra, J.S. Witkowski, T. Osmolak

We.P.20 Nonlinear PCF as dispersion compensator in high-bitrate fiber links

A. Witkowska, M. Marciniak

We.P.21 Bidirectional beam propagation method for simulation of curved Bragg gratings

R. Petruskevicius

We.P.22 2D photonic crystals based on alumina: new methods for formation

R. Tomasiunas

We.P.23 Simulation and optimization of spectral-efficient DWDM systems

M. Jaworski, M. Marciniak

We.P.24 Investigation of PMD in old optical fibres and cables and PMD effects on network upgrades to higher bit rates

M. Buryk, K. Borzycki, M. Jaworski, M. Marciniak

We.P.25 Photonic crystal waveguide - fabrication of the periodic arrays by visible light holographic technique coupled with electron beam-induced deposition

R. Dylewicz, P. Czarnecki, J. Myśliwiec, A. Miniewicz, S. Patela

We.P.26 Technology and basis sensor properties of the dual core holey fiber

J. Wójcik, P. Mergo, J. Klimek, B. Janoszczyk, M. Makara, K. Poturaj

We.P.27 A novel framework for dynamic survivable routing in mesh WDM networks

A. Haque, P.-H. Ho, J. Ho

We.P.28 Towards a scalable design for survivable optical virtual private networks (O-VPNs)

A. Haque, P.-H. Ho


We.D The Wroclaw's Nobel Prize laureates (historical)

E.F. Pliński


ICTON VI (Devices III) Chair: Katia Gallo

Th.B.1 Fibre on glass (FOG): A novel concept for planar photonics (Invited)

T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, Y. Zhang, D. Zhang, M.D. O’Donnell, J. Lousteau,D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon

Th.B.2 Silica-on-silicon technology for photonic integrated devices (Invited)

L. Wosinski

Th.B.3 Engineering and application of functionalized polymers in optical signal processing (Invited)

F. Kajzar

Th.B.4 Rigorous vectorial modelling of microresonators (Invited)

J. Čtyroký, L. Prkna, M. Hubálek

Th.B.5 The N numbers: definition and application (Invited)

G.N. Georgiev, M.N. Georgieva–Grosse

Th.B.6 Quasi-3D numerical analysis of asymmetries in 980 nm tapered laser diodes

S. Sujecki, L. Borruel, J. Wykes, P. Moreno, P. Sewell, D. Rodriguez, T.M. Benson, I. Esquivia, E.C. Larkins


ICTON VII (Devices IV) Chair: Marian Marciniak

Th.C.1 Impact of ring-based filters on signals and on system performance: numerical modelling and experimental BER measurements (Invited)

A. Melloni

Th.C.2 Mode-locked ring lasers and their application in an all-optical flip-flop memory (Invited)

X. Yang, E. Tangdiongga, S. Zhang, Z. Li, M.T. Hill, D. Lenstra, G.D. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren

Th.C.3 Cellular automaton approach to light propagation in dispersive periodic and disordered media (Invited)

M. Janowicz, A. Orłowski

Th.C.4 Gain anisotropy in a semiconductor optical amplifier: Confinement factors or material gain

W. Wang, K. Allaart, D. Lenstra

Th.C.5 Simulation of mode-locked ring laser based on nonlinear polarization rotation in a semiconductor optical amplifier

Z. Li, D .Lenstra, X. Yang, E. Tangdiongga, H. Ju, G.D. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren

Th.C.6 Ultrafast all-optical wavelength conversion using nonlinear polarization rotation in a semiconductor optical amplifier

A.K. Mishra, X. Yang, D. Lenstra, G.D. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren

Th.C.7 A dispersion compensating Raman amplifier with reduced double Rayleigh backscattering, employing standard DCF

A. Kimsas, P. Staubo, S. Bjornstad, B. Slagsvold, A. Sudbo

Th.C.8 Investigations of mode control in proton-implanted and oxide-guided VCSELs using PBGs: modelling and experiment

P.S. Ivanov, J.M. Rorison, M. Dragas, M. Cryan



PD.1 QoS in slotted bufferless optical packet switched networks (Postdeadline)

H. Øverby

PD.2 Impact of nonlinear plasma on surface wave propagation: analysis (Postdeadline)

M.N. Georgieva–Grosse, G.N. Georgiev