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1st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


June 9-11, 1999 - Kielce, Poland




Optical Networks I Chair: Alexander Nosich 

We.A.1 Some aspects of photonics and electronics in communications and interconnects (Invited)

L. Thylen

We.A.2 New network architectures based on the emerging advanced photonic infrastructure (Invited)

A. Kuchar


Optical Networks II Chair: Sławomir Sujecki 

We.B.1 Optical duobinary modulation schemes using a Mach-Zehnder transmitter for lightwave systems

M. Wichers, W. Rosenkranz

We.B.2 A Decision feedback equalizer for dispersion compensation in high speed optical transmission systems

S. Otte, W. Rosenkranz

We.B.3 4x2.5 Gbit/s repeaterless transparent WDM field transmission over 1500 km of standard single mode fibre with directly modulated transmitter lasers

A. Ehrhardt, A. Gladisch, R. Ries

We.B.4 Analysis of blocking probability in WDM all-optical networks with non-Poisson traffic statistics

O. Gusak, E. Karasan

We.B.5 System impact of ripples in grating group delay

C. Scheerer, C. Glingener, G. Fischer

We.B.6 Study of 16´20 Gsymb/s WDM dispersion supported transmission systems using different line-codes

M. J. N. Lima, A. L. J. Teixeira, J. Ferreira da Rocha


Modelling of transparent optical systems and components I Chair: H. Baghdasaryan 

We.C.1 Analysis and design of optical waveguide components with metallizations (Invited)

M. Willems, H. G. Unger

We.C.2 Finite difference methods in optoelectronic simulation (Invited)

T. Benson

We.C.3 Novel algorithms for the analysis of optical devices with anisotropic materials (Invited)

R. Pregla


Modelling of transparent optical systems and components II Chair: Igor Scherbatko 

We.D.1On the generalized natural Waves of optical fibers (invited)

A. I. Nosich

We.D.2 An advance method of single expression for nonuniform, active and nonlinear fiber  Bragg gratings’ computer  modelling (Invited)

H. V. Baghdasaryan, T. M. Knyazyan, S. I. Avagyan, N. K. Uzunoglu

We.D.3 Polarisation properties of optical fibres (Invited)

T. R. Woliński

We.D.4 Efficient 3D-BPM solver for semiconductor integrated optics

S. Sujecki, T. M. Benson, P. Sewell, P. C. Kendall


Light sources Chair: Igor Sukhoivanow 

Th.A.1 Bistable laser diodes and their applications for optical networks (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

Th.A.2 Infrared-to-visible upconversion in singlemode and multimode fluoride glass (ZBLAN) optical fibres doped with erbium (Invited)

F. Kaczmarek

Th.A.3 Coherent light sources for optical transparent telecommunication networks – modelling of operation (Invited)

P. Szczepański

Th.A.4 Optimal configurations of active regions in nitride VCSELs

P. Maćkowiak, W. Nakwaski


Optical Networks III Chair: Alexander Nerukh 

Th.B.1 Strategies for extending the existing standard fibre network to transmission rates of 40 Gbit/s and beyond (Invited)

K. Petermann

Th.B.2 Transparency of optical networks: How to manage it? (Invited)

M. Marciniak


Devices and fibres I Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska 

Th.C.1 Ion-exchanged Optical Variable Attenuators' (Invited)

X. Orignac

Th.C.2 Influence of transient inhomogeneous media on optical field characteristics in 1d case (Invited)

I. Y. Vorgul

Th.C.3 Polarization mode dispersion in fiber and cables

E. Baumann, M. Wronikowski

Th.C.4 Single mode optical fibres for D-WDM transmission systems

K. Borzycki


Devices and fibres II Chair: Franciszek. Kaczmarek 

Th.D.1 Accurate numerical analysis of optical network components based on dielectric resonators

S. V. Boriskina, A. I. Nosich

Th.D.2 Influence of channel frequency spacing in multisource crosstalk in a Benes optical switch

L. G. C. Cancela, J. J. O. Pires

Th.D.3 A simple method for analysis of VHF and optical filters using dielectric waveguide ring resonators

B. Katok, A. A. Manko

Th.D.4 Dielectric grating with shift

A. V. Bakumenko, K. Y. Kramarenko, N. A. Khizhnyak


Poster Session

Th.P.1 Submillimeter wave surface-emitting difference frequency generation in periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide

Y. H. Avetisyan, K. N. Kocharyan

Th.P.2 Optical wavelength path and optical virtual wavelength path comparison

B. Batagelj

Th.P.3 Reduced numerical models for misaligned beam propagation dynamics in nonlinear gradient waveguides

A. I. Bychenkov, V. L. Derbov, L. A. Melnikov

Th.P.4 Impact of Bragg grating length on the characteristics of band-pass filter in planar optical waveguide

J. Ciosmak

Th.P.5 Analysis of optical waveguides using the two-dimensional integral equations

M. V. Davidovich

Th.P.6 Nonlinear optical properties of monocrystal ZnSe

B. Derkowska, B. Sahraoui, X. Nguyen Phu, W. Bała

Th.P.7 Reflection from layered dielectric structures with combined regular and random inhomogeneities

M. A. Guzev, G. V. Popov

Th.P.8 Analysis of very long distance analog CATV link with distortions self-compensation due to fiber dispersion and nonlinearity

M. Jaworski

Th.P.9 Propagation of chirped ultra-short optical pulses

T. Kaczmarek

Th.P.10 Universal algorithm for the accurate computation of the modal characteristics of arbitrary-shape optical fibers

E. M. Karchevskii

Th.P.11 New type of single mode optical fibres

V. B. Katok, E. D. Chshepkina

Th.P.12 Characteristics of scattered light in different models of eye lens

N. L. Larionova, I. L. Maksimova

Th.P.13 Analysis of random signals in optic electronic systems

N. Marchenko, I. Scherbak

Th.P.14 Design and characteristics of widely tunable quantum-well heterostructure lasers in the Littman and Metcalf cavity configuration

S. V. Nalivko, V. K. Kononenko, I. S. Manak

Th.P.15 Investigation of influence of the different shape light signal on the neural network dynamics

L. A. Melnikov A. V. Novosselova, A. Y. Ponomarev, N. V. Blinova

Th.P.16 Optical matrix switches of optical signals

Y. Perepelitsyn, A.L Valyavsky, V. Leybov

Th.P.17 Impact of fiber nonlinearity on an communications system based on binary dispersion supported transmission

K. Perlicki, J. Siuzdak

Th.P.18 Some possibilities of optimization of fiber-optical communication circuits

A. Tireshchenko, S. Martynenko

Th.P.19 MW optoelectronic delay lines based on MSM structures

N. M. Ushakov

Th.P.20 Pseudodifferential equations method for solving of electromagnetic wave diffraction on conducting screens

A. Vartanov, Y. G. Smirnov

Th.Pd.1 Imperfect nonlinear optical fiber - propagation characteristic

A. Majewski, A. Karczewski

Th.Pd.2 Optical light controlled band edge switch

I. Nefedov, V. Gusyatnikov

Th.Pd.3 Light propagation in optical anti-guiding structures with Kerr-like nonlinearity

E. A. Romanova, E. V. Bekker, L. A Melnikov

Th.Pd.4 Multimode laser diodes for WDM transmission

E. M. Pawlik, K. M. Abramski


Non-linear phenomena in fibres and planar waveguides Chair: Adam Majewski 

Fr.A.1 Self-organized quadratic nonlinear optical phenomena in optical fibers: A critical review of up-to-day models and prognoses on further development of the research (Invited)

P. Chmela

Fr.A.2 Nonlinear optical properties of mixed II-VI compounds (Invited)

W. Bala

Fr.A.3 Interaction of photorefractive spatial solitons (Invited)

W. Królikowski

Fr.A.4 Semi-analytical evaluation of soliton systems in presence of inter-pulse interaction

A. L. J. Teixeira, J. R. Ferreira da Rocha

Fr.A.5 Cavity solitons in semiconductor microresonators

M. Brambilla, T. Maggipinto, I. Perrini, L. Spinelli, G. Tissoni, L. Lugiato


Photonic nano-structures Chair: Irena Vorgul 

Fr.B.1 Layered  quasiperiodic structures in optical device design (Invited)

C. Sibilia

Fr.B.2 Erbium-doped amplifiers for integrated optics (Invited)

B. Jaskorzynska

Fr.B.3 Photonic crystals (Invited)

I. Nefedov, M. Marciniak


Modelling of transparent optical systems and components III Chair: Marian Marciniak 

Fr.C.1 Advances in the spectral index method for optoelectronic design (Invited)

P. Sewell, T. M. Benson, P. C. Kendall

Fr.C.2 Modeling of oxide confined vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (Invited)

I. Sukhooivanov, M. Samokhvalov

Fr.C.3 Transients in parametric phenomena of microscopic electrodynamics (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, I. V. Scherbatko, M. Marciniak

Fr.C.4 Nonspecular Switching Effects at Nonlinear Interfaces

W. Nasalski

Fr.C.5 Simulation of infrared Doppler wavelength conversion in semiconductor layers (Invited)

A. Nerukh, I. Scherbatko, K. Yemelyanov

Fr.C.6 The application of effective dielectric function method for simulation of absorption in optical fibres

V. B. Katok, V. G. Levandovsky

Fr.C.7 Numerical analysis of total field propagation in linear and nonlinear single-mode tapered fibers

E. A. Romanova, L. A. Melnikov, E. V. Bekker