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Among the most important activities of the National Institute of Telecommunications is scientific research and development, which covers all areas of telecommunications and statutory works, for instance: surrounding intelligence network, optoelectronics, software engineering, knowledge management, decision support and structural, functional and development aspects of telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally, works of interdisciplinary nature are carried out, related to such issues as telecommunication law and telecommunication economics. Apart from that, other subjects related to social and economic, legal and technical aspects of information society are undertaken.

Research problems are adjusted to the world and European trends; in particular, it is connected with the participation of the Institute in the EU Frame Programs and other European-like undertakings.

Advance research is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science. Other research is conducted on orders received from various institutions and by utilising own funds of the Institute. There are telecommunication operators and telecommunication branch companies among regular contracting parties. Works are conducted also for the Minister of Infrastructure, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Office of Electronic Communications (Polish regulatory body for telecommunications and broadcasting) and other principals operating in telecommunication market.

Research works are carried out effectively by experienced scientific employees of the Institute (many of whom have scientific degrees and titles) and young people who have open paths for scientific promotion. Moreover, the Institute offers access to modern research equipment and very good housing conditions.

Publications are a significant result of conducted works. About 200 publications are issued in the Institute every year as articles in journals and papers in conference proceedings including many published abroad and in respected journals. Also monographs and books are prepared. Two journals published by the Institute - "Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology" and "Telekomunikacja i Techniki Informacyjne" ("Telecommunications and Information Techniques") enable its employees to publish results of their work. The Institute commenced also publishing books.

Doctorates are the result of scientific research, too. The Scientific Council has authorisation to give PhD titles, which encourage undertaking of doctoral theses by employees.

An important area of the Institute activity being a research and development center are implementations which are often a natural continuation of research work and which bring profits to the Institute. Implementations usually have a complex information part which may be developed due to advanced tools and properly qualified employees of the Institute.

Scientific research and implementations are facilitated by modern computer network (covering centres in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław), access to databases related to research and publications and a very well equipped library.

Subject matters of scientific and development works as well as implementation is linked to the scope of the activity of the Institute, which is specialising in certain areas.