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Written by Paweł Woźniak

We are proud to announce that on January 11 -12, 2022, a surveillance audit and an audit regarding the extension of the scope of accreditation took place at the IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF). The audit was carried out by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA).

The laboratory not only obtained a positive assessment, but most of all extended its scope of accreditation for three types of research objects (software, telecommunications products, and equipment as well as electronic products and equipment) in the scope of EAL4 product safety assessment with the extension to the components AVA_VAN.5 and ALC_FLR.1.

Confirmation of competence in the extended scope of accreditation means the laboratory's ability to perform security assessments in identifying vulnerabilities and constructing attacks on ICT products at the highest level provided for in the Common Criteria reference standard.

Thus, the IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) has become the first laboratory in Poland with such an extensive scope of accreditation and one of the few in Europe.

By choosing IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) services, manufacturers and suppliers can obtain a security assessment for their ICT products stating compliance with high security requirements.

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