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13th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


3rd Annual Conference of COST Action MP0702:
Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures


COST Action MP0805 Annual Workshop:

Dilute III-V Alloy Semiconductors for Future Photonics (DILSEM-PHOTON)


Midterm Workshop of FP7 Integrated Project OASE:
Optical Access Seamless Evolution


June 26 - 30, 2011, Stockholm, Sweden



Plenary Chair: Norbert Hanik

Mo.A.1 Some "opaque" problems in transparent optical networks
B. Mukherjee

Mo.A.2 Nanophotonic interconnection networks for performance-energy optimized computing
K. Bergman

Mo.A.3 Physical layer photonics technology challenges: The quest for power efficiency, functionality, nanosized devices and electronics complementarity
L. Thylen


ICTON I Chair: Krzysztof Borzycki

Mo.B1.1 Scalable hybrid path computation procedure for PCE-based multi-domain WSON networks (Invited)
G. Hernández-Sola, J. Perelló, F. Agraz, S. Spadaro, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Mo.B1.2 Photonic technologies for new generation network (Invited)
N. Wada, H. Harai, S. Shinada, H. Furukawa

Mo.B1.3 Maximizing time-dependent spectrum sharing between neighboring channels in CO-OFDM optical networks (Invited)
G. Shen, Q. Yang, S. You, W. Shao

Mo.B1.4 WDM-PON in mobile backhaul (Invited)
H. Mickelsson

Mo.B1.5 Compact modulators for fiber-optical communications at 100 Gb/s and above (Invited)
U. Westergren, M. Chacinski


ICTON II Chair: Francesco Prudenzano

Mo.C1.1 Scaling limits for optical interconnects: Directly modulated versus externally modulated links (Invited)
H.J.S. Dorren, P. Duan, O. Raz, R.P. Luijten

Mo.C1.2 Modulation formats for next-generation optical data communications (Invited)
J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

Mo.C1.3 Advanced modulation formats and digital signal processing for next generation fiber optics networks (Invited)
D. Sadot, A. Gorstein, N. Sheffi, Y. London

Mo.C1.4 Pure two-tone optical signal generation by using precise and high-speed modulation (Invited)
T. Kawanishi

Mo.C1.5 Improvement of dispersion induced radio power fading for MB-OFDM UWB-over-fiber systems (Invited)
Wen-Piao Lin, Yu‑Fang Hsu

Mo.C1.6 Using saturation effects in a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror for multilevel phase-preserving amplitude regeneration
T. Röthlingshöfer, G. Onishchukov, B. Schmauss, G. Leuchs


SWP I (WG1 I) Chair: Nigel Johnson

Mo.B2.1 Ultrafast active plasmonics at telecom wavelengths (Invited)
N. Rotenberg, J.N. Caspers, H.M. van Driel

Mo.B2.2 A surface plasmon polariton absorption modulator (Invited)
J. Leuthold, W. Freude, C. Koos, A. Melikyan, N. Lindenmann

Mo.B2.3 Plasmonic-photonic hybrid nanodevice: A new route toward 3D light harnessing (Invited)
A. Belarouci, T. Zhang, T.P. Vo, S. Callard, P. Rojo-Romeo, X. Letartre, P. Viktorovitch

Mo.B2.4 Anomalous plasmonic band gap formation in two-dimensional slit arrays with different periods (Invited)
V. Marrocco, R. Marani, G. Morea, M. Grande, M.A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, V. Petruzzelli, A. D’Orazio

Mo.B2.5 Low energy acoustic plasmons in one-way EM waveguide formed at the interface between metal and two-dimensional photonic crystal (Invited)
S. Eyderman, V. Kuzmiak, M. Vanwolleghem


SWP II (WG1 II) Chair: Kanna Aoki

Mo.C2.1 Complementing or replacing silicon and III-Vs: The role of plasmonics and novel materials in future integrated photonics for telecom and interconnects (Invited)
L. Thylen, P. Holmström, E. Berglind, M. Yan, D. Dai, L. Wosinski, A. Bratkovsky

Mo.C2.2 Recent developments in hybrid photonic crystal fiber (Invited)
M.A. Schmidt, H. Lee, H. Tyagi, P. Uebel, N. Granzow, P.St.J. Russell

Mo.C2.3 Two-dimensional fractal metamaterials for applications in THz (Invited)
R. Malureanu, P.U. Jepsen, M. Zalkovskij, A.V. Lavrinenko, S. Xiao, L. Zhou

Mo.C2.4 Modification of the FRET rate in quantum dot structures (Invited)
M. Lunz, Xia Zhang, V.A. Gerard, Y.K. Gun’ko, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A.S. Susha, A.L. Rogach, A.L. Bradley

Mo.C2.5 Peculiarities of surface plasmons excitation in amplifying Kretschmann structure: Correct wavelength-scale analysis by the method of single expression (Invited)
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, T.T. Hovhannisyan, M. Marciniak

Mo.C2.6 Review of the results of the COST MP0702 exercise on the sensitivity of metal-dielectric layered flat lens to fabrication inaccuracies
T. Stefaniuk, R. Kotyński, H. Baghdasaryan, A. Pastuszczak, M. Marciniak, A. Lavrinenko, K. Panajotov, T. Szoplik


WAOR I Chair: Josep Pareta

Mo.B3.1 PCE algorithm for traffic grooming and QoS in multi-layer/multi-domain IP over WDM networks (Invited)
J. Sócrates Dantas, D. Careglio, R. Melo Silveira, W.V. Ruggiero, J. Solé‑Pareta

Mo.B3.2 Worst case bin packing for OTN electrical layer networks dimensioning (Invited)
T. Király, A. Bernáth, L. Végh, L. Bajzik, E. Kovács, K. Bérczi, A. Jüttner, T. Jordán

Mo.B3.3 A squatting based framework to enhance network virtualization allocation in optical networks (Invited)
X. Hesselbach, N. Naumenko

Mo.B3.4 A GRASP-based heuristic to design the GMPLS control plane network topology with resilience guarantees (Invited)
M. Ruiz, L. Velasco, G. Junyent, J. Comellas

Mo.B3.5 Requirements and enhancements for the evolution of the GMPLS control plane of the ADRENALINE testbed to support multi-layer capabilities (Invited)
R. Martínez, R. Casellas, R. Muñoz, R. Vilalta


WAOR II Chair: Anna Tzanakaki

Mo.C3.1 Advantages of using cognition when solving impairment-aware virtual topology design problems (Invited)
R.J. Durán, N. Fernández, I. de Miguel, M. Angelou, D. Sánchez, J.C. Aguado, T. Jiménez, P. Fernández, N. Merayo, N. Atallah, R.M. Lorenzo, I. Tomkos, E.J. Abril

Mo.C3.2 Cognitive mechanisms for providing QoS in OBS networks (Invited)
H. Elbiaze

Mo.C3.3 Limitations of all optical circuit-switched high data rate networks (Invited)
M. Shadaram, M. Niknamfar, R. Barnes, J. Medrano, A. Musa

Mo.C3.4 Optical router architecture to enable next generation network services (Invited)
W. Cerroni, C. Raffaelli, M. Savi

Mo.C3.5 An analytical model evaluating the performance of small size asynchronous optical packet switches
V. Eramo, E. Miucci, A. Cianfrani, A. Germoni, M. Listanti

Mo.C3.6 Banyan type switching network with wavelength routing
W. Kabacinski, M. Żal


GOWN I Chair: Carmo Medeiros

Mo.B4.1 Next generation PONs with wireless backhauling (Invited)
M. Milosavljevic, P. Kourtessis, W. Lim, J.M. Senior

Mo.B4.2 Passive optical network design optimization for wireless backhauling (Invited)
T.G. Orphanoudakis, C. Matrakidis, C. Politi, A. Stavdas

Mo.B4.3 A perspective on optical-wireless converged NG-FTTH networks using directly modulated lasers (Invited)
A.V.T. Cartaxo, J.A.P. Morgado, D.D.T. Fonseca

Mo.B4.4 Fiber-wireless sensor networks (Fi-WSNs) for smart grids (Invited)
M. Maier

Mo.B4.5 Towards energy-efficient hybrid fiber-wireless access networks (Invited)
B. Kantarci, H. Mouftah


PAM I Chair: Vasily Astratov

Mo.C4.1 Controlled rapid generation of single photons in an atom-cavity quantum composite (Invited)
K. An

Mo.C4.2 Light-matter interaction in photonic crystal nanocavities (Invited)
D. van Oosten, M. Burresi, T. Kampfrath, J.C. Prangsma, B.S. Song, S. Noda, L. Kuipers

Mo.C4.3 Nonlinear optics in silicon photonic crystal cavities (Invited)
L.C. Andreani, P. Andrich, M. Galli, D. Gerace, G. Guizzetti, R. Lo Savio, S. Portalupi, L. O’Faolain, C. Reardon, K. Welna, T.F. Krauss

Mo.C4.4 Thermal analysis of second harmonic generation in microring resonators (Invited)
V. Ahmadi, M. Gandomkar

Mo.C4.5 Coupling evanescently low loss silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguides including high Q nanocavities for light control (Invited)
B. Cluzel, K. Foubert, L. Lalouat, F. de Fornel, E. Picard, E. Hadji, D. Peyrade

Mo.C4.6 Collective multi-mode effects in spontaneous emission (Invited)
H.E. Tureci


NAON I Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Mo.B5.1 Experimental analysis of harmonic and sub-harmonic synchronization of 40 GHz mode-locked quantum-dash lasers under optical injection (Invited)
R. Maldonado-Basilio, S. Latkowski, P. Landais

Mo.B5.2 Application of slow light: Controllable microwave phase shifting using semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
S. O'Duill, E, Shumakher, G. Eisenstein

Mo.B5.3 Small-sized self-holding optical switch using phase-change material (Invited)
H. Tsuda, D. Tanaka, T. Toyosaki, Y. Ikuma, Y. Shoji, M. Kuwahara, X. Wang, K. Kintaka, H. Kawashima

Mo.B5.4 Quantum optics with quantum dots in photonic nanowires (Invited)
J.M. Gérard, J. Claudon, J. Bleuse, N.S. Malik, M. Munsch, E. Dupuy, P. Lalanne, N. Gregersen

Mo.B5.5 Advances in photonic reservoir computing  on an integrated platform (Invited)
K. Vandoorne, M. Fiers, T. Van Vaerenbergh, D. Verstraeten, B. Schrauwen, J. Dambre, P. Bienstman


NAON II Chair: Séverine Philippe

Mo.C5.1 Recent progress in wafer-fused VCSELs emitting in the 1550-nm band (Invited)
A. Sirbu, A. Caliman, A. Mereuta, V. Iakovlev, G. Suruceanu, E. Kapon

Mo.C5.2 State-of-the-art and perspectives for long-wavelength high speed VCSELS (Invited)
M. Müller, M-C. Amann

Mo.C5.3 Emission of cylindrical and elliptical vector beams from radial Bragg lasers (Invited)
O. Weiss, J. Scheuer

Mo.C5.4 Extended ground-state and excited-state emission-state control in a mode-locked two-section quantum dot laser (Invited)
S. Breuer, M. Rossetti, L. Drzewietzki, P. Bardella, I. Montrosset, M. Hopkinson, W. Elsässer

Mo.C5.5 The full characterization of Fabry-Pérot lasers using the Fourier series expansion method (Invited)
W-H. Guo, D.C. Byrne, Q. Lu, B. Corbett, J.F. Donegan


DILSEM-PHOTON I Chair: Mircea Guina

Mo.B6.1 Polarization effects in optically-injected long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (Invited)
A. Hurtado, R. Al-Seyab, K. Schires, N. Khan, D. Alexandropoulos, I.D. Henning, M.J. Adams

Mo.B6.2 GaInNAs(Sb) for solid-state laser engineering (Invited)
S. Calvez

Mo.B6.3 Time-resolved photoluminescence and optical gain of Ga(NAsP) heterostructures pseudomorphically grown on silicon (001) substrate
N.C. Gerhardt, N. Koukourakis, M. Klimasch, D.A. Funke, M.R. Hofmann, B. Kunert, S. Liebich, D. Trusheim, M. Zimprich, K. Volz, W. Stolz

Mo.B6.4 Current oscillations in multiple quantum well GaInNAs/GaAs p-i-n structures
H.M. Khalil, S. Mazzucato, B. Royall, N. Balkan, M. Guina, M. Hugues

Mo.B6.5 Carrier dynamics and gain characteristics of 1.3 μm GaInNAs quantum well lasers on GaAs substrate
X. Sun, N. Vogiatzis, J.M. Rorison

Mo.B6.6 Monte Carlo calculation of nonequilibrium phonon distributions related to Raman scattering experiments in Al/GaN
R. Raguotis, R. Brazis


DILSEM-PHOTON II Chair: Judy Rorison

Mo.C6.1 The study of Fermi level position in dilute nitrides by contactless electroreflectance (Invited)
R. Kudrawiec

Mo.C6.2 Tight binding analysis of the electronic structure of dilute bismide and nitride alloys of GaAs (Invited)
C. Broderick, M. Usman, A. Lindsay, E.P. O’Reilly

Mo.C6.3 The potential role of bismide alloys in future photonic devices (Invited)
S. Sweeney, Z. Batool, K. Hild, S.R. Jin, T.J.C. Hosea

Mo.C6.4 Bismuth incorporation and lattice contraction in GaSbBi and InSbBi (Invited)
S. Wang, Y. Song, I.S. Roy

Mo.C6.5 Study of Schottky barriers prepared by deposition of colloidal graphite and Pt nanoparticles on InP and GaN
K. Zdansky, R. Yatskiv


ICTON III Chair: Darli Mello

Tu.A1.1 Band structures for functionalized waveguide arrays: Theory and experiment (Invited)
N. Belabas Plougonven, C. Minot, A. Levenson, J-M. Moison

Tu.A1.2 Infrared photo-induced waveguides in bulk photorefractive materials for reconfigurable optical communications (Invited)
D. Wolfersberger, D. Tranca

Tu.A1.3 Global research methods for optical device characterization (Invited)
L. Mescia, A. Giaquinto, G. Fornarelli, A. Crudele, M. De Sario, F. Prudenzano

Tu.A1.4 Optical signal processing with electrooptic modulators and dispersion (Invited)
S. Tainta, M.J. Erro, M.J. Garde, M.A. Muriel, S. Sales

Tu.A1.5 Time-varying Airy pulses (Invited)
A. Nerukh, D. Zolotariov, D. Nerukh

Tu.A1.6 Phase sensitive amplifiers for regeneration of phase encoded optical signal formats (Invited)
J. Kakande, F. Parmigiani, R. Slavík, P. Petropoulos, D.J. Richardson


ICTON IV Chair: Gabriella Cincotti

Tu.B1.1 Optical frequency comb generation and its applications (Invited)
S. Latkowski, P. Anandarajah

Tu.B1.2 Thermodynamic aspects of communication and information processing systems (Invited)
S. Aleksić

Tu.B1.3 Use of femtosecond synchronization system with long-term stability over optical infrastructure (Invited)
B. Batagelj, J. Tratnik, M. Vidmar

Tu.B1.4 Investigation of imperfect control pulse effect on performance of the all-optical pulse-position-modulation routing scheme (Invited)
H. Le Minh, Z. Ghassemlooy, W.P. Ng

Tu.B1.5 Variable optical frequency comb source using a dual parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator
C. O’Riordan, S.J. Fabbri, A.D. Ellis

Tu.B1.6 All-optical clocked D flip-flop using a single SOA-MZI
T. Chattopadhyay, C. Reis, P. André, A. Teixeira


ICTON V Chair: Ivan Djordjevic

Tu.C1.1 Rare-earth-ion doped amplifiers and lasers integrated on silicon (Invited)
K. Wörhoff, E.H. Bernhardi, J.D.B. Bradley, J. Yang, L. Agazzi, F. Ay, R.M. de Ridder, M. Pollnau

Tu.C1.2 Comparative study of soliton complexes in different laser configurations (Invited)
F. Amrani, M. Salhi, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez

Tu.C1.3 Prospects for inserting parametric amplifiers in optical communication networks (Invited)
M.E. Marhic, N.J. Doran

Tu.C1.4 Experimental investigation of pump-to-signal noise transfer in one-pump phase insensitive fibre optic parametric amplifiers
V. Cristofori, T. Lund-Hansen, C. Peucheret, K. Rottwitt

Tu.C1.5 Multi-wavelength conversion at 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s based on 2 pumps FOPA
M. Karásek, P. Honzátko, J. Vojtěch, J. Radil

Tu.C1.6 Influence of local oscillator-to-signal power ratio on the Gaussianity of CP-QPSK signal statistics
N. Costa, D. Fonseca. A. Cartaxo


ICTON VI Chair: Fary Ghassemlooy

Tu.D1.1 Software-defined optical transmission (Invited)
W. Freude, R. Schmogrow, B. Nebendahl, D. Hillerkuss, J. Meyer, M. Dreschmann, M. Huebner, J. Becker, C. Koos, J. Leuthold

Tu.D1.2 Capacity approaching coded modulation in optical communications (Invited)
T.H. Lotz, W. Sauer-Greff, R. Urbansky

Tu.D1.3 Optical quantization and coding for 5bit photonic A/D conversion (Invited)
T. Konishi, K. Takahashi, H. Matsui, T. Satoh

Tu.D1.4 Filterless optical WDM core networks based on coherent systems (Invited)
C. Tremblay, A. Enriquez Castillo, M.P. Bélanger, F. Gagnon

Tu.D1.5 Passive wide area network solutions: Filterless and semi-filterless optical networks (Invited)
J. Chen, S. Khanmohamadi, F. Abtahi, L. Wosinska, Z. Xu, A. Cassidy, C. Tremblay, P. Littlewood, S. Asselin, M.P. Bélanger


SWP III (WG2 I) Chair: Maciej Dems

Tu.A2.1 Recent advances in Fourier-transform planar waveguide microspectrometers (Invited)
P. Cheben, M. Florjańczyk, P. Bock, C.A. Ramos, B. Lamontagne, A. Bogdanov, S. Janz, D-X. Xu, M. Vachon, A. Scott, A. Ortega-Moñux, I. Molina‑Fernandez, B. Solheim, K. Sinclair

Tu.A2.2 Nonlinear wave scattering by layered structures (Invited)
O.V. Shramkova, A.G. Schuchinsky

Tu.A2.3 Towards hybrid diamond optical devices (Invited)
B.C. Gibson, S. Castelletto, T.J. Karle, S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, I. Aharonovich, B.C. Johnson, J. Orwa, M.R. Henderson, H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, K. Kuan, S.V. Afshar, T.M. Monro, A.D. Greentree, S. Prawer

Tu.A2.4 Fully fibred polarization entangled photon pair source at a telecom wavelength for long distance quantum networking (Invited)
F. Kaiser, A. Martin, V. D’Auria, M.P. De Micheli, O. Alibart, S. Tanzilli

Tu.A2.5 Different strategies towards the deterministic coupling of a single QD to a photonic crystal cavity mode (Invited)
I. Prieto, J. Herranz, Y. González, J. Canet-Ferrer, L. Wewior, P.A. Postigo, B. Alén, L. González, M. Kaldirim, LE. Munioz-Camuniez, D. Fuster, A. G. Taboada, J. M. Ripalda, F. Briones, G. Muñoz-Matutano, J. Martínez-Pastor

Tu.A2.6 Selective mode launching in multimode UV-patterned channel waveguide in organic-inorganic hybrids (Invited)
C. Vicente, P.G. Marques, E. Pecoraro, I. Bdikin, L.D. Carlos, P.S. André, R.A.S. Ferreira


SWP IV (WG3 I) Chair: Romuald Brazis

Tu.B2.1 Second-order coherence of supercontinuum (Invited)
G. Genty, M. Surakka, J. Turunen, A.T. Friberg

Tu.B2.2 Optical Peregrine soliton generation in standard telecommunication fibers (Invited)
K. Hammani, B. Kibler, C. Finot, J. Fatome, J.M. Dudley, G. Millot

Tu.B2.3 Heterodyne detection of optical terahertz beat-tones based on semiconductor optical amplifier (Invited)
S. Philippe, R. Maldonado-Basilio, S. Latkowski, P. Landais

Tu.B2.4 Subpicosecond laser breakdown in optical thin films (Invited)
L.A. Emmert, D.N. Nguyen, W. Rudolph

Tu.B2.5 Artificially structured graded index materials for designing of functional photonic elements (Invited)
H. Kurt

Tu.B2.6 New developments in the study of optical parabolic pulses in normally dispersive fibers
K. Hammani, B.G. Bale, S. Boscolo, C. Finot


SWP V (WG3 II) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

Tu.C2.1 Efficient generation of the second harmonic inhomogeneous component in opaque cavities (Invited)
C. Cojocaru, V. Roppo, F. Raineri, J. Trull, D. Chouteau, I. Sagnes, R. Raj, R. Vilaseca, M. Scalora

Tu.C2.2 Reaching the dipole limit in second-harmonic generation from gold nanoparticles (Invited)
R. Czaplicki, M. Zdanowicz, K. Koskinen, H. Husu, M. Kauranen, J. Laukkanen, M. Kuittinen

Tu.C2.3 Investigations on SiC by using nonlinear effects in scanning laser microscopy (Invited)
R. Hristu, E.K. Polychroniadis, S.G. Stanciu, G.A. Stanciu

Tu.C2.4 Effects of the surface coating and of the size on the nonlinear optical response of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Invited)
G. Chatzikyriakos, N. Liaros, A. Bakandritsos, S. Couris

Tu.C2.5 Retroreflection from disordered porous semiconductors
S. Prislopski, I.M. Tiginyanu, L. Ghimpu, E. Monaico, L. Sirbu, S.V. Zhukovsky, S.V. Gaponenko

Tu.C2.6 Nonlinear optical diagnostics of gold nanoparticles by atomic force microscopy and femtosecond laser pulses
A.I. Smirnov, A.N. Stepanov, D.A. Yashunin


SWP VI (WG3 III) Chair: Pavel Cheben

Tu.D2.1 Recent developments in the characterisation, modelling and application of photopolymer materials (Invited)
J.T. Sheridan

Tu.D2.2 Biologically inspired photonic structures in dichromated pullulan (Invited)
S. Savić-Šević, D. Pantelić, S. Ćurčić, B. Ćurčić, B. Jelenković

Tu.D2.3 Laser-induced micro- and nanostructures at polymer surfaces for applications in cell biology (Invited)
J. Heitz, B. Reisinger, S. Yakunin, N. Voelcker, Q. Peng, A.L. Hook, C. Romanin, M. Fahrner

Tu.D2.4 Oxygen-isotope exchange between CO2 and solid Ti18O2 (Invited)
S. Civiš, M. Ferus

Tu.D2.5 Picosecond reading of optically poled azophenylcarbazole (Invited)
G. Navickaite, G. Seniutinas, R. Tomašiunas, R. Petruškevičius, V. Getautis


RONEXT I Chair: Miguel Razo

Tu.A3.1 Dynamic advance reservation with delayed allocation over wavelength-routed networks (Invited)
A. Somani, V.M. Vokkarane, B.H. Ramaprasad

Tu.A3.2 Quality of resilience in IP-based Future Internet communications (Invited)
W. Molisz, J. Rak

Tu.A3.3 (3W-)availability-aware routing in optical WDM networks: When, where and at what time (Invited)
M. Tornatore, F. Dikbiyik, B. Mukherjee

Tu.A3.4 Performance analysis of SLA-aware connection provisioning in optical networks
B. Kantarci, E. Al‑Sukhni, J.H. Sarker, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.A3.5 Hybrid Markov model for availability-guaranteed connection provisioning in optical WDM networks
Al-Sukhni, B. Kantarci, J.H. Sarker, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.A3.6 Heuristic approach to availability calculation of path protected optical network based on the analysis of cable failures
I. Jurdana, B. Mikac, G. Kreso


RONEXT II Chair: Robert Forchheimer

Tu.B3.1 Attack-aware optical networks planning: A cost analysis (Invited)
M. Furdek, A. Jirattigalachote, N. Skorin-Kapov, L. Wosinska

Tu.B3.2 A novel conceptual model of secure photonic network (Invited)
K. Kitayama, M. Sasaki, S. Araki, M. Tsubokawa, A. Tomita, K. Inoue, K. Harasawa, Y. Nagasako, A. Takada

Tu.B3.3 Blocking probability approximation in circuit switched based optical networks (Invited)
S. Li, M. Wang, E.W.M. Wong, M. Zukerman

Tu.B3.4 Advance reservation for virtual overlay network services (Invited)
F. Gu, C. Xie, M. Peng, Ç. Çavdar, S. Khan, N. Ghani

Tu.B3.5 A disaster-resilient multi-content optical data center network architecture
M.F. Habib, M. Tornatore, M. De Leenheer, F. Dikbiyik, B. Mukherjee

Tu.B3.6 Adaptive routing based on summary information mitigates the adverse impact of outdated control messages
M.J. Peroza Marval, J. Chen, L. Wosinska, A. Fumagalli


RONEXT III Chair: Ken-ichi Kitayama

Tu.C3.1 Survivable impairment-aware traffic grooming and regenerator placement with shared connection-level protection (Invited)
C. Gao, H.C. Cankaya, A.N. Patel, J.P. Jue, X. Wang, Q. Zhang, P. Palacharla, M. Sekiya

Tu.C3.2 Survivable cross-layer virtual topology design using a hyper-heuristic approach (Invited)
F. Corut Ergin, A. Yayimli, A. Sima Uyar

Tu.C3.3 Survivable routing in all optical networks (Invited)
B. Triki, S. Rekhis, N. Boudriga

Tu.C3.4 Source failure recovery for optical multicast traffic in WDM networks (Invited)
Wen-De Zhong, F. Zhang

Tu.C3.5 Cost dependency on protection of optical access networks for dense urban areas (Invited)
C. Mas Machuca, J. Chen, L. Wosinska


GOC I Chair: Carmen Mas Machuca

Tu.D3.1 Energy-efficient IP over WDM networks with data centres (Invited)
X. Dong, T. El-Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Tu.D3.2 Network and system architectures for energy-efficient metro and access networks employing reflective photonics (Invited)
E. Kehayas, A.M. Clarke, A. Borghesani, K. Vyrsokinos, D.W. Smith, P. Ossieur, D.G. Moodie, R. Jensen, N. Parsons, P.D. Townsend

Tu.D3.3 How to save energy in passive optical networks (Invited)
L. Valcarenghi, D. Pham Van, P. Castoldi

Tu.D3.4 Introducing optical switching in high-capacity commercial routers (Invited)
B. Garcia-Manrubia, P. Pavon‑Marino

Tu.D3.5 Hierarchical wireless and optical access networking: Convergence and energy efficiency
M.C. Parker, R. Martin, K. Guild, S.D. Walker


PAM II Chair: Misha Sumetsky

Tu.A4.1 Integrated nano photonic molecule (Invited)
S. Wang, M. Ostrowski, Y. Yi

Tu.A4.2 Detection, sizing, and shape identification of single nanoparticles and viral pathogens (Invited)
M.S. Ünlü, G.G. Daaboul, A. Yurt, C.A. Lopez, B.B. Goldberg, J.H. Connor

Tu.A4.3 Discrete plasmons in Au nano-assemblies for SERS: Fabricating rigid sub-nm junctions with molecular ‘Cucurbituril’ glue (Invited)
R.T. Taylor, S. Mahajan, O. Scherman, T. Lee, R. Esteban, J. Aizpurua, J.J. Baumberg

Tu.A4.4 Optimizing nanoparticle cluster arrays for biosensing (Invited)
B. Yan, J. Wang, S. Boriskina, B.M. Reinhard

Tu.A4.5 Silicon nitride photonic crystal nanocavities for communications and biochip applications (Invited)
L. Martiradonna, F. Pisanello, T. Stomeo, A. Qualtieri, G. Vecchio, S. Sabella, M De Vittorio, P.P. Pompa


PAM III Chair: Henri Benisty

Tu.B4.1 WGM microresonators: Light coupling issues and integration perspectives (Invited)
G. Nunzi Conti, S. Berneschi, M. Brenci, F. Cosi, S. Pelli, S. Soria, G.C. Righini

Tu.B4.2 Coupled disk microresonators (Invited)
C. Schmidt, M. Liebsch, A. Chipouline, N. Janunts, T. Käsebier, E-B. Kley, A. Tünnermann, T. Pertsch

Tu.B4.3 Localization of light in optical fibers: Cylinder, conical and bottle microresonators (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Tu.B4.4 Microdisk resonators with two point scatterers (Invited)
C.P. Dettmann, G.V. Morozov, M. Sieber, H. Waalkens

Tu.B4.5 Nanoantenna-enhanced ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy of a single plasmonic nanodisc (Invited)
T. Schumacher, K. Kratzer, D. Ullrich, M. Hentschel, H. Giessen, M. Lippitz


PAM IV Chair: Alex Nosich

Tu.C4.1 Optical sensor for nanoparticles (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, C.M. Campanella, R. Pilolli, N. Cioffi, M.N. Armenise

Tu.C4.2 Photonic nanojet-induced modes: From physics to applications (Invited)
K.W. Allen, A. Darafsheh, V.N. Astratov

Tu.C4.3 Broad periodic waveguides: Slow light and its reconciliation with cavity modes (Invited)
H. Benisty, O. Khayam, N. Piskunov, P.K. Kashkarov

Tu.C4.4 Photonic atoms with J-aggregates (Invited)
Y. Rakovich, D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva

Tu.C4.5 Microcavity terahertz spin-flip laser proposal
R.I. Shekhter, A.M. Kadigrobov, M. Jonson, E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, V. Korenivski


ESPC I Chair: Katia Gallo

Tu.D4.1 Photonic crystal and related devices fabricated by CMOS compatible process (Invited)
T. Baba

Tu.D4.2 InP-based photonic crystal waveguide technology for filtering and sensing applications (Invited)
S. Anand, N. Shahid, M. Swillo

Tu.D4.3 Vector bend sensor on the base of three-core microstructured fiber (Invited)
I. Goncharenko, M. Marciniak

Tu.D4.4 Prospects on hollow-core photonic crystal fibers for unconventional fibered laser sources (Invited)
R. Jamier, F. Gérôme, G. Humbert, J‑L. Auguste, J‑M. Blondy, F. Benabid

Tu.D4.5 Inhibition of the emission of electromagnetic modes of photonic crystal cavities with a top mirror (Invited)
N. Le Thomas, R. Houdré


GOWN II Chair: Theofanis Orphanoudakis

Tu.A5.1 Recent research advancements in in-building optical networks (Invited)
T. Koonen, C. Okonkwo, Y. Shi, H. van den Boom, N-C. Tran, E. Tangdiongga

Tu.A5.2 Quantum dot-in-a-well laser applications in analog optical links (Invited)
B.I. Lembrikov, Y. Ben-Ezra

Tu.A5.3 Comparative study of optical up-conversion schemes (Invited)
R. Avó, P. Laurêncio, M.C.R. Medeiros

Tu.A5.4 Distribution of OFDM-UWB radio signals along LR-PONs using chirp-managed lasers
P. Canêlhas, A. Cartaxo

Tu.A5.5 Predistortion technique for mitigating the Mach-Zehnder modulator nonlinearity effect in DD-OFDM-UWB optical transmission systems
V. Vujičić, A. Cartaxo

Tu.A5.6 Power requirements for coexisting baseband and wireless OFDM-based signals in hybrid metro-access networks
F. Carvalho, A. Cartaxo


MARS I Chair:Gabriele Incerti

Tu.B5.1 Network capacity planning on a competitive business environment (Invited)
H. Waldman, R.C. Bortoletto, G.S. Pavani

Tu.B5.2 Trends in the telecom industry and opportunities for service providers (Invited)
M. Zuhdi, E.T. Pereira, A. Teixeira

Tu.B5.3 Cost evaluation in optical networks (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, C. Pavan, R.M. Morais, A.R. Correia

Tu.B5.4 NORMA: Network Operator Revenues Maximization (Invited)
L. Velasco, M. Ruiz, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Tu.B5.5 Photonic integrated technologies for optical backhauling (Invited)
D. Di Mola, A. Lometti

Tu.B5.6 Performance evaluation of integrated OTN/DWDM networks with single-stage multiplexing of optical channel data units (Invited)
J. Pedro, J. Santos, J. Pires


MARS II Chair: Paulo André

Tu.C5.1 FTTH – Transforming the regional telecommunications scene (Invited)
F. Jaffer

Tu.C5.2 The open digital marketplace (Invited)
G. van den Hoven

Tu.C5.3 Techno-economic evaluation of NGA architectures: How much does it cost to deploy FTTx per household passed? (Invited)
I. Tomkos

Tu.C5.4 Evaluation of OCDMA system deployed over commercial network infrastructure (Invited)
I. Glesk, T. Osadola, S. Idris, K. Sasaki, G.C. Gupta

Tu.C5.5 Selecting the most suitable next-generation in-building network: From copper-based to optical solutions (Invited)
B. Lannoo, K. Casier, M. Gheeraert, J. Van Ooteghem, S. Verbrugge, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.C5.6 The uncaptured value of FTTH networks (Invited)
M. Forzati, C. Mattsson, K. Wang, C. Popp Larsen


ICTON-FSO Chair: Roger Green

Tu.D5.1 Free space optical wireless network (Invited)
V.W.S. Chan

Tu.D5.2 Exploring the potentials of optical-wireless communication using white LEDs (Invited)
K.-D. Langer, J. Vučić, C. Kottke, L. Fernández, K. Habel, A. Paraskevopoulos, M. Wendl, V. Markov

Tu.D5.3 Using tapers for efficient coupling of received FSO-signals into fibres (Invited)
E. Leitgeb, S. Stögner, M. Löschnigg

Tu.D5.4 Auto tracking system for free space optical communications (Invited)
R. Ghimire, S. Mohan

Tu.D5.5 Block transmission with frequency domain equalization in the presence of colored noise (Invited)
M. Wolf, L. Grobe

Tu.D5.6 Adaptive multibeam spot diffusing optical wireless system with imaging receivers (Invited)
M.T. Alresheedi, J.M.H. Elmirghani


Access I Chair: Karin Ennser

Tu.A6.1 Energy efficient optical-wireless residential access/in-house networks (Invited)
L. Kazovsky, T. Ayhan, M. Riberio,  D. van Veen

Tu.A6.2 Techno-economics of resilient extended FTTH PONs (Invited)
J. Prat, J. Lázaro, I. Chatzi, I. Tomkos

Tu.A6.3 Analysis and perspective on FTTH development and deployment in Asia-Pacific region (Invited)
S. Hanatani

Tu.A6.4 Access services availability and traffic forecast in PON deployment (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

Tu.A6.5 Clean-slate design of next-generation optical access (Invited)
K.S. Kim, K. Ennser, Y.K. Dwivedi

Tu.A6.6 Physical layer evaluation of OFDM based access networks (Invited)
I. Cano, M. Santos, J. Prat, H. Krimmel, T. Kavatzikidis, E. Giacoumidis, I. Tomkos


Access II Chair: Josep Prat

Tu.B6.1 QoS aware MAC protocol for OFDMA-PON (Invited)
W. Lim, P. Kourtessis, M. Milosavljevic, J.M. Senior

Tu.B6.2 An overview of MAC issues in converged OFDMA-PON networks (Invited)
K. Kanonakis, I. Tomkos

Tu.B6.3 Adaptive multi-gate polling with void filling for long-reach passive optical networks (Invited)
A. Dixit, G. Das, B. Lannoo, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.B6.4 Packet equalisation in PONs using adjustable gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
L. Liu, C. Michie, A.E. Kelly, I. Andonovic

Tu.B6.5 Wavelength-tuneable remote node for enhanced resilience and optimization of WDM access networks
F. Bonada, B. Schrenk, L. Costa, A. Teixeira, S. Chatzi, D. Klonidis, I. Tomkos, J. Prat, J.A. Lazaro

Tu.B6.6 Evolution of FTTH networks based on radio-over-fibre
C. Rodrigues, A. Gamelas, F. Carvalho, A. Cartaxo


Access III Chair: Josep Segarra

Tu.C6.1 Cost-efficient remote PON monitoring based on OTDR measurement and OTM functionality (Invited)
P.J. Urban, S. Dahlfort

Tu.C6.2 Gigabit transmission over 1mm POF: Latest results from the POF-PLUS European project (Invited)
S. Abrate, R. Gaudino, A. Nespola, S. Straullu, A. Antonino

Tu.C6.3 Mitigation techniques for peak-to-average power ratio and optical beat interference in OFDMA-PONs (Invited)
E. Giacoumidis, A. Kavatzikidis, I. Cano, M. Santos, J.M. Tang, J. Prat, I. Tomkos

Tu.C6.4 Super-separation thin film filtering for coexistence-type colorless WDM-PON networks (Invited)
J. Mullerova, D. Korcek

Tu.C6.5 WDM-PON network upscaling using in-building linear SOAs
J.J. Martínez, N. Merayo, A. Villafranca, I. Garcés

Tu.C6.6 Bandwidth assignment criteria against Rayleigh backscattering effect in TDM-PON single-fibre wavelength-reuse networks
E.T. López, J.A. Lázaro, V. Polo, J. Prat

Tu.C6.7 Wavelength reuse in a colorless ONU with all-optical clock recovery for full-duplex dense WDM PONs
A. Maziotis, B. Schrenk, P. Bakopoulos, M. Spyropoulou, J.A. Lazaro, J. Prat, H. Avramopoulos


PICAW I Chair: Jose Pozo

Tu.D6.1 Integrated silicon nanophotonics: A solution for computer interconnects (Invited)
L. Wosinski, Z. Wang

Tu.D6.2 VLSI photonic interconnection of dielectric and plasmonic nano-wires and devices (Invited)
El-Hang Lee

Tu.D6.3 Agile photonic integrated systems-on-chip enabling WDM terabit networks (Invited)
Ch. Kouloumentas, M. Bougioukos, M. Spyropoulou, D. Klonidis, G. Giannoulis, D. Kalavrouziotis, A. Maziotis, P. Gkroumas, D. Apostolopoulos, P. Bakopoulos, A. Poustie, G. Maxwell, K.O. Velthaus, R. Kaiser, L. Moerl, I. Tomkos, H. Avramopoulos

Tu.D6.4 Improved techniques for the design of planar multimode lightwave circuits (Invited)
L.W. Cahill, T.V. Clapp

Tu.D6.5 Techniques for embedding non-linear materials in TLM (Invited)
H.G. Dantanarayana, X. Meng, P. Sewell, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson


POSTER Session I

Tu.P.1 Low cost optical bus solution for automotive applications
A. Kruspel, O. Strobel

Tu.P.2 Optical networks security: Design to avoid the jamming attacks
C.C. Santos, K.D.R. Assis

Tu.P.3 Dynamic routing and wavelength assignment: Artificial bee colony optimization

A. Rashedi, Y.S. Kavian, K. Ansari-Asl, Z. Ghassemlooy

Tu.P.4 Enhanced dynamic VNT configuration in GMPLS controlled Ethernet over WSON with timer-based lightpath holding time
A. Bukva, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, R. Muñoz

Tu.P.5 Modified split-step Fourier method for compensation of nonlinear fibre impairments
D. Rafique, M. Mussolin, M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson, M.N. Chugtai, A.D. Ellis

Tu.P.6 Logarithmic step-size based digital backward propagation in N-channel 112Gbit/s/ch DP-QPSK transmission
R. Asif, C-Y. Lin, M. Holtmannspoetter, B. Schmauss

Tu.P.7 Frequency offset compensation loop for 16-QAM optical coherent systems
M. Chochol, J.M. Fabrega

Tu.P.8 Field-trial evaluation of a one-pump fibre-optics parametric amplifier with an independent polarization gain applied to a WDM system
J.D. Marconi, M.C. Fugihara, F.A. Callegari, H.L. Fragnito

Tu.P.9 Spectral efficiency of optical CDMA systems
A. Farhat, M. Menif, H. Rezig

Tu.P.10 High reflective coherent direct sequence OCDMA systems employing chirped super-structured fiber Bragg gratings
V. Garcia-Munoz, D. Pastor, W. Amaya

Tu.P.11 Multi-channel en/decoding devices for WDM – Coherent direct sequence OCDMA applications based on super structured fibre Bragg gratings
W. Amaya, D. Pastor, R. Baños, V. Garcia-Munoz

Tu.P.12 Optimization of microstructured fiber for dispersion compensation purposes
M. Lucki

Tu.P.13 Threshold power of fiber fuse effect for different types of optical fiber
A.M. Rocha, F. Domingues, M. Facão, P.S. André

Tu.P.14 Nonlinear absorption of ultrashort pulses  in self-focusing glass medium at different wavelengths
A.V. Melnikov, E.A. Romanova

Tu.P.15 A novel approach for SOA-based all-optical NAND gate
K. Bhambri, G.K. Jayjee, N. Gupta, D. Dhawan

Tu.P.17 Optical bistability in novel GaInNAs vertical-cavity semiconductor optical amplifiers above and below threshold
Y. Sun, M.J. Adams, N. Balkan (oral presentation at Mo.C6 session)

Tu.P.18 Optical characterization of the GaInNAs/GaAs n-type as-grown and annealed modulation doped quantum well structures
O. Donmez, A. Erol, M.C. Arikan, F. Ungan, E. Kasapoglu, H. Sari, J. Puustinen, M. Guina

Tu.P.19 Electronic transport properties of the GaInNAs/GaAs p-type as-grown and annealed modulation doped quantum well structures
A. Erol, F. Sarcan, M. Gunes, M.C. Arikan, J. Puustinen, M. Guina

Tu.P.20 Optical and electrical properties of non-intentionally doped InN/GaN and GaN/InN/GaN heterostructures
M. Gunes, O. Donmez, M. Yilmaz, A. Erol, M.C. Arikan, B. Ulug, A. Ulug, N. Balkan, A.O. Ajagunna, E. Iliopoulos, A. Georgakilas

Tu.P.21 Analysis and design of novel photonic active devices based on dilute nitrides
G. Calò, D. Alexandropoulos, A. D’Orazio, V. Petruzzelli

Tu.P.22 Electron transport dynamics in dilute nitrides
N. Vogiatzis, J.M Rorison

Tu.P.23 Design considerations for dilute nitride n-i-p-i structure solar cells
B. Royall, N. Balkan, M. Guina, A.J. Smith

Tu.P.24 Optimum band gap of single and two junction series connected solar cells
O. Kengradomying, J.M. Rorison

Tu.P.25 FTIR spectroscopy of quantum well infrared photodetectors
F. Nutku, M.Ç. Arikan, A. Erol, Y. Ergün

Tu.P.26 Provisioning concepts for the Future Internet IIP initiative
P. Chołda, J. Gozdecki, M. Kantor, M. Wielgosz, A.R. Pach, K. Wajda, J. Rak


ICTON VII Chair: Naoya Wada

We.A1.1 FHT-based architectures for multicarrier modulation in direct detection and coherent optical systems (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fabrega, L. Nadal, G. Junyent

We.A1.2 Pulse shaping using the discrete Fourier transform for direct detection optical systems (Invited)
O. Gaete, L. Coelho, B. Spinnler, N. Hanik

We.A1.3 Optical implementations of the Fourier transform for OFDM transmission (Invited)
G. Cincotti

We.A1.4 Comb generator for 100 Gbit/s OFDM and low-loss comb line combiner using the optical inverse Fourier transform (Invited)
A.K. Mishra, I. Nellas, I. Tomkos, C. Koos, W. Freude, J. Leuthold

We.A1.5 Comparison of peak power reduction techniques in optical OFDM systems based on FFT and FHT
L. Nadal, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J.M. Fabrega, G. Junyent

We.A1.6 Constant envelope coherent optical OFDM based on fast Hartley transform
J.M. Fàbrega, M. Svaluto Moreolo, G. Junyent


ICTON VIII Chair: Adolfo Cartaxo

We.B1.1 Comparison of XPM and XpolM-induced impairments in mixed 10G-100G transmission (Invited)
H. Louchet, A. Richter, I. Koltchanov, S. Mingaleev, N. Karelin, K. Kuzmin

We.B1.2 Crosstalk in mode-division-multiplex optical fiber transmission systems (Invited)
S. Warm, A. Juarez, B. Wohlfeil, K. Petermann

We.B1.3 A simple and accurate model for non-linear propagation effects in uncompensated coherent transmission links (Invited)
P. Poggiolini, G. Bosco, A. Carena, V. Curri, F. Forghieri

We.B1.4 Fast optical code reconfigurable technique for secure optical communication (Invited)
Xu Wang, Z. Gao, B. Dai, X. Wang, N. Kataoka, N. Wada

We.B1.5 Experimental demonstration of subcarrier multiplexed quantum key distribution system feasibility (Invited)
A. Ruiz‑Alba, D. Calvo, V. Garcia‑Munoz, A. Martinez, W. Amaya, J.G. Rozo, J. Mora, J. Capmany


ICTON IX Chair: Slavisa Aleksić

We.C1.1 Digital non-linear compensation for high-speed long-haul transmission (Invited)
M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson, H‑M. Chin, M. Mussolin, D. Rafique

We.C1.2 Joint-polarization phase recovery algorithms for DP-16-QAM coherent optical systems (Invited)
D.A.A. Mello, R.R. Müller, T.F. Portela, B‑E. Olsson

We.C1.3 Self-coherent optical OFDM: An interesting alternative to direct or coherent detection (Invited)
S. Adhikari, S.L. Jansen, M. Alfiad, B. Inan, V.A.J.M. Sleiffer, A. Lobato, P. Leoni, W. Rosenkranz

We.C1.4 Coded orbital angular momentum (OAM) modulation based heterogeneous optical networking
I.B. Djordjevic

We.C1.5 Fundamental limitations of digital back-propagation in coherent transmission systems
D. Rafique, J. Zhao, A.D. Ellis


ICTON X Chair: Christine Tremblay

We.D1.1 A photon counting estimates distribution of the average number of photons in coherent pulses (Invited)
J.C.S. Castro, H.M. Salgado

We.D1.2 Implementation of a high speed time resolved error detector utilising a high speed FPGA (Invited)
J.A. O’Dowd, V.M. Bessler , S.K Ibrahim, A.J. Walsh, F.H. Peters, B. Corbett, B. Roycroft, P.O. Brien, A.D. Ellis

We.D1.3 OSNR monitoring using Hi-Bi FBG for 10 Gbit/s optical networks
A.O.P. Sousa, C.A.F. Marques, R. Nogueira, P.S. André

We.D1.4 All-optical measurement of residual chromatic dispersion and OSNR using self-phase modulation in optical fiber
C. Courvoisier, J. Fatome, C. Finot

We.D1.5  Fast and robust CD and DGD estimation based on data-aided channel estimation
F. Pittalà, F.N. Hauske, Y. Ye, N.G. Gonzalez, I.T. Monroy

We.D1.6  Dependence of non-linear impairments on polarisation state and baud rate in WDM systems with DQPSK and OOK channels
M.N. Chughtai, M. Forzati, J. Mårtensson, D. Rafique

We.D1.7 Simultaneous chromatic dispersion compensation and coherent direct-sequence OCDMA encoding on a single SSFBG device
D. Pastor, W. Amaya, R. Baños, V. Garcia‑Munoz


SWP VII (WG2 II) Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan

We.A2.1 Efficient analysis of nanophotonic devices using coupled mode theory (Invited)
T. Kamalakis, N. Avaritsiotis, T. Sphicopoulos

We.A2.2 Parametric representation of traveling waves in periodic media (Invited)
A. Popov, M. Popova

We.A2.3 Bidirectional eigenmode propagation algorithm for 3D waveguide structures (Invited)
J. Petráček, J. Luksch

We.A2.4 One-dimensional inverse scattering problem
P.K. Gaikovich, M.I. Sumin, K.P. Gaikovich

We.A2.5 Efficient three dimensional aperiodic rigorous coupled wave analysis technique
P. Kwiecien, I. Richter


SWP IX (WG1 III) Chair: George Stanciu

We.B2.1 Metamaterial lens tomography (Invited)
K.P. Gaikovich

We.B2.2 Plasmon-driven nondiffracting surface beaming (Invited)
C.J. Zapata‑Rodríguez, S. Vuković,  Z. Jakšić, D. Pastor, J.J. Miret

We.B2.3 Slanted layered superlenses for subwavelength light manipulation (Invited)
A. Pastuszczak, M. Stolarek, R. Kotyński

We.B2.4 Coplanar gratings of multiple thin noble-metal nano-strips as surface plasmon resonance structures
O.V. Shapoval, R. Sauleau, A.I. Nosich

We.B2.5 Reflection properties and lasing modes in the H-polarization case for an infinite chain of dielectric and silver nanowires
V.O. Byelobrov, A. Vukovic, T.M. Benson, A.I. Nosich

We.B2.6 Radiatively coupled plasmons in the scattering of light by periodic grids of circular silver nanowires
D.M. Natarov, M. Marciniak, R. Sauleau, A.I. Nosich

We.B2.7 Preparation of high energy throughput SNOM probes
P. Wróbel, T. Stefaniuk, T.J. Antosiewicz, A. Libura, G. Nowak, T. Wejrzanowski, M. Andrzejczuk, K. Jedrzejewski, T. Szoplik


SWP X (WG1 IV) Chair: Crina Cojocaru

We.C2.1 Single and double asymmetric split ring resonators: Resonance hybridization model (Invited)
N.P. Johnson, B. Lahiri, R.M. De La Rue, C. Zhang, S.G. McMeekin

We.C2.2 Magnetic assembly of gold ring resonators for metamaterials (Invited)
K. Aoki, T. Tanaka

We.C2.3 Resonance-domain effects in second-harmonic generation from metal nanostructures (Invited)
M. Kauranen, H. Husu, R. Siikanen, G. Genty, H. Pietarinen, J. Lehtolahti, J. Laukkanen, M. Kuittinen

We.C2.4 Differently shaped metal nanoparticles for the enhancement of the Raman response (Invited)
E. Giorgetti, G. Margheri, S. Trigari, F. Giammanco, M. Muniz‑Miranda

We.C2.5 Nonlinear mutual control of tunnelly cross coupled photonic flows
A.A. Zharov, D.A. Smirnova, A.I. Smirnov

We.C2.6 Engineering localized nonlinear-optical transport with optical phonons
A.K. Popov, V.V. Slabko, S.A. Myslivets, M.I. Shalaev


SWP XI (WG2 III) Chair: Eugene Avrutin

We.D2.1 Nonlinear interactions of optical pulses in a slow-mode nanowires (Invited)
N. Dubreuil, A. Baron, F. Kroeger, S. Trebaol, P. Delaye, R. Frey, G.P. Agrawal

We.D2.2 Evanescent wave coupling in hybrid III-V/SOI nanolaser (Invited)
A. Bazin, Y. Halioua, T. Karle, P. Monnier, G. Roelkens, I. Sagnes, R. Raj, F. Raineri

We.D2.3 Stimulated Raman scattering in quantum dots and nanocomposites silicon based materials (Invited)
L. Sirleto, M.A. Ferrara, C. D’Addio, I. Rendina, G.C. Righini

We.D2.4 Enhanced quantum efficiency in mixed donor-acceptor nanocrystal quantum dot monolayers (Invited)
X. Zhang, M. Lunz, V.A. Gerard, Y.K. Gun’ko, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, A.L. Bradley

We.D2.5 Active III-V semiconductor photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)
S. Ek, Y. Chen, M. Schubert, E. Semenova, P. Lunnemann, K. Yvind, J. Mørk


GOC II Chair: Antonio Teixeira

We.A3.1 Energy-efficient lightpath provisioning in a static WDM network with dedicated path protection (Invited)
P. Monti, A. Muhammad, I. Cerutti, C. Cavdar, L. Wosinska, P. Castoldi, A. Tzanakaki

We.A3.2 Role of optics in creating future transport networks (Invited)
Ken‑chi Sato

We.A3.3 Energy saving by using photonic network (Invited)
H. Tanaka, N. Yoshikane, T. Tsuritani

We.A3.4 Energy efficiency considerations in integrated IT and optical network resilient infrastructures (Invited)
A. Tzanakaki, M. Anastasopoulos, K. Georgakilas, J. Buysse, M. De Leenheer, C. Develder, S. Peng, R. Nejabati, E. Escalona, D. Simeonidou, N. Ciulli, G. Landi, M. Brogle, A. Manfredi, E. Lopez, J. Ferrer Riera, J.A. García‑Espín, P. Donaldio, G. Parladori, J. Jimenez, A. Tovar De Duenyas, P. Vicat‑Blanc, J. van der Ham, C. de Laat, M. Ghijsen, B. Belter, A. Binczewski, M. Antoniak‑Lewandowska

We.A3.5 An energy aware service oriented framework for integrated optical network and IT environments (Invited)
C.E. Abosi, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou

We.A3.6 Energy-efficient content distribution over telecom network infrastructure
U. Mandal, C. Lange, A. Gladisch, P. Chowdhury, B. Mukherjee


GOC III Chair: Walter Cerroni

We.B3.1 Power consumption analysis of opaque and transparent optical core networks (Invited)
A. Autenrieth, A. K. Tilwankar, C. Mas Machuca, J‑P. Elbers

We.B3.2 Intelligent highly-functional cross-layer optimized interfaces for future access/aggregation networks (Invited)
C.P. Lai, C. Ware, B.G. Bathula, D. Brunina, A.S. Garg, K. Bergman

We.B3.3 Cross-layer reconfigurable optical network: Fast failure recovery in testbed for routing algorithms (Invited)
C. Ware, C.P. Lai, D. Brunina, W. Zhang, A.S. Garg, B.G. Bathula, K. Bergman

We.B3.4 The impact of optical wavelength conversion on the energy efficiency of resilient WDM optical networks (Invited)
K. Georgakilas, A. Tzanakaki

We.B3.5 Reliable optical systems for green optical networking (Invited)
R. Chandy

We.B3.6 Design of transparent optical networks considering physical impairments, CAPEX and energy consumption
C.J.A. Bastos-Filho, D.R.B. Araujo, E.A. Barboza, D.A.R. Chaves, J.F. Martins-Filho


WAOR III Chair: Harald Øverby

We.C3.1 Dynamic impairment-aware optical networking: Some experimental results of the EU DICONET project (Invited)
S. Spadaro, J. Perelló, F. Agraz, M. Angelou, S. Azodolmolky, Y. Qin, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou, I. Tomkos

We.C3.2 Off-line algorithms for routing, modulation level, and spectrum assignment in elastic optical networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski, K. Walkowiak, M. Jaworski

 We.C3.3 Physical impairment aware multicast routing heuristics
P. Soproni, T. Cinkler

We.C3.4  Experimental implementation of efficient multicast processes: Towards carrier Ethernet networks and all-optical multicast
A. Valenti, N. Avallone, S. Pompei, F. Matera, G. Tosi Beleffi

We.C3.5 Employing Ethernet spanning tree protocols in an integrated hybrid optical network
R. Veisllari, S. Bjørnstad 

We.C3.6 Optical labelling through parametric amplification
M.L.F. Abbade, A.L.A. Costa, J.D. Marconi, V.V. Cardoso, H.L. Fragnito, E. Moschim


WAOR IV Chair: Halina Elbiaze

We.D3.1 Scalable optical packet switch architecture for low latency and high load computer communication networks (Invited)
N. Calabretta, S. Di Lucente, Y. Nazarathy, O. Raz, H. Dorren

We.D3.2 Design of a sub-microsecond carrier class switch-router: The Omnipresent Ethernet approach (Invited)
A. Gumaste

We.D3.3 Interconnecting two intra-domain wavelength routed optical networks using an optical packet switch (Invited)
H. Øverby

We.D3.4 A recursive algorithm to reduce the number of wavelength converters in support of multiple light-trees (Invited)
W. Huang, L. Tang, M. Razo, A. Sivasankaran, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli

We.D3.5 Energy-efficient switching in optical interconnection networks (Invited)
P. Castoldi, P.G. Raponi, N. Andriolli, I. Cerutti, O. Liboiron-Ladouceur

We.D3.6 Resource utilisation analysis in WDM backbone networks
S. Rumley, C. Gaumier


PAM V Chair: Holger Waalkens

We.A4.1 Coupling of nanoemitters with whispering gallery modes in silica microspheres and microtoroids
Y. Candéla, G. Lin, V. Lefèvre‑Seguin, O. Tillement, F. Gourbilleau, J‑B. Jager, J. Hare

We.A4.2 Selective excitation of lowest-order axial and ring modes in confocal quasi-stadium laser diodes
T. Fukushima, S. Sunada, T. Harayama, K. Sakaguchi, Y. Tokuda

We.A4.3 Theory and demonstration of fluorescence-based refractometric sensing in glass micro-capillaries with a silicon nanocrystal-embedded film
C.P.K. Manchee, J.G.C. Veinot, A. Meldrum

We.A4.4 Directional light emission from a kite-shaped microcavity laser
E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich

We.A4.5 Silicon nitride microdisks in the visible range
D. McCloskey, J.F. Donegan

We.A4.6 Coupling of a single nitrogen vacancy color center in diamond, to a planar microcavity
Y. Dumeige, R. Alléaume, P. Grangier, F. Treussart, J‑F. Roch


ESPC II Chair: Marco Grande

We.B4.1 Integrated photonic crystal components (Invited)
L. Lu, M‑A. Seyedi, A. Mock, M. Bagheri, P.D. Dapkus, J.D. O’Brien

We.B4.2 Finding resonance poles by means of Cauchy integrals (Invited)
D. Felbacq

We.B4.3 Hybrid metal-dielectric photonic crystals with enhanced plasmonic-photonic interaction (Invited)
M.R. Bahrami, V. Lobaz, W. Peukert, A.V. Korovin, U. Peschel, S.G. Romanov

We.B4.4 Controlling and switching slow light in photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)
D.M. Beggs, T. Kampfrath, I. Rey, T.F. Krauss, L. (Kobus) Kuipers

We.B4.5  Characterization of photonic crystal fibers with OTDR (Invited)
K. Borzycki, J. Kobelke, P. Mergo, K. Schuster


ESPC III Chair: Srinivasan Anand

We.C4.1 Modelling of active semiconductor photonic crystal waveguides and robust designs based on topology optimization (Invited)
Y. Chen, F. Wang, S. Ek, J. Søndergaard Jensen, O. Sigmund, J. Mørk

We.C4.2 Excitability in a nonlinear photonic crystal nanocavity (Invited)
A.M. Yacomotti, M. Brunstein, I. Sagnes, F. Raineri, J.A. Levenson

We.C4.3 Optical parametric generation in purely nonlinear photonic crystals (Invited)
K. Gallo, V. Pasiskevicius, F. Laurell

We.C4.4 Nonlinear spectral and spatial redistribution of light in dual core photonic crystal fiber (Invited)
I. Bugar, M. Koys, R. Buczyński, F. Uherek

We.C4.5 Erbium doped photonic crystal fibre laser
L. Sojka, P. Jaworski, W. Góra, D. Furniss, A. Seddon, T.M. Benson, P. Mergo, S. Sujecki, E. Beres-Pawlik


ESPC IV Chair: Ignac Bugar

We.D4.1 Anomalous light propagation, finite size-effects and losses in real 3D photonic nanostructures (Invited)
M. Botey, G. Lozano, H. Míguez, L.A. Dorado, R.A. Depine, J. Martorell

We.D4.2 Strong light-matter interaction between guided Bloch surface waves and quantum-well excitons (Invited)
M. Liscidini, D. Gerace, D. Sanvitto, D. Bajoni

We.D4.3 Laser polymerization of photonic crystals for collimation of beams at visible wavelengths (Invited)
L. Maigyte, M. Rutkauskas, M. Malinauskas, V. Mizeikis, S. Juodkazis, M. Peckus, V. Sirutkaitis, K. Staliunas

We.D4.4 Photonic crystals based on functional materials (Invited)
I.L. Lyubchanskii, N.N. Dadoenkova, Y.P. Lee, T. Rasing

We.D4.5 Modelling of photonic-crystal VCSELs with semi-vectorial and vectorial models (Invited)
M. Dems, I‑S. Chung, P. Nyakas, S. Bischoff, K. Panajotov

We.D4.6 2D PhC optimization for highly robust 2nd order DFB’s (Invited)
O. Gauthier‑Lafaye, A. Monmayrant, S. Bonnefont, A. Larrue, J. Campos, A. Arnoult, C. Fontaine, F. Lozes‑Dupuy


SWP VIII (WG3 IV) Chair: Mauro Pereira

 We.A5.1 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with coupled cavities and with liquid crystal overlay (Invited)
K. Panajotov, V. Nair, M. Zujewski, H. Thienpont

 We.A5.2 AlGaInAs mode-locked lasers for ultrashort pulse harmonic mode locking (Invited)
L. Hou, E.A. Avrutin, R. Dylewicz, M. Haji, B. Qiu, A.C. Bryce

 We.A5.3 Two-mode nonlinear dynamics of quantum dot semiconductor laser (Invited)
M. Sciamanna, L. Olejniczak, K.  Panajotov

 We.A5.4 Dynamics of mode-locked InP based quantum dash lasers for optical communications (Invited)
E. Sooudi, J.G. McInerney, G. Huyet, S.P. Hegarty, K. Merghem, R. Rosales, A. Martinez, A. Ramdane


NAON III Chair: Koby Scheuer

We.B5.1 Spin-photonic semiconductor devices based on (110) quantum wells: Spin-VCSELs and spin-switch (Invited)
H. Kawaguchi

We.B5.2 Dispersion management in spatially modulated broad band semiconductors (Invited)
R. Herrero, M. Botey, N.P. Khumar, K. Staliunas

We.B5.3 Optical gain studies for dilute nitrides for application in broad band SOAs (Invited)
J. Rorison, N. Vogiatzis, X. Sun

We.B5.4 Quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier for filter-assisted 80 Gb/s wavelength conversion (Invited)
D. Bimberg, H. Schmeckebier, C. Meuer, C. Schmidt-Langhorst, R. Bonk, D. Arsenijević, G. Fiol, , A. Galperin, J. Leuthold, J. Li. C. Schubert

We.B5.5 On the surface modes at the boundary between the media with normally and inversely populated levels (Invited)
R. Brazis

We.B5.6 Programmable all-optical logic gates based on semiconductor optical amplifiers
A. Villafranca, M. Cabezón, D. Izquierdo, J.J. Martínez, I. Garcés


MP Chair: Robert Minasian

We.C5.1 True time delays and phase shifters based on slow light technologies for microwave photonics applications (Invited)
J. Lloret, J. Sancho, I. Gasulla, S. Sales, J. Capmany

We.C5.2 Ultra wideband frequency chirp millimeter-wave signal generation using electro-optic modulation (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, T. Sakamoto, A. Kanno

We.C5.3 Cost effective optically connected remote UWB antenna system (Invited)
G. Fehér, C. Fűzy, T. Cseh, E. Udvary, T. Berceli 

We.C5.4 Digitized wireless transport for fiber-wireless systems
C. Lim, A. Nirmalathas, Y. Yang

We.C5.5 High-resolution low-noise microwave photonic interference mitigation filter
E.H.W. Chan, R.A. Minasian

We.C5.6 Clock recovery of an injection-locked resonant tunneling diode microwave-photonics oscillator
B. Romeira, L.M. Pessoa, H.M. Salgado, S. Silva, J.M.L. Figueiredo

We.C5.7 Numerical modelling of Fabry-Perot microresonator based electro-optical modulator for microwave-photonic receiver
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.K. Aharonyan, M. Marciniak


CTS I Chair: Vladimir Rastorguev

We.D5.1 Technologies for future automotive high speed networks (Invited)
P. De Pauw, J. Roels, R. Pérez de Aranda

We.D5.2 New modes of operation of the photoparametric amplifier for automotive applications (Invited)
H.A. Alhagagi, R.J. Green, M.S. Leeson, E.L. Hines

We.D5.3 Challenges and improvements in communication with vehicles and devices moving with high-speed (Invited)
K. Kastell

We.D5.4 Feasibility study of a automatic train control system using a medium access layer in a WLAN over fibre environment
W. Werner, O. Strobel

We.D5.5 Traffic light control system architecture for an optimal intersection safety
H. Ngii, M. Puggé, W. Juergen, O. Strobel


Glasses I Chair: Reinhard Caspary

We.A6.1 Femtosecond laser micromachining of tellurite thin film waveguides (Invited)
T.T. Fernandez, M. Irannejad, P. Steenson, A. Jha, G. Jose

We.A6.2 Rare-earth doped tellurite glass optical fibres for visible light sources (Invited)
J. Lousteau, N. Boetti, D. Negro, E. Mura, G. Scarpignato, M. Raimondo, S. Abrate, D. Milanese

We.A6.3 All-telluride waveguides for nulling interferometry in the 6-20 µm spectral range: Fabrication and testing (Invited)
C. Vigreux, A. Pradel, L. Bastard, J‑E. Broquin, G. Parent, X. Zhang, M. Barillot

We.A6.4 Chalcogenide waveguides as a base for engineering broadband light sources in mid-IR (Invited)
E. Romanova, V. Shiryaev, D. Furniss, A. Seddon, T. Benson

We.A6.5 Monoclinic double tungstate waveguide amplifiers and microlasers (Invited)
S. García‑Blanco, D. Geskus, K. van Dalfsen, F. Ay, S. Aravazhi, M. Pollnau


Glasses II Chair: Angela Seddon

We.B6.1 Rare-earth-activated glasses for solar energy conversion (Invited)
G.A. Goget, D. Ristic, B. Dieudonné, E. Moser, S. Varas, S, Berneschi, M. Ivanda, A. Monteil, C. Arfuso Duverger, G.C. Righini, B. Boulard, M. Ferrari

We.B6.2 Chalcogenide suspended-core fibers: Manufacturing and non-linear properties at 1.55 µm (Invited)
J. Troles, L. Brilland, P. Toupin, Q. Coulombier, S.D. Le, D.M. Nguyen, M. Thual, T. Chartier, G. Renversez, D. Mechin, J.L. Adam

We.B6.3 GeS2-Ga2S3-AgI glasses with high non-linear optical properties (Invited)
K. Iliopoulos, G. Hatzikyriakos, S. Couris, J. Ren, T. Wagner, M. Frumar, F. Kyriazis, S.N. Yannopoulos

We.B6.4 Mid-infrared fiber spectrometer (Invited)
R. Caspary, S. Schütz, W. Kowalsky, M. Zoheidi, S. Luettjohann, A. Simon, A. Freitag, R. Scholz, T. Dietrich, M. Franke, A.G. Griesbeck

We.B6.5 Red and orange tunable fiber laser with two active fibers
R. Al-Mahrous, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky


OASE I Chair: Bart Lannoo

Next-generation optical access (NGOA): Key requirements and boundary conditions
D. Breuer

Architecture options for NGOA
L. Wosinska

Beyond 10GE-PON? What is next?
B. Mukherjee

Next generation access: A clean-slate approach?
K. Ennser


OASE II Chair: Jiajia Chen

Overview and evaluation of WDM-based passive optical access technologies
A. Autenrieth, K. Grobe

CAPEX assessment of NGOA concepts: Cost per line
D. Breuer

Status of deployments and regulations in Asia Pacific
S. Hanatani

Next-generation optical access networks: Goals, challenges and research opportunities
L. Kazovsky

Panel discussion



We.C7 Network technologies for broadband access
Guido Maier (PoLiMi), Véronique Moeyaert (UMONS/FPMs)



We.P.1 A microfluidic platform integrated with tapered optical fiber for studying resonant properties of compact high index microspheres
O.V. Svitelskiy, Y. Li, M. Sumetsky, D. Carnegie, E. Rafailov, V.N. Astratov

We.P.2 Chains of variable size spheres for focusing of multimodal beams in photonics applications
A. Darafsheh, V.N. Astratov

We.P.3 Transient effects in high-Q whispering gallery mode resonators: Modelling and applications
S. Trebaol, A. Rasoloniaina, Y. Dumeige, P. Féron

We.P.4 Mode interaction in a circular shell ultrasonic cavity
H. Kwak, Y. Shin, J. Yang, S. Moon, S-Y. Lee, K. An

We.P.5 On-chip mode-control in active silicon-based photonic molecule by complete photon confinement
B. Qian, K. Chen, S. Chen, W. Li, X. Zhang, J. Xu, X. Huang, C. Jiang

We.P.6 Hybrid organic-inorganic nanostructures for integration with photonic atoms
D. Savateeva, D. Melnikau, Y.P. Rakovich

We.P.7 Reconstruction of tunnelling emission pattern by using Husimi function
Y. Shin, S. Moon, H. Kwak, J. Yang, K. An

We.P.8 Plasmon resonances in linear array of coupled silver nanowires
N. Stogniy, N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh

We.P.9 Some features of plasmonic eigenmode nanolocalization in inhomogeneous metal-dielectric-metal slot waveguides
D.A. Smirnova, A.A. Zharov, A.I. Smirnov

We.P.10 Peculiarities of the interferences processes and their influence on the transmission spectrum of the ferrite-dielectric periodic structure bounded with the semiconductor layer
O. Kostylyova, A. Bulgakov

We.P.11 Numerical analysis of transmission through a sub-wavelength metallic aperture or grating at visible and terahertz wavelengths
M. Stolarek, A. Pastuszczak,  R. Kotyński

We.P.12 Structural and nonlinear-optical properties of sprayed deposited Zr-Li codoped ZnO thin films
K. Bahedi, M. Addou, Z. Sofiani, M.A. Lamrani, A.R. Dounia, H. El Ouazzani, B. Sahraoui

We.P.13 Third order nonlinear optical properties of novel tetrathiafulvalene-phenanthroline based dyads
H. El Ouazzani, K. Iliopoulos, V. Figà, P. Hudhomme, B. Sahraoui

We.P.14 Photoluminescence of MgO thin films on Si (111) substrate, prepared by sol-gel method
K. Bartkiewicz, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala

We.P.15 The effects of sprayed lithium and erbium codoped ZnO thin films on the structural and cathodoluminescent properties
S. Bayoud, M. Addou, M. El Jouad, A. El Hichou, J.C. Bernéde, J. Ebothé

We.P.16 Dye-interleaved nanocomposite: Indigo carmine and methyl orange in the lamella of zinc-aluminium-layered double hydroxide
L. El Gaini, M. Lakraimi, M. Bakasse

We.P.17 Electric dipole moment and static first hyperpolarizability values of 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol: High accuracy density functional theory computations
A. Karakaş, E. Ayhan

We.P.18 The effect of thickness and doping on the nonlinear absorption behaviour of IIIA-VIA group amorphous semiconductor thin films
U. Kürüm, H.G. Yaglioglu, M. Yüksek, A. Elmali, A. Ateş, M. Karabulut, G.M. Mamedov, N. Gasanly

We.P.19 Photoluminescence of electrochemically etched porous silicon coated with small-molecule based thin organic films
Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala, K. Bartkiewicz

We.P.20 Computer simulation of an operation of the 1.3-μm phosphide-based MQW TJ-VCSELs: Excitation of various transverse LPij modes
Ł. Piskorski

We.P.21 ZnO thin films doped with erbium: Elaboration, characterization and nonlinear optical properties measurements
M. Addou, Z. Sofiani, K. Bahedi, H. El Ouazzani, V. Figà, B. Sahraoui

We.P.22 Photoinduced transmittance at 1250 nm of InAs/InGaAs quantum dot based semiconductor optical amplifier measured via waveguiding configuration
E. Jelmakas, R. Tomašiūnas, M. Vengris, E. Rafailov, I. Krestnikov

We.P.23 Formation of the spontaneous surface relief grating under pulsed exposure
S. Ahmadi-Kandjani, L. Mazaheri

We.P.24 Ghost imaging with pseudo-thermal light
S. Ahmadi-Kandjani, R. Kheradmand, N. Dadashzadeh

We.P.25 Study of photoadmittance and admittance of porous silicon layers
A. Korcala, Z. Łukasiak, A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, K. Bartkiewicz, W. Bała

We.P.26 Automatic estimation of stacking fault density in SiC specimens imaged by transmission electron microscopy
S.G. Stanciu, D. Coltuc, G.A. Stanciu, A. Andreadou, A. Mantzari, E.K. Polychroniadis


ICTON XI Chair: Nina Skorin-Kapov

Th.A1.1 Enabling the future optical Internet with OpenFlow: A paradigm shift in providing intelligent optical network services (Invited)
D. Simeonidou, R. Nejabati, S. Azodolmolky

Th.A1.2 Cognitive heterogeneous reconfigurable optical networks (CHRON): Enabling technologies and techniques (Invited)
I. Tafur Monroy, D. Zibar, N. Guerrero Gonzalez, R. Borkowski

Th.A1.3 Dynamic elastic and scalable photonic infrastructures and network architectures (Invited)
I. Tomkos, D. Klonidis

Th.A1.4 Planning mixed-line-rate WDM transport networks (Invited)
K. Christodoulopoulos, K. Manousakis, E. Varvarigos

Th.A1.5 Architecture on Demand for transparent optical networks (Invited)
N. Amaya, G.S. Zervas, D. Simeonidou

Th.A1.6 An all optical configurable and secure OCDMA system implementation using loop based optical delay lines
W. Abdallah, M. Hamdi, N. Boudriga

Th.A1.7 Performances of spectral-amplitude-coding optical CDMA systems
A. Farhat, M. Menif, H. Rezig


SWP XII (WG3 V) Chair: Jarmila Mullerova

Th.A2.1 Laser ablation and thin film deposition (Invited)
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, Z. Łukasiak, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Korcala, H. El Ouazzani, B. Sahraoui

Th.A2.2 Nonlinear optical response of self-assembled molecular corners (Invited)
B. Sahraoui, K. Iliopoulos, R. Czaplicki, H. El Ouazzani, D. Gindre, J‑Y. Balandier, M. Chas, S. Goeb, M. Sallé

Th.A2.3 Third-order nonlinear optical behavior of  5,11,17,23-tetracyano-25,26,27,28-tetrahydroxycalix[4] arene: Ab-initio quantum mechanical calculations (Invited)
A. Karakaş, E. Ayhan

Th.A2.4 Concepts for gain without inversion through dilute nitride band engineering (Invited)
M.F. Pereira, S. Tomić

Th.A2.5 Optical activity of VO2 based nanophotonics (Invited)
M. Maaza, D. Hamidi, A. Gibaud, J.B. Kana Kana

Th.A2.6 Large optical nonlinearities in copolymers with new pendant azobenzene moieties
I. Dancus, V.I. Vlad, A. Petris, F.A. Nicolescu, V.V. Jerca, D.M. Vuluga

Th.A2.7 Investigation of the nonlinear optical response in polymeric azoester systems
H. El Ouazzani, K. Iliopoulos, O. Krupka, V. Smokal, B. Sahraoui


GOC IV Chair: Ken-chi Sato

Th.A3.1 Power consumption reductionin OPS with wavelength conversion (Invited)
F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, G. Di Maio

Th.A3.2 Modeling network energy reduction through dynamic wavelength functionality (Invited)
D. Kilper, K. Guan, G. Atkinson, J. Llorca, Y. Pan

Th.A3.3 Sub-wavelength switching for Future Internet (Invited)
W. Hu, W. Sun, Y. Jin, W. Guo, H. He, L. Yi

Th.A3.4 Factors in energy efficiency rating in optical access networks (Invited)
A. Teixeira, A. Shahpari. M. Lima


ICTON XII Chair: Bostjan Batagelj

Th.B3.1 A multi-rate loss model for OCDMA PONs
J.S. Vardakas, I.L. Anagnostopoulos, I.D. Moscholios, M.D. Logothetis, V.G. Stylianakis

Th.B3.2 High-speed long-haul optical transmission using four-dimensional LDPC-coded modulation
Y. Zhang, I.B. Djordjevic

Th.B3.3 Multi-Tb/s optical transmission based on polarization-multiplexed LDPC-coded multi-band OFDM
D. Zou, I.B. Djordjevic

Th.B3.4 Experimental evaluation of high-speed optical fiber communication using nonbinary LDPC coded modulation with layered decoding
M. Arabaci, I.B. Djordjevic


PICAW II Chair: El-Hang Lee

Th.A4.1 Efficient design of photonic integrated circuits (Invited)
C. Arellano, S. Mingaleev, E. Sokolov, I. Koltchanov, A. Richter

Th.A4.2 Integrated waveguide lasers (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, S. Gross, M. Ams, W. Koehler, G. Marshall, C. Miese, P. Dekker, D. Lancaster, M. Withford

Th.A4.3 Wavelength and polarization effects in actively tunable thin film resonators for thermal drift compensation (Invited)
P. Metz, M.C. Krantz, M. Gerken

Th.A4.4 Proposal of small-aperture guided-mode resonance filter (Invited)
S. Ura, J. Inoue, K. Kintaka, Y. Awatsuji

Th.A4.5 Silicon on insulator photonic integrated sensors: On-chip sensing and interrogation (Invited)
J. Pozo, W. Westerveld, P.J. Harmsma, S. Yang, P. Bodis, R. Nieuwlan, M. Lagioia, D.M.R. Lo Cascio, J‑P. Staats, R. Schmits, H. v.d. Berg, E. Tabak, K. Green, H.P. Urbach, L.K. Cheng, M. Yousefi

Th.A4.6 Silicon oxynitride technology for integrated optical solutions in biomedical applications
K. Wörhoff, N. Ismail, B.I. Akça, M. Pollnau, R.M. de Ridder


CTS II Chair: Otto Strobel

Th.A5.1 An introduction to augmented reality with applications in aeronautical maintenance (Invited)
M. Hincapié, A. Caponio, H. Rios, E. González Mendívil

Th.A5.2 Features of development of satellite networks of broadband access in the Ka-range (Invited)
A. Afonin, V. Shevtsov

Th.A5.3 Optimisation of parameters of the radiometric sensor of movement speed of vehicles (Invited)
V.V. Rastorguev, C. Betz, O. Strobel

Th.A5.4 Application limits of single-wavelength communications by orthogonal modulation formats (Invited)
A. López, M.A. Losada, J. Mateo

Th.A5.5 Assessment of communicative learning via augmented reality versus traditional method for aeronautical transportation

F. Suárez-Warden, Y. Cervantes, E. González Mendívil


Industrial / EURO-FOS Chair: Cedric Ware

Th.A6.1 PON measurements and monitoring solutions for FTTH networks during deployment and operation (Invited)
A. Ehrhardt, F. Escher, L. Schürer, H‑M. Foisel, A. Templin, M. Adamy, C. Gerlach

Th.A6.2 Prospects of supporting distributed antenna systems over next-generation optical access and metro-access networks (Invited)
S. Pato, J. Pedro, P. Monteiro, H. Silva

Th.A6.3 Towards fully flexible optical node architectures: Impact on blocking performance of DWDM transport networks (Invited)
J. Pedro, S. Pato

Th.A6.4 1 Tbps transmission system based on hierarchical approach to wavelet packet transform OFDM (Invited)
Y. Ben‑Ezra, D. Brodeski, A. Zadok, R. Califa, B.I. Lembrikov

Th.A6.5 RF-assisted sub-carrier multiplexing for optical transmission at 100 Gbit/s and beyond (Invited)
J. Mårtensson, B‑E. Olsson, A. Alping

Th.A6.6 Raman-assisted transmission of Nyquist-WDM PM-16QAM channels at 240 Gbitps on PSCF (Invited)
E. Ghillino, V. Curri, A. Carena

Th.A6.7 Two-section fiber optic Raman polarizer for high-speed transmission systems (Invited)
S.V. Sergeyev, S. Popov


ISOND Chair: Yousef Kavian

Th.A7.1 Intelligent systems engineering: Optical network applications (Invited)
M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green, M.D. Higgins, E.L. Hines

Th.A7.2 Applications of computational intelligence in optical networks (Invited)
J.F. Martins-Filho, D.A.R. Chaves, C.J.A. Bastos‑Filho, H.A. Pereira

Th.A7.3 Artificial bee colony model for routing and wavelength assignment problem (Invited)
A. Rashedi, Y.S. Kavian, Z. Ghassemlooy

Th.A7.4 Data format agnostic optical label processing techniques for intelligent forwarding of packets in all-optical packet switched networks (Invited)
N. Calabretta, W. Wang, T. Ditewig, J. Luo, H. Dorren

Th.A7.5 Leveraging network and traffic measurements for content distribution and interpersonal communication services with sufficient quality (Invited)
A. Aurelius, Å. Arvidsson, M. Johanson, M. Kihl, C. Lagerstedt

Th.A7.6 K- shortest path network problem solution with a hybrid genetic algorithm: Particle swarm optimization algorithm
H. Kusetogullari, M.S. Leeson, W. Ren, E.L. Hines